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He said yes to life for all his life
but then one day he said:
no I gotta go
-From Out the Window




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RE: Rumor Mill’s a Turnin’
DeLorenzo on whY2k
The American Music Hall of Fame

RE: Rumor Mill’s a Turnin’
I as well have heard of the AWFUL rumors that the Femmes have called
it quits. Can we get an official statement from the band???

Rob M. Wilson

Dolorenzo on whY2k
>From an article on – Milwaukee’s Best Internet City Guide

Former Violent Femmes drummer Victor DeLorenzo is hardly basking in the
glory of past fame. Instead, he’s recording, producing, acting and
living the good life in Milwaukee. He’s also behind the new theme song
for Milwaukee Downtown.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

(this is found on page 3 of the article)

Looking to the future

Perhaps DeLorenzo’s most intriguing (at least to long-time Femmes
fans) recent endeavor, came on a project that doesn’t even bear his

“This is something that probably most people don’t realize,” explains
Victor, “but on the Femmes web site there is a song called ‘Y2K.’
Well, it’s not even really a song. It more of a jam with us screaming
some lyrics over the top. But that was done last December at DV (Dave
Vartanian’s) Studio.

“Brian (Ritchie, the Femmes’ bassist) came to my show when I was
playing at the Hi-Hat with A Bucket of Balls. We sat around and
talked, and the next day we got together and he said, “Hey what are
you doing later on? Why don’t you come over to DV and let’s record
something.” So it was us, Sigmund Snopek and Brian’s son Silas, and
we made this Violent Femmes song. That’s the way it’s listed:
‘Welcome to the New Millennium.’ With no Gordon, and no Guy (Hoffman,
the Femmes current drummer).”

How did it feel to play with his old colleague? “I was really kind of
tickled, because when we first started, the Violent Femmes were just
Brian and me. We worked as a rhythm section and called ourselves the
Violent Femmes, a name that Brian came up with. We worked with whoever
wanted to work with. So here we are in December 1999, working on the
song, and it was him and me again. It did feel good. There are no
credits listed, and it was our own way of coming full circle.”


The American Music Hall of Fame
Well, we are deep in the summer doldrums. We talked out Freak Magnet
before it was even officially released, and there are no tourdates
currently listed.

Lately, I have been reminiscing about my past three years as moderator
of American Music: the people who’ve come and stayed, and those who’ve
come and gone. The great stories we’ve shared, the arguments we’ve had;
the good, the bad, and the ugly. So it occurred to me to compare our
current subscriber list with the one I originally received from James
Schrader, to see who has stuck it out with us for so long. There are
quite a few of you. Some have been and still are regular contributers,
some from whom I may never have heard, except possibly for a
notification of address change. So I want to take some time in each
upcoming issue to thank all of you long-time subscribers for your years
of allegiance.

Every issue, I will list about a dozen subscribers who have been here
since I took over. I won’t list your full email addy in order to
maintain your privacy if you wish it, but do you know what?….
Now would be the perfect time for you to send in that post you’ve been
meaning to send all this time. I know you’ve been meaning to send it!
Tell us about what first attracted you to the Violent Femmes, your
first album, favorite song, close encounters, weird dreams…anything
you want to say that involves the Violent Femmes, good or bad.
Now, let me warn you all…what with subscribes, unsubscribes, addy
changes (some several times!), I’ve dealt with thousands of names over
the years, and my record keeping has not been as extensive as I had
thought. So a few of you may have fallen through the cracks. I am
going in alphabetical order, for your current addresses, so if I miss
you, be sure to let me know, and I will include you in the next issue.
Now get ready, all you AM Veterans! Stand up and be counted!

Here’s the first installment of the American Music Hall of Fame:
bec (miss you, Bec!)
Thank you!

-P.S.: Check out the link to an article about Dr. Varuni Kulasekera in
the What’s Happening section of the Official Webpage!