August 1- Starts @ 3 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, Entertainment Center,
Camden, NJ, $15-$35-$45.
(O,P, http://www.newportfolk.com/tour.html)
August 2- Newport Folk Fest, Jones Beach Amphitheatre, Wantagh, NY,
$15-$32-$42 (O,P, http://www.newportfolk.com/tour.html)
August 16- Starts @ 3 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, Merriweather Post,
Columbia, MD, $27.75-$39-$50
(O,P, http://www.newportfolk.com/tour.html)
August 20- Starts @ 4 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, Deer Creek Music Center,
Noblesville, IN, $15-$26.50-$40,
(O,P, http://www.newportfolk.com/tour.html)
August 21- Starts @ 3 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, New World Music Theatre,
Tinley Park, IL, $14.75-$27.50-$42.75
(O,T,P, http://www.newportfolk.com/tour.html)
August 22- Starts @ 1 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, Pine Knob Music Theatre,
Clarkston, MI, $18-$35
(O,T,P, http://www.newportfolk.com/tour.html)
August 23- Starts @ 2 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, CocaCola Starlite
Ampitheatre, Burgettstown, PA, $15-$40
(O,T,P http://www.newportfolk.com/tour.html)
August 29- Buffalo Naval Park, Buffalo, NY (P, O)

**Sept. 20- Newport Folk Fest, San Francisco, CA (O)**
**Sept. 19- Newport Folk Fest, Concord Pavillion, Concord, CA (P)**

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Monterey Peninsula Artists.
Serious inquiries only.

The Quote Of The Day:

I know it’s true but I’m sorry to say,
Yesterday’s a day away,
Nothing I can do to make it stay like that
Ain’t that a fact…

-From I Know It’s True But I’m Sorry To Say
-Submitted by wisconsinsane

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In Today’s Issue:

Back Online
Buffalo Info Needed
Tinley Park Info Needed
Info Needed On Atlanta Show
Atlanta Cancelled
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Review
The Milwaukee Show
RE: Various
For Sale: One Violent Femmes Chord Archive…

Back Online
Well, folks, it’s been a hellish couple of weeks. After two days on the
phone to Gateway (the last ending at 5 AM), my hard drive had been
manually wiped clean (corrupt files made this necessary, which is why I
couldn’t simply use my back up tape. It was corrupt too), and it was
discovered that Windows could not be reinstalled because the CD Rom was
broken. Two day UPS delivery took a full week to arrive at the center.
Then since I live 5 miles out of town, our house is considered a remote
area, and so delivery took about another week. On Friday of course I
drove to Connecticut for my high school reunion weekend. I highly
recommend reunions. Despite a shockingly reactionary taste in music,
most of the people were very nice, happy, and genuinely interested in
how well everyone else was doing. Yours truly was one of the very few
who COULD, and the ONLY one who DID wear a spandex leopard print
minidress for the first night’s festivities. 2:30 Sunday morning,
straight from the party, I drove 5 hours to get home so that I could
bake a cake and decorate the house for my son’s 8th birthday party. By
6 PM I was asleep, and didn’t wake up for 12 hours. Monday and Tuesday
have been spent reloading and installing as much as possible. Oh, and it
looks to me like I have to play around with the star a bit, along with
the format of the letter. Looks messed up to me on email. Tell me what it
looks like to you. I’ve been using notepad to make this up, guess I’ll
switch to wordpad. As for now, what you see is what you get.

Happy Anniversary everybody! Today is exactly one year since I took over
this list from James Schrader. For those of you who were not here then,
the first issue consisted of a brief (but still rambling) introduction
of myself to all of you. I still have it; if any of you care to read it,
email me.

As to the Sept. 19 and 20 dates, the Official Homepage lists a Sept. 20
Newport Folk Fest show in San Francisco, but the Newport Folk Fest
homepage says that the 20th is an LA show, and the 19th is the San Fran
show. Pollstar says they will be playing San Fran on the 19th.
Clarifications are welcome.

Buffalo Info Needed
where would I call to get tickets for the august 29 concert in buffalo?


Tinley Park Info Needed
where can i find out when tickets for the Femmes go on sale for their
show in Tinley Park at the New World Music Theatre? or does anyone here

thanks ahead for any help….


Info Needed On Atlanta Show
ok i hope your email is working again because i need to know if the
femmes are playing in georgia on the 30th of july. the official web
page says yes, but to my dismay when you go to the Newport Folk Fest
page the closest date they have is the August 1st date in philly.
please please please (sorry for the cheesy use of vf lyrics) write me
back with the info if you have it.


-Pat. Says: Guy, read on with sadness…

Atlanta Cancelled
Damn Damn Damn!!! The Atlanta date (7/30) for the Newport Folk Festival
has been cancelled! It figures since this is the first frickin’ time
all damn year I’ve known someone who could get me free tickets. I’ve
got four wonderful FREE tickets – and now no show! *&^%$# !!! I am NOT
a happy camper!


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Review
Here’s what the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said about the Femmes show at
Summerfest. This review ran on Sunday, June 28.

The Violent Femmes claimed their rightful place as Milwaukee’s
unofficial house band Friday night, playing to a crowd that overflowed
the Miller Oasis and spilled over into the walkways. These local music
icons may have been the city’s goofball laureates for almost two
decades, but their manic psycho-rock tunes revealed not even a whiff of
Gordon Gano turned off his nasal vocals during trademark tune “Blister
In The Sun” to allow fans to take over the chorus. The snappy refrain of
“Freak Magnet,” the title track of the Femmes’ soon-to-be-released new
album, also was quickly seized by the chanting crowd. Dancers greeted
the frenetic beat of “Add It Up” and “Kiss Off” with moves like a bouncy
pogo stick bop and a spastic-flamingo one-footed hop.
An all-star lineup of local musicians popped up onstage with the Femmes.
Sigmund Snopek III, Paul Scher, formerly of Paul Cebar and the
Milwaukeeans, and Sammy Llanas of the BoDeans all made apperances.


The Milwaukee Show
Sorry it’s long – grab a beer and some cheese and come to Milwaacky,
Wiscaaahnzin with me …. it’ll be fun ya’ll…. really!
The trip…
1400 miles? Am I crazy? Maybe – but sane ain’t this much FUN! I drove
up Thursday night and picked Amber up from her new farm in Indiana (had
a pretty freaky Children of the Corn experience too!) Then we drove up
Friday morning – ugh! I hate toll roads!! John how do you stand it in
Chicago?!! I’d kill someone if I had to drive those roads everyday!
Road rage MUST have started in Chicago! So we got to Milwacky a little
later than we had planned but still in plenty of time to make it to…..
drum roll please…. SUMMERFEST!
The town…
It is AMAZING – Milwaukee IS everything you’ve ever heard it is and
MORE! It is the coolest town! And the BEER- mmmm Beer ….&
roasted corn …. mmmm… beer & corn … mmmm… Don’t laugh – I lived
off beer and corn this weekend – I had to sell my VU box set to finance
this little fantasy weekend! Milwaukeans are very friendly folks! I
felt right at home & coming from a southern girl, that’s quite a
The show …
I’ve been wanting to see the Femmes in Milwaukee for a long time.
So when they came on-stage it was a very special moment for me. It
actually took me a while to stop repeating “omigawd I’m in Milwaukee
with VF” to myself (& Amber :o) and focus on the show. There really
was a different feeling to this show. I promise I’m not making this up!
No moshing up front, no surfing, just singing, dancing and laughing.
The way it’s supposed to be – FUN! There were people everywhere –
even on the sides of the stage it was probably 20-30 people deep!
The Set…
pls do not go,nothin,nonny, gonna rain,36-24-36,bits,prov my lv,am
music,DIVERSITY OF MAN,gd feeling, waitn 4 th bus,dance mf ,BAD,
old mthr reag,NEVER TELL,FM,held her n my arms,gimme th cr,blck
girls,confessions,gon daddy gon, add it up – encore – kiss off. They
jammed on so many different songs I couldn’t even begin to tell you.
The best live Never Tell I’ve ever heard. Sammy Llanas (BoDeans)
added a beautiful vocal to good feeling. HOD were HOT! amazing! Paul
Share (sp?) on sax, Dale Kaminski on trombone, Karl Johnson (sp?) on
tuba, Sigmund Snopek on a variety of flutes, & David Vartanian on
melodica. Johnny O’Brien rocked w/Guy on Black Girls! Brian had a
great Shakuhachi solo on Confessions /conch and mini sax (circular
breathing again – how does he do that?!?!) on Black Girls. Gordon was
in a really gregarious mood. Teasing the crowd about sing-a-longs on
Nonny and doing a little snoopy dance with Ray Cribb while HOD played!
Speaking of HOD -Guy even got in on the act close to the end and blew
Way to go Guy! Great show…
Oh! On the way out there were bands busking just like the Femmes!
We stopped and listened to this one group of three guys doing
Kiss Off – one of them even looked a little like a young Gano ….
Come with us and play…
Okay, so you know I had to do it… Of course we went to the Oriental
Theatre – actually we got thrown out of the Oriental Theatre! (for
taking pictures – we asked permission but I guess the concession stand
kid wasn’t the one to ask!) So there we were standing outside the
Oriental Theatre wanting to go in… hee hee – very cool!! We also
went to Downer, Hooligan’s, the “ugly” lake & of course, stood on the
corner and waited for the bus…. We pretty much went everywhere –
including most of the way to Madison! All roads lead to 94 but only 94
WEST! They need a sign outside of town telling you 43 south IS 94 East!!
Arggh! That’s my only complaint about WI – bad (& confusing) roads! We
also managed to squeeze in , just barely, someone else I have wanted to
see live again for a while – Sigmund Snopek iii !!! We went back to the
fest on Saturday just to see him! (thanks Amber) He was excellent!
Everyone order his new CD – Beer – from Dale (Charm School) right now!
Oh yeah everyone go out and buy a copy of New Times too! If you’ve got
one -buy another – hell buy three and give ’em to your friends! Just do
it! So anyway it was just (to use a Pat word) fantabulous!!! More fun
than should be allowed by law! I can definitely understand now how
Milwaukee could give birth to an enterprise such as the Femmes. It’s a
music – well really for that matter – artistic , in general, town! I
definitely hope to add another trip to Milwaukee to future vacation
The end…
So it wouldn’t be my post if it didn’t have a psychoanalysis part right?
Well here it is in all it’s glory…
Someone commented to me during my trip that it would be “like going
to see the “Beatles at Abbey Road.” I was offended by that analogy at
first. It seemed a little over the top – almost mocking the experience.
But the more I thought about it the more I decided that it was indeed a
good way to describe it. One couldn’t see the Beatle’s at Abbey Road now
but their music lives on – it’s larger than life because you hear it and
feel it – it “does” something to you… moves you in some way. And that
is the perfect way to describe my feelings about Femmes music….

OK! I’m done! And if I’ve timed this correctly you should be through
with your beer and about ready to pee….. :o)

Wish you could have all been there – it was excellent!


RE: Various
There seems to be some confusion about Gordon’s solo project. It looks
like “Hitting the Ground” will be released by Mercury Records sometime
this fall. This is the soundtrack for a movie of the same name for
which Gordon wrote all the songs and background music. He got different
people to sing the songs, like Lou Reed AND John Cale (but not together),
PJ Harvey (in a duet with Gordon), Mary Lou Lord, Frank Black, They
Might Be Giants, and others. The movie was never picked up for
distribution, but it has been shown on the Sundance cable channel.

Re: VF using other poems to set to music. Requiem uses a traditional
childhood prayer for the first verse, but Gordon wrote different words
for the rest of the song. It was inspired by the film Nico Icon.

Re: ddearry’s comment on the song from Gordon’s childhood which he sang
on Fathers Day. It’s an old country song called the “The Mom and Dad
Waltz” by Lefty Frizzell.

Re: 36-24-36. Gordon was asked to write a title song for a movie called
(you guessed it) “36-24-36”. I don’t think the movie ever got made.
Incidentally, “I’m Nothing” was written for the movie “Reality Bites”.
For some unknown reason the producers chose not to use it (too many
drugs?), but in this case the band ended up with a very good song.

For Sale: One Violent Femmes Chord Archive…
Excellent condition. Runs. SWM looking for SWF to take over Violent
Femmews Chord Archive. To Good Home. From Good Homes. As is
condition, no refunds.

Seriously. I started the Violent Femmes Chord Archive, because there
just weren’t enough good VF tabs on the internet. OLGA is a pain
because it’s always shutting down and the really cool unofficial page
that used to exist would never update them (sound familiar?). So in the
interests of preserving what I set out to do, that being provide an
easily accessible list of correct (for the most part) tablatures, I am
now giving it away. I have not updated it seriously in over a year.
I’ve made a few slight changes but those are few and far between. I
just don’t have the time to put into it that I used to. So if anyone
out there is interested, e-mail me. I will send you all the files,
pictures, tabs, etc. that I have for it (even the phat new logo) and you
can do whatever you want with it. I apologize to all the people that
sent me tabs and got ignored, hopefully the new owner will do a better
job than I. Thanks for your thyme.

*smooch* *smooch* love wes

| Wesley Torres |
| |
| http://www.students.bucknell.edu/wtorres/ |

-Pat. Says: Whoever takes Wes up on this offer should also contact me
when you have it in place so that I may change the link at
the top of each issue of AM.