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Some regular features have been deleted in this issue due to the fact
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**August 27- Ottawa Civic Centre Theater, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Quote Of The Day:

Life was fun life was great
til I made my big mistake
oh no it’ll never happen to me
life was short and life was sweet
-From Out The Window
-Submitted by Jamie.Stinson

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In Today’s Issue:

DC to WV Info Needed
The Camden Show

DC to WV Info Needed
Pat, please add this to the next American Music newsletter:
Anyone from the Washington D.C. area planning on going to the West Virginia
show? Does anyone know how long it would take to get there from D.C.?


The Camden Show
Well, folks, this was a weird one.
We got to the venue before the first show, and since the ECenter page
said that no more tickets were available I was expecting a huge crowd.
I couldn’t have been more wrong. The place was almost deserted. It must
have been that fans of certain acts hung around mainly for that one act
and then wandered around. This venue was very strange. There was an
enclosed part and then the lawn part, which was waaaayyyy the hell away
from the stage. The enclosed part was all seats, with no place to get
up front close to the stage. Cameras were not allowed without a photo
pass, and not even for those lucky ones with backstage passes could
bring in a camera. Despite the tight restrictions, alcohol (beer,wine,
mixed drinks) was available for purchase, and I did notice a couple of
people who were more than willing to spend enough money ($6/beer?) to
get good and shitfaced.
As for the acts, they were all very good. I had seen Jonatha Brooke in
Newport last year, but had more of a chance to enjoy her act this time.
The Radiators were very, very good, although it wasn’t quite the sort
of music I usually enjoy. David Bromberg was most excellent. I’m
sorry it took me 20 years to finally see him. Unfortunately he only
played for 20 minutes, but the last song especially was unbelievable.
He was accompanied during that song by the Radiators, and it was
great. Indescribably so.
Now for the Violent Femmes review. Well, hell. They are always great,
aren’t they? Brian mentioned at some point during the show something to
the effect that it was the oldest audience for which they had ever
played, and yes, it was true. Some people absolutely did not know
what to think of them, because their range of musical styles made them
impossible to pigeonhole. And then there were others who knew every
word, at least every word to the older songs. Yes, the people on the
lawn crowded as far into the pavillion section as they could to dance
and sing along, and most of the people in the seats were swaying to the
music. One guy had his daughter with him; she was probably no more
than 18 months old, and she was just dancing up a storm, really loving
Now, for the set list. They only played for about 45 minutes,
so I’m going to go ahead and list the whole thing:

Country Death Song
Rejoice and Be Happy
Blister in the Sun
American Music
Hey Nonny Nonny
Jesus Walking on the Water
Old Mother Reagan (ok let me break here and tell you that Brian really
cut loose on this song. He was just screaming the backup vocal
and it was so funny. What a ham. Austin and Ethan were just
about rolling on the floor with laughter.)
Dahmer is Dead
Add it Up
Chikugo Sashi (Brian solo with Shakuhachi. Eat your heart out Deana. It
was great)
Good Feeling
Kiss Off

Short but sweet. We had to leave after Rickie Lee Jones’ act, because
it was after 8; we had a 2-3 hour drive home, and two young boys who
need to get to bed at a decent hour. So we missed the last three acts,
all of which I had seen in Newport anyway. It was too bad, but what
are you gonna do, eh?
Now, let me say that this was the first show of the tour and it does
appear as if the Newport Folk people have to iron out a few wrinkles.
Personally I think they should have done things just as it is done in
Newport itself. After all, they’ve had more than 30 years to get it
right. Maybe it was just that particular venue.
At any rate, the acts are all worth seeing, and I will still recommend
this tour to anyone who has or will be getting tickets.
Oh, yes, I did mention in a previous issue that Austin wanted the band
to sign his cast. He is now possibly the only 10 year old in the world,
maybe even in the history of the world, to have a cast signed by every
member of the band, plus Willie and Caleb.