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**October 2- Case Western University, Cleveland, OH (O,P)**
**October 3- St. Norbert College, Green Bay (De Pere), WI (O,P)**

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The Quote Of The Day:

Oh, Can it be so painful?
Can it be so blind?
Love is a vicious angel,
Fluttering wings, trapped inside your mind.
-From World Without Mercy
-The Blind Leading the Naked (cassette)
-Submitted by LilBoek

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Call For Topics
Call For Topics
Freak Magnet
Femmes Records

Call For Topics
There seems to be a lull in the normal chit-chatty newsletter, so I
think we need a new topic to discuss. Does anyone know if they are
planning to do a tour of their own after they finish the Newport Folk
Festival? I’m curious about how I can get them to play New Years in
D.C. again. Should I try contacting the club that they usually play?
Will the club people(?) just ignore my inquiries since I’m only a
college student? I was sitting up last night thinking about that since
it’s sort of a tradition my friends and I have (at least we did until
this past new years). Then I had a dream about white elephants running
in the snow, a huge bigfoot chasing me and an elephant head rolling down
a hill almost crushing me. Weird, huh.


Call For Topics
I agree with Danica. We need new topics. I’m almost ready to call for
a return of the Great Guy vs. Victor Debate of 1997. Humdrum is gone,
but Oellablue’s still here. If anyone else goes to a Newport Folk Fest
show, please send in not only a report of the VF set, but also your
impressions of the entire concert experience. Here’s another topic, an
oldie but a goodie, and I don’t recall it ever being discussed in this
letter: How the hell do you get locked inside your house anyway? I
hardly think his parents would penny him in! And weren’t there any
windows to jump out of? Off the wall theories welcome. Let’s shake this
thing up a bit!

Freak Magnet
It’s cool there weren’t any totally hostile responses to Oellablue’s
honest – but ugly – thoughts on Freak Magnet. This is America and you
do have a right to your opinion. I abosolutely disagree with it and
question your choice to post it here but respect your right to do so.
BUT – if you hate the album so much , man – I think you should give it
to a derserving and loyal fan. Some people here are so anxious to here
FM they are paying 4 times what it’s worth!!
Assuming you have a legal copy (I’m not advocating bootlegs) you should
give or sell it to someone on the list – or another friend – for what
you paid for it. That’s the right thing to do!

BTW has Freak Magnet for $15.

They were originally selling Freak Magnet at $6.00 (six dollars)!!!
They are only getting in one or two at a time so I waited for about 3
weeks but I did get one! DO NOT PAY $40 – not because the album’s not
worth it but because it’s disgusting!! Does anyone know if Interscope is
making money off the sale of these promos? Now that would really make
me puke!


-Pat. Says: In Oellablue’s defense, he did not say he hated the album.
What he said was that while there were some good songs, he
did not feel that it was, in total, quite as good as others,
and therefore not worth $31. He also said that he would buy
the album when it comes out.
I may be wrong, but I thought promos were free copies sent
out to radio stations, record stores, and the like. So it
may be that the only people making money off this are the
original owners. I don’t think Interscope is making anything
off this, because since the VF took FM with them, Interscope
must have relenquished its rights to the album. Course, I
could be all wrong in this. I’m no expert.

You know the other day I was working hard at Dunkin’ Donuts, and my
manager told me to go on break, right? So I was sitting in the back
with my cup of black ice coffee, no ice, which I suppose could be
considered just coffee then, but maybe not… ANYWAY, I was sitting
there with my headphones on and I pressed play and “Digeridooblues”
came on immediately. And I thought to myself “Self, you’re damned
lucky that one of the other people in this place didn’t pick up this
walkman, cause then they’d be like “MY GOODNESS, what the hell is
wrong with Drew.”
What my whole point is, is that, well, just stop reading this now and
go listen to the song, and pretend that this just came on the radio,
and you’ve never heard the Violent Femmes before. Go, Now.


ok, wasn’t that scary? I mean, wouldn’t that freak you out real bad?
You’d be like “what the hell is he talking about? What’s with his
voice? What the hell is that evil sounding thing halfway through the
song? What evil, satan-worshipping people wrote this, anyway? What is
the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Know what I mean? Scary
stuff. And that’s the lesser of some of their scary outlandish stuff.
Take “Balkan Falcon” for example. What if that just heard that without
knowing anything about it. You’d think it was nazi propaganda.
Whatever, just a thought.


Femmes Records
Pat, I am a huge fan of the femmes and your newsletter but I have a
problem with some of the letters printed. whenever people write about
femmes albums they always say how their debut and Why Do Birds Sing? are
the femmes best albums hands down. I can’t figure out how a true femmes
fan could place this recordings above the rest. People have to
understand that quality bands grow and expand their styles of music. The
Violent Femmes are one of the best bands at creating diverse music and
all their albums are an example of this. Fans should remember this when
they put on hallowed ground or 3 and be thankful that they did not get
caught up in the success of their first album and try to make a carbon
copy of it just to try and sell records. If this gets printed I would
like to here from other fans and here what they have to say, good or
bad, so please email me.

tyler boa