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Re:Meaning of Blister & Dream Concert and So On and So Forth
Re: Dream Concert
Re: Dream Concert
Re: Dream Concert
Cake, the Femmes, and my Dream Concert
Misc. thoughts… (as usual)
Re: Freak Magnet
Possible Freak Magnet Promo Source
Small Article on Launch
RE: Kiss Off Album
Beyond Records/Sponge
Re: MP3s
Great Scott, I’ve Found Something!
Corny Film

Re:Meaning of Blister & Dream Concert and So On and So Forth

That is very close to my own personal philosophy of: “No one loves me
like me.” You cannot imagine how many strange looks people give me when
I tell them I am “asexual.”
As far as dream concerts go I’d have to say mine are the most unlikely
of anyone’s as far as actually happening goes, because everyone I want
to see is dead. (Why couldn’t I be born in the 30’s?) Anyway, my
dream concert would be Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. There is
a boxset out of work they did together (Porgy and Bess, Ella and Louis,
Ella and Louis Again) I’m not so much a Louis Armstrong fan as I am an
Ella Fitzgerld fan. But I find that his raspy slurred vocals are a
perfect foil to her smooth melodious ones. I recommend to anyone
picking up Best of Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong on Verve. There is
a kick ass rendition of “Summertime.” (Think Janis Joplin and you will
know what song I’m talking about.)
Another person I would like to see but can’t (again because he’s dead)
would be Nat King Cole. As far as I’m concerned he is the finest
vocalist ever recorded. Listen to “A Blossom Fell” and you will know
what I’m talking about.
Speaking of concerts….House of Blues is going to be doing a cyber
broadcast of the Femmes Summerfest Performance on August 19. I can’t
remember the url off hand but there is a link on my homepage on the
front-page. I think it starts 9:30pm eastern time. So everyone make
plans to park there tushes in front of the old ‘puter that day.
And another thing for AOL users there is a VF board on AOL which you
have to dig for to find but it is there if you want to use it. Go to
keyword: Music click on Chats and Messages then click artists A-Z click
V and then scroll down to Violent Femmes. Like everything else on AOL
it’s a damn pain in the ass.

That’s it for me,

-Pat. Says: I checked out the webpage, and it says that this show is
from Milwaukee’s 1999 Summerfest. Wonder if it’ll be on TV?
Also, curiously enough, the web page says that the VF
appear courtesy of Elektra Records!

Re: Dream Concert
>what would be my ideal concert? Cause let’s face it, Alanis is cool,
>but I can think of a dozen other bands/performers I’d rather shell out
>forty bucks to see with Tori, not the least of which is the Femmes

I’ve seen Tori twice and twice she proved that she has no respect for
her audience at all. I like her music and support her in her efforts
to help rape survivors, but I’ll never pay to see her again. (Playing
half her set list, bitching out anyone who got up to go to the
bathroom during the concert, male-bashing between songs, generally
acting like a spoiled brat.)

Not that I think this is the forum for a Tori discussion. But that
kind of sounds like the Femmes when something gets thrown on stage or
when the crowd isn’t responding to their newer stuff.

My perfect combos: Cake and Cracker. Ani DiFranco and the Indigo
Girls. Ben Lee and Ben Folds Five (saw it earlier this year!).
Sebadoh and They Might Be Giants (I don’t know what the theme is, but
I think it’s be a great evening!) or maybe Ween and TMBG? That’d rock!


Re: Dream Concert
<< TicketMasterBater >>

I guess everyone has their own affectionate nickname. Ours became
TicketBastard after we got through for a concert at 10:01, was told
computers were down, got jerked about for 30 minutes, then told it sold
out. Only HER computer was down – something that might have been nice
to know. I’ve never gotten better than 14th row with them, even first
at the counter – but when I lived in New England NEXT ticketing ALWAYS
gave me great seats – including fourth row for David Bowie. (I think I
stuttered when I saw the seats……..)

As to the dream line up – often on double / triple bills I go for one
band and leave before the ‘headline.’ One of my dream lineups I already
saw – VF and BNL – Hm – Top Three – The Who and Pearl Jam. PJ Harvey
and Sinead O’Connor. Violent Femmes and Afghan Whigs.


Re: Dream Concert
>Actually, I don’t care if it could happen, but
>I’d like to hear everyone’s realistic or unrealistic fantasies for
>getting your money’s worth out of TicketMasterBater.

Ticketmasterbater…okay… add that to the list of names for
ticketmaster. So far I can think of Ticketbastard and Ticketfascist…
anyone have any others???

Anyway….A couple dream concerts for me include two that are
happening, one that I AM seeing…

Violent Femmes and Cake – missing it in Portland, dammit
Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette – catching it in Irvine, CA (see you

I guess some others would have to be:
Femmes and Weezer
Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead
Offspring and Green Day
and finally….A Zeppelin reunion with me on drums…


P.S. oh and the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac would be pretty cool….

-Pat. Says: I’ve called them TicketMonster.

Cake, the Femmes, and my Dream Concert
> -Pat. Says: Yes, and I can’t believe nobody called the venue to
> settle once and for all who is opening!

I haven’t called because I dig Cake ALMOST as much as I dig the Femmes,
so I’m just considering it buy one concert get the second one for free.
They’ll both be playing Bumbershoot up in Seattle as well… Femmes
first, time enough for a set change, then Cake on the same stage. Same
length of time for both sets. I’m guessing it’ll be a similar deal
(without the thousands of other bands playing simultaneously) in PDX.

Are the Femmes likely to change their set list from Saturday in Seattle
to Sunday in Portland? Or will I be hearing the same show twice?

As for my dream concert, so far on the list for the festival concert
I’m planning to have when I become a billionaire are…

Violent Femmes
David Bowie
Ben Folds Five
Moxy Fruvous
Crash Test Dummies
Crazy 8’s

… and since I’m going to be a billionaire I’m going to get to write
the set lists for what songs each band will play.

I’ll probably also invite Carmaig DeForest and Barenaked Ladies,
although I won’t feel compelled to tell them songs I want them to
sing. (Well, I already make requests to Carmaig when he swings through
town on what songs he should play, so maybe I’ll make some


Misc. thoughts… (as usual)
OK, I’ve got more rambling thoughts….
first to Ray–

#1 Yep, I’ve got that “Kiss Off” cd you talked about, and it’s really
good actually. the quality is very high. however, i do think that is
a bootleg and nothing more because i’ve never seen it listed with
official releases. if anyone can prove me wrong on that, go ahead,
but that’s the impression I have…

#2 Wait, you mean that “Don’t Talk About My Music” isn’t an original
song?? Did somebody mention that here before that I missed or is
everyone else caught off guard by that one like I am. I’m really
surprised by that.

ok and as long as i’m rambling, I’ll throw out my “Dream Concert” —
I’ve actually already seen it. The Femmes, with another *amazing*
Milwaukee band, The Gufs. Both these bands are incredible —
especially live!

hope the weather where you are is a little cooler than here,


Re: Freak Magnet
>I say keep it as is.
>Short and sweet, huh?

I think they ought to take off the songs that were on past releases
and maybe the cover(s?) also (although I love Pstvly 4th St). That’d
make my promo copy worth more. 🙂 And I agree with Pat’s reasoning
re: a live CD.

Also, I still haven’t heard “Reggie’s Right”, but I think it and
“Don’t Talk About My Music” would be best on a live album, also.

A few of the songs on the album — When You Died, Rejoice, All I Want
— are some of my current Femmes favorites, so I can’t wait for the
album to be released in any form.


Possible Freak Magnet Promo Source
Well, I finally got hold of a copy of Freak Magnet, and I do have to
agree with whoever mentioned the quality of the recording-it seems a
little off to me, too. I’m planning of course to buy it when it
actually gets released, and I hope they at least polish it up. I’m
still overjoyed to have a copy, though. The store I got it from is
still listing it on their website, so I don’t know if they have
multiple copies or if they just don’t update their site very often,
but here’s the info, you can give it a try.

It’s a very cool store in my native Portland, OR (how’s that for
funny-I leave Portland for grad school, I search the internet for
Freak Magnet, and where do I finally find it? At home, at one of my
old haunts. Back to the point) called Everyday Music. Their website

and Freak Magnet is listed in the “Collectibles” section. As I said,
I can’t promise they still have any, they may just update the site
really slowly, but it’s still listed as of 7/27. Those of you living
in Portland, you might ask at the counter, because the collectibles
section info says these discs are not on their regular shelves.


Laurie M. Jacobs / lmjacobs

Small Article on Launch
Hey Pat…this came on the daily music news e-mail I get from

“Violent Femmes uncertain about album

(Launch) – The Violent Femmes are still producing music and touring
at a hectic pace. While the Gordon Gano-led band has never quite
equaled the success of its first, self-titled album, Gano tells the
Calgary Sun that he has no regrets. “I do feel grateful that this is
the way I can earn my living because I really can’t do anything else
but this.” The Femmes hope to put out a new studio album, titled
“Freak Magnet,” or a live album in the fall, although nothing is set.
The band’s official Web site,, says “Freak Magnet”
will be released in October. “Don’t believe everything you read,” Gano
told the Sun, “Even if it’s on our Web site.”

The Femmes have recently contributed material to the soundtracks of
“South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut” and the upcoming film “Mystery
Men.” The band is currently on tour, with concert dates and festival
appearances scheduled into mid-September.”


RE: Kiss Off Album
>PS: Saw a UK CD of VF titled “Kiss Off.” Very plain packaging.
>Apparently contained a live performance in the UK from 1985. All 11
>songs were from their first 2 albums. Is this a bootleg or would the
>boys be collecting money from this purchase? Let me know privately or

This is a bootleg. As far as I know, it is a compilation of stuff from
their European tour in 1984, much like the famous Film Noir bootleg.
Both of these are okay but there are much better boots out there…


Beyond Records/Sponge
>It’s official! This is the spot! BMG/Beyond Records!
>Come on guys drop the bug some email – let’s give ’em some extra
>motivation to get those albums out NOW!

I don’t know about a Femmes/Crue thing but if the Femmes would tour
with Sponge, that would kick major ass. Sponge is a great band and to
see both of them together would just be awesome… However, not as
awesome as the Femmes with Cake, you lucky Oregon motherfuckers….


Re: MP3s
Does anyone know the Femmes’ position on MP3s? I have all the albums
and have created MP3s of everything (almost 400 Mb on my 20-Gig
MP3-only drive). I guess it’s perfectly legal, since I own all the
albums … but what if someone wants a copy of a song … or an
unreleased album … or what if I burn the bootlegs I have to CD and
make MP3s of those? Is anyone a lawyer here?


Great Scott, I’ve Found Something!
Something interesting happened today while I was watching the non-rated
documentry about teenage sex called KIDS…First off, I must admit
right away that I’m the sort of person who notices every single detail
with everything I see. ( well of course, I’ve got to because I am a
photographer..) Anyway-the point..Don’t worry, this is surely Violent
Femme-related..For those of you who plan to ever see this movie, take
a close look at the scene where Jenny and her friend are at the clinic
the 1st time to get tested for AIDS and I think its where Telly and
Casper are walking down the street. While watching this movie for maybe
the 3rd time I noticed that right above them was a bunch of posters and
up there was a poster that said, “The Violent Femmes…” I think it was
either pink or purple.. I saw it at the last moment and had to rewind
it to make sure..It isn’t much, but it was cool to see something
relating to a such a great band as the Violent Femmes..Hm, I sure have
a lot of time on my hands..With brings me to yet another subject..I am
looking SO foward to the long awaited release of Freak Magnet..Also, I
am planning my ditching of school and work in September to go to
California to “visit my uncle” to see them some more times in concert
…that is, if they don’t stop by here after they go to Portland. My
friend has told me not to worry because they’ve always stopped by here
(Boise, Idaho) whenever they played in Portland..I do very hope so..

Marie Paulhamus

Corny Film
I was zapping through the channels a few nights ago when I came across
a pretty corny film. I got up to switch off the telly when the Femmes’
I’m Free started playing. I quickly sat down again and watched the rest
of the film. Unfortunately, it didn’t get any better but what I heard
of the soundtrack wasn’t bad. Anyway, I waited for the credits and it
turns out the film was called Hold me, thrill me, kiss me. There was
a second Femmes song listed on the soundtrack but I wasn’t quick enough
to see what it was.
Anyway, that makes four films that I know of with the Femmes featured –
the Crow, Grosse Point Blank and South Park are the others. I wonder
are there more.


-Pat. Says: I Was a Teenage Zombie. Also there is a Soundtrack for the
CD game Fox Hunt (Life is an Adventure)..and I saw a
preview for the Drew Barrymore movie Never Been Kissed,
which played a song, can’t remember which one, probably
Kiss Off. Let’s see…We’ve been talking about Mystery Men
for awhile, and what was the name of that independent film
which was at the Sundance Festival, the preview of which
the VF performed? And in Reality Bites, that actor (Ethan
something?) sang Add it Up. I think I’m Nothing was going
to be in that movie, but things didn’t work out.