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Cheezy ass concert review
RE: ROCK for 7-5-96
what I found on alt.music.alternative
summerfest concert thoughts….
Did I happen to mention that i’m impressed?
I Guess I Went A Little Overboard

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From: Jose Talbot
Subject: Cheezy ass concert review

I wuz at the ampitheatre last night, and heard some pretty cool music. What
the hell am i saying? IT FUCKIN ROCKED!!!!! ok, it was my first phlemmes
(sorry, i got hooked kallin them that) concert, and it totally ruled! ok,
first gordon comes on smokin a cigar and everyone is screemin(the Goo did a
prety good job of warmin us up, but dishwala was kinda cheezy) anyway, they
played all the whoopass songs (i don’t remember all of them, and i’m not
gonna give yah an incomplete list) ya know, all the femmes songs rock, and i
luv them all, but, in concert, the well known ones have alot more energy to
them, and thats why i think you should all stop knocking the popular ones (B
in da S, A it U, K off, ectectect) cauze in concert they whoop more ass than
the others. sure, we all look like god’s cauze we know all the lyrics, but
i’d rather have everyone knowin lyrics, than to be standin up all by my
lonesome, chantin away at the lyrics. ok, i know this wasn’t much of a
review (look at the subject) but hey, all you need to know is that the
femmes ruled soooo bad that they set a new record for ampitheater attendance
(WHOOP ASS!), and, hey, being the femmes, you know they automatically
ROCK!!!!! 🙂
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From: “Haluska’s”
Subject: RE: ROCK for 7-5-96

The Femmes Rocked last night!!!!!!! Oh my god! It was so kewl, when they played Gone Daddy Gone I thought i was gonna shit my drawls! And Add It Up at the end just made it the perfect concert except for the fact Dishwalla and the Goo Goo Dolls suck!
Mike out

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From: Azure!
Subject: what I found on alt.music.alternative

Hey guys, found this on alt.music.alternative, and I thought I’d pass it
on incase anyone missed it:

Hi folks–

If you’re interested in the VIOLENT FEMMES, stop on by and check out our
coverage of their big show last night in Milwaukee.

As you may know, the Femmes are originally from Milwaukee, so it was a
real barnburner of a show. We’ve got some swell shots of the band, and
tons more coverage of the whole Summerfest event, now winding to a

Go direct to the Femmes at http://www.requestline.com/summerfest/04
See the rest of our stuff at http://www.requestline.com



Hans Eisenbeis, Content Director
Request Line

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From: Laurel Gilbert
Subject: summerfest concert thoughts….

First off, if ANYONE knows how to get a soundboard tape of July 4th’s
Summerfest concert, I will sell my soul to you for it. 🙂

Okay, here’s my “Summerfest Experience….”

We left (Bowling Green, Ohio) at about ten a.m. on the fourth….here’s a
little tidbit of info…the eight-ish hours drive from Toledo to Milwaulkee
can be filled JUST PERFECTLY with all the Femmes tapes in order. We started
with the first album and went all the way through to Rock! and then listened
to Add It Up for our last 45 minutes driving into downtown Milwaulkee. We
got there about four and the Marcus didn’t open up ’til seven thirty, so we
ate and wandered around, and listened to bands. At one point we did wander
down to the Marcus, and discovered that the concert was sold out (24,000
seats) and that they had hand-stamped the maximum for the lawn seats (I
believe 15,000) and there were a few very unhappy souls wandering around
without tickets. 🙁

Didn’t stick around much for the first act, and I wasn’t really into GooGoo
Dolls, so we sort of wandered around for that. It was funny; a lot of people
were dancing to GGD, but there were also a fair amount (like me) just
sitting around waiting for the show to begin.

My notes? Awesome. Amazing. nearly 30,000 people on their feet, screaming
and dancing and clapping. They said it was the largest audience EVER at the
Marcus. Highlights? Good Feeling is always an important concert moment for
me. Digeradoo is amazing…I was certain that, between the digeradoo and the
horn section in Black Girls, the aliens were going to land on top of the
Marcus and carry us all away. I had a funny moment: durring American Music
and the line “every time I look at that ugly lake..” my s.o. turned to me
and goes “ugly lake!” and points behind us….duh. I never thought of it.
🙂 (I know…it’s dumb.) Most importantly, I’m struck with how wonderfully
experimental they’ve become….remember how the Beatles had their “early”
phase with “She Loves You” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and then they
started experimenting with drugs and eastern philosophy, and then the White
Album made everyone go “huh?” It would seem the Femmes are doing a lot of
the same sound experimentation….in Death Drugs, Black Girls, etc, they
really seem to be trying to make a rhythm *not* on the 3 or 4 measure beat.
It’s hard to explain…but it’s so *hard* sometimes to find the rhythm, and
yet it’s there, and they are concentrating SO hard on it. Native American
and far Eastern drumming and shamanistic music is often based in a really
weird-sounding (to us) rhythm, not a 4/4 or 3/4….I’m convinced after the
concert that the Femmes are doing the same thing. Anyone want to comment??

They also played a lot of songs I hadn’t heard live before. I loved
36-24-36, Dance MF Dance, Country Death Song (with the red light only on
Gordon….sweet…), Old Mother Reagan, We Don’t Want No Killing…etc. And
of course, the screaming after they “ended” (not) with Kiss Off (before the
encore with Gone Daddy Gone and, of course, Add It Up) was amazing. I’m sure
my hearing is permanently damaged…and did anyone else catch the guy who
played bass when Brian took over the xylaphone on Gone Daddy? He appeared
from a group of roadie-types who all cheered him and hugged him and patted
his back after the song was over. Wouldn’t that be COOL?? You’re a roadie
with the femmes and you get to play bass for Brian R. in Milwaulkee on the
encore before 30,000 people. Yes! I was very pleased; I knew all the words
to all the songs except one they played in the middle….was it new or a cover?

Okay, I’ll quit; this is long. We were so tired driving home that we stopped
and slept in this real dive of a motel about 30 miles south of Milwaulkee.
But it was SO worth the 8+ hours drive. I did buy a T-shirt and a sticker,
which will be the first sticker on my soon-to-be-purchased new (bought new,
very used) car.

Looking forward to hearing other Femmes mailling list responses to the
concert, and again, if anyone has tapes of the concert, my soul is yours!

** “You don’t like those ideas? I got others…” –Marshal McLuhan **
Laurel Gilbert
American Culture Studies, BGSU, Ohio http://www.bgsu.edu/~lgilber/

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From: Brendan Lowther
Subject: Toronto

Just thought I would let everyone know that I saw the Femmes Last night at Lolapalooza
and they kicked some seriuos butt. Chow from T.O.!


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Subject: Did I happen to mention that i’m impressed?

ok first for josh, besides “Do you really want to hurt me” for femmes
doing covers there is of course the Eep Opp Ork Ah-ah (means i love you)
well i consider that a cover. and i know they did a song on the Tom Waits
tribute album, but i can not remember what the name of the song is. At
the concert on the fourth they did not play any of those 3 songs…i was
really hoping for the Eep.. that would have been fucking cool to dance
around to.
anyway now about the concert on the 4th!! It was a wonderful
performance!! it was only the 3rd time I’ve seen the femmes, but of
course they lived up to what i wanted and surpassed it =) (except for the
fact they did not play waiting for the bus..and the last 2 times they
did..and i really love that song..)
here is the setlist:

4 Seasons, Out the window, Prove my love, Country Death Song, Dahmer is
Dead, 36-24-36, A Blister in the sun, American Music, Ugly, Good
Feeling, Didgeriblues, Dance mother fucker dance, Death Drugs, (Gordon’s
guitar solo), Color me once, Old Mother Regan, Girl Trouble, No killing,
Dont start me on the liquor, Confessions, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Black
Girls, Kiss off.
encore: Gone Daddy Gone then gordon says “Thank you very fucking much for
comming ??? rock concert I believe tonight permits one more song……..
DAAAAAAAAAAYY…” so you all know what that last one was 😉

i traveled to milwaukee from denver to see them =) i’m so so so glad i
did. it was sooo worth the money i spent on my trip to see them. i love
the violent femmes!!!!


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From: (Nicholas)
Subject: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Subject: I Guess I Went A Little Overboard

> Alright, I think it is about time for the bashing to stop. Every
>Femmes song has its place and so does “Blister in the Sun”. So while all
>everybody sits and bashes this song (one that I happen to like) I will be
>the lone person to stand up and defend it.
> While it may be true that most people know two songs by the Femmes
>(“Blister in the Sun”, “Add it Up”), you must realize that most bands are
>known for only a few songs. Who cares if everybody can only recognize the
>Femmes for 2 songs, its their loss, not ours. Its like another of my
>favorite groups, Rusted Root, people have only heard “Send me on my Way”
>and none of the others.
> In short, this letter says Get over it and quit your whining. Don’t
>complain that everybody in this world does not share your devotion to the
>Femmes. Life sucks, buy a helmet.

I guess I went a little overboard. I really don’t have BITS like it sounded but It is definitely not my favorite song. I just wish people wouldn’t think that its their only good song. People think “Oh, they only have one song played on the radio, it must be their only good song” and that just plain stupid, stupid, stupid.

okay, i’ve said enough

John, aka NoidLess