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The Quote Of The Day:

I used to want to rock and roll
I was attracted to your gracefulness
but your surprise sure took its toll
now I guess I’d better go out now
gonna try to find something new
and all I’m left with is this craving
for some flamingo stew

-From Flamingo Baby
-Submitted by ddearry


Oct 25-7 p.m., Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, NY (T)

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The Too Late Late Show
Summerfest y2k


Is there anyone here living in Charlotte, NC? I will be there next
week, and would love tips on some not-to-be-missed sights. Scott will
be spending the days in conferences, and I will be free to explore
museums, used book and record stores, vintage clothing stores, or just
hang out at the rooftop pool. BTW, no issues next week, but that
doesn’t mean you can keep quiet! I hope to put out three issues this
week, assuming there are enough posts for that, and another issue when
I return on July 21.

The Too Late Late Show
I wrote in a told everyone that Femmes were going to be on the
Late Late show with Craig Kilborn on July 4th, so I hope a bunch of you
saw it… but guess who didn’t… I frickin fell asleep about 20 mins
before they were suposed to play. This is such a me thing to do. I was
so excited to see them play, and then i just go and fall asleep. I
pissed off to say the least. So did anyone see it? if so did anyone
tape it? I really wanna see it, so if anyone did tape it, I would be
willing to send shipping for someone to send me the tape, and then send
it back too. Thats enough of my whining.
I was listening to my Freak Magnet promo copy yesterday, and I
was thinking to myself, “Why haven’t I gotten the real album yet?” “I
think it’s about time I do”. So I went out and bought it. What an
awsome album. A lot of times it takes me some time to get to like some
songs, but I already love most of the songs on there.
Also, I’e been pretty busy the last few months, so I haven’t had
that much time to read all the mails, so I usually end up skimming
through most of them. But anyway, what I’m getting at is, I think I
remember reading something about a new video… was it Sleepwalkin’?


-Pat. Says: I honestly can’t tell you whether I saw it or not. I’m not
used to watching stupid TV shows. At any rate, the TV was
on, I was semi-awake, and I either saw it or dreamed I did.
Anybody else?

Summerfest y2k
Here’s a review of the show at summerfest and my experience there.

July 7, 2000 — Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Summerfest

My brother and I left home about 2:00pm and hit the highway towards
Milwaukee. Before we left though, our mom said, “Say Hi to the band.”
By the time we arrived in Milwaukee, we were tired and hot. We parked
at a Park and Ride location next to the olympic training facility and
took the bus to Summerfest. We felt this would be better than trying
to find a place to park once we arrived downtown. It took about 15
minutes and we were at the Henry Maier Festival Park. We went and
found the Miller Oasis Stage to scout the area out for the Femmes show
later. We then walked around and checked out the other various stages
and attractions. We rode a few of the carnival rides and enjoyed some
of the delicious entres available at the many eating establishments.
We kept making our way back to the Miller Oasis Stage to see if the
other band was finished.

At 7:30pm we stayed at the Miller Oasis Stage. The other band took a
break and then came back on for a second set. That lasted about 45
minutes and then they left. While they played, I happened to see the
Violent Femmes merchandise display going up, so I went over there to
see if Caleb was setting it up. Sure enough, there he was. I went
over to him and started to talk to him. He said that he saw us
earlier, and said to himself that he knew those two, but wouldn’t
have recognized us without our Femmes shirts. He then said,”You’re
from La Crosse, aren’t you?” I told him, wow, you have a good memory.
He laughed and said,”For some things!!” I told him, Thanks for all
they did for us on the Wisconsin Tour in 1998 and that we never had
a chance to thank them. I then purchased a shirt and went back to my
seat to finish watching the other band. The stage area was becoming
crowded as people came to see the Violent Femmes. By the time they
came on stage, everyone had to stand on the benches in order to see
the band. Anyone that was standing in the aisles were out of luck
because they couldn’t see anything.

The setting was just perfect for a Violent Femmes show. There were
some clouds as it wanted to rain, but fortunately for us it held
off and just a few drops fell. There were lights that were being
pointed into the sky and they bounced off of the clouds. It felt
like a Hollywood movie premier with the lights. Everyone kept
hitting beach balls around. The stage was great and gave a great
feeling that something special was about to take place tonight.

At 10:00pm the Violent Femmes took the stage and everyone cheered
as they entered into Out The Window. Next they kicked into Rejoice
And Be Happy, a song off of the latest album, Freak Magnet. Look
Like That was the next song and kind of a suprise because I haven’t
heard them play that one since the Wisconsin Tour in ’98. Gordon
then asked the crowd if they knew what it was like to get a phone
number from someone that you really wanted and that he had gotten a
number tonight that he really wanted. He then said that he signed
something for someone and gave it to them and later realized that
the number was on the back of what he had signed. He said that if
they could bring it to the side of the stage and they would work
something out like give the guy a cruise or something. He then
said,”Now back to work!” With that they started into Country Death
Song. Next the crowd erupted into a sea of noise as they played
their most famous song Blister In The Sun. Standing on the bench
was frightning because they weren’t very stable and it was tough to
keep your balance with about 20 other fans grooving to the songs.
Prove My Love was the next song to make its appearance. They then
returned to 1984 and played Jesus Walking On The Water from
Hallowed Ground. Confessions was the next classic that they played.
The Horns of Delima were great, led by Sigmund Snopek III. Brian
picked up the energy level as they tore into one of my favorites,
Don’t Talk About My Music. Next they went all the way back to their
beginnigs and launched into Waiting For A Bus, which everyone sang
along with. They didn’t miss a beat as they played All I Want. Good
Feeling was played next. Next they launched into a couple of their
longer songs, Old Mother Reagan, and Dahmer Is Dead. They then
played one of my favorites off of Freak Magnet, which was Freak
Magnet. Sleepwalkin’, my favorite off the current release was next.
I was extremely happy. They played Gimme The Car next and boy was
it great. Next they played American Music, problably their second
most famous song. Next they played I Held Her In My Arms, which I
almost had cardiac arrest because I have never heard them play that
song live before. That really made the night great. They went into
New Generation and Black Girls next. Guy did an amazing drum solo
on Black Girls. Sigmund really led the Horns of Delima into the
song. Brian switched instruments and went to the xylophone and they
played, as you might have guessed, Gone Daddy Gone. Gordon then
entered into Add It Up and they really rocked the house. They left
the stage and about a minute later they returned to play an encore.
Brian started talking about the guitar that he brought out. He
received it 15 years ago from the Miller Brewing Co. It was shaped
like a Miller High Life label. He said that they were gonna play a
song next that they very rarely play. Someone else was playing the
bass and it sounded like he was just goofing off until I realized
what song it was. I can’t believe they launched into Children Of
The Revolution!!! That one really made the night superb. They
finished the night with Kiss Off. This was the best Violent Femmes
shows that I have seen.

After the show, my brother and I then went to the side of the stage
to see if we could meet the band. I saw David Vartanian again. We
then went to the front of the stage, but that didn’t help us any.
We said hi to Sigmund and then we went and then I saw Brian. He
finally made his way over to the fans and when he saw me, he asked
how I was doing and where my splitting image was. I told him he was
over on the other side. I told him that the show was great and I was
suprised that they played Children Of The Revolution and I Held Her
In My Arms. I then told him that I only need to hear Never Tell live
and then I would be happy. He said that they play that about one out
of every three shows. I then went over to Guy. My brother was already
talking to him and when I got over to him, he said,”Hey it’s the
twins.” I talked to him for awhile and then told him that my mom says
hi. I then went over to Gordon. He then started speaking German to us.
I was suprised that he remembered that we spoke German with him on the
Wisconsin Tour. I told him the show was great. I then left, but ran
back to tell him that my mom says hi. He then said to say hi to her.
We then left and took the bus back to our car and headed home.
It was a great night.

Jon Beam