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The Quote Of The Day:

That bitch she took my money and went to Chicago
If I ain’t already enough sick and alone
-From To The Kill

Happy Birthday, Bill LaBonte, wherever you are. Dump her. Now.

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August 20- Starts @ 4 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, Polaris Amphitheater,
Columbus, OH, $15-$26.50-$40 (O, T)
Call TM or Concert Hotline (1-800-799-TIXX)
August 21- Starts @ 3 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, New World Music Theatre,
Tinley Park, IL, $14.75-$27.50-$42.75 (O,T,P)
August 22- Starts @ 1 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, Pine Knob Music Theatre,
Clarkston, MI, $18-$35 (O,T,P)
August 23- Starts @ 2 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, CocaCola Starlite
Ampitheatre, Burgettstown, PA, $15-$40 (O,T,P)
August 25- Mountain Lair Plaza, Morgantown, WV (O,P)
August 27- Ottawa Centre Theater, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (O, P)
August 28- Warehouse, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (O, TMCA)
August 29- Buffalo Naval Park, Buffalo, NY (P, O)
Sept. 19- Newport Folk Fest, Concord Pavillion, Concord, CA (P)
Sept. 20- Fresno County Fairgrounds, Fresno, CA (P)
October 2- Case Western University, Cleveland, OH (O,P)
October 3- St. Norbert College, Green Bay (De Pere), WI (O,P)


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Columbus, OH
weeezer (Jason)

Chicago/Tinley Park, IL
jellogirl03 (Jenny)

Pittsburgh/Burgettstown, PA
Kittricken (Kathryn)

Morgantown, WV
ddearry (Deana)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
thehappycyclops (Eric)

Buffalo, NY
SirBoutros (Joel)




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In Today’s Issue:

Re: Buffalo Info Needed
Myrtle Beach Show
Myrtle Beach Show
To Mike Dixon and Others…
RE: Hated Song
RE: Hated Song
RE: Hated Song, Sorta
RE: Hated Song, etc.
Miscellaneous Stuff
Didgeriblues On Breakin’Up
VF Releases

Re: Buffalo Info Needed
I got it all
it is at the buffalo naval park and it is from 1pm to 9pm
it is free thats what i found out but would it be free?
is this part of the folk festive or whatever?
you can put me on the list of people going to that concert
well thats about it


-Pat. Says: If it’s free, it is most assuredly NOT a Folk Fest show.

Myrtle Beach Show
I went to my first Femmes show last night, the AUG 14 Myrtle Beach show!
The show was great, once I made it up front. A few questions and
comments. First, Brian is really big in person. Anyone know how tall
he is? Second if anyone there can send me a set list, I cant remember
more than the first two songs in order. And last, do Gordon and Brian
always play with their eyes closed? Brian only shut his eyes on the
solos but Gordon probally had his eyes closed half the show. Guy was
the only one looking around very much. The show was great and hopefully
this is the beginning of many more VF shows for me. Thanks


-Pat. Says: I think the Official Homepage lists Brian’s and Guy’s height
at 6’1″. That sounds about right. Of course, they look so
much taller when compared to Gordon. Many musicians close
their eyes when playing, but I’ve never seen a drummer do

Myrtle Beach Show

I love this song! It was one of the highlights of the Myrtle Beach show
on Friday. Everything was dark except for a red footlight shining up on
Gordon’s face while he sang. (Kind of like when you shine a flashlight
under your chin) His lyrics were even darker and more sinister than any
version, live or recorded, that I’d heard before. It was really very
spooky. Especially with his long hair, beard stubble. And then that
part at the end when everything cranks up a few notches all the lights
came up and everybody just went crazy. It was great. I can’t for the
life of me remember the set list. I had it in my head for the first
four songs, and then I just forgot. I do remember the first song
seemed, to me, like a very slow and quiet one to start with. I wish I
could remember which one it was….Anyways I was a little disappointed
that they didn’t play Freak Magnet. I haven’t heard it yet. But they
did play “Bad”. Sounds like a great song. My wife was dying to hear
the didgereedoo but the only instrument I saw Brian play besides his
bass, conch shell,and the xylophone was this wierd one-stringed guitar
looking thingy. What was that thing? They did play a few songs in the
order that they appear on their albums. They played “I Hear the Rain”
right after “Country Death Song”, for example. Overall the show was a
great time, even the opening band was good. At the end of the show
Gordon said (and he sounded very sincere), “Thank you very much. Hope
to see you again soon.”


To Mike Dixon and Others…
I might as well tell my second awesome femmes story (I think I’ve told
it on this list before and you may have read it in the letters section
as well, but just in case)…
I, too, was at that show on the first night (I didn’t have the cash to
go the second night) with a beautiful girl right up front (in front of
Brian) at the Rendon Inn! I was also with two of my best friends. (How
bad did that opening band SUCK? what was the Porn Show thing they were
doing on stage??) Regardless, the show was great and everything, and the
girl I was with caught Brian Ritchie’s pick, but to make a long story
short, the next night we were in New Orleans again (depressed that we
didn’t have the cash to see them again) and we sat down in some bar and
started playing video poker. Then, I suggested that we go to Cafe du
Monde, since the girl I was with had never been there… We walk in to
Cafe du Monde, and who do I see in all black (just like the night before)
but Gordon stuffing his face with beignets. I stroll up to him, shake
his hand and say ” Gordon, good to meet you.” I then sit down (probably
much to his bewilderment) and introduce my friends to him. They all sit
down, and we ended up talking for about 30 minutes. I think we made him
late for that night’s concert b/c he didn’t leave us until about 10:25
or so, and as I recall the night before they came on at 10:30. He was
extremely nice, and although he never took off his glasses, he seemed
pretty relaxed with all of us pestering him with questions. Everything
in my life has been and probably will be down hill from there. By the
way, he told me why the concert was switched at the last minute from
Tipitina’s. . .


RE: Hated Song
my most hated song is definitely “dance mf dance”…I can’t stand it on
the album and I sure as hell can’t stand it live! patooey! running a
close second behind “d mf d” is “FAITH”…patooey again! I do like
“world without mercy”, and i think “machine” is a great song. anyway,
thank you!


RE: Hated Song
The song I really hate. That’s easy, Please Don’t Go from the first
album. Ahhh, that song is so whiney I can’t stand it. It’s like nails
over a chalk board for me. “OH Mom I’m stuck on this lovely girl.”


RE: Hated Song, Sorta
Seven or eight years ago I started dating a girl named Krista. Things
got kinda serious and I ended moving in with her. Things were great for
the longest time. We even had a “song”. I can’t remember why or how it
came to be ours, but it was. And that song was from my favorite band,
and it was entitled American Music and life was great. We’d sing it at
the top of our lungs walking through a field, or very quietly to each
other in the middle of the night, or hum it to ourselves at work while
thinking of each other. Even though we must of sang it a hundred times
and more, I don’t think the both of us ever got the lyrics right once,
but that was part of the charm too. I loved that song and I loved that
girl. Then the inevitable happened and we broke up – hard. Nobody to
blame really, just fate, but it was the toughest break up I ever went
through; lasted about a year and a half or so. Like I said – hard. And
for that year and a bit, I could not listen to American Music. In fact,
I could not listen to any of the Violent Femmes songs, not a one. And
that hurt alot, to not be able to listen to them simply because of the
association to a girl who I loved and who loved me. This went on for a
long time. Then one day, the urge to listen to American Music popped
into my ears and I couldn’t believe my fingers as the dusty tape fell
into the slot and voila, the good feelings were back. The feeling was
indescribable.The Femmes will always be a band that touches my soul.
Now, even though I love listening to American Music, it remains my most
hated song; not because I don’t like it, but because I associate it with
a year and a half of not being able to listen to the Femmes. I am now
happily married to a wonderful woman, who I love even more than the
Femmes ( I never thought that possible ) and I learned my lesson: our
song is by Alanis Morissette!


RE: Hated Song, etc.
I usually love all the stuff my hunky boys put out, but here they are
in no particular order… the Femmes songs I despise…

I hate the T.V.
America Is
Old Mother Reagan
Fool In the Full Moon

I don’t know why, but I feel like a dirty piece of trailor park trash
whenever I listen to these particular songs. There’s no reason I can
think of why I don’t like these songs, I just don’t. EEWWW. I feel
gross just talking about them.

I was supposed to go to the Newport Folk Festival today (Aug. 16) at
Merriweather Post Pavillion in MD, but the friend I was going with (who
I bought a ticket for as a bday present) had to work last minute and I
had no other way to get there. So right now I’m sort of pissed off at
the fact that I’m 18 and still don’t have my license.

Have any of you had the Femmes in your dreams? They were in mine the
other nite. It was really weird ’cause I lost my toe. I didn’t cut it
off or anything, it just wasn’t there and I couldn’t find it. But then
some of my friends and I started dancing around a convent in white
dresses singing Femmes songs. Pretty bizarre, huh.


Miscellaneous Stuff
To all femmes, young and old, foreign and domestic;

First, after hearing all the discussion of Machine, I was wondering
where those who own it found it. I’ve been searching for a good 3
years and have never seen it in the flesh before. What songs besides
this Balkan Falcon are on there?
Next: Cduniverse has a “new” import of ROCK!!!, apparently the
“australian” version which costs 25 cents more than the other one. Of
course they offer no description of the album. I put it to you:
what’s the dilly, huh?
Next: I can’t listen to Vancouver. That’s it. I doubt I’ve ever
listened to the song in its entirety as it sounds like ugly bodily
functions. I think of all the great songs that got left off Add It Up
and cringe every time Vancouver comes on.
Finally, I love reading the letters from the international fans,
especially “j.m.r. smith’s” in the last issue. I love the different
perspective and appreciation. And I love any culture that can refer to
females as “birds.”


Didgeriblues On Breakin’Up
I was just wondering if anyone else has heard the Non-album-track
version of Didjeriblues on the Breakin’ Up EP. It’s quite different
than the original and really cool.
It’s more of an acoustic jam version, without the heavyness of the


someone mentioned looking for violent femmes mp3s.

check out

they’ve got “american music”, “waiting for the bus”, and “gone daddy


VF Releases
Here’s a list of VF releases I’ve finally had time to compile at Mary’s

Hallowed Ground
The Blind Leading the Naked
(cassette version has “World Without Mercy”)
Why Do Birds Sing?
Add it Up
New Times
Rock!!!!! (Released in Australia)

Coming Soon: Freak Magnet

Singles (may be CD, vinyl, or both):
Gone Daddy Gone (w/Good Feeling, Ugly, Gimme the Car)
It’s Gonna Rain (w/Jesus Walking On the Water, Prove My Love)
Children of the Revolution
Children of the Revolution (w/Heartache, Good Feeling)
Nightmares (w/World We’re Living In)
I Held Her in My Arms (w/Fat(live))
I Held Her in My Arms (w/Love and Me Make Three)
I Held Her in My Arms
Used to Be (w/Dance MF dance, Promise(live), To the Kill(live))
Used to Be (w/Gimme the Car)
Ugly (w/Gimme the Car)
American Music(w/2 versions, Promise(live), Kiss Off(live))
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? (w/Dance MF Dance,
To the Kill(live))
Machine (w/2 versions, Balkan Falcon, Chinese Rocks,
Color Me Once(live)).
Don’t Start Me on the Liquor
Breakin’Up (w/Peter Jest, Jesus of Rio, Didgeriblues)
Tonight (w/2 versions, Didgeriblues)
Blister in the Sun (Grosse Pointe Blank release)

“Boots”, etc:
Film Noir
Les Enfants Du Rock n Roll
3 On 3 (Interview: promotional release)
Violence in the Streets
Kiss Off
Greatest Hits(OZ release)

Soundtracks, Compilations, Tributes, etc:
The Crow
Saturday Morning Cartoons
Grosse Pointe Blank
Woodstock ’94
The Best of Mountain Stage Live, Vol. 7
MTV 120 Minutes Live
CMJ New Music 1998 compilation
Step Right Up, Tom Waits Tribute
Slash: the Early Sessions (vinyl only, I have it)

There’s probably lots more. I have a compilation cassete somewhere with
American Music on it, but can’t remember what or where it is.
There’s also many many solo efforts out there, which I don’t have the
energy to compile.