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The American Music Hall of Fame
RE: Chinese Rocks
RE: Rumors
Re: The American Music Hall of Fame
The Femmes Came Into My Life

The American Music Hall of Fame
Here are today’s Hall of Famers. Remember, if you were a subscriber
when I received the list from James in June, 1997, and I miss your
name, please let me know. You may have had a different email address
then. If your name is on today’s list, thanks for your presence here
on this list. Feel free to send in a few words which we may enjoy.

brownj (long time no hear Jen)

To remind you all, Friday’s dozen were:

bec (miss you, Bec!)

Thanks again to today’s dozen!

RE: Chinese Rocks
About the chinese rocks song. My brother has the Ramones Mania 2
record set and that song is on there.


RE: Rumors
American Music –

To think of a musical world where there is no chance of the Violent
Femmes banging out an old favorite, let alone some new music is really

The Femmes are the ultimate party/good time band and if they have
called it quits, that means the party is truly over.

Personally, I think the band is frustrated.

After years of record label fighting, they finally manage to get a new
album out and no one buys it. I blame the fans and the radio industry.

If the TRUE fans had made enough noise, radio stations would have
played some of the new music. Sleepwalkin’ and Rejoice and be Happy
are two timeless sounding VF songs that could easily fit in 1985 as
they could in 2000. They are every bit as sharp and clever as
anything that the brat punk bands are doing today.

It kills me that a station out here in So Cal like KROQ that had been
an ardent Femmes supporter for so many years would choose to disregard
the album. The station still plays the hell out of the classic stuff
(Blister…Add it up, etc) but from what I was told, nobody was
requesting the new music. (Besides me)

It is frustrating when radio forgets the bands that made a certain
genre of music popular.

Maybe if we the fans had made a stronger effort to get the band the
much needed airplay to have a successful “comeback” album, the band
would not be considering putting the VF name to sleep.

Keep up the good work with the newsletter. I have been an ardent fan
of the band for years, even getting to meet them on a couple of
occasions, so it is cool to see there are others that enjoy their work
as much as I do.

VF Fan

Re: The American Music Hall of Fame
I’m one of the subscribers to this list who has said almost nothing
during the whole year or so that I’ve been subscribing, and so I
thought I might just say a few things about my love for The Violent

A few years ago, when I was about 15, a friend of mine brought a tape
of Add It Up with her so that we could listen to it in the car. This
was the first time I had ever heard of The Violent Femmes. I was a bit
wary about listening to it b/c this friend had tried many times to get
me to listen to a lot of stuff that I ended up not liking all that
much. However, this time was different. We started listening to the
tape, and I found myself actually really liking the music. It wasn’t
like anything I had heard before.

Yet after that one time in the car, it wasn’t until about 6 months
later that I listened to the Femmes again. I was on Amazon, and
decided to see how many albums this group had, and just to read reviews
and find out more about them in general. It was then that I ordered my
first CD by them: their self-titled album. The day I got that CD in
the mail and listened to it, I realized that this was some of the best
music I’ve ever heard in my life. I kept that CD in my CD player for a
very long time, and I listened to it daily. Over time, I acquired all
their albums, including the import CD (though I still don’t have their
new live one). I love all of them, but they’re each so different that
it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. I think, as a whole, my favorite
album by them is their self-titled one (maybe also b/c it was the first
one I purchased, and thus I have a special connection to it). My top
five favorite songs of theirs (other than from their self-titled album)
are: I’m Nothing, More Money Tonight, I Hear The Rain, Never Tell, and
A Story. But honestly, I love all their songs; the songs I listed are
just ones that I associate with certain great moments/people in my
life, or that I just felt somehow mesmerized by in a way that a song
had never made me felt before.

I’ve been to one concert of theirs (in Pomona last September), which
was an amazing experience. My best friend and I went, and we had such
a great time. I was so excited when they played I’m Nothing as their
opening song! I sang along to all the songs, along with most of the
other people in the audience, and it was just such a unique and
exhilarating feeling being surrounded by all these people that loved
this band as much as I do. I got two T-shirts at the concert that I
wear all the time, and I get great reactions from people whenever I
wear them; it makes me so happy when I find out that someone else
likes my favorite band.

I was really upset though when their concert in LA in May was
cancelled. (I still don’t know why they didn’t play.) Oh well–
it was for the best, I guess, since I had my AP Calculus exam the
following morning at 8 am. 🙂

I just wanted to add that a while ago, some of you were talking about
the age group that the Violent Femmes attract, and I wanted to
comment, but I never did. I just wanted to say that I know quite a
few people my age (18) who love the Femmes and have loved them for a
number of years. I think it’s the kind of music that young people
today (who appreciate good music) can like just as much as, if not
more than, adults now (who were fans of the group when they were
teenagers). It really is timeless music; I don’t really think it
sounds like it’s from any particlar decade. It’s just amazing music
that all ages can get something out of.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. Oh, and I’ve really enjoyed this
mailing list and hearing what you all have to say. It’s nice to know
there are people out there who love something as much as I do.


The Femmes Came Into My Life
One day I (age about 13; now 21) was riding with my cuz and his friend
through the small town of Broken Bow, Ok. I was in the back seat and
my cuz and his friend had a tape playing and they were singing along as
if their life depended on it. The song was “Add It Up” from the first
album…….and by the time the next song “Confessions” came on I knew
I had to buy this album. At that moment we pulled up to the red light
by Wall*Mart, so I made them turn it down, I asked them what the hell
are we listening to. Then I told them to pull into Wall*Mart So I
could buy it. They laughed and said that Wall*Mart would not have it
. . . . We go in and I find “New Times” The only Femmes they had,
and I bought it……..I was hooked for life from just one song and I
now own them all.
Don’t you wish that when you go to a party or something they would play
the Femmes?
But, aren’t you glad you don’t hear the Femmes 17 times a day on the
sorry for hard to understand story, I abit drinkin.

Ronnie Thweatt

-Pat. Says: That’s OK Ronnie. I edited. Free of charge to one of my
original subscribers. Except for the last sentence. It
is perfect as is.