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August 1- Starts @ 3 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, Entertainment Center,
Camden, NJ, $15-$35-$45.
August 2- Newport Folk Fest, Jones Beach Amphitheatre, Wantagh, NY,
$15-$32-$42 (O,P,
August 16- Starts @ 3 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, Merriweather Post,
Columbia, MD, $27.75-$39-$50
August 20- Starts @ 4 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, Deer Creek Music Center,
Noblesville, IN, $15-$26.50-$40,
August 21- Starts @ 3 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, New World Music Theatre,
Tinley Park, IL, $14.75-$27.50-$42.75
August 22- Starts @ 1 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, Pine Knob Music Theatre,
Clarkston, MI, $18-$35
August 23- Starts @ 2 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, CocaCola Starlite
Ampitheatre, Burgettstown, PA, $15-$40

**August 25- Mountain Lair Plaza, Morgantown, WV (P)**

August 29- Buffalo Naval Park, Buffalo, NY (P, O)
Sept. 20- Newport Folk Fest, San Francisco, CA (O)
Sept. 19- Newport Folk Fest, Concord Pavillion, Concord, CA (P)

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‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
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To book a show, contact Monterey Peninsula Artists.
Serious inquiries only.

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Some magnets repel, some magnets attract
Some magnets retreat and then attack attack attack.
-From Freak Magnet

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In Today’s Issue:

The Cleveland Show
Re: Tinley Park
The Pittsburgh Show
VF/TMBG Connection
RE: Artist of the Month
Cool Links
Hall of Fame
When at First You Don’t Succeed…

The Cleveland Show
I went to show in Cleveland last weekend and it was the best Violent
Femmes concert I’ve ever seen. During Gimme the car Brian played the
conch shell and for Waiting for the bus he brought out the didgeridoo,
the first time I heard him play that one in concert. This show was worth
the 4 year wait. Now I can’t wait till Freak Magnet is released, hope
it’s soon.

Set list-not quite in order and hope I got it all
I’m nothing
Hey nonny nonny
Country death song
Prove my love
Jesus walking on the water
Blister in the sun
Out the window
American Music
Dahmer is dead
Freak Magnet
Old mother reagan
More money tonight
I wanna see you again
Gimme the car
Dance MFD
Black Girls
Waiting for the bus
Gone daddy gone
Kiss off
Add it up

Re: Tinley Park
I have already gotten tickets for the concert in Tinley Park (might I
add 2nd Row). They are on sale through ticket master as we speak. If
you would like to see who else is playing check out:


The Pittsburgh Show
Hello everyone I just joined the list. I was wondering if anyone is
going to the Folkfest in Pittsburgh. I’m going with a friend of mine
and he doesn’t listen to the Femmes, but he was the only person I could
get to go with me.

Oh well, Kathryn

-Pat. Says: Raylene, you going? Welcome, Kathryn. Saw you on Ebay.

VF/TMBG Connection
> It looks like “Hitting the Ground” will be released by Mercury
> Records sometime this fall… … He got different people to
> sing the songs, like……They Might Be Giants, and others.

OK, this is sort of interesting to me. I am a big They Might Be Giants
fan and this is another mention of a VF/TMBG connection. I know that
TMBG and VF co-headlined a show in 1997…also…more interestingly…
Gordon Gano was scheduled to do a solo EP as part of John Flansburgh’s
1996 Hello CD of the Month Club set…I don’t think it was ever made
though..if anybody has more info on this stuff please tell!

Josh — who saw the femmes in cleveland and liked the show very much 🙂

RE: Artist of the Month
Just got back from an exile to LA while my horrid parents visited Hawaii
WITHOUT me. I checked out the AOTM page, and found it very entertaining,
very informative… but bland! Where’s the background? The images?
Oh, you must have images. (This is after all the lovely, luscious
Femmes we’re talking about here!) Just a few suggestions from a
struggling webmistress.

Claire (Home at last, home at last, thank God Almighty I’m home at last)

Cool Links
Hi everyone!
Workin’ on the weekend again! Took a break, did some surfin’ & found
some links ya’ll might be interested in.

The wallpaper pic on this site is cool & the first pic I’ve never seen
before. The rest you’ve probably seen other places:

Some ticket stub pics…

Someone who really likes Color Me Once….

See a pattern here? They’re all geocities links. I was looking for
something I forgot to bookmark and just did a Geocities search for
VF. There were 336 links. LOTS of VF stuff! Wanna check it out?
Scroll down to the bottom right corner & search for Violent Femmes.

You’re welcome from the queen of useless information – (I bet
productivity in my company has dropped 30% since we got internet access
from our desks! :o)
Thanks to all of who you who wrote to me about my Milwaukee post!
I enjoyed all the emails!


Hall of Fame
Okay, this is a story that I feel obligated to share, and although it
has little to do with the Violent Femmes, I will connect many unrelated
things to make it seem like I am talking about the Femmes and appease
Pat. First, one day while looking at the official homepage I noticed
that the Femmes have as their influences the Velvet Underground. This
inspired me, along with outside recommendations for the music, to
purchase a greatest hits collection of the Velvet Underground. (its
really good). Well this leads me to the next part of this post.
Recently I was at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. It is a
must see for all the classic rock fans out there. The best part, and it
is hidden off to the side on one of the floors, is the concert footage
from the induction ceremony in 1995. If you go WATCH THAT VIDEO! It was
great. Only there will you ever see Jimmy Page, Tom Petty, Neil Young,
Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, and Tina Turner all Jamming
together on one stage. It was incredible. Also they had Billy Joel and
Pete Townshend doing “Come Together” it was awesome. (The only thing
bad about the RRHOF is that they have lots of booths where you can
listen to music, but they are controlled by touchscreen computers and
they are very hard to choose what you want.) Also, on a side note, since
I was the one that started the thing about the Neil Young line about
burning out vs. fading away, they had footage of an interview with Neil
and he said the line. Now back to the Velvet Underground, they are
members of the Hall of Fame and this brings up an interesting point about
the VF. Should they be in the RRHOF? Now as of now they are ineligible
bc your first albumn must be 25 years old. But when the time comes do
you guys think the Femmes have done enough for Rock n Roll to warrant
entry into this elite group? Now the Femmes are my favorite band, but
I have never seem them live so i might not be the best person to give my
view. However, you who have seen the VFs many times live and have been
following them for years, but who also have followed other bands and can
judge unbaisly, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.
Thanks for the time,


-Pat. Says: OK, can’t resist. The answer is of course. I know of several
bands who say that they were influenced by the VF, and that
my friends is a far better reason to be inducted than mere
fanbase size, although their fanbase is truly rather large,

When at First You Don’t Succeed…
If ANYONE cares, the last time I tried (and failed) to open the
world’s eyes to the Violent Femmes on the NJ beach I said that I would
try again in Boston until those cops kicked me out too. Hah-hah world!
I have succeeded in defending these pillars of truth and justice at
last. Two weeks ago there was a free Bare Naked Ladies concert at
Government Center. 40,000 people, oh my. In fact I bet some of you
reading this right now were there. See anytime there’s something free,
people will spend unbelievable time, effort, and MONEY to get it. One
of life’s little quirks.
Anyway, the show was great, but I can’t talk about that in the
Violent Femmes newsletter. What I can say, and came to say, is that
after the show I set up my little guitar case on some steps inbetween
where the subway was and the concert was. So the entire 40,000 people
walked right by me on their way home as I sat there on the stairs
playing Blister in the Sun and Kiss Off over and over and over again.
It was alright though cause noone was able to stop and hear that I only
had a 2 song repertoire in this gigantic wave of people flowing by, but
they sure were able to throw money at me. Well, not really at me, but
in the general direction of me and my guitar case. During “Kiss Off” I
had my friends sing the “yeah, yeah”s so it sounded great. I always
knew it was just those NJ people that were a little screwy.