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ooh… isn’t that nice
that your brand new friend
he likes your old true friend
and isn’t that the way
that it ought to be
-From He Likes Me
-Submitted by Extatika


Aug 15- 7:30 p.m., Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA $25-$36 (T,P)
Aug 19- House of Blues Cybercast (See Kathryn’s post below)
6:30 p.m. PDT, 9:30 p.m. EDT, 1:30 a.m. GMT
go to

**Aug 21- 6 p.m., 96.3 Planetfest 1999, Pine Knob Music Theatre,
Auburn Hills (Clarkston) MI $15.96(lawn)-$19.96(pavillion)
w/ Sister Seed, Flock of Seagulls, Smithereens
onsale via ticketmaster, do online search for venue, not for
the Violent Femmes (T)**

Aug 28- Jones Beach Amphitheater, Long Island, NY $15 (O)
go to:
Sept 2- Blue Note, Columbia, MO (O)
Sept 3- Liberty Memorial Park, Kansas City, MO (O)
Sept 4- Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA (O,P)
Sept 5- 5 p.m., Washington Park Rose Garden Amphitheater, Portland, OR,
$25 (P,T) w/Cake
Sept 8- Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (P)
Sept 10- Gas Lamp Quarter, San Diego, CA (P)
Sept 11- 8 p.m., Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, CA, $5-$14 (P,T)
Dec 31- Falls Festival, Lorne, AUS (P)

Aug 27- 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., Tonic, NY, NY (O)
Aug 30- 9 p.m., Alterknit Theater, Knitting Factory, NY, NY,
Straylight Dialogues, AKA Brian Ritchie! (O)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Hornblow USA at: hbgusa
Serious inquiries only.


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Tour Dates
Marlboro…Cape Cod
A Story and a Question…

Tour Dates
i was listening to the local radio station in Detroit that usally
plays the femmes, and i heard an ad for the “Planetfest” (the station
is called the planet) and they said that the femmes will be playing the
“Planetfest” in Detroit on Sat. Aug. 21st along with Flock of Seagulls
and a local band Sister Seed. I just wanted to inform you of this in
case you did not know.


-Pat. Says: I love getting posts like this! Thanks Mark for the info.
We wouldn’t have known about it otherwise, because TM does
not list this as a VF show. You mean to tell me they
mentioned Flock of Seagulls, and not the Smithereens???
Check out the info on this show in the tourdates section
of this newsletter.

Marlboro…Cape Cod
I had such a great Femmes week last week that I’m not sure where
to begin but I guess the beginning might be a good place to start. The
guys were nice enough to put my son, Dan and I on the guest list for
the Marlboro show in Philadelphia. When we got there, we realized that
Dan had to be 21 to get in and since that momentous occasion will not
take place until 8/25, he couldn’t get in. Darren, Bob and Ray tried
their best to get them to make an exception, even telling them that Dan
was going to play with the Femmes that night but they weren’t buying
it. Dan decided to go hang out with my daughter in town and I went in
to the show. (I know, I lose the title Mother-of-the Year for going in
without him, but he insisted) Finnegan’s wake is a restaurant/bar with
a smallish stage and that night was full of a very partying group of
people. They played all of the favorites with a few more recent songs
thrown in. One loud, rather drunk guy was yelling things to them on
stage, not exactly heckling them but just being kind of obnoxious.
Brian asked him what he was talking about and then made some kind of
remark about how he (Brian) was fat and stupid because he has been
playing in a rock band for so many years. He asked the drunk guy what
was his excuse for being fat and stupid. The audience roared and the
guy got mad and left. That Brian is quite the crowd handler. He takes
no crap from anyone! After the show, I went out front to wait for
any/some members of my family to collect me and take me home. I was
out there for about 20 minutes when Guy came out and we talked for a
while. He was saying that some of these Marlboro things were so bad
because there was so much cigarette smoke in the room they couldn’t
breath. I made a quick mental note not to blow any cigarette smoke
anywhere near him. Then Darren and Sigmund came out and we were all
talking with some fans out front. After all of the fans left, my son
still hadn’t come to pick me up so I told the guys to leave that I’d
be ok. They stayed with me until Dan showed up around 12:00. I
thought that was so good of them. Gordon and Brian left almost
immediately because they were going home and not staying in Phila like
the rest of the crew, so I only talked to Brian for a few minutes and
Gordon not at all.

Saturday, my husband and I were up in Cape Cod for our wedding
anniversary. I had called Gordon to tell him we were going to the
show but I didn’t hear from him. Darren told me he’d leave some guest
passes for me at the gate. This concert was a really big thing for me
because Morphine was supposed to play along with Medeski, Martin and
Wood. Add to that the Femmes and you are talking about my “died and
gone to heaven ” concert. Since Mark Sandman’s death in July, the
remaining members of Morphine and some friends from former bands and
side projects are touring as a group called Moveable Bubble. They were
on right after the Femmes so I was psyched. My husband and I bought
some cigars for the guys and gave them to Brian before the show, He
seemed really pleased. For the show, I stood right up front (my
husband stayed on the lawn. He can’t take the speakers and crowd
contact). They were really in a great mood and played everything we
wanted to hear. Gordon was very chatty and told us stories about songs
they wrote for movie soundtracks and how one time they wrote a song for
a movie and Martin Scorcese took over as director of the movie and
threw out almost all of the songs. Gordon said when he was told this
he said, “But did he hear MY song?” He was assure that, yes, he had
heard Gordon’s song and didn’t want it. Gordon said that they once
wrote a song for what was to be a “curvaceous comedy” and then sang
36-24-36. Then, he looked right down at me and said, “Are you mad
because I didn’t call you back?” I was so thrown that I’m not sure
what I did but I think I shook my head, no. Then all of these girls in
the audience started yelling, “I’m mad because you didn’t call ME
back.” So he turned to the other side of the stage and asked no one in
particular, “Oh, are you mad that I… never mind.” We laughed about
it after the show.
My husband and I stayed for most of Moveable Bubble and then he
couldn’t take being there anymore (It was 94 degrees and no shade in
sight.), so we left.
I had such a great time. I was disappointed because my son Dan
couldn’t get off from work to play with them, but they invited him to
come anytime so hopefully he will soon. I never, never, never get
tired of that wonderful music they make.


A Story and a Question…
well, i went to the Hampton Beach show (hi ron n’ eric!) and it was
indeed an eventful night! Since the ticket didn’t have the forboding
“NO CAMERA” on it, i decided to take my chances. I arrive early and
snatch a front row center spot for perfect pictures. Needless to say i
was elated! Finally i would have live pictures!! I sat impatiently and
waited for the start of the show.

the opening fellow (his name escapes me) was just starting to strum
away at his guitar when a burly security guy shuffled over to me and
said,” hey, no cameras in here. if you have an argument, go see the
guy at the front in the headset.”

this was the point where you could literally see my heart shatter. I
battled through the crowd while some nice girls from vermont held my
space in the front.

when i reached the man in the headset i haggled with him to let me use
my camera. he said that it was not his decision, but the road
managers’. when i heard that, i knew i had to come up with a devious
plot–and fast! (could you feel that tension?) anyhoo, i have that
talent where i can make myself cry very easily, so i put it to good
use. i told the fellow in between sobs that i had a paper due for my
photo-journalism class and that this was the equivalent to a final
exam (in more words than that but you get the picture..)

the tears had softened the grim look on the man’s face. he saw my
“dilemma.” I remembered that there was a convinient store around the
corner from the venue and i pleaded with him to let me go, get a
disposable, and come back. He agreed under the condition that there be
no flash. I obliged willingly.

i skipped to the store, bought a couple of cameras, and hustled back
to the casino. i used up both cameras during the show and was
convinced that these pictures would be the best ones ever taken of the
femmes… and i’m sure they would’ve been if ANY OF THEM HAD COME

(brief pause.)

so..all that, and no inside pictures. at least now i know never to try
my luck at real pictures again. sigh. BUT- after the show i had my real
camera and took some real pics of me and my favorite fellas…well,
sorta. gordon disappeared to soon and brian skipped off after him in to
the van. maybe next time i suppose!! at least i have a story. sorry if
it ended up being too long!

em (potatoe482)

p.s. i forgot to ask my question! does anyone have a live femmes cd
titled “i killed my lovely daughter–1985”? i have it, but i don’t know
if it’s a bootleg or just something i’ve never heard of. it’s really
good..the intro to BITS is gordon singing “girl from impanema.” Sorry.
i was just curious!

i was at the summerfest show in milwaukee and there were TV cameras set
up to record it…… i was wondering if it was going to be out on
video or televised somewhere too…… i hope someone here will be able
to find out and share with the rest of us!

I just read on a link that the Violent Femmes are playing at the Falls
Festival in Lorne, Victoria, Australia for new years eve. I live in
New Zealand and would love to go. The only problem being, I can’t find
any information on the festival and how to get tickets. I have never
tried to book tickets for an overseas concert so if any one has any
information on how I can do this or any information on the concert
could they please contact me.

Thanks, Anna.

-Pat. Says: I checked TM Australia, and it is not yet listed there.
It may simply be too early. We’ll keep an eye on it.