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Oh my body has been punished with too much and not enough.
-From I Know It’s True But I’m Sorry to Say

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August 25- Mountain Lair Plaza, Morgantown, WV (O,P)
August 27- Ottawa Centre Theater, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (O, P)
August 28- Warehouse, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (O, TMCA)
August 29- Buffalo Naval Park, Buffalo, NY (P, O)
Sept. 19- Newport Folk Fest, Concord Pavillion, Concord, CA (P)
Sept. 20- Fresno County Fairgrounds, Fresno, CA (P)
October 2- Case Western University, Cleveland, OH (O,P)
October 3- St. Norbert College, Green Bay (De Pere), WI (O,P)

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The Birthday Present
Newport Folk Fest in Chicago
RE: The Boathouse
RE: Hated Song
RE: Hated Song
RE: Hated Song
RE: Didgeriblues etc.
Some Questions

The Birthday Present
Well, my son Austin had his 10th birthday yesterday. My mother in law
gave him a didgeridoo. He is thrilled! Now I know what those close to
Brian must have experienced when he first got his. Right now, Austin
has it with him at all times, and he is listening to the instruction
tape. I guess I’m going to have to learn circular breathing in order to
teach it to him. That’ll come in handy for me too I suppose, whenever
I finally feel proficient enough on my practice chanter to progress to
the bagpipes. Maybe I’ll get into it again this winter.
Hey, there’s a little sticker on this didg, which says Eb. I had no
idea these things were made in keys. Suppose it’d make sense though that
different lengths would make different sounds.

Newport Folk Fest in Chicago
Well, I went and it was awesome. The only thing I wish is that the
Femmes set was longer and that the MC quits the tour before anyone else
is forced to listen to him. It was a really great festival of music to
begin with, but then you bring in the Femmes and it kicks ass!!!! There
weren’t as many Femmes fans there as I expected. It seemed like everyone
wanted to see John Hiatt. New World is an outdoor theatre so at the
times the Femmes were playing it was still daylight and the theatre
definantly was not filled. I felt bad for the performers. Anywho what
songs did they play. They opened up with a little religious ditty to
honor the Stapple Singers who had gone on before them. Then they went in
to Blister in the Sun, American Music, Country Death Song, Old Mother
Reagan, Good Feelings, Kiss off, Rejoice and Be Happy, I wanna see You
again, and I’m Nothing. They ended with Add it up. I believe that was
the whole play list. 40 minutes just isn’t enough time. Then they had
to make room for Ricki Lee Jones. It was way too short…..but none the
less awesome. I highly suggest that if the NewPort Folk Fest is coming
to your area…GO!!! Not only do you get to see the Femmes but you also
get to see some legendary performers that will blow you away.


P.S. What is the definition of folk anyway??????

-Pat. Says: Tom Glazer, in A New Treasury of Folk Songs (Bantam Books,
1961) defines a folk song as: “almost any song which is
liked by almost everybody in the country of its origin over
a long period of time.” That would rule out most songs now
played at the Newport Folk Fest.

RE: The Boathouse
Hi Everyone!
I know how you feel Travis! I’m currently living in Maine, but I’m
from Virginia Beach. I use to work as A stagehand at the Boathouse, &
had the chance to see the Femmes 3 times there. All 3 times were
absolutely incredible!! In ’91 there was A film crew at their show, &
Gordon mentioned that there would be A home video release of the show,
& for us to look for it soon! Had I died & gone to heaven? Well no, the
video was never released 🙁 But at least “Add It Up” from the show made
it onto the Add It Up 1981-1993 CD. I had mentioned to Deanna, that I
was dying to go (about A 13 Hour drive) I even have relatives to stay
with there, but my wife is due soon, & there’s just no way we could make
the trip 🙁 So if anyone went, please submit A review! Or better yet,
if anyone recorded the show, I know lots of people would love to trade
for it. Including me! I have A master tape I recorded at an ’89 Femmes
Boathouse show I could offer A copy of. So any ways, I know what you’re
going through Travis 🙂 If you haven’t seen my web site, I took some
photos of the Femmes playing at the Boathouse, there’s also some photos
that are even better that Deanna took, take A look if you haven’t seen
them: The photos are in the photo
gallery. I know this is A long post, but just real quick: has anyone seen
any videos of the Violent Femmes surface? There’s lots of audience shot
camcorder videos around of just about any band, except the Femmes! Why,
oh why??

Take Care!

-Pat. Says: If anyone went to this show, please send in a review for
Eric and Travis.

I just got back from work, and I’m sitting here really disappointed
because the Violent Femmes are performing _right now_ 10 minutes away
from my house… But I didn’t think it was worth paying $40 and skipping
work to go see, and I still don’t know if I made the right choice… (I
know, I know, I could’ve bought cheaper tickets, but I don’t like doing
that… if I’m gonna see them, I wanna see them RIGHT!)

It helps a little bit that the radio is about to play a block of Violent
Femmes songs (if you’re ever in the Columbus area, CD101 is the best
non-college station I’ve ever heard). But I’m also still getting over
the disappointment of not having Freak Magnet…I got to read Brett’s
nice long description of the album, and every sentence just drove in
the fact that _I_didn’t_have_it!! I can’t believe how depressing that

Sure, I ordered it from Southland CD a couple weeks ago, but I don’t
think it’s ever gonna come… I paid with cash (call me paranoid, but
I’m not giving out credit card info over the internet), which meant I
had to mail them the money…and a week after I sent it, I got the damn
thing returned to me without a stamp!!! It’s all a conspiracy. I KNOW
it was stamped when I mailed it. If you look at the envelope really
closely, you can even see little tears where the stamp fell off. Those
post office people just don’t want me to ever get any Violent Femmes

(“Why can’t I get just one album/why can’t I get just one album/I guess
it’s got something to do with the post office!” Sorry, I guess I’m not
a very good lyricist.)

I got a similar feeling a few days ago when I read Pat’s list of Femmes
singles, rarities, etc… Every item was just one more that I’ll never
find. (I do have Machine…I guess I just got lucky, because last time
the Femmes played here I checked in Best Buy and saw that they’d stocked
up on tons of VF music.)

Has anyone ever discussed a system for trading copies of albums that no
one is ever gonna get any other way? It wouldn’t be right to send
around copies of their major albums, since everyone should be able to
get those anyway, but I know that the group has unofficially said they
don’t mind people making live copies as long as no one makes a profit
off of them (I have one very cool bootleg). And I think it’s pretty much
the same for singles that can’t be found anyway. If I ever found one of
them somewhere, I’d buy it even if someone already had copied it for me.
As long as no one gets hurt, it’s ok. Right?


-Pat. Says: OK, OK, I’m going to TRY REAL HARD to get the Classifieds
out today. If any of you also live in the country, you
probably know how things get when the harvests start coming
in. Last year was terrible, but this year is very prolific,
and I have to get everything in.
OH, one thing about Freak Magnet. On Chris’s message board
a couple of people from overseas (in Europe) have said that
Freak Magnet has been released there. Can any of you verify
this? Are these Southland CD’s promos or imports?

RE: Hated Song
For a long while, I had never met a Femmes song that I didn’t like. I
liked some a lot more than others, including most of the most hated ones
listed to date. Jesus Walking On The Water is one of my five favorites,
for instance. I agree with those who say Dance MF Dance is great live
but not much on disc. My favorite CD is also most Femmes fans’ least
favorite–New Times. The title cut is my least favorite on the CD. I
just love When Everybody’s Happy and Mirror Mirror (I See A Damsel) is
my favorite Femmes song.

Finally, I found a song I absolutely hate. I love Tom Waits and bought
the mostly lousy tribute album to him. The album is called Step Right
Up and the Femmes are honored to do the cover of the title song. I
listened to it twice and will never again. Truly atrocious.

Bob, the 56 year old Femmes freak.

RE: Hated Song
>>Next: I can’t listen to Vancouver.

i’ve only called a few things beautiful….once i called myself
beautiful and my head says that vancouver is a beautiful song…from
didgeridoo to sax…i don’t know why i just think it to be and it
is….maybe it’s those unexplained things that are beautiful…i’ve now
summed up my total to be an imperfect three….it might be time to off


RE: Hated Song
I love Please Don’t Go because it has a “meet the Femmes” story attached
to it.
About four years ago, the Femmes were playing here in Phila. and
our whole family decided to go see them. My youngest son was about 15
and a bunch of his friends wanted to go but their parents insisted that
they could only go if a parent accompanied them. My husband and I were
designated, “the parents”. Little did the parents know that my husband
and I were as much into the Femmes music as our offspring. My daughter
was going to Penn at the time so a bunch of her friends went too. My
oldest son was also there with some of his friends. We had three
carloads of kids, young adults and us.
After the show, my kids wanted to see if they could meet Gordon,
etc., so we went into the alley behind the venue. We knew they were
somewhere in the building so everyone was yelling up to the top floor
where there were these outward opening windows (kind of like french
doors.) All of the people in the alley started singing, Please don’t go
in the direction of these windows and all of a sudden, the windows
opened and ther was Gordon with a big smile on his face just standing
there in the open window listening to us. He seemed very amused.
Everyone was yelling up questions and comments and Gordon finally said,
“Wait, we’re coming down.” I can’t begin to describe the excitement
level of our group at this point. Everyone was psyched beyond words.
They came out and hung out with us for a good half hour or so. While
we were talking to Gordon, my daughter said to me, “I wish we had the
camera.” I remarked that the camera was in the car which was in a parking
garage about three blocks away. Gordon said, “If you want to go get it,
We’ll wait around.” So I ran through the alleys of Phila., 12:30am, with
a mace can in my hand so I wouldn’t get mugged or worse and I got the
camera,we took lots of pictures and Gordon signed everyone’s shirt, hand
etc. When they were leaving, Gordon came over to me and thanked me for
bringing everyone to the show. He said when they first started playing
in clubs back home, parents used to bring their kids and he always liked
to see the parents come back without their kids. Well, I’m one of those
parents. My older kids have moved on in their musical tastes, but I
still can’t get enough of this band. And everytime I hear Please don’t
go, I can picture all of those excited, thrilled and enthralled faces
looking up at that window, and that window opening up with Gordon right
there in front of us all. It was an awesome night.


RE: Didgeriblues etc.
In reply to the person who commented on the version of didgeriblues on
the Breakin’ Up single, I think this version IS the original, I remember
listening to this song (from the single), at least a year before
ROCK!!!!! was released. I also remember commenting to a friend that the
new album (ROCK!!!!!) had a new version of didgeriblues on it, one that
sounded very different to the one from Breakin’ Up.

There have been a few songs that I didn’t like at one time or another,
but now I absolutely love: I hate the TV, Hallowed Ground, Johnny,
Dance MF Dance (I didn’t like this song- I thought it was stupid- until
I heard it live!!!!!!). I now think that all these songs are great.

Lastly, does anyone have an inkling of when the Femmes might head back
to Australia? It is hard having not seen them for nearly 3 years!


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Some Questions
just some questions I was wondering about. Pat must know them because
she knows freaking everything about the band

1. How old are the band members?
2.Were any of the band members in jail?
3. Did any of the femmes go to college?

Well thats about it

-Pat. Says: Not Everything. But I can give these a shot. According to
the Official Homepage, Gordon is 35, Brian is 37. Guy does
not give his age, but I read on another page somewhere that
he is 44, same age as Victor. I seriously doubt any of them
have been in jail. They’ve been performers all their adult
lives, too busy to get in serious trouble. Gordon and Brian
did not go to college, but I suppose it’s possible that Guy
went to art school.