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Sun 07/08/01 – 8:00PM, Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA (T,O,P)
21+ Show
Fri 07/13/01 – AT&T LoDo Music Festival, Denver, CO (P,O)

**Sat 07/14/01 – Double Diamond, Aspen, CO (P)**

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Denver, CO
lmjacobs (Laurie)




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Linemans and Summerfest
Milwaukee Article
Violent Femmes Desktop Theme
This and That
RE: Freak Magnet
RE: Vote
RE: Vote
RE: Vote, etc.
The Vote So Far

Here’s the setlist for the Femmes show last night at Summerfest in the
order that they played them.

Prove My Love
Country Death Song
Blister In The Sun
Kiss Off
Jesus Walking On The Water
Don’t Talk About My Music
In The Dark
Old Mother Reagan
Dahmer Is Dead
Freak Magnet
Gimme The Car
Life Is An Adventure
Hallowed Ground
All I Want
Rejoice And Be Happy
Dance, M.F., Dance!
Black Girls
Gone Daddy Gone
Add It Up

Children Of The Revolution
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
American Music

The crowed was an entertaining one. People were trying to crowd
surf while everyone was standing on unstable metal bleacher seats.
Security didn’t like that and when they finally got a hold of those
people they went flying out! I really mean flying out. Also we even
had the privilege of passing an empty half barrel to the front of the
stage!! Afterwards my brother and I talked to the band. Guy asked me
“in this life time??!!” when I told him that just once I would like to
hear them play Agamemnon and Never Tell. I think he was refering to
Agamemnon because they keep telling me that they play Never Tell quite
often…(except when I am at the show!!:() I asked Gordon about
Agamemnon as well. We talked about the show and I mentioned that they
didn’t play I Held Her In My Arms and he said that they had plans to
do it, but ran out of time, but they did play Life Is An Adventure,
which Gordon remembered that we like. I did say a quick hi to Brian,
but didn’t talk long since we weren’t getting home before 4am and
didn’t feel like getting home any later.


Linemans and Summerfest
Well damn… I can’t believe I missed a chance to see VD and Brian
together again. I guess it was just one of those days when the heavens
are in alignment and you’re just not tuned in … damn! Summerfest was
cool though. Good show… BIG crowd … high energy… Absoultely huge
Horns of Dilemma too – must a been like 8 or 10 people back there.
They rocked hard. Gordon did a solo cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water
(Paul Simon was playing at the Marcus Amphitheatre). He seemed mightily
pleased with himself when he finished so he played the first verse
again for a crowd sing-a-long. It was no Hey Nonny or anything but it
was ok. They also did an encore repeat from last year – Children of the
Revolution! Some kid came up and played guitar next to Brian. I think I
remember something from last year about the kid being related to him or
something. It was good. I wandered around to the backstage area after
the show was over and was surprised to get a chance to talk to Brian.
He hung around for a long time signing stuff and talking to people. I
just think that’s so cool of him to do ya know? I mean there were tons
of people backstage but he’s out there saying hi to us regular people.
He’s the man. Thanks Brian.


Milwaukee Article
It was a little slow but not as bad as this jerk says. You can respond
online to the article by clicking just below it. I hope some of you
who were there say something.

01:16 a.m. June 30, 2001 CST
Femmes stale, lifeless in Fest performance
by Andy Tarnoff
I never thought the day would come when I panned a Violent Femmes
concert. I’ve seen Milwaukee’s native sons perform more times than I
can count on two hands, but on Friday night I witnessed what appeared
to be the band’s equivalent of the white flag of surrender.

Normally a great live show, the Femmes came out to the Miller Oasis
and played a dull, lifeless set in which they managed to mangle songs
they’ve been performing for two decades. From the first song through
their encore, most tunes were played too slowly, and front man Gordon
Gano mumbled through lyrics as if he was sleepwalking.

From fifth row center, the music was actually too quiet to hear
bassist Brian Ritchie’s powerful solos. Drummer Guy Hoffman, who
replaced Victor DeLorenzo in the early ’90s, stumbled through “Black
Girls,” a Femmes anthem. “Country Death Song” and “Gimme the Car” went
off without a hitch, but even the upbeat “Gone Daddy Gone” dragged

For the first time, the Violent Femmes looked old. Gano resembled
Sipowitz more than a rock star, dressed in an uncool short-sleeve
button down shirt and gray pants. Gano, Ritchie and Hoffman went
through the motions of a concert but stopped well short of delivering
the performance they’ve been known for in the past. It almost seemed
that their indifference at times silenced the raucous crowd.

The crowd itself was part of the problem, too. Groups of drunken,
obnoxious fans body-surfed without restraint until they broke a metal
bleacher. The real fans tumbled off their bleachers as these groups
urinated on the ground, slammed dancers and flung themselves around.
Security at Summerfest’s second largest stage was nowhere to be seen.

If there was a silver lining in the show, it was the increased
presence of our friend, Sigmund Snopek III, on keyboards. He played
well on “Hallowed Ground” and “Children of the Revolution.” Gano joked
with Snopek but barely said a word to the rest of his band, adding
credibility to rumors that the trio doesn’t get along.

The Violent Femmes haven’t had a legitimate hit since “American
Music,” which they played last in their one encore. Apparently, their
omnipresence at the free Summerfest stages has earned them the
reputation of an over the hill, ’80s party band. Sadly, their generic,
uninspired performance did nothing to cause the packed house to change
its minds.

Article submitted by wisconsinsane13

Violent Femmes Desktop Theme
Hi everyone.
So like, every once in a while I just spend some time searching the net
for any VF related hits and I found one last week that is way cool.

You download a file that puts a Violent Femmes theme on your desktop.
Has icons, cursors and even music. all of the sounds are from the self
titled. it’s awesome.


This and That
I know I should probably be spanked for not responding to all the
newsletters, but this is the first time I’ve touched a computer in 6
months. Im on my way to Vegas for my 21st bday (july 3-the same as Tom
Cruise) and am able to check my email. I hate to bring up old news,
but I never did get a copy of the compilation video… anyone with a
copy in Hawaii or on the West Coast please contact me! I was kind of
hoping the boys would be playing near Vegas for the 4th of July, but no
such luck. Since I havent seen them play in what feels like years I
feel it is my duty to say one thing: NICE BUTT!! You know who you are.
haha. There’s a huge void of good music in Hawaii. The last show was
98 Degrees or some crap like that. Crucible played at my work 2 days
ago but Im not much for death rock. I just got off a plane and havent
slept in 2 days, so Im kind of just talking out of my ass. Everyone
should come to Hawaii and eat mangoes naked in the moonlight. Have a
beautiful day.


RE: Freak Magnet
in response to freqfsh’s email:

i fail to see how freak magnet was an attempt by the femmes to go “out
on a limb” and play “punk”. the music that the femmes create has long
been punk influenced. freak magnet proved to me once again that every
femmes song sounds different, though you know a femmes song from the
first note struck.


RE: Vote
I vote for:
Walking in the rain
(i haven’t even heard this song yet, one reason why i vote for it)


RE: Vote
I don’t know about All I Want. The beginning sounds too much like
“Jane Says” by Jane’s Addiction. I think our best chance would be with
It’s Gonna Rain, but that’s not really gonna promote the new album in
the least bit…


RE: Vote, etc.
Okay, can I still vote for a song? If so, I’m voting for “I’m bad” even
though it’s from Freak Magnet and not the new album. And here’s my case
for it: I saw the show at Summerfest on Friday (AWESOME!!!!) and ever
since then, I’ve been listening to everything they’ve got. So, of
course the first thing that enthralls me after a concert is all the
songs that I’ve never or rarely heard them do live. But then I was
thinking about some of the songs that they didn’t do that they normally
do. The first one that I really missed was Good Feeling. But then, I’m
listening to Freak Magnet, and I realized that they didn’t do “I’m
bad.” And I didn’t realize how completely awesome that song is until I
realized that they didn’t play it. Once you get to the middle part, it
just makes you want to thrash around or something! Just go back and
listen to it and see what I mean. And then, of course, it’s so
completely awesome live!!! But anyway, that’s besides the point.

But the concert was so completely excellent! I hadn’t seen them since
last summerfest, and they looked really different! Brian looked like he
lost a lot of weight, and Gordon got a hair cut! But my favorite song
was probably “Life is an adventure.” If anyone heard someone freaking
out during that song, it was probably me. My sister says I was the only
one. (I didn’t really pay any attention to who else was screaming.) But,
she said that Gordon smiled at me (SIGH.) So all in all, the show was
completely terrific. Only wished it was longer.

Oh, and by the way. I noticed today that “All I want” on the white
jacket version of Freak Magnet is about 30 seconds longer than on the
other Freak Magnet CD, so that song is also a bit different in addition
to the other songs that were left out on the second one.


The Vote So Far
All I Want – 2 (One original; one alternate version)
Every Breath You Take – 2
Sleepwalkin – 2
It’s Gonna Rain – 2
Rejoice and Be Happy – 1
Walking In The Rain – 1
I’m Bad – 1