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Re: Wisconsin Show
RE: S2K show
RE: Summerfest
RE: The Too Late Late Show
RE: July 4 Craig Kilborn Show
This and That

Re: Wisconsin Show
Damn! Children of the Revolution!!!! I need to hear that live!

Quick question: On the tape version of Blind Leading the Naked, there
was an extra song that is not on the CD version. Of course, long ago
I gave away my tapes to a needy friend after buying all the albums on
CD. And now I can’t remember what song that was!

From the official web page (I don’t have the CD nearby, I’m at work),
here is the track list for the album (I imagine it’s the CD version).

1. Old Mother Reagan
2. No Killing
3. Faith
4. Breakin’ Hearts
5. Special
6. Love & Me Make Three
7. Candlelight Song
8. I Held Her In My Arms
9. Children Of The Revolution
10. Good Friend
11. Heartache
12. Cold Canyon
13. Two People

… and for the life of me I can’t remember what the missing track
is. Or am I imagining things? (Maybe it’s Hallowed Ground that I’m
thinking of?)

If anyone has a cassette copy of either album, maybe we can settle



RE: S2K show
well, Jon did such a good job on his review from summerfest that
there’s really not a lot more to throw in, but i’ll try… Hands down,
this was the best Femmes show I have ever seen. I was going to say the
98 WI tour show in Milwaukee was still my favorite, but I changed my
mind. This was amazing. Like Jon said, the setting was just perfect.
And the atmosphere was great too — the crowd was so into the show, and
you could tell the band was loving it.
Gordon’s voice had something in it that made it even better, and Guy’s
performance was about a zillion times better than I have ever heard
him before. Actually, after one of the songs he took a metal washtub
off the top of his drum, and tossed it into the crowd. it bounced off
my friend’s head and landed right behind me… Had I not been holding
an $800 camera that i borrowed from my job, I would have dove for it…
but as it was my girlfriend’s brother snared it, then ended up having
to stand in it for the rest of the show so no one else could steal it
from him!

I was really excited to hear “All I Want”… actually all the Freak
Magnet stuff sounded really, really good. I was surprised that they
played “New Generation” because it’s actually my least favorite song on
the album, but whatever.

then it was pretty cool that brian’s nephew, my good friend Carl, not
only played the sousaphone with the horns, but also played Brian’s bass
on a few songs – including “Children of the Revolution”, which was
very cool to hear done live…

I did shoot almost 2 rolls of film from the 3rd row, so hopefully i got
some good pictures… if they turn out well enough i’ll probably put
them up on the web somewhere and post the address so if you’re
interested, you can check them out…

ok that’s about it… i’m still hoarse for screaming/singing along…
ah well


RE: Summerfest
Hi! Thanks for all the tips people gave me for getting things signed.
However, my sister and I didn’t get the chance to use them, but we’ll
keep them in mind for next time.
The Summerfest show was cool; we got seats in the front row right in
front of Brian Ritchie. It had been a whole year (since last year at
Summerfest, actually) since we had seen them, so I was a little
emotional. They were great. But I don’t know: maybe I’m way off, but
they seemed a little unenthused. It’s hard to explain, but my sister
and I got the same vibe. I was thinking maybe it was just that some
people’s family members were there, they probably don’t get to see
each other often, and maybe they just wanted to get back to seeing
their family. I don’t know. The next day, I looked on their web site,
and under “what’s happening” they said they are all depressed. So now
I’m all worried! My poor, dear friends (well, in my head anyway) are
feeling down. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to see them again
since they haven’t been playing around here a whole lot lately, but if
anyone else gets the chance, just make sure to let them know their
efforts are very appreciated!
But anyway, on to brighter things. My sister said she saw a movie
trailer today that plays “Kiss Off” throughout the whole thing!
That’s so cool. I don’t know what it is yet, but she said it had
Benecio Deltoro (however you spell that) in it. And I saw them on
Craig Kilborn last week: it looked like maybe they had taped the
performance of American Music the last time they were on because I
think they were wearing the same clothes. But it was so cool! I don’t
know why, but I love the fact that Gordon Gano was chewing gum while
he was singing. (call me weird…)

Thanks again,


RE: The Too Late Late Show

I forced myself to stay awake but was in such a stupor of sleep
deprivation that I can’t even tell you what they played. They looked
great and I fell asleep before I could even notice if they talked after
their number. They must do some earlier shows or I must get my VCR
fixed so I can tape.


RE: July 4 Craig Kilborn Show
I got back from watching fireworks just in time to catch the Craig
Kilborn show. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much! The C.K. show itself
was dumb and enough to put a person to sleep (sorry Kilborn fans!), and
he only put the Femmes on at the very end. He introduced them as the
Violent Femmes, who were there to promote their Viva Wisconsin album
by playing American Music. The Femmes came on and they played VERY
well, but they were only on for about 2.5 minutes, and then the credits
rolled without an interview or even a word from the band. Bummer. I
could see how a person could miss that very tiny section at the end:
I’d like to see more interviews, personally!


This and That
I just want to let Joel know that the Femmes do have a new video out of
“All I Want.” It’s little different, but not bad. I almost passed out
the first time I saw it as I had never seen one of their videos before,
and it was off their new album. I saw it on the M2 channel, which is
somewhat similiar to MTV, but more alternative and much better!!
So, keep your eyes open!!
I went to the show last weekend in Hampton Beach, and can anyone
explain to me why the shows at this venue are so calm?? I was there
last year too, and there isn’t any shoving at all. And I’ve been to
some pretty rough shows!
I’m certainly not complaining, it was great!!! Especially being able
to walk out of the show and across the street to the beach. Being from
VT, it’s very rare for me to be at the ocean. Last year, we walked
back to the hotel on the beach after the show, but this year, we were
a little short on $$ and we actually camped out at this campground like
20 minutes away. Holy cow, I forgot how hard the ground can be!!!!
But it was worth it to see the band again!!
Oh yeah, my best friend Martin was supposed to record the Femmes on
the late, late show for me, but fell asleep at 1:15 and woke up in the
middle of American Music, so I too did not get to see them….