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The Quote Of The Day:

little voice says I’m going crazy
to see all my worlds disappear
vague sketch of a fantasy…
good feeling
won’t you say stay with me just a little longer
y’know it always seems like your leaving
when I need you here just a little longer…

-From Good Feeling
-Submitted by ddearry


July 7- Summerfest, Miller Oasis Stage, Milwaukee, WI**
Oct 25-7 p.m., Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, NY (T)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show:
in the US, contact Frank Riley at Monterey Peninsula Artists
in EU, contact Paul Boswell at Free Trade Agency
Serious inquiries only.


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Milwaukee, WI
rhc75a (Rob)
vfpony (Bill)
jjwil90 (Julie)
Smashkin (Amber)

New York, NY
RatFink746 (Frank)


In Today’s Issue:

Femmes on Craig Kilborne Show
Hampton Beach
From the Milwaukee Journal Online Chat

Femmes on Craig Kilborne Show
The Femmes will be playing on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborne on
the night of July 4th. The show starts at 12:30 and airs on CBS.

Appropriately enough… the band is scheduled to perform American
It’s not a cable station so everybody should be able to see it.


Hampton Beach
Where to begin 🙂 First, I want to say “hi” to James, Ron, & the
other terrific people from the AM list that we enjoyed meeting after
the show. Found out James lives in Maine as well 🙂 Ok, about the
show…The Psych Furs didn’t play due to schedule conflicts, so Howie
Long opened the show. (I think that was his name) He was good, & had a
great sense of humor. His set ended around 9:10, & around 9:30 Gordon
walks out and takes off his black coat, Guy & Brian are onstage & they
simply smile & begin to play.
Some interesting moments of the show were:
When Ron was invited onstage to play bass on “Gone Daddy Gone” while
Brian played the xylophone. I must say Ron rocked!
Towards the end of the show, a tech handed Brian a piece of paper just
before they left the stage. When they came back for the encore they
played a song request for someone’s birthday, “Fat”! During the song
Gordon paused slightly right before he sang the word “Fat”. The
audience filled in the word every time Gordon was about to sing it 🙂
For us, the shinning Femmes member of the night was Guy. His drum
solo during “Black Girls” was phenomenal. By far the most intense I’ve
seen him play. A little longer than usual as well. It almost sounded
as if they were going to start playing “Wipe Out”. Gordon & Brian were
also great! We were against the barricade in front of Guy, and at
different times during the show Brian would walk over right in front of
us, and do that grimace he does so well 🙂 Gordon didn’t make it over
quite as often until “Add It Up” when he stood directly in front of us
during entire break / guitar solo. Just amazing! I could see every
detail on his guitar, the quilted maple top on his Tele thinline is
just beautiful. I noticed the maple neck looked quilted as well.
Definitely a custom Fender shop product. Which reminds me….does
anyone know what effect pedals Gordon uses? I noticed he uses a wah,
but other than that I’m not sure, he definitely uses a few more,
looked like Boss pedals? I really couldn’t see them that well.
Other songs they played were:
Country Death Song
American Music
Old M Reagan
Don’t Talk About My Music
Life is An Adventure
Rejoice & Be Happy
Gimme the Car
All I Want
Waiting For the Bus
Prove my love
Freak Magnet
Color Me Once
Dahmer’s Dead
When You Died
Oh, a little more about Guy….he made eye contact with Jennifer
throughout the show, & gave her a drumstick after Kiss Off. (the last
song) She was a happy camper! After the show Jen & I made a dash for
our car to get the camera & a couple items to hopefully have signed 🙂
We met Guy first, he was extremely friendly & really liked Jen, gave her
a hug/kiss on cheek & said she was the star of the show 🙂 Guy is such a
ladies man, hehe. Brian & Sigmund came out of the venue about 20 minutes
later. They were very friendly as well. Gordon seemed tired, & quickly
left via a van with tinted windows. Who could blame him after singing &
playing an hour & a half. We took photos of the after show activities,
& one hour developed them 🙂 They turned out great & I should have them
up on the web before this issue of AM is mailed 🙂 at
Oh, speaking of the website, I updated the Violent Femmes audio section.
It’s Brian talking about how he likes Hampton Beach, pretty funny!
Well, that’s about all I can remember at the moment, I’m sure I’ll
remember something right after I send this 🙂 It was a blast seeing
them again, & meeting after the show was icing on the cake. It was
also great meeting/seeing the other AM list members!

Just remembered, at the end of the last encore Gordon wishing everyone
a happy Canada Day before he left the stage 🙂 Also….they played
“Out the Window” & “Prove My Love” I don’t think I had listed those.
I remember Brian’s enthusiastic background vocals on Prove My Love 🙂

Take Care Pat!

From the Milwaukee Journal Online Chat
Found this on a transcript of an online chat on the Milwaukee Journal
Sentinel today.

Q: Chris Wegehaupt of Milwaukee — Whatever happened to Sigmund Snopek
III? He used to always be at the comedy stage, usually daily? I’ll
miss him.

A: Summerfest — Sigmund decided a few years ago to concentrate on
commercial jingles. He will be here this year playing with the
Violent Femmes.