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The Quote Of The Day:

Life was short, life was sweet
I was thinking as I hit the street
-From Out The Window
-Submitted by Mara731

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Columbus, OH
weeezer (Jason)

Chicago/Tinley Park, IL
jellogirl03 (Jenny)

Pittsburgh/Burgettstown, PA
Kittricken (Kathryn)




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Pittsburgh Ticket
The Boathouse Show
RE: Hated Song
RE: Hated Song
RE: Hated Song
Least Fave Femmes Song
Song I Dislike
Two Questions
RE: Didjeriblues & Machine
RE: World Without Mercy
Comments on Freak Magnet

Pittsburgh Ticket
From: Amber Braughler
One ticket – 4th row center – Burgettstown PA Folk Festival date.
Good natured, mostly housebroken, had all shots. FREE to a good home.
email ddearry for pickup!

The Boathouse Show
I was so mad to see that the Femmes were playing at the boathouse in
Norfolk, Va on the 15th of August. I would usually be jumping for
joy upon hearing that the Femmes were playing just 20 minutes from my
house, but I was out of the country in Nicaragua. Now I know how
there has been some dissention about lengthy concert analysis, however
I would like to humbly ask that you would work with me this one time
as I request that someone would write a report for me. Let it be as
long as needed to make me feel as if I had attended this monumental
affair. Please, whoever attempts this great undertaking, do not take
this mental exercise lightly. I am counting on you. I know that I
shall not be let down be ye the esteemed members of this list, I have
much faith in you.


Two Questions
Hello. I didn’t know i am international but hey! I’ll try anything
once. Where can i get hold of live femmes business? and another Q.: do
the femmes plan to play in europe in the next ten months?


Jez Smith.
UEA, Norwich.

-Pat. Says: Months ago, they promised a world tour when the album is
released. As far as the boot thing goes, the occasionally
posted classifieds section has some.

RE: Hated Song
I think its cool how everyone has a different song they just hate by the
femmes, and how some people hate what other people love. I personally
love “Please Do Not Go” but I can see why someone else would think its
whiny and not like it at all. Also I think the problem with “Machine”
is that it really isnt much of a song, it involves no singing.
“Vancouver” is also questionable. “Dance MF Dance” definately goes over
better live than on CD.
So Pat, I think its time you confess to us that song you really despise.
You’ll feel better for it!

-Pat. Says: I did, Bobby: On Friday. I submitted it as a regular post,
using my new email address. That’s what must have thrown you
off. Not to worry. I’m having trouble getting used to it,

RE: Hated Song
>The song I really hate. That’s easy, Please Don’t Go from the first
>album. Ahhh, that song is so whiney I can’t stand it.

i should spank your bottom a few times for those words…but i’m not
into it!!!


RE: Hated Song
hands down, the one song i cant bear to listen to by the femmes is
“jesus walking on the water” thats the only one though. but i cant
figure out where that song came from when you compare it to everything
else they’ve written.
: ) ok thats all


Least Fave Femmes Song
>Next: I can’t listen to Vancouver. That’s it. I doubt I’ve ever
>listened to the song in its entirety as it sounds like ugly bodily
>functions. I think of all the great songs that got left off Add It Up
>and cringe every time Vancouver comes on.

Thank you! I was waiting for someone to say that so I wouldn’t have to,
because I think I’ve said it all the times before when we’ve discussed
our least favorite song.
Josh, I couldn’t have said that better myself.


Song I Dislike
i hate the femmes song with that annoying snare drum hit…duh duh–duh
duh….and all that talk about blisters and bodies…it just freaks me
out…i think it’s like sooo gay…the whole thing is gay!!!……but
on a non serious note……it really annoys me when people sing along
to this song or do their little concert dance….and it’s the only one
they know but it’s not their fault…that is they way we raise
them….that song is like a poison skin…it must be a bitter sweet to
see everybody singing along to it and noone knows the words to the
other 15 singalongs…..sssssso it’s not really hate it’s just
sadness…..the type of sadness displayed in the answering machine song
on a tool album….guy calls up…sounds all angry….pretty sad music
and sounds in the background…a contrast…but is it really?!?!?….no
his voice is not angry it is actually sadness…sadness at not being
allowed to stay at the party….sadness of not being accepted…which
is returned in an angry cry but only skin deep…so i am sad to see all
this when i look at the people singing and i appear to be angry but
it’s all a play… in general feels fake to me anyway when i see
a band perform….especially on consecutive nights……how can you
write a train song at the height of a sad point and then go into a
studio and spill your guts trying to recreate that moment…and then
night after night you spill over that sadness…recreating it for
people….this recreation leaves me feeling like i hate music even
though my life is consumed by it….i need to go to sleep now


RE: Didjeriblues & Machine
i love that version of didjeriblues on the import single of breakin’ up!
I bought that a long long time ago when ‘new times” was first released.
I like it better than the new version.

I found the “Machine” single the day I was buying tickets to my first
Violent Femmes concert in 1995 at Blockbuster Music! I was quite
excited…here’s the track listing:
1. Machine (LP version)
2. Machine (dogpile remix) <— not too good
3. Balkan Falcon
4. Chinese Rocks (a great remake of the Ramones song)
5. Color Me Once (Live)
it’s a great little single! I love the ‘I held her in my arms” single
too which has a live version of “fat”…i’m so glad my friend found that
for me!!


RE: World Without Mercy
I have seen some discussion about “World Without Mercy,” from the Blind
Leading the Naked cassette. First of all, am I the only one who thinks
it’s totally moronic to include a bonus track on a CASSETTE? Come on,
Slash Records, wake up. CD’s far outsell tapes, and look at the sound

Anyway, for those who want a CD version of the song, it appears on the
European CD version of “The Blind Leading the Naked,” and the track
listing is shuffled a bit from the American release. I used to have it,
but my then-wife decided to hock it for something like $2. Needless to
say, I was pissed. Does anyone have a copy of this European CD?

Chris Hatch

-Pat. Says: You have to remember that TBLTN was released in 1986, and
while I guess there were CD players around then, they hadn’t
really caught on yet. I didn’t even get one till about 1989.
I still use the old turntable, and buy vinyl if I see
something good.
So basically, what people had were vinyl and cassette, and
since it’s pretty hard to get vinyl to play right in the
car (they don’t like those bumps in the road!), cassettes
were actually quite popular. So it made sense to put a
bonus track there at the time.
Way back when in the dark ages.

Comments on Freak Magnet
I recently acquired an advance copy of Freak Magnet (don’t worry, I’ll
buy the damn thing when it comes out for real). I have some comments and
such to share with you all. And there is good news and bad news about
the album. I’ll begin with the good news…

First off, the album is excellant! A perfect edition to my Femmes
collection, one that I can easily listen to over and over. The music is
alot cleaner and Guy’s drumming seems to have improved some. There are
several gems on this album, so I’ll run it through, song by song…

1. I’m Bad…
>Strange track to start the CD with, but still a good song. Reminds me
alot of ‘Tonight’. It gets the crowd going at the shows I’ve been to. It
could have easily been on the original album.
>2. Freak Magnet…
>Keeps the momentum of the album going, and also a very good song.
>3. All I want…
>Excellent song! This is one of my faves off of FM. It was going to be
their first single, wasnt it? Similar to ‘Good Feeling’, but this one is
more romantic than depressing.
>4. Rejoice and Be Happy…
>Another one of my faves. It carries alot of Gordon’s religious
influence over from past works, and adds that element to this CD. A
very cool song. Gordon actually manages to put a little angst into his
lyrics while also talking about God.
>5. I Wanna See you Again…
>The first of the remixes. I liked it, but I liked their first version
better. This one has alot more drum to it, and is a little harder. Still,
it fits in nicely on the CD.
>6. I’m Nothing…
>The second remix. I’m not sure why they included this on here, since it
was on their last USA release. It’s a bit harder than the old version,
with more bass. It’s still a good song, but it was good in the first
>7. Positively 4th Street…
>A Bob Dylan song, isn’t it? Reminds me of ‘Blind Leading the Naked’. An
ok song.
>8. A Story…
>WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD STUFF!!! The first time I heard it, it actually made
me shiver. Strange stuff. Not something you’d want to hear over and over
again, but definitely different from anything they’ve ever done.
>9. Happiness Is…
>Hmm… probably the only track on here that annoys me. It’s very
redundant in the lyrics.
>10. Forbidden…
>GREAT SONG! Reminds me alot of the Beach Boys or the Monkees. Very
light hearted music, with fun lyrics. The Femmes actually establish
*gasp* harmony amongst their voices on this song. Very surprising, and
very good.
>11. Mosh Pit…
>Whereas the last song reminded me of The Monkees, this one makes me
think of Nirvana. The guitar is very hard and the lyrics go along with
it. It’s all in mockery of moshing, so I liked it 🙂
>12. Yes Oh Yes…
>Slow song, and could have been on their first album. Very deep stuff.
Another one of the better songs on here.
>13. When You Died…
>Classic Gordon Gano stuff, even has his trademark snarl, but adds in
some of that harmonizing they began with ‘Forbidden’.
>14. Requiem…
>Brian manages to bring us the didgeridoo yet again, and he’s improved
some since last we heard him. A very eerie song.
>15. Reckless Stones…
>An instrumental, not very interesting. At least it isn’t ‘Vancouver’.
I don’t know why they included this, though. It’s alright, but nothing
>Overall, the album is superb. I’d only take ‘A Story’ and ‘Happiness
Is’ off the track list— they just don’t fit in there for me for some
reason. The rest of the stuff is great. ‘All I Want’, ‘Freak Magnet’ and
‘I Wanna See You Again’ will probably be the singles off of it, although
I think ‘Rejoice and Be Happy’ is good enough to be aired on the radio.
>Now, the bad news. I didn’t forget about this… sorry :(. While FM is
classic Femmes— that’s all it is- classic Femmes, the same Femmes
we’ve known all along. If they were planning on getting some new fans
from the stuff on this CD, they are going to be disappointed. If people
have heard the Femmes before and didn’t become interested, this album
isn’t going to do anything to bring them in as new fans. Sorry guys :(.
But cheer up- it’s a great album, one of their best yet. Best of all, it
feels nothing like any of their other efforts so far, but then again,
none of their previous stuff has sounded alike anyway.