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The Quote Of The Day:

Oh can’t you hear me mother
And don’t you want to go
And leave this world of trials
And troubles here below
-From Spiritual (From Kiss Off/Mind the Magic ‘boot’)
-Submitted by thehappycyclops

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Sept. 21- The Outback, Tucson, AZ (O)
Sept. 22- Club Rio, Phoenix, AZ (O)
Oct. 6- Youngstown State Univ, Niles, OH (O)
Oct. 25- Barrymore Theater, Madison, WI (O)
Oct. 26- Opera House, Oshkosh, WI (O)
Oct 27- Grand Theater, Wausau, WI (O)
Oct. 29- Hollywood Theater, LaCrosse, WI (O)
Oct. 30- State Theater, Eau Claire, WI (O)
Oct. 31- Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI (O)


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In Today’s Issue:

Guy Hoffman’s Age
Mercy Seat?
RE: Hated Song

Guy Hoffman’s Age
You are exactly right, Pat. Guy is 44. According to “The New Rolling
Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll,” page 99, he was born on May 20,
1954. (This is under the BoDeans entry; the Femmes aren’t in the book.)

Chris Hatch

-Pat. Says: Excuse me, but how screwed up is that? I mean, I bought the
first BoDeans album, the one with Guy, and while I like it
just fine, it in no way can be compared with the first
Violent Femmes album, or ANY Violent Femmes album for that
matter, nor can the impact of the BoDeans on Rock music be
compared with that of the Violent Femmes. Musicians cite
the Violent Femmes as an influence on their music or on
their decision to become musicians. I seriously doubt the
same can be said for the BoDeans.

Mercy Seat?
What exactly is Mercy Seat and how obtainable are copies of it?


-Pat. Says: The Mercy Seat was a band Gordon was in during the time
the Violent Femmes was on hiatus. It was a Gospel group,
the lead singer being a woman by the name of Zena Von
Heppinstall. Gordon played guitar and supplied backup
vocals. The songs are very reminiscent of the gospel type
songs Gordon writes for the Violent Femmes, although a
glance at the album reveals that none of the songs seem
to have been written by him. The only Mercy Seat album
released was done so by Slash records in 1987. It can be
found in used vinyl bins. I suppose it also came out on
cassette. Apparently, there was enough Mercy Seat material
available for a second album, but such was never made.
I understand Gordon would still like this to be released.
If you can find this album, I highly recommend you buy it,
even if you’re not into the Christian thing. It will
probably be fairly difficult to find, so good luck.

RE: Hated Song
I have to agree with the ancient one here that New Times is a
really great album. I think it flows so nicely. Not many bands can
pull off all that experimental stuff and diversity and still come out
sounding good. But what song do I hate? I hate “Nothing Worth Living
For” I think Thanksgiving pulled off the same feeling much better. See
here’s the deal as I see it. The songs on the self titled album were
all written during the high school years when Gordon was feeling
pathetic and whiny. I mean listen to those songs. That is honest,
pure, pathetic whine. I mean we’ve been talking about how “Please Do
not Go” is so terribly self-pitying that it makes you want to reach
through the CD player and slap him. Personally I love the song. Just
because of that raw, unbridled emotion. So the first album focused on
feeling bad for himself. It was pure emotion.
“Hallowed Ground” came out and by then I think alot of those
teen feelings were gone. Their songs were more music-oriented than
lyric-oriented. Unfortunately this resulted in nobody liking the
album. I like it. Most of you like it. Sigmund likes it best. Anyway
so i think that for “The Blind Leading the Naked”, Gordon tried to get
more emotion out without sacrificing the music. And then on “3” they
really tried to make another self titled, but it totally was a flop
because they were all maturing and those high school self-loathing
feelings were gone. I mean, like I said, “Nothing Worth Living For” is
so forced, as is “See My Ships”. I just don’t think that Gordon felt as
connected with that music as he did to his earlier stuff.
Then along comes “Why Do Birds Sing”. By this time Gordon
actually started having fun with the music. I think it’s regarded as
their second best album because of just that. It wasn’t the whiny
emotions of the first album, but it certainly was upbeat and
enthusiastic. And that carried over to “New Times” which took that
energy into new dimensions and realms of music for the band. They
started heading down different roads with their music as opposed to
just taking different instruments and adapting them to their style of
music. “Rock!!!!!” was the same thing. Just the band having fun. They
weren’t focusing on being whiny for those fans that couldn’t get over
“Blister in the Sun”. They were staying true to themselves, and
therefore turning out great music because of being happy with where they
were and what they were doing.
I haven’t heard “Freak Magnet” although i think it’s a stupid
name for an album. I don’t like the name “New Times” either to be
honest. I liked all those 27 word titles. “The violent blind leading
the naked femmes over hallowed ground past 3 trees full of birds that
are singing even though no one knows why.” That’s going to be the name
of my first album. No, actually it’s
“Drew Snyder: Live from the Kitchen”
Maybe that’ll be the name of my second album.