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I’ve parted from the part that I participated in
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American Music Hall of Fame
RE: Femmes Hall of Fame
First Time
RE: My First Femmes Experience
Blister in the Disney World
RE: Freak Magnet and Viva Wisconsin
Sweet Husband

American Music Hall of Fame
Here are today’s Hall of Fame members. If you see your name listed,
please take a few minutes to write about anything relating to the
Violent Femmes or your Femmes experiences, and send it on to me for
the next issue. This is going by alphabetical order of your current
email addresses, so if you are a longterm subscriber, but I missed
you somehow, please let me know, and I’ll include you in the next
Hall of Fame list.
Oh, and thanks for listening to all my longwinded ramblings for all
these years.


RE: Femmes Hall of Fame
I was very surprised to see my name on the hall of fame, I did not
realize that I has been subscribing that long!!
I have loved the FEMMES for a solid 8 years now and have seen them in
concert only a couple times as they don’t come to Canada as much as
other areas.
In addition I just received my own personalized Alberta plates titled
FEMMES, if there is any other YAHOO out there like me who has done the
same I do have one extra plate that I would like to trade for some
AMERICAN state plates.


-Pat. Says: This is a great idea. Anybody else have the VF in any
variation at all on their official license plate?

First Time
The first time I heard the femmes… I was in a band with a kid from
my church. He wanted to play some femmes. So one day after church we
went to his car, where he had a cd plyer and add it up. We listened to
BITS, Add it up, Kiss Off, and American Music. I was amazed, I borrowed
the cd from this kid. Listned to it non-stop. From that time on I was
a permanant fan.

I also have one more thing to say. I do not think the femmes are done.
I think its just a rumor that people are taking too far. Why would the
all of a sudden break up (even if its easy to do). This rumor just
doesn’t have enough base for me to beleive.


RE: My First Femmes Experience
I was 12 years old, and was at a friend’s house for a party. We were
a bunch of kids with little or no adult supervision back then. . .
I remember walking into the house and asking, “What is this s*&t you
are listening to?”
“It’s the Violent Femmes” [Country Death Song] she replied.
“This is CRAP!” I protested again, attempting to change the tape
[remember those?].
“How bout this song?” and out came the melodic I Hear The Rain.
I ran out the next day and got Hallowed Ground AND Violent Femmes!
Needless to say I have been hooked on them for the past 15 years.
AND that girl became the love of my life, who I have been trying get
to marry me for the past few years.

To be continued. . .


Blister in the Disney World
So Walt Chiselly World plays “Blister In The Sun” a couple times every
single night, eh? Neat.
Do you think they actually pay the Violent Femmes for their
inspiration, though? Or do they just pay whatever medium-sized amount
they usually pay to ASCAP and BMI and trust that some pittance gets to
the artists they steal from and abuse?
Gee, I play “Blister” AND “American Music” and also “Old Mother
Reagan” and “Faith” at the amusement park where I busk at least once a
day out here in the lonely midwest. Perhaps I really SHOULD send the
boys the four dollars I’d originally thought would be inconsequential.
Heck, in my little stature compared to Disney Enterscheizes, I actually
would be “bigger than disney” in at least one way.
In giving a shit.
And standing behind it.
Well I’ve stated my peace, and I’m sticking with it.

marco capelli frucht
e&p ati e-zine since 1988
& ask me about the NAMMYs…
& attention writers: Deadline
for each issue is whenever I
get it from you!

Insert poem here:


RE: Freak Magnet and Viva Wisconsin
Regardless of when Freak Magnet was released and how unnecessary Viva
Wisconsin was, the truth is, for an album to be successful, it has to
have air play on the radio.

It is the diehard fans that fuel the radio stations with requests of
what they want to hear, then the lemmings cling on to the bands/songs
they like.

Without airplay, an album is dead, and I’m just saying I wish more fans
would have requested the songs. A hit song at a radio station only
gets about 50 requests a day! There just are not that many people
answering phones and not all call are requests. I wouldn’t think that
it would be that difficult for 50 VF fans to band together and call
three or four influential radio stations and request “Sleepwalkin'”, or
whatever new VF song we wanted to promote.

Fan clubs are an extention of the marketing arm of a band and
unfortunately the Femmes seem to be poorly marketed with little extra
help from the fans.


Sweet Husband
i just want to say that i love the femmes. i always have. i have been
married for 5 1/2 years and for the longest time, i wouldnt listen to
the femmes around him, kinda silly, but its true. so last year for our
anniversary, he bought me add it up:) how sweet!

now we’re going to do give me the car as a cover:)
with me singing!
im so excited:)

I think it was Drewery(aka theDrewkid) who wrote in to AM once to thank
the Femmes for “providing the soundtrack to his life.” That’s exactly
how I feel too. The music has been with me every day of my life since
a cool November night in Alabama in 1982. I was thirteen. It has
excited, comforted, challenged, and entertained me. I have wallowed in
it. I have reveled in it. I have shared it. I have left it behind at
times but it has always found me again. It is one of my best friends.
There will be no end to the Violent Femmes because the music will be
played – and loved – forever.

I remember

… the darkness of that country road out to the lake, the haze of
twenty Marlboros, the smell of Shane’s leather jacket & the beer in
my hand, and a worn, case-less Maxell tape and Shane saying, “I got a
boot in the mail from Jenny today; some kids from Milwaukee. I thought
it sucked but I know you’re gonna like these guys. There’s even some
Jesus stuff on there.”

… sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to listen to album
with headphones on and hearing Confessions for the first time; he sang
lonely, lonely, lonely; and I cried

… the first time I saw them; Victor bounced out first and never
stopped moving (he took center stage, literally and figuratively)
then came Gordon – a tiny, elfin boy with a scarf in his hair and the
most expressive, most beautiful eyes I have ever seen
then out came a man in a red bra and a long, paisley jacket; in one
moment the word sexuality was defined for me. I have never been the
same since ;o)

… them playing at a Lambda Chi Fraternity party at my college (Auburn
Univ) in April of 1989 and seeing them again the next night at the Fox
Theatre in Atlanta. Actually it was 2 nights later but I only found
that out after Nick (mypen) started keeping the past tourdates webpage
and I went looking for my ticket stubs; needless to say we had a, ahem,
rather large Femmes party that weekend.

… my sisters dragging me to see this “cool” new movie with some guy
named Ethan Hawke and my youngest sister Carrie asking me in the car on
the way home, “So what did you say the name of that band was that plays
the song that Ethan was singing? The Violent something? Do you have a
CD I can borrow?” My heart nearly burst with pride as I removed the
tape of the self titled from my glove box and handed it to her. I hoped
she would listen; I wanted to scream at her to listen, but she didn’t
ask me to put it in so I said nothing; the next afternoon she called me
at work and told me that she had taken the tape to school and that
everyone had thought it was “so cool”

… the first – and only – time I heard Machine live… at the
Masquerade in Atlanta

… taking Carrie to her first all ages show; it was the Violent
Femmes and 16 Horsepower. She was 14 and really uptight but I
convinced her that everyone who went to Femmes shows wore crazy
clothes & I got her to wear these totally horrible black and white
stripped tights and combat boots. We still laugh about that night!
There have been many, many more Carrie/Deana Femmes shows… ain’t
that a kick in the head … heh heh …

… the look… giving it… getting it… and talking about it…
Nicker? Do you remember?

… the Brian/Gordon guitar duel on Never Tell in Milwaukee –
Summerfest 98

… the Wisconsin Tour shows in Eau Claire and Milwaukee… Sweet
Worlds of Angels took my breath away…

…the Shephard College road trip, Amber, the goats & tractors, the
shakuhachi and the sound (and feeling) of Guy playing drums on
Breakin’ Up…

… “The” American Viva Wisconsin Tour… Outside the Palace as an
encore in Columbus Oh 12/99… Merry Christmas to me…

… the two DC shows in April … night one was amazing w/A Story as
the cherry on top…and later …Marylee and I giggling in the dark
in Bec’s living room and then collapsing into fits of crazed laughter
until we fell asleep… M – ILY… the 2nd night’s highlight was
Marylee & Bec (in the balcony) and me (on the floor) spontaneously
air-hugging each other as Gordon sang,
“I’m meeting people… nice people like you.”

… from Summerfest2K … so many… so many … Guy throwing the
washtub into the crowd… Gordon, in a gleaming white shirt, looking
angelic singing American Music…and Brian… that last solo and then
the war with the guitar string… perfect ending… I wanted to jump
onstage and snatch that string and run away … far,far away…

… all of the wonderful people I have met from AM – virtually and at
shows. It has been a great pleasure sharing the music and the memories
with you. Rock on…