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You gotta help my body heal my soul.
-From Color Me Once
-Submitted by thenewkid

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Testing Over
Re: Newport Folk Fest
RE: $31 for FM?
My Two Cents on That Freaky Freak Magnet
Re: Gone Daddy Gone
A VF Dream

Testing Over
I finally have uncovered the pesky sexycia who has been lurking amongst
us for so many months, and eradicated him/her from the subscriber list.
Thank you all for your patience while I conducted all those tests.
Literally hundreds of you were victims of my determination over the past
few days and not one of you complained.
Thanks again.

Re: Newport Folk Fest
Ok..I don’t know about anyone else…but I am SICK of this damn folk
festival and how unorganized it is. What’s a mexican got to do to see
their favorite band? Why the anger??? Well, I went to go get my ticket
to the Indianapolis show…and it has been CANCELLED. So..anyone who
thinks that they are going to the festival at any venue may just want
to double-check that it is still on. And God be with you….


-Pat. Says: Aaron, I’m so sorry. After receiving your post, I did some
checking and while the Indy show is listed in the Official
Homepage, the Newport Folk page, Pollstar, TM, and more
pages than I care to list, it is not in fact listed any
longer on the Deer Creek page. So it does indeed look like
you IN subscribers have been left out in the cold.
As for other shows, I searched around for homepages for the
various venues, and found that Jones Beach and Philly are
definitely on, but the Philly show no longer has tickets
available. It appears to be sold out. Merriweather Post has
a webpage, and the show is still listed there. I know
there’s a World Music Theater page, but couldn’t find it.
The Pine Knob Music Theater web page still lists this show,
as does the Star Lake Amphitheater page. Everything was very
slow this morning and so I gave up looking for more info.
I think I’ll pester the guy at the Newport Folk page a bit,
see if I can come up with anything. He always answers me,
even if it does take a couple of days.

RE: $31 for FM?
>I didn’t like it all that much at first, but I kept listening…and it
>sunk in…and I really really like it now.

just to put my two cents in about FM…
I actually thought it was a great album the first time I listened to it.
There’s not a bad song on it–even the cover of Dylan is really funny, I
Even my mom (a minister who came along to my first VF concert when i was
12 and yes, I only knew BITS and Add It Up… she nearly passed out when
she heard Dance, motherfucker, Dance =) and of course i had no idea the
Femmes did songs like that…) likes it. and she doesn’t like a lot of
in terms of spending $31 for it, I’d hold off a little bit longer to see
if it looks like the Femmes will find another label to pick up the album
and release it. If not, then I would think about going for it. It’s by
no means the first album, but it is really good.


My Two Cents on That Freaky Freak Magnet
OK here we go,
I’ve been told that everyone is entitled to their opinion, so here’s
mine. I’ve heard Freak Magnet and Bad off of “Freak Magnet” in concert
and I thought they were great. The Femmes, unlike so many other bands
these days, are better in concert then they are on CD. In my opinion
the studio does them no justice, even though all their albums are great,
there is just something missing. But anyway, what I want to say is that
if I were to put “Freak Magnet” in my CD player and like it right off
the bat, I would be highly disappointed. As odd as it sounds, it’s true.
The only albums of theirs I liked right away were the self-titled and
“Why Do Birds Sing?”, and the amazing thing is I really don’t listen to
either of those anymore. I’d much rather listen to the albums that I
really didn’t like at all when I first listened to them. Strange isn’t
it. I think it’s because that with the lack of talent in the music
industry these days, you expect to hear the same thing out of the same
artists all the time. So if the next album doesn’t sound exactly the
same as the last album, whoever is written off as a one hit wonder. It
has to be frustrating for the people who are truly artists and not just
musicians. I remember the first time I heard “New Times” I thought
“What the hell is this crap?! This isn’t the Femmes!” But after
listening to it a few more times, I love it. The same thing with
“Rock!!!!!”, I hated that album the first time I heard it. I thought,
“No wonder they only released it in Australia it sucks.” But yet again
after listening to it a few more times, I liked it. My favorite Femmes
song is now “Sweet Worlds of Angels.” If I had just tossed the CD aside
I probably would have never known the song was there. The Violent
Femmes have certain things about them that are completely their own and
will never be copied, you can hear it on every album. But the things
around that core sound change and evolve…and it’s great. I have to
actually sit down and listen and think about what I’m hearing. The
little hamsters in my head drag their fat butts onto the wheels of my
One thing I’ve noticed about music, at least here were I live, is that
the bands that are really good and really worth hearing, aren’t paid
attention to by anyone except other musicians. Case in point, there’s
this band called Coinmonster. They are amazing, the music has so much
detail, it’s so intricate, it’s easy to miss a note, a word, or a beat
the first time you hear them because there is just so much going on. All
three of the guys in the band are outstanding musicians, and yet NO ONE
comes to see them. There were twelve people at the bar I work at last
time they played and all of them were musicians. It’s kind of the same
way with the Femmes. Now I’m not saying that you have to be a musician
to truly appreciate them, it’s just that the industry has written them
off, critics have told them they’re has been’s, and even some of their
fans have pretty much kicked them to the side. But yet they are widely
respected among other musicians. I don’t know a single bass player
beginner or veteran that doesn’t wish they could play half as good as
Brian Ritchie or at least completely respect the man. I want the him to
adopt me… OK maybe not adopt me but at least give me a few lessons.
It’s frustrating because it seems like whenever someone tries to expand
the boundaries of their sound they are ridiculed. Some bands just cave
in to the pressure, fortunately for us the Femmes haven’t. They continue
to push the limits of what is considered “their sound,” always finding a
way to take that big step forward into a new realm of music. Be honest
would you really like them as much if all the albums were “Violent
Femmes”, Violent Femmes Jr., Violent Femmes the III, so on and so forth,
I think not. In fact I am so sick of hearing Blister in the Sun it’s
not even funny. They have so many songs that are so much better than
that and yet at two of the concerts I’ve been to, that is the only song
the crowd really got into.
Regardless of what happened with the record company, no matter what
anyone says, I know what I’m going to think when I hear “Freak Magnet”
for the first time. I’m probably going to hate it and then I’m going to
love it. If not I’m going to be very disappointed.


Re: Gone Daddy Gone
<< “tell by the way you that you switch and walk I can
see by the way that you baby talk I can know by the way you treat your
man I can love you baby til it’s a cryin” >>

these were lyrics given for Gone Daddy Gone, and i’ve seen them posted
like this before on this list, but i have a complaint. the end makes
no sense. I can understand where it came from though.. in the song
that was heard on the radio the lyrics go, “I can love you baby, its a
cryin shame” but the femmes song is different… i hear it as, “I
could love you baby, its a crime” but he sings it with different
enunciation so it sounds like cri-am. with a long i…. am i totally
off base here? it makes so much more sense that way, and thats the way
i hear it anyway…

so yeah.

Mswerld – Rachel

-Pat. Says: The liner notes of the album say “til it’s a cryin”, and
that’s what people use. Your version does sound better.

A VF Dream
Last night I had a dream that I was at a VF show, and I kept yelling for
them to play “Tonight,” my favorite VF song. In the dream, Gordon not
only heard me, but made eye contact. He seemed a little annoyed, but
very happy to play my request. I’ve been to 7 VF shows, and I think the
only time I ever heard them play that song was at Winterfest in
Milwaukee on January 19, 1996. At that time though, I didn’t really know
that song that well. They also opened with Country Death Song, and I
remember it was an interesting night cuz there was a very fun & innocent
mosh pit & I got to get body-passed a lot without getting hurt, and the
girl I was with started dancing with another guy, and I started getting
my aggressions out during Kiss Off…but by Add It Up she was
practically going down on me.
Anyways, I know there were video cameras at this show & I know there’s
video clips of this show on the net, so I’m wondering…where the heck
is this videotape? And where can I get a copy? If anyone even knows
where I can get an audio copy of this show PLEASE let me know! I’m also
looking for audio copies of Maritime Days in Milwaukee ’95, Waukesha
County Fair ’97, Chocolate Fest in Burlington, WI ’98, and New Rock fest
in Milwaukee ’98. I’ve got some good stuff to trade.


Tonight I wanna get high high high…I don’t care if I live or die