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American music
take one
-From American Music
-Submitted by j.m.r.smith

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Sept. 19- Newport Folk Fest, Concord Pavillion, Concord, CA (P,O)
Sept. 20- Fresno County Fairgrounds, Fresno, CA (P,O)
Sept. 21- The Outback, Tucson, AZ (O,P)
Sept. 22- Club Rio, Phoenix, AZ (O)
October 2- Case Western University, Cleveland, OH (O,P)
October 3- St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI (O,P)
Oct. 6- Youngstown State Univ, Niles, OH (O)
Oct. 25- Barrymore Theater, Madison, WI (O,P)
Oct. 26- Opera House, Oshkosh, WI (O,P)
Oct 27- Grand Theater, Wausau, WI (O,P)
Oct. 29- Hollywood Theater, LaCrosse, WI (O,P)
Oct. 30- State Theater, Eau Claire, WI (O,P)
Oct. 31- Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI (O,P)

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October 3rd Ticket Info
Re: WVU Show
Can’t Escape the Femmes
My First Femmes Hearing
Brian Richie – The Blend
Sleeve Lyrics
Impatiently Waiting for Freak Magnet

October 3rd Ticket Info
Tickets for the Femmes show at St. Norbert College near Green Bay go on
sale to the general public September 14, I found out today.
This is an outside concert, so the guy said there isn’t much chance of
it selling out…
Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door.
The St. Norbert College box office is 1-800-SNC-BOXX, or ticketmaster
may also be selling these, I didn’t ask about that.

As for the Milwaukee show October 31, no ticket info is avaiable yet (I
would assume that to be true about the rest of the WI tour as well).
I’ll keep checking on this one. If anyone knows about the Madison
(anyone live there? call??) show, PLEASE let me know!


Re: WVU Show
OK MY TURN!!!! Funny stuff that happened: After the da da da da
dahhhh…. exquisite dead guy…. Deana forgot to mention that They
Might Be Giants apologized to everyone in the audience who was tripping
on acid. For those of you who haven’t seen the Giants, they use a pair
of ventriloquist heads on the end of microphone stands and they only
spotlight the heads during the whole song. Talking Heads? It was
pretty cool. I’m glad I wasn’t tripping because that would have messed
with me quite abit.
Big funny of the night would have to come from Brian of course.
After introducing Guy Hoffman the audience forgot to applaude, a
mistake Brian immediately pointed out by saying “You’re supposed to
applaud now you stupid fuckers!” Thank you Brian. Gordon introduced
Brian as Mr. Personality.
Gordon put his guitar down at one point in the show and danced
around at least I think it was dancing I’m not really sure. He might
have had to pee.
The most amazing thing I have ever seen at a Femmes show happened.
Guy opened his mouth….. and words that weren’t part of any song came
out (I don’t even think they were part of any language for that matter.)
Amber, Deana, and I were quite confused. I pretty sure he said
something about cheese. I don’t know. He’s a drummer and where I come
from they are not held as the most intelligent of human beings.
The big sucking point had to be the beer flying up at the stage at
various points at the show. Someone actually pegged one of the security
guys with an empty can of Milwaukee’s Best (or as it is more popularly
known “THE BEAST”) Just the thought of someone willingly drinking that
beer makes me want to gag. After awhile I began to feel like I was at
work. Everyone smelled like booze. Except for Deana. (Gee you sure
smell nice and flowery.)
Well that’s it for me.


Can’t Escape the Femmes
Hi all, I’ve been on this list a long but only written in a few times.

well, I just got from my last family vacation (tomorrow, I move from
indiana to Madison Wisconsin to start my college life)-=anyways- My
family and I went out west, to the Grand Canyon. Well, there are these
“Teen tour” things where kids travel across the country and stay in
hotels and go to the national parks and stuff. My family and I were on
a hike in the Grand Canyon and I heard about 20 or 30 kids start
singing BITS. well, I guess there is no escaping it. The Femmes are
Everywhere. I’m excited that theyt are doing a show in Madison. Does
anyone know anything more about that show.

bye- all

soon to be college kid


My First Femmes Hearing
Aren’t the Violent Femmes just so great?
I just read the mail from august 26 with the giants and femmes names
mixed up. It made me think ‘wow’. I used to love the giants. On the
way back from the lombard rac rally (its the british round of the world
rallying championship) in 1993, my old man let me put my giants tape in
the car stereo (my old man is quite liberal with music – the other day
he asked me to get Mogwai .. Young Team .. for him).

My friend Alex was with us and when the Giants came on he said he had
this album too. It was so cool. I didn’t know anyone else who liked
them. Alex’s old man works for Ford and Alex and his family had spent
the past 3 years in the USofA. And Alex said to me that he had some
stuff by the Giants that i might like and some by this other band, the
Violent Femmes. He said that they were Femmes even though it was the
french word (pronounced fam).

When we dropped him at his house, some 3 hours later, he lent me his
tapes. As soon as my old man and i got home i put these tapes on and
i was blown away. It was real good. And that was only the Giants.
About a week later i got round to listening to the Femmes. The first
song i heard was American Music. I still say “wow” when i hear it now.

Before i gave the tapes back to Alex i copied them all. I had the
eponymous one, 3 and why do birds sing?

In ’96 or was it ’97 i got a cd player for the first time and now i
have those 3 and new times on cd. Still “wow”. Sadly, i had a chance
to get hallowed ground before i had a cd player and i didn’t get it. I
still don’t have it.

Alex and i went our separate ways. I used to play football (soccer to
most of you) in my lunch break and Alex went in to town and so i didn’t
see him much at school. We both study law at college though. (is a VF
thing?). He’s at Oxford and I’m at UEA, Norwich. I bumped into him
once this summer but i was on my way to work so i didn’t get a hold of
where he’s at. Maybe i should find out where he is and get hallowed

Then there was the time i nearly went to a VF gig in London. And there
was my freaky VF experience in the UEA library. But they are other
tales for other times.

I just wanted to share that cos i only came across the Femmes cos of
the Giants. And i have never heard the Femmes on the radio and lots of
you folks in the USofA seem to have had that good fortune.

CD rom. You can listen to the Femmes on the computer. Whats that all

A big shout from England


Brian Richie – The Blend
One post about “The Blend” of Brian Richie. I would like a little help.
I just found the CD (in Europe it is not so easy). On it, the “Song of
the Highest Tower” is inspired from a poem of Arthur Rimbeau (French
author). The poem is easy to find (in French) but I don’t understand
all the English lyrics of the song. Could someone have the courage to
write down these lyrics for me. It would be very cool. Thanks in


Sleeve Lyrics
In my copy of new times, on cd, the lyrics for “I saw you in the
crowd” give the song a somewhat different meaning to how they sing it on
the cd. ie whether you’ve been storing something inside or i have.
Whats the reason for this discrepancy?
Is anyone else bothered by it? It gets my goat everytime.


Impatiently Waiting for Freak Magnet
Where the HELL is it?!