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*Thursday, July 25, 2002 99X DOWNTOWN ROCKS Atlanta, GA
Saturday, July 27, 2002 VAIL SUMMER SPORTS FESTIVAL Vail,CO
Thursday Aug 15, 2002 HOUSE OF BLUES, Anaheim, CA
Friday, August 16,2002 VENTURA THEATRE Ventura, CA
Saturday, August 17, 2002 DEL MAR FAIRGROUNDS Del Mar, CA
Sunday, August 18, 2002 GOOSE ISLAND FESTIVAL Chicago, IL

Are YOU ready to rock???
Friday Nights are going to rock with 99X!

Atlanta’s New Rock 99X has lined up THE biggest bands to play every Friday night (June 7 through August 2) downtown at Baker Street Park, adjacent to Centennial Olympic Park! These shows are totally for 99X Freeloaders and are totally FREE!

If you aren’t a Freeloader you can apply online, pick up an application at various locations around Atlanta, pick up the latest issue of 99Xpress Magazine, or you can sign up every Friday night during Downtown Rocks.

If you already a Freeloader be sure to bring your card with you to the show. Gates open every Friday at 5:30 PM. All ages are admitted. RAIN OR SHINE!

Parking will be very limited so we suggest you take MARTA. Exit at the Civic Center Station. Head south on Peachtree St 2 blocks. Take a right on West Peachtree Place. Go three blocks to Techwood (Centennial Olympic Park Dr) and turn left. Baker St Park will be located on the right. Enter via the Simpson St Entrance Gateway.

7/25/02 99X DOWNTOWN ROCKS Baker St NW at Hayden St NW – Baker Street Park Atlanta, GA (across from Centennial Park)

Angie Aparo
Violent Femmes


Penn State Review
JS Summerfest Review
New tour Dates
New Link
Emusic Album
JS Summerfest Preview

Penn State Review
I just got back from the show up in State College. What a fabulous time it was. I can not remember when the band sounded so damn good. They all seemed to really enjoy themselves while they played and the audience in turn enjoyed hearing them play. The set was pretty standard stuff mostly the first album and Add It Up. The did play I Hear the Rain which is the one song I absolutely wanted to hear them play. So that was great. Other than that it was a pretty standard show a few technical problems but that’s about it. It’s great having Victor back! He brings an energy they didn’t have before and tonight at least you could really tell that he enjoys playing
for people. Anyway, I’m going to go to bed right now (it’s 4:45 am EST) before I pass out on my keyboard. I write more for next issue was I have time to sit down and remember all the details.


PS oh and maybe a topic for conversation. Does anybody that has seen the shows with Victor think he brings an energy that the band has been missing back?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Summerfest Review

DeLorenzo’s return restores Femmes’ lost vibrancy
July 8, 2002

“Revitalized” might not be the word for the Violent Femmes with the return of original drummer Victor DeLorenzo, but Sunday night at the Miller Lite Oasis, Milwaukee’s favorite three-piece band came across sharper than it has in many years.

DeLorenzo could have been the key: He banged his brushes onto the snares and cymbals as though he’d been waiting too long for the opportunity, and singer-guitarist Gordon Gano and bassist Brian Ritchie responded beautifully to his energy.

Focusing on the early days – particularly the first, self-titled album, which recently got a 20th-anniversary re-release – the Femmes hinted, through fiery renditions of “Country Death Song” and “Prove My Love,” at creative possibilities all but entirely muted in the last decade.

Unfortunately, the sound mix was problematic from the start, quieting Gano’s already-soft vocals. Even so, the overflow crowd showed the usual hometown admiration, and this time it was merited.

– Jon M. Gilbertson, Special to the Journal Sentinel
Appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on July 8, 2002.

New Tour Dates
hey everyone…
so we are seeing so many new tour dates right now! that article that is linked on the official page says victor says there are going to play 40 dates this fall!!!! anybody know where those will be? please please come to florida!!

keeping my fingers crossed …

Recently there has been some interest expressed about setting up a cdr
tree to distribute rare vf material. I’ve been in touch with Kirt
(Milwaukee) offlist to start trying to organise a tree.

We think there are probably others who would like to be involved but
maybe aren’t sure what’s involved. Hopefully the following will make things clearer:

It is easy to take part. You do not need to have a cd burner. It is a
cheap and fun way of getting hold of great live and rare recordings.

Trees are made up of Branches and Leaves. A Branch is someone with a cd burner who is prepared to distribute the discs to others – their Leaves (these Leaves may also be a Branch to other Leaves). A Leaf is generally someone who does not have a cd burner or does not want to distribute.

The top-level Branches distribute the disc to the next lower level etc
until it has made its way through the entire structure.

The structure can be re-used by simply ‘feeding’ the person at the
top who starts the whole process off again.

If you’d definitely like to be involved in the tree or would like more
information then e-mail either Kirt (Kirt.Knutsen) if you live in N. America or myself (michael.johnston) stating whether you’d like to be a branch (and have a cd burner, and know how to use it) or a leaf, and include you name and postal address.

We’ll do the tree building, and off we go. Except, we need a really good recording of a (preferably recent) show to start it off, so if you think you’ve got something that fits the bill please get in touch with one of us.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


New Link
Damn how can you think Freak Magnet was Bad, Listen to 3, I loved Freak Magnet, I think It was the true femmes coming out not being pressured by a big record Labled such as Interscope, and you want to talk about hearing everything, I own over seventy of of their damn albums, anyways I dont really care what ever floats peoples boats no need to argue, anyways Im writing to add the Link to the List:

I missed Summerfest for the first time in 10 years! Long and shitty story. ANyway someone who went please send in a review. Also what’s the story on more tour dates? Should we be expecting any?


EMusic Album
Has anyone heard the Femmes cd, that you can only download. My
computer sucks so i can’t. I was wondering if anyone is willing to burn me a
copy of the cd if they have a copy.

Mark P

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Summerfest Preview
Back on beat, Femmes ready to rock
of the Journal Sentinel staff
July 2, 2002

“Maybe at certain times, maybe it was the last thing I would have imagined to ever happen on the face of our good old world. But I think people mature, and maybe the mistakes of the past become clearer.”

Victor De Lorenzo is explaining how, at age 47, he has become a Violent Femme once again.

Prototype acoustic punks, influential far beyond their sales figures, the Violent Femmes have reunited their original lineup of Gordon Gano on vocals and guitar, Brian Ritchie on bass and De Lorenzo on drums. The immediate impetus for the get-together is a 20th-anniversary reissue of the group’s self-titled debut album, now blown up to 36 tracks and augmented by demos and concert performances.

Although their first reunion show wasn’t until this May, De Lorenzo and Ritchie have been working on the CD project for about a year and a half. When the two started digging through the tape archives in De Lorenzo’s studio, they found they came up with almost three days’ worth of material.

And the more they worked on the reissue, the more the notion of playing together seemed like a logical extension. Slowly, old hurts began to heal over.

“I’d been out of the band for about nine years,” De Lorenzo said. “Through different business things that would come up we would have some kind of interaction, but it was usually through third parties. But at least we knew what the other people were thinking.

“As far as getting in the same room and talking, I think the first time that happened was maybe five years ago. I had actually kept some semblance of contact with Brian because we’d been really good friends. We went through a period of time when we weren’t speaking to each other just because the wounds were fresh. We had to let the scarring take place.”

The 20th-anniversary reunion had its roots in a new generation.

“About five years ago, Brian was talking with my son and wanted to know if my son’s band would be interested in maybe opening up a few shows for the Femmes. So they did, and that’s how I got to be in the same room with the guys again and talk with them again,” De Lorenzo said. “So after having my son’s band play with them a few times when this project came up, then Brian and I really started getting to know each other again.”

A combination of faded hurts and fresh economic opportunities began to argue in favor of the original Femmes getting back together.

De Lorenzo acknowledges that there was some anxiety surrounding that first reunion show.

“I think there was a lot of pent-up tension,” he said. “What’s it going to be like? Is it going to sound the same? Is it going to be bad?

“We played May 3rd at St. Paul at the College of St. Thomas. It was just a closed college show. There was like 2,500 kids there. The night before, we met in my hotel room and just adjourned to run through things with the acoustic guitars and me playing with the brushes on a magazine.”

And it all came back.

“It was funny,” De Lorenzo said. “From the first song, it was like ‘Ah. There it is. That’s what it sounds like.’ It was like putting on a great suit that you haven’t worn for a while because you needed to lose some weight.”

A string of successful shows on the West Coast followed and, on Sunday, the reunited Violent Femmes will come home to Milwaukee for a show at Summerfest’s Miller Lite Oasis. A full-scale reunion tour, running to 40 dates, is set for this fall.

Beyond that, plans are fuzzy. With all the old tapes in his studio, there’s also plenty of untapped vintage material if Rhino is interested in further reissues.

De Lorenzo admitted that he’s not even sure of the status of his replacement in the Femmes, former BoDeans drummer Guy Hoffman.

“I really don’t know what’s happening with Guy. He was supposed to be at the show in Los Angeles, but he never showed up because he lives there,” De Lorenzo said. “As far as I’m concerned, I certainly don’t have any animosity toward Guy. He came in at a time when they needed someone to play the drums, but what we have now is a return to the original recipe.”

Appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on July 3, 2002

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