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Thursday 8/21/03 Anaheim CA House of Blues Anaheim
Friday 8/22/03 Las Vegas NV Skin Pool Lounge (Palms Hotel)
Saturday 8/23/03 Del Mar CA Thoroughbred Club
Sunday 8/24/03 Ventura CA Ventura Theatre

Saturday 9/20/03 San Bernardino CA Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavillon

Nashville Review
A friend of Gordon Gano
RE: Mud in Memphis
RE:Mud in Memphis
Looking for a Recording
RE:Mud in Memphis
Another Side of Gordon Gano
Femmes fans … here is YOUR CHANCE! Due to some of the discussions
we’ve been having here in AM land lately, I decided to contact the
official site to see if anyone would like to comment. The response
surprised even me. BRIAN RITCHIE has offered to participate in an
American Music List QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION!!!!
Do your finger excercises, warm up the brain AND SEND IN YOUR
QUESTIONS! He says he will answer all and won’t dodge a thing!!
I say BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!
For upcoming show tickets:
8/21 ANAHEIM $32
8/22 LAS VEGAS $20-25
8/23 DEL MAR $Free$
8/24 VENTURA $22

Nashville Review
i was very thrilled to be able to FINALLY see the femmes 3 days before my
21st birthday in Nashville. it was a 10 hour drive from my house…but very
worth it, i have been a fan since i can’t remember. in reply to another post,
it does seem to me that the majority of the crowd at the show only knew the
old stuff—screaming “play kiss off” or “american music, american music”
the show was not at all what i exspected. i thought it would be laid back with a
bunch of really big fans just soaking in the music and singing along…but
instead i felt like i was at a rage agianst the machine show with guys getting
punched in the nose, mosh pits and crowd surfing. it was great that most
people were having fun, but thankfully i was in the front row right in front of
brian and didn’t have to deal with TOO much of that crap…brian was
awsome—all eyes were on him the whole show, he seemed to be loving it.
he (of corse) played the digeradoo and it was amazing. and i never realized
how increadably awsome he is on the bass (i knew he was great, don’t get
me wrong but i never realized how great until i saw him live) my fiance’
plays the bass and after seeing him said he didn’t feel worthy of even
picking his bass up. victor also was amazing, jumping around and having
so much fun…it was hilarious at the end of the show, he put a bucket on his
head and did some wierd robot like walk then just picked it up and dropped it
on the stage. victor is amazing. gordon seemed to be enjoying himself but with
the cast on his leg, only sat on a stool. he was farthest from me and i’m short
so i (unfortunatly) was not able to see him the majority of the show. they only
did one encor and it was kiss off. i wanted to hear fat more than anything or
ugly or my (current) fave tune i wanna see you again, well i can’t say it’s my
fave—all their songs are my fave. with all this “m not putting anything alse
out” talk, hopefully it’s just talk. i could not imagine life with no more new
femmes. i love everything i have ever heard…every song i can identify with
and i don’t know what i’d do if i didn’t have their music. i hope they at least
start to play some of their newer stuff, but i can understand the majority
doesn’t want to hear she went to germany or death drugs—they have
never heard the songs, and i guess (as disapointing as it may
be to us really, real fans) they have to play what the majority wants to
hear. it’s not like they can make EVERYONE happy by playing an eight
hour set for every show. plus are they not kinda promoting the 20th
anniversary album—ummmm shouldn’t they play what’s on it???? plus i
do think i would have been a tad bit sad if i couldn’t hear kiss off live ;o)
from what i saw (remember i didn’t see much of him) gordon seemed to
be having a blast! everytime i saw him he had a big smile on his face.
i thought the show for the most part was awsome. they rocked and i
love them just as much if not more than ever. deffinately my best birthday
present. and i can’t wait till they are somewhere in the south east again
or anywhere on the east coast for that matter!

K. Renee’

A friend of Gordon Gano
I don’t subscribe to this letter but I hope you will post message anyway.
I am not a Violent Femmes fan but I do know all the members of the
band and I have spent a lot of time with them. Even if Gordon was
not opposed to the internet he would not step forward to defend
himself. He respects the right of your speech. You should realize
that there is more going on inside the band than what you can
read in the paper. Sometimes those with the loudest voice are the
cancer. These are just men but I think too many conclusions are
being drawn based on one person who does not always have the
best interest of the band at heart.

Submitted by Anonymous

RE: Mud in Memphis
I agree about Guy coming back to do some new stuff! I really loved
Freak Magnet and the first concert I went to was with Guy at the
taste of Randolph and it was GREAT! I do wish they would play
the new stuff too. and it is obvious that they are not coming out
with a new CD. If anyone finds a source to get a fan mail sent to
Gordon, I mean a good source let me know, I worte to Victor
adn that was all good when he wrote me back but I still have yet
to find a source Gordan and for Brian. Any suggestions…..???

Looking for Recording?
can u post this on the next American Music

Looking for 2 copies of a live bootleg of
the 1998-99? VF Concert in Duluth,MN . . .
the one where gordon cracked a joke about
Ice Fishing before going into Dance MF Dance!!
Joel I.

RE: Mud in Memphis
LinoleumGRRRL wrote:
>>I sent the message about the quote from Brian, and I am appalled by
>>people’s reactions. Questioning why people are still fans?
I for one am really glad that you posted the quote from Brian. If the
Femmes aren’t going to record anymore, I want to know that. What
I do with that info is my business and this forum is the place for me to
share that business – whatever it may be. I was supposed to have
outgrown rock ‘n roll well over a decade ago. But I’m still here. I’m not
kickin’ like I used to, but I’m still here. That’s one of my favorite things
about being a Femmes fan now. There are a lot of us 80’s kids still around.
When I go to shows and I look around at you 90’s and 00’s kids, it’s a kick
in the ass! It’s an opportunity for me to stop taking life so seriously for a while.
I truly love this music and it is a permanent part of my life. But, I am truly
pissed off that these assholes were better at doing their jobs when they were
teenagers than they are as “adults.” I miss the intensity and the passion of the
Violent Femmes.

RE: Mud in Memphis
Okay.. long time reader, couple times poster.. but i’ve about had it..
so here i go… I ain’t seein’ dem femmes anytime soon. Not because
they won’t come to “my town”, not because I can’t afford to.. but
because I don’t want to. I have to agree with Julie
(pish_tish) and others.. Why the f*ck do I want to go
see a band, eventhough they are right up there as one of my
favorites, a band i’ve been listening to for god knows how long,
a band that has been one of the few things in my life that
hasn’t changed, unlike my weight, my loves, my everything
elses… I love this band.. I thought as the albums
(the few they put out) came out, they got better and better..
more jams, more eclectic melodies.. then the freak magnet
hit the fan.. got the first version (black and white promo cover),
then I got the real one, but listening to them, most of it was
made to satisfy da man and them wanting another green day
or sumtin… but even still, both freak magnets were great.. New
Times is probably one there best albums.. the jams in Liquor
and New Times just boggle my mind…. though the guy-albums
were often disjointed and not of a perfect song-to-song flowing
nature, each song stood incredible on its on.. BUT! we are to
blame. we didn’t care.. not the hardcore fans like you and me,
but everyone else.. ask anyone, “hey you like the femmes?”
“uh, oh yeah.. love that blister song” or if they really have
“listened” its “love that add it up” or maybe kiss off.. well
guess what.. if the hardcores only went to the
concerts, then there would be 10 people at each show,
and though they’d be broke, vf would play all kinds of shit..
but vf is a nostalgia band who bread and butter still comes
from the first album.. it still sells well at your local barnes-n-noble,
its what the younger folk at the show wanna hear, its what the
older folk at the show wanna hear… that’s it.. I’m reminded of
Homer at a BTO concert yelling at them to not play any new
crap, just play “workin’ overtime”.. Did you listen to Viva
Wisconsin? where was the loudest cheer.. BITS. Rolling stone
online had a concert from da femmes posted a couple years
back of the femmes, and they actually played new stuff.. the
people were like, what the hell is this.. One of my favorite
albums is Rock!!!!!, it sounds like it was recorded in 3 hours..
just a bunch of jaming with lyrics thrown in.. no time for
personalities to clash.. real raw… love it.. got a few gems out
of it that popped up on Viva.. but again. so what. So my
femmes are a nostalgia band and have landed them selves
right in with the touring CCR, Monkees, and other crap out
there. the difference is the femmes songs are great.. but I’m
not going to pay 5 bucks to see a lifeless gorno strumming
BITS for the, geez how many times do you think he’s played
that song, umpteenth time.. How many could you play a single
song and still have any passion for it?? I think I would’ve
blown my head off already.. Team, its over… and you know
what.. that fine. Gordon, stop touring with the femmes, go
find your passion and put out some more solo albums with
YOU singing.. man, what I wouldn’t give to hear hitting the
ground with Gorno singing the whole thing.. Brian and Victor..
you were the original femmes right, well go ahead do it with
out Gordon.. or start a new thing with a guy you like.. put this
tours money in a IRA or Money Market whachamadoogie..
and do your thing.. together, separate, whatever.. victors
solos were very good, and getting better, same with Brian..
so please. just break up or shut up… break up and do your
own thing.. you’ve gone full circle, and even re-released the
first.. or shut up go jam on stage, play what you want when
you feel like playing it.. jams, covers, new and old shit, release
live albums ala Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews, watch a
new kind of cult following occur femme-heads and enjoy what
your doing, cuz your doing it “your way”.. Okay.. i’ve said enuff
and then some.. Us hardcore fans are not enough to keep a
band going no matter how much we want them too.. I rather
have no band, then a life-less band anyday… sigh.

Reverend Aaron

Another Side of Gordon Gano
Hundreds of family, friends and fans gathered at Irving Plaza for our
benefit concert featuring The Bogmen, The Knockout Drops, Gordon
Gano, Jen Chapin & Stephan Crump, and Brett Cohart in memory of
Kristy Irvine Ryan. He willingly gave his time, his effort, AND two songs
for a CD to honor her memory and raise money for kids who lost parents
on 9/11. I think he is a good man and a great musician.


Mother , Under the Sun and God Bless America
Ties of blood, friendship and loss have bound together the artists of Kristy’s Smile,
a compilation CD that shows what can happen when grief is channeled into
creativity. The album was conceived and produced by pianist/composer/producer
Brendan Ryan, whose wife Kristy Irvine Ryan worked in the World Trade Center
and died on September 11th. Kristy’s Smile was assembled in a three-week
burst of passionate energy for the reunion of The Bogmen, the popular and
innovative NYC rock band whose two Arista Records releases and national
tours featured Brendan’s keyboard and writing talents. The Bogmen reunited
for a sold-out weekend at The Irving Plaza on December 14th and 15th to
benefit Secret Smiles Inc., a charity serving families in need that was founded
in 1999 by Kristy and her friend Meredith O’Neill Hassett. Thanks to the
generosity of the artists involved INCLUDING VIOLENT FEMMES
FRONTMAN GORDON GANO, all proceeds from the sale of Kristy’s Smile
will also go to benefit Secret Smiles. For more information on the great work of
Secret Smiles in helping families through economic hardship – especially
families affected by September 11th
— see

Submitted by Anonymous

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