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The Quote Of The Day:

I’m Free!!!!!
-From I’m Free, Why do Birds Sing?
-Submitted by MSCLOne


Aug 7- Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA (O)
Aug 15- 7:30 p.m., Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA $25-$36 (T,P)

**Aug 19- House of Blues Cybercast (See Kathryn’s post below)**
6:30 p.m. PDT, 9:30 p.m. EDT, 1:30 a.m. GMT
go to

Aug 28- Jones Beach Amphitheater, Long Island, NY $15 (O)
go to:
Sept 2- Blue Note, Columbia, MO (O)
Sept 3- Liberty Memorial Park, Kansas City, MO (O)
Sept 4- Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA (O,P)
Sept 5- 5 p.m., Washington Park Rose Garden Amphitheater, Portland, OR,
$25 (P,T) w/Cake
Sept 8- Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (P)
Sept 10- Gas Lamp Quarter, San Diego, CA (P)
Sept 11- 8 p.m., Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, CA, $5-$14 (P,T)
Dec 31- Falls Festival, Lorne, AUS (P)

Aug 27- 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., Tonic, NY, NY (O)
Aug 30- 9 p.m., Alterknit Theater, Knitting Factory, NY, NY,
Straylight Dialogues, AKA Brian Ritchie! (O)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Hornblow USA at: hbgusa
Serious inquiries only.


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Saratoga, CA
sandycitarella (Sandy)
stepheno (Stephen)

Seattle, WA
stevens (Michelle)

Portland, OR
stevens (Michelle)
LilBoek (Steve)
fridayt (Sandy)
parr (Nick)

Pomona, CA
mypen15 (Nick)




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Another Web Page
Remodeled VF Site
DriversFest ’99: New Ticket Price Announced!
Hampton Beach Show Review
Hampton Beach Show Review
RE: Blue Note
My Insights on the Femmes


Ugh. Slack off for a week, and this is what I get. A huge HUGE issue!
Another First Place Trophy for Ethan the AirMan!
Would somebody with a Yahoo email account please try to contact
rpouder? He changed his email address to this, and even tho
he writes to me, asking to have AM sent to him there, every mail I try
to send to him comes back undeliverable. I wrote to Yahoo, but no
response. Please let him know what’s going on if you can! His name is

Another Web Page

my first attempt at a violent femmes page, I’ll add more as I get more


Remodeled VF Site
Hey everyone. I just wanted to say that over the last month I went
through some major changes at the I’m Nothing Site. I was getting
complaints that not every browser could see it the same way, so I
decided to change it completely.

I wanna hear what you guys think of it:) Plus I also changed my email.
(gurlmail takes forever!!!)


DriversFest ’99: New Ticket Price Announced!
Dear Volkswagen Enthusiast,

What are your plans for Saturday, August 28? We hope they include a
trip to Jones Beach State Park, Long Island, N.Y. Why? Because we’ll
all be there for DriversFest ’99 and hope you will be too. And now
for just $15 (U.S.) per person you can attend the event, take part in
all of the great activities we have planned, and receive a kit packed
with cool Volkswagen stuff.

So what exactly does your $15 ticket include?

– A Rock Music Festival at the famous Jones Beach Theatre featuring
some of the hottest bands around: The Verve Pipe, Violent Femmes,
Dishwalla and The Razorbacks.

– A Performance Driving Clinic* with special guest instructor Indy
500 winner Danny Sullivan.

– A “Drive and Shine” Car Show*

– New Car Test Drives*

– A Driver’s Lifestyle Exposition featuring Microsoft, K2, Trek,
Goodyear, and others

– And much more

Plus, your DriversFest ’99 package that will be sent to you includes
your ticket and wristband, a commemorative DriversFest ’99 T-shirt, a
nifty VW antenna ball for your car, and all the info you’ll need to
attend the event.

Don’t miss out on your chance to live and breathe all things
Volkswagen for one full day. To purchase your $15 (U.S.) ticket to
DriversFest ’99, click here (, or
call DriversFest ’99 Headquarters at 1.800.434.5280.

Hope to see you at the beach!

* You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this driving
event, have a valid driver’s license, and you will have to sign a

For all other inquiries, please go to

Forwarded by:
# James Welborn (JW1560)

Hampton Beach Show Review
In one word…Amazing! First a big “hello” to Ron, & Em who were also
there. Really enjoyed meeting them. We all had a blast! 🙂 I had never
been to this venue before so after parking in the back (i’m usually a
little lost) I entered the venue through the back instead of the normal
entrance. I didn’t realize this until after I was in, so my ticket was
never torn, nor was I searched or anything. I’m not sure how I was able
to get in the door since i walked right pass 2 security guys. They
were busy talking i guess. It was a very high energy show (as usual)
and I was extremely excited since I hadn’t seen them since 1991. I wish
I could go to tonight’s show but I have relatives coming in from out of
town. Anyways, I was hoping Ron would’ve been able to play bass again
onstage, hopefully tonight he’ll get a chance to jam with them again.
During the show Gordan & Brian interacted with the audience quite a bit.
Someone in the front had made a vf banner with poster board, & gave it
to Gordon. He read it to the audience & went into american music.
Gordon also gave the audience a choice in how to end “kiss off” & then
did a really cool jam. Brian played everything from a baseball bat/bass
to a Dr Suess Hat that made strange sounds.

After the show we met the band by the tour bus, got autographs, &
chatted for a short while. That was the icing on the cake! Gordon went
directly from the venue to the inside of a van. So I peeked inside..
said a quick hello, & mentioned how i enjoyed the performance, & that i
had worked at the Boathouse when they played there in ’91. He said
something like “oh yeah i remember the boathouse” I also mentioned how
excited everyone on the am list were about the release of feak magnet..
he said “don’t hold your breath” it looks like a live cd will be out
before freak. I then thanked him for the autographs, & the wonderful
music. I kept it short with Gano because he looked extremely exhausted.
Brian, Sigmund, & Guy were in higher spirits, & talking with fans. I
asked about the possibility of a live home video release, they said
there was too much involved in the production compared to the live cd.
I also asked about a promo vid for a freak magnet track, & they said
it’s too expensive, & that Gordan isn’t interested in doing anything in
front of the camera, also that for the most part mtv charges for
airtime. (I didn’t realize that, although that does explain why they
air the videos they air.) I then went to my car & got my camera- Brian
had gotten in the van with Gordan & they went to their hotel, but Guy
was still around so I got a few pics, & will upload them to the Violent
Femmes section of Planet Blue (there’s a link to Planet Blue at the end
of this message) I know Guy has a reputation of being the ladies man of
the group, but what was funny is that him & Sigmund didn’t get back on
the tour bus… 2 girls offered to give them a ride to the hotel, so
they left with the girls 🙂
Anyways, if you have a chance to see them live I highly reccomend
Here are the songs they played in exact order:

I’m nothing
out the window
country death song
blister in…..
prove my love
i swear it
held her in my arms
candlelight song
old mother reagan
american music
jesus walking
good feeling
Brian’s story about the beach…. Hilarious!
dance mf dance
happiness is
color me once
hallowed ground
black girls
gone daddy gone
add it up
kiss off

Hope everyone is able to see them soon!
Also, if you have a chance, take a look at Planet Blue.
Take Care,


Hampton Beach Show Review
I attended the July 30th Femmes show at the Hampton Ballroom Casino,
and I figured I’d share two quotes of Brian’s. His intro for Dance MF
Dance was that he and Sigmund were on the beach earlier that day, and
they saw two girls wearing Femmes shirts. The guys went up to them and
said, “Hey, we’re in the Violent Femmes”, and supposedly the girls
said, “Yeah right, sing one of their songs” so Brian and Sigmund
started in a really bad rendition of blister and the girls laughed at
them. Then Brian said, “How bout this one?
When I say dance, you best dance mother fucker!” After the show, we
saw Brian and a bunch of fans were asking him questions. One guy asked
if Brian had any advice for others. Brian said, “Don’t marry a girl
because you got her pregnant, it’s like putting on you hat after you
take a shit in it.”


RE: Blue Note
>ps- anyone here going to the Blue Note show in Columbia in Sept? i’m
>thinking about it…?

I have family in Columbia (Missouri, for the uninitiated) and saw
Buddy Guy play at the Blue Note when I was there for Thanksgiving
last year. It’s a great little club. I may go visit some family that
week and go to the show.

Hey Deana and Amber B. — that’s about halfway — wanna meet me there?


My Insights on the Femmes
Hi, Pat (and everyone). I’ve been enjoying this news letter since
I started recieving it in June. Thank you very much for producing it.
I’ve been a fan of the Femmes since 1994 but didn’t really start
listening until 1995; then I went nuts on their material and had to
have every album I could get my hands on. They have been my number one
inspiration in music after I began playing the guitar in ’93, so much
emotion and energy….pure expression of our most driving human
problems. I was in New Zealand in 1995 for one year as a high school
exchange student.
Kiwis (New Zealanders) are huge Violent Femmes fans. Everyone there
who listens to pop music is either a fan or has at least heard of them.
(their music traveled a long way from Milwaukee in the bands first
years). It was there that I fell in love with this band.
While I was traveling around the country I frequently stopped into
music stores. The first album I picked up was Hallowed Ground (I had
already dubbed their first album off a friend).
Then I picked up The Blind Leading The Naked…….and next, after
it had only just come out and was enshrined in a special corner of the
record store, I bought ROCK!!!!! . I had no idea that the rest of the
world had not seen it yet and that I was so lucky to get it. So that
night I got my first listen to TONIGHT, I DANCED, DEATH DRUGS, and LIFE
IS AN ADVENTURE, which I think are some of the best songs on the album.
It is a cool album and I like the new sound. I’m looking forward to
Freak Magnet.

– James …shipyard21