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TOUR DATES (** means new tourdate):
O=Official homepage

None found at this time.


If you want a copy of the compilation video, email me and a distributer,
and I’ll put your name here. When you get your video, email me again,
and I’ll take your name off. That way we can track how smoothly this
is all going. And please – when you get your copy, remember to thank
the distributer and Deana (ddearry) for putting it
all together. I cannot overstress how much time, money, and effort she
put into this.

audremart (Audrey)
rhc75a (Rob) Will soon not be able to make copies
Lydon69 (Chris)
tylerboa (Tyler) May be able to make copies in Canada
Wait until I hear from him again before
inundating him with requests.
alweinmann (Amanda)
BurrResear (Bob)
chatch (Chris)
Frodo009 (Wes)
KTGrady (Kevin)
haziee (Beth)
grosefx (Jason; 2 copies wanted)
jish (Josh)
jjwil90 (Julie)
kimberly_annin (Kimberly)
Lazar921 (Jeff)
SkaManFoom (Zac) May soon be able to make copies. Wait till he
gives the go ahead.
copern100 (Al H)
welborn (James)
John (John)
MMStevens18 (Michelle)
mpdrum95 (Mark P)
mtsimo (Travis)
moonboy (Scott)
Helmsley2 (Bobby)


Please follow the instructions carefully, and if your name is on the
compilation wanted list, please ask me to remove it as soon as you get
your copy. If you do get a gen 2, please consider making a few copies

pwnordic – (Glenn) Canadian distribution only. Send a new
video that will hold 6 hours and $5 postage. Give
him time, because he’s only working with one VCR
right now.

gineryc – (Eric) Send a blank video, along with a postage
paid padded mailer. But definitely don’t send any
$, not even for postage, just make sure your
padded envelope has enough postage to cover it
being mailed back to you.

nflhwb – (Harry) UK and Europe distribution
only. This has been converted.

MonMcM – (Monica) Pay for the tapes through paypal or send a
check or money order for $6.00.
Monica McMaken
526 E Tuckey Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85012

j.clutterbuck – (Anna) New Zealand distribution. Give
her time to recover from surgery, and
we’ll get more details at that time.
This has been converted.

mlarson – (Melanie) Depending on the cost of tapes [when I
can get them on SALE :)] it should only run about
$6 per video. I estimate a tape to cost about $3
and shipping UPS ground is only $3. For Wisconsin
residents I can ship via Spee-Dee service and it’ll
be free to me since the place I work at uses that a
lot too. I would prefer payment through paypal or
money orders. Checks are ok, but will have to wait
a week to clear. If you are willing to risk
sending cash, that is up to you and I won’t be
responsible for lost mail.




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Request Line
RE: Requests
Melanie Distributing
Another NZ Volunteer
VF Fan in Netherlands
Deana’s Page
Upstart Pipsqueaks VS. VF
Compilation Needed in Australia
Word From Scotland

Request Line
Remember to request Sleepwalking on KROQ!

KROQ’s request line is 1-800-520-1067
Make your requests at
email: requests

Call or email them often, please.

RE: Requests
Well I love the idea of requesting songs through kroq to help get the
femmes some more exposure out there. But maybe we can take this all a
step further.

M2, the better half of MTV, they have a couple request hours, through
e-mail where the people pick their programming, and it’s not your
typical TRL fare. This would be a great chance for us to try to get
the femmes back on the tube. I’ve requested a couple times without
any luck, and now that I don’t have a satatlite dish anymore, I don’t
remember the exact times for the requests.

Could we possibly try to get this as a go. Maybe if there is enough
requests, they can honor us and play the femmes!


Melanie Distributing
Depending on the cost of tapes [when I can get them on SALE :)] its
should only run about $6 per video. I estimate a tape to cost about $3
and shipping UPS ground is only $3. For Wisconsin residents I can ship
via Spee-Dee service and it’ll be free to me since the place I work at
uses that a lot too. I would like to send it from work because then I
can track it to make sure it doesn’t get lost and use better packing
materials. I am open to suggestions as to any cheaper ways to ship that
are reliable. I would prefer payment through paypal or money orders.
Checks are ok, but will have to wait a week to clear [though I doubt my
fellow Femmes fans would rip me off]. If you are willing to risk sending
cash, that is up to you and I won’t be responsible for lost mail. E-mail
me if you are interested. I am pressed for time the remainder of the
month since I will be going on vacation but I will answer all e-mails
when I get back. Please be patient, and I will do my best to fulfill the
needs of my fellow Violent Femmes fans.

Melanie Larson
mlarson (home)
mlarson (work)

Another NZ Volunteer
i can distribute videos in New Zealand if anna needs me to.


-Pat. Says: Anna, Please contack Nevlek if your recovery is taking
longer than expected, or if you need help with distribution.

VF Fan in Netherlands
I took my husband to see the Femmes in Koln last year – it was
killer!!! We missed their show is Brussels a few months ago, but they
seem to make it to our little part of the world every once in a while.
They are pretty much unknown here in the Netherlands, so I use many
opportunities to introduce them to the locals.
So my thanks to the folks who keep the mailing list going.


Deana’s Page
I’m sorry not to have written in so long. I have been travelling like
mad with work but I keep meaning to follow up on the Minneapolis and
Milwaukee shows. In fact I think I still even owe a review of
Montgomery, AL! So here ya go … “1st Avenue was great! Summerfest
was fun! Ron (Add it Up Tattoo)& the Femmes rocked Montgomery!”
Short and to the point. Not at all like me eh? :o) For visual basics
on the cities shows & other assorted VF eye candy check out my new

It’s still under construction AND I need some feedback. I’ve got T1
access at work and DSL at home so I am band width spoiled. Would some
of you with dialup connections please let me know if the pages take too
long to load. Once I got started posting pictures I just couldn’t stop!
Also if anyone wants to send me pictures to add please do. You will be
given credit – extra credit and a big smiley face actually.


Upstart Pipsqueaks VS. VF
Hey people. You guys subscibed to the Yahoo club have already been
solicited about this so some of you may have seen it already but I
think it’s damn good (and funny) so I’m sendng it in for the rest.
Apparently these dudes calling themselves the Upstart Pipsqueaks have
an irreverant webmag called Hybrid Magazine and this month it’s them
vs. our boys. Check it out:

From the dense jungles of Suburban Detroit City, home of rock and punk
rock and soul and punk soul and rock… By special arrangement with
Kacky Thope, this months honorary Pipsqeak… Thanks for the request,
schmoopie oopens

Remember to write with all comments and suggestions and such!

Violent Femmes

-blister in the sun-

Rux: Upstart Pipsqueaks… Pipsqueak Upstarts. I’m Rux.

Skid: I’m Skid

Rux: And you are listening… or reading… Upstart Pipsqueaks.

Skid: On Hybrid Magazine… Dot com!

Rux: Hi and welcome back everybody. It’s nice to see you. It’s a
beautiful day in my neighborhood. It’s bloody hot.

Skid: You can’t see any of them. We’re doing this little thing we
call the Violent Femmes.

Rux: Which literally translated means: The Violent Girls.

Skid: I think it’s pretty much just a play on words. I think its
just kind of the opposite of the gentlemen. How do you like that?
The Gentle Men… are coming.

Rux: The Bubbleheads are coming

Skid: We’ve got a little folk-punk here… as they like to call it.

Rux: You know… this was like ’85, eh?

Skid: Or earlier, like ’83. You’ve got the thing.

Rux: I don’t know where I put it.

Skid: If it was up your ass, you’d know.

Rux: I’m not even dignifying that with an answer.

Skid: -Bing- So, you’ve got your 3 piece band. 20 year old kid
playing the guitar and writing the words. Jazz drummer and bass
player there.

Rux: I think these guys were the first ones to really take a very
backwoods country ethic and try to do punk rock with it.

Skid: Well, there was country punk, but this really had its own
thing going on.

Rux: Well, folk punk then. How’s that? You know, the drum kit
consists of a kick, a snare and a hi-hat…

Skid: Bucket. And a bucket.

Rux: A bucket. Brian Ritchie playing terrible sounding bass

Skid: You don’t like his bass playing, huh?

Rux: No, I think he’s a great bass player. It’s just that
tone-wise its not all that perfecto… And then of course Gordon
playing that crazy acoustic guitar which was unheard of at this
time. Everything else going on at this time was all beep beep beep.

-kiss off-

Skid: Yeah. That was “Blister in the Sun”. Which got far too much
play. It was all right.

Rux: Speaking of getting too much play…

Skid: There were people that were trying to do this sort of thing
and make it different. But these guys made it sound good. They
made it listenable. There was Beat Happening and…

Rux: Oh yeah. I’d forgotten about that. There was the Go-Betweens…
but that was later than this.

Skid: They do it all the time, yeah yeah. Do it all the time.

Rux: Okay… let me count the number of Violent Femmes songs off
of this record that I have covered in bands.

Skid: All right. Go ahead. Start.

Rux: One. Two. Three.

Skid: Your permanent record.

Rux: Four. Five. Six… Six! Half of the album.

Skid: Allright, we could have just done yours. This is all
recorded pretty lo-fi. There’s no overdubs. They recorded
everything straight over and over until they got it right.

Rux: Probably so. Pretty much seems like it most of the way
through. Its pretty artistic… autistic.

Skid: Autistic, huh? Definitely. Definitely Violent Femmes.
Definitely K-mart.

Rux: This is the kind of music that you really want to play
for your girlfriend’s parents when you meet them for the
first time. That way… you get the shock value out of the way
and everything is good after that.

Skid: Yep.

Rux: It’s kind of like your punk rock swimming music.

Skid: And you know, he’s got the geeky whiny voice, but it
doesn’t bother you. It doesn’t bother a guy.

Rux: It doesn’t bother me so much. It’s no Jane’s Addiction
Perry Farrell making me want to choke him and me. What are
those things called? Harmonies?

Skid: Harmony.

Rux: A little bit of harmony-ish things happening there. That
is the most perfect ending of all time.

Skid: I like the buzzing.

Rux: Lots of buzzing and it’s just like… blllckthackmaaaccghhhh.
How do you spell that? hwalthhpagggghhh…

Skid: I don’t know.

-please do not go-

Rux: YES! Thank you Los Angeles! But I don’t know where Brian
Ritchie learned how to play bass guitar. They are all like
these blues walks, but they are 2 strings too high to be blues.
We should really be drinking whiskey to do this review right…
and not just a little… whiskey.

Skid: Do you have any?

Rux: Do I have whiskey? Do I have whiskey the man asks…

Skid: Well, do you… punk? … I hear a little of this as
acoustic Jam.

Rux: By jam, you mean the band by the name of the Jam?

Skid: Yes, THE Jam, as in Paul Weller.

Rux: Pre-suck Paul Weller.

Skid: Yes. Only more of Paul Weller with a sense of humour.

Rux: (makes weird noises singing along with crazy Gordon) Yes.
I think these guys probably have a pretty good sense of humor.

Skid: I think maybe the bass lines remind me of Foxton.

OKAY – they go on and finish the self titled and there is a whole
lot more to the article so go check it out on the link above. I’m
tired of copying and pasting and there is too much more for one email
probably anyway. Cheers


Compilation Needed in Australia
Hi. This is my first time Ive written in here, but before I say
anything else, I must say how much I love receiving the emails. It
lightens up my day (seriously). But the question I have is this – I
would absolutely LOVE to buy a copy of the compilation video, but I
live in Australia. If there is anyone that could copy it for me, it
would be greatly appreciated. All I need is a name and address to send
the video and money. Thanx


Word From Scotland
I live in Scotland and have been a fan of the Femmes since around
’84/’85. After many years of waiting I finally got to see them live
about a year ago when they played the Garage in Glasgow, as far as I
know the first time they’d played in Scotland. It was a brilliant gig,
they played for the best part of two hours with songs ranging from the
earliest through to Freak Magnet. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to see
them again. In the meantime the compilation video will have to do.

I’ve contacted Harry for a copy of the compilation video, he said he’ll
send one to me soon and will be in touch to arrange payment / trade.
I’ve got the Let’s Start Over video which I bought when it was first
released, but I can’t wait to see the rest of the stuff.

I also mentioned to him that I may be able to get a couple of copies
made to help him distribute it . If I get this done I’ll let you know
and you can put my name on the distributers list (for the UK). It will
however only be a couple of copies as I’ll be relying on a favour to get
them done.

Have you ever organised / thought of organising a CD-R Tree of live
Femmes recordings? I’m a branch in a Nick Cave one at the moment and
its a great way of fans getting a hold of live/rare material without
having to pay bootlegger prices. If you ever start one, I’m definitely
in as its difficult to find live Femmes stuff here.

Fans in the UK (possibly elsewhere) may be interested to know that
are selling “Rock” for the bargain price of 6.99. They are a reliable
mail order company.

Well that’s all for now, I look forward to the next issue,