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currently run by Pat Wary

The Quote Of The Day: “I danced before I had two feet,
sang before I had a tongue ”
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July 18-Waukesha County Fair, Waukesha, WI
July 19-Madison Theatre, Peoria, IL
August 1-Spinnaker’s, Palm Beach City, FL
August 2-Oak Mountain Amphitheater, Pelham, AL
August 8-Allen County Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN
August 9-Ben & Jerry’s Folk Fest, Fort Adams State Park,
Newport, RI
September 1-Mill City Music Fest, Wharehouse District,
Minneapolis, MN


Unofficial: http://www.gl.umbc.edu/~mmerry2/femmes.html
Official: http://www.vfemmes.com
Guitar: http://www.bucknell.edu/~wtorres/violent_femmes/

In Today’s Issue:
All about ME!
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Welcome back, everybody! And hello, new subscribers! My name is Pat. Wary,
and I’ve taken over this newsletter from James Schrader. Let’s all give him
a round of applause for the fine way he’s developed this list since he took
over from Neil Fahey, the originator of the ROCK! newsletter.
Now, before we begin, I’ll fill you all in on who I am, so here goes, ready
or not.
I’m 36, which makes me one of the oldest subscribers here, although I do
seem to recall there’s a few older. I subscribed to this list in March 1996,
so I’ve been here, mostly lurking, almost since the beginning.
I was born in Connecticut, USA, on Labor Day, thereby announcing to the
world my warped sense of humor. I received a BS in Chemistry, with almost
a minor in Physics, from UCONN. I had planned to work in a museum,
authenticating, dating, and otherwise testing old stuff, but it turns out
most museums are located in the city(imagine that), and I prefer the country,
where I can be as noisy as I want without someone calling the cops.
So I got a job in the chem lab of a Nuke plant, which I hated, and was more
than happy to oblige when this nice young man named Scott swept me off my
feet and promised to take me away from all that. We bought a 50 acre farm
here in Stillwater, Pennsylvania, and I proceeded to birth two boys over the
course of a couple of years. So now I work in the garden,design wild clothes,
do all kinds of needlework, paint the house when the mood hits me, and
nurture the chillun’. Oh, and there’s always that nasty housework stuff. I
also read a lot (Camus, Kafka, Fairy and Folk tales, Sci-fi/Fantasy, mostly
fantasy), and am trying to teach myself to play the bagpipes. As soon as
we’ve added on again, I’ll be getting my old piano from home.
We own about 300 CD’s, about as many vinyls, and some tapes. I listen to
everything from ‘Classical'(especially Stravinski, Dvorak, Berlioz,and Orff),
Ethnic music (Irish Celtic, Qawalli, I need more mideast stuff), Pre-bigband
Jazz (Bix Beiderbecke), early Rock’n’Roll (Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis,
Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly), Rockabilly, Punkabilly, Psychobilly, Ska, Old and
New School Punk, and many different kinds of music many people call
Alternative for lack of a better word, from the early 80’s to the present.
And then there’s the stuff which is hardest to pigeonhole, like the Balanescu
Quartet and the David Grisman Quintet. I guess you could say I like all kinds
of music. This week,I’m listening to a lot of the Violent Femmes (as always), Joe Strummer (remember the Clash), Fugazi,
311, Therapy?, Killing Joke, and Dada. I’m forced right now to play out of
my computer, because I blew out my stereo speakers.
I started listening to the Femmes in 1982, when the first album came out.
The first time I heard them was like an epiphany. I remember thinking, “Now
THAT’S what I’ve been missing!”, and let me tell you that happens so rarely
in life. So I have every album(except for Debacle and the elusive Film Noir),
plus some singles, 3 0n 3, and a press release video. I have been to 5 Femmes
concerts, and plan to go to the Newport Folk Fest in August, with my kids and
my mother, who celebrates a birthday the weekend before. I just have to get
OK, I’m sure I’ve bored you all to tears; flame away, it is deserved. I’ll
pretty much keep my mouth shut from here on out.
This incarnation of ROCK! is now operational. If any of you have any
suggestions concerning the layout of this newsletter, please submit them to
me. They’ll be considered. Is everyone comfortable with the name of the
newsletter itself? If I had originated it, I might have called it American
Music, but this works OK. I have added a couple of things to the welcome
letter new subscribers get, such as “please conduct flame wars outside of
this newsletter, please don’t ask about band members’ sexuality, we’re all
sick of the subject, and we don’t care”.
For those of you who want to unsubscribe, now would be the ideal time. I’m
sure there are those of you who have already asked to be removed from the
list, James just couldn’t get to it because I was pestering him so much for
a list, any list, ASAP, like now man. So if you get this in your mailbox, and
think it’s Dreck, email me, and I’ll remove you posthaste, tout de suite.
There are currently !!!!809!!!! subscribers!
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