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The Quote Of The Day:

well i guess i’m gonna go out now gonna try to find something new,
and all i’m left with is this craving for some flamingo stew…
-From Flamingo Baby
-Submitted by Nevertell6


July 30- 8 p.m., Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
18+ show(unless w/parent), $19.50 in adv., $21.50 day of
show, doors open at 6. (T,P,O)
July 31- Cape Cod Summer Music Festival, Barnstable Co. Fairground,
Falmouth, MA $20 in adv., $25 at gate (P,O)
Tickets available through ticketweb, or call 510-594-1400
see http://www.baitfish for lineup
Aug 7- Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA (O)
Aug 15- 7:30 p.m., Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA $25-$36 (T,P)
Aug 28- Jones Beach Amphitheater, Long Island, NY (O)
Sept 2- Blue Note, Columbia, MO (O)
Sept 3- Liberty Memorial Park, Kansas City, MO (O)
Sept 4- Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA (O,P)
Sept 5- 5 p.m., Washington Park Rose Garden Amphitheater, Portland, OR,
$25 (P,T) w/Cake
Sept 10- Gas Lamp Quarter, San Diego, CA (P)
Sept 11- 8 p.m., Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, CA, $5-$14 (P,T)

**Dec 31- Falls Festival, Lorne, AUS (P)**

Aug 27- 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., Tonic, NY, NY (O)
Aug 30- 9 p.m., Alterknit Theater, Knitting Factory, NY, NY,
Straylight Dialogues, AKA Brian Ritchie! (O)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Hornblow USA at: hbgusa
Serious inquiries only.


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Hampton Beach, NH
Potatoe482 (Em)
Nevertell6 (Ron)
ViolntPhem (Melissa)

Falmouth, MA
Potatoe482 (Em)
Rubaiyat (Marylee)

Saratoga, CA
sandycitarella (Sandy)
stepheno (Stephen)

Seattle, WA
stevens (Michelle)

Portland, OR
stevens (Michelle)
LilBoek (Steve)
friday (Sandy)
parr (Nick)

Pomona, CA
mypen15 (Nick)




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Calgary Show
Tonic Show
LA County Fair
RE: Calgary
Beyond Records
RE: Eep Opp
Meaning of Blister in the Sun
In the Middle of Nowhere


Hey folks! My youngest (Ethan) took a first place in Saturday’s
supercross! woohoo! I’d still be jumping around, but I’m recovering
from sleep deprivation. We picked up a new puppy, a male Vizsla, on
Thursday, and the early training has worn me out; so much so that I
passed out last night before I could post yesterday’s issue of AM.
But already this guy is housebroken (at 7 1/2 weeks!!), is now sleeping
through the night, and after smearing tabasco on everything in the
house, I don’t have to watch him so much. If anyone is thinking about
getting a purebred dog, GET A VIZSLA!!

Calgary Show
The femmes in calgary were great. Here is the set list.
country Death Song
blister in the sun
I’m nothing
Jesus walking on the water
I wanna see you again
Rejoice and be happy
American Music
old mother reagan
i’m Lucky? I am not sure who wrote this. Its a cover of a folk song.
Gordon said ” i hope i dont get in trouble for that” Could anyone
who was there help.
Kiss off
Good feelings
Add it up

Before Add it up gordon had a little bit to say.
“Earlier This afternoon as I explained breifly about. This song has two
chords, played over and over and over and over again endlessly but with
enough variations that it doesn’t seem to bother most people. And if
this song does bother you its really probably not because of the chords
its probably something else.”

It was too short but when the femmes play its always too short. I have
an audio of the concert minus the first half of country. Its not the
best quality but is great for people at the concert. Email me if you
want a copy.

The band before the femmes were from Scotland and were great. If anyone
remembers the name please tell me.


Tonic Show
Hi. The homepage is a little confusing on this one.
You might want to move the listing for 8/27 to the solo shows area.
It’s just Brian and Shak friends not VF.
Fri, Aug 27
An Evening of Traditional and Contemporary Music for the
Shakuhachi at 9 & 10:30pm, $10, presented by Brian


LA County Fair
Hey…as dumb as this is gonna sound, I was wondering if anyone in
California planned to see the femmes at Los Angeles County fair when
they play in september. I REALLY want to spend my hard earnings from my
jack in the box gig(no laughing) there. I was wondering if it would be
worth it though…since as a lot people have brought up, if they get a
hostile crowd (ie crowd divers, people throwing stuff on the stage
etc..)they tend to leave. I will be mad as hell if I spend the money
and they leave:)


-Pat. Says: I thought Californians were only violent when in cars 🙂
But seriously, this sort of behavior occurs very rarely,
and you really shouldn’t worry about it.

RE: Calgary

What’s this? The Femmes are doing solo sets now? Does anyone else
feel like we Americans get shafted somtimes? I mean it seems like
they think that the rest of the world’s audiences understand VF music
better or something. Maybe I’m still just a little upset about the
Milwaukee show – I felt like it was just the “standards” – again. I
know, I know, Brian calls out songs he feels the crowd wants & it’s
different every night(whatever)yeah the crowd LOVED it – everyone got
to sing-a-long but I just feel like – give me MORE!
I want more than the 1 and a half hour set of standards. If I think of
some of my favorite Femmes songs – well I just can’t remember the last
time I heard them live – Fat, Sweet Misery, Mother of a Girl …
If Brian were standing right in front of me I would say – very politely
of course – don’t forget man – we’re not all frat daddies & a lot of us
own more than one album – come on guys – ROCK OUT!!!


Beyond Records
A new record deal- eh? Hmm… just when I was starting to like the
fact that the Femmes could contribute to all these other projects
without having the little “Gordon/Brian/Guy appear courtesy of …”
thing behind the credit. I don’t know but I guess I can I can learn to
live with that again.
I am kidding of course!
Bring on the label – bring on the music!!!!!!
I noticed during the scrolling of the movie credits for South Park the
other day that Motley Crue’s girls,girls, girls was released on
Beyond Records (dont’ ask why I notice these things – I don’t know why)
so I did a little surfing and found that there is a BMG/Beyond label
dba Beyond Records. Could this be it? It’s the home of Blondie, Sponge,
the Crue and others. Here’s the web address:
Dear God let’s hope we won’t have a Crue/Femmes thing anytime soon if
it is true.
I found another little label called Venture Beyond Records (mostly
Goth & electronica bands) that could be it too – so I don’t know if
I’m on to anything or not. I emailed both & I’ll post if I get a
response back.

Along the lines of that Crue credit that put me on to the Beyond thing
I noticed something in the liner for BR’s I See a Noise the other day
and wanted to see if anyone else could add their 2cents. Remember back
a couple of months ago when Guy was doing those dates with Absinthe?
Well the lead guitar for those shows was a guy named Jim Eanelli. Mr.
Eanelli is listed in the “thank you” section of Blind Leading the Naked,
WDBS, New Times (sp?), and the euip. specialist section of 3, as well
as Brian’s Cd. Just thought that was interesting.

BTW – I’ve always wondered this… why is Geoff “Stinky” Worman so


RE: Eep Opp
>>Doesn’t Gordon state on the inside cover that they didn’t actually
play the song….i thought he said that the record company has another
band to do it…it happens all the time…>>

I’m glad you asked about that!
If we can get a few more volunteers you can see the video for Eep Opp
with your very own eyes – it’s on the compilation tape! I
know we definitely need at least one person for middle America – Pat,
what else is missing?


-Pat. Says: We need AUS/NZ. I swear we’re going to put this thing out
come hell or high H2O.

Meaning of Blister in the Sun
i recently received an e-mail from a person wanting a meaning to
“Blister in the Sun”…i’ve thought a bit and can’t come up with
anything really concrete, SO, i need the wonderful help of all the more
dedicated fans on this list who are much more knowledgeable with this

RyRy the FryGuy

-Pat. Says: I believe the concensus is that it is about a guy who is
so sexually deprived he must take matters into his own
hands, so to speak. You Ryan are in such a stable, loving
relationship you don’t need to resort to such measures,
and so of course this explanation would never occur to you.
If anyone has any alternate ideas about this song, please
let’s hear them!

In the Middle of Nowhere
Being Icelandic is pretty sweet for the most part. Clean air, fresh
water, fish, decent people etc. What we don’t get are i.e. The Violent
Femmes. I have bought almost all of my VF CD’s overseas. So it is not
surprising that I have very slim chances of getting Freak Magnet. Could
maybe somebody tell me if I can order it somewhere, or maybe someone
would be willing to buy me a copy and send it to me (at my expense of
Or maybe it hasn’t been released officially yet. Somebody please help


-Pat. Says: The Official Homepage promises an October release. I don’t
know if this will be worldwide. It had better be. When it
is released, I’m sure somebody will be happy to send you a
Which reminds me..has anyone spoken with the band lately
to see if the official release will be in any way different
from the promo? And while we’re at it, let’s open this can
of worms: for those of you who have FM, if the decision
were yours, would you keep the album as is, or change it?
If you would change it, how?
I remember someone mentioned that Guy said Positively 4th
Street would not make the final cut. I say boohoo to that;
I liked that makeover!