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The Quote Of The Day:

Patience, patience said the man
Patience, patience I can’t understand
Patience like the magical wife
I got patience up my back like a cold cold knife…
-From Colour Me Once
-Submitted by pwnordic


July 3- 3 p.m., IC Amphitheatre, Pittsburgh, PA, $20 (O,P,T)
July 4- Freedom Fest, MCI Center, Washington, DC (O,P)

**July 11- Vernon Downs, Vernon, NY (P)**

July 16- Double Diamond, Aspen, CO (O,P)
July 17- LoDo Festival, Denver, CO (P,O)

**July 19- Univ. of Utah, Saltr Lake City, UT (P)**

July 23- The Vogue, Vancouver, British Columbia, CA (O,P)
July 25- Calgary Folk Music Fest, Calgary, Alberta, CA (O,P,T-CA)
Gates open at 9 a.m., tickets (through TM CA) $30
w/ Joan Baez and Joan Armatrading
July 30- 8 p.m., Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
18+ show(unless w/parent), $19.50 in adv., $21.50 day of
show, doors open at 6. (T,P,O)
July 31- Cape Cod Summer Music Festival, Barnstable Co. Fairground,
Falmouth, MA $20 in adv., $25 at gate (P,O)
Tickets available through ticketweb, or call 510-594-1400
see http://www.baitfish for lineup
Aug 15- 7:30 p.m., Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA $25-$36 (T,P)
Aug 28- Jones Beach Amphitheater, Long Island, NY (O)
Sept 2- Blue Note, Columbia, MO (O)
Sept 3- Liberty Memorial Park, Kansas City, MO (O)
Sept 4- Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA (O,P)
Sept 5- 5 p.m., Rose Garden Amphitheater, Portland, OR, $25 (P,T)
Sept 10- Gas Lamp Quarter, San Diego, CA (P)
Sept 11- Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, CA (P)

Aug 20- Knitting Factory, NY, NY, Brian Ritchie! (O)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Hornblow USA at: hbgusa
Serious inquiries only.


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Washington, DC
Eor24 (Catherine)
vanallen (Bobby)

Denver, CO
truman (Emily)
lmjacobs (Laurie)
mypen15 (Nick)

Hampton Beach, NH
Potatoe482 (Em)
Nevertell6 (Ron)

Falmouth, MA
Potatoe482 (Em)
Rubaiyat (Marylee)

Saratoga, CA
sandycitarella (Sandy)

Seattle, WA
stevens (Michelle)

Portland, OR
stevens (Michelle)
LilBoek (Steve)
friday (Sandy)

Pomona, CA
mypen15 (Nick)




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New Web Page
Cake and the Femmes
RE: Summerfest
MJS Summerfest review
South Park (sigh)
Louise Attaque
Nightmares For Sale

New Web Page
I’m new member of the american music mailing list. I just got my
first mailing today and think it’s pretty damn cool. I noticed that you
had a list Vf related sites on it. I was wondering if you could include

I’m Nothing:A Femmes Site

I would like as many femmes fans to see it….because we all love
american music!!

Taylor (lucy Little)

-Pat. Says: I checked out this page and will be glad to add it to the
list of links; especially because of two features: the poll
of the week, and the message board. This last lets Chris
off the hook!
I think I’m going to have to go back to listing links once
a week, instead of every issue.

Cake and the Femmes
>This show is definitely Cake opening for the Femmes. Even though Cake
>is riding a wave of popularity the Femmes have always had a large fan
>base in the Northwest. All the papers have been billing it as The
>Violent Femmes show..

Don’t be too sure. Last summer, when the Femmes played in Columbus
with Ziggy Marley, the radio station that was hosting it kept
announcing it as “THE VIOLENT FEMMES!!! (with ziggy marley)” But
when I actually got there, I saw that the Femmes were just opening.
They played for an hour to a split crowd (half Femmes fans, half reggae
fans) before Ziggy got up and did a full set.

Just because the papers are saying it’s a Violent Femmes show doesn’t
mean that Cake agrees.


carrie and deana summed up the summerfest show well enough that i have
little to add….. but i will say this…. the show was one of the best
i’ve ever been to and definitely the best femmes show i’ve ever been
to!!! I found it amusing that they had to use a cheat sheet to sing
their own state song, but then again, being from texas where the state
song uses a ripped off melody, i shouldn’t be chunking any rocks at
anyone about it…. i left for texas immediately after the concert and
was on a lingering high from the shows energy the whole trip home!
(21 hours) I had always figured that milwaukee must be a great city
since the femmes came from there, but every time i go there, i just
like it more and more!!! Sorry that i didn’t sneak any recording
equipment in to boot the show (it would have been easy with the low
security) but i did get some pics of them on stage (i was in the floor
section to the left of the stage) and will gladly scan and send them
to any fan who wants to see ’em.


-Pat. Says: Let’s take a poll: How many Americans out there can sing
their state song? How many out there could recognise it if
they heard it? I spent the first 24 years of my life in CT
and the last few in PA, and I must say that I was going to
write that I thought the CT song was a ripoff of “Yankee
Doodle Dandy”, but then I looked it up in the almanac to
find my memory is better than I had thought because the CT
state song is indeed “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. Sheesh.

RE: Summerfest
I’m so happy to hear that the summerfest show was awesome–cause i
wasn’t there!!! I wanted so badly to go. That’s so awesome they were
on the Marcus stage–last year they were on the Miller stage was is
much smaller and the sound is horrible. Well–there’s always next year
(hopefully). Did anyone record the show? I’d love to have a copy.
Feel free to write me if you did.

Bill Brower

MJS Summerfest review
HERE is what the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had to say about the
Summerfest show… not very flattering, I don’t think. I’m working to
find the author’s email address… so you can give him a piece of your
mind. I’m so sick of this guy bashing the Femmes every time they play

Violent Femmes still rev up crowd with aging hits
By Jon Gilbertson

The Violent Femmes, Citizen King and the Promise Ring. That’s one
semi-legendary, new wave-influenced folk combo; one post-Beck
multicultural hybrid; and one hyper indie-pop outfit.

And, hey, it took less than two decades to produce such diverse
groups, then slap ’em together on a single Saturday-night bill at the
Marcus Amphitheater.

Femmes bassist Brian Ritchie noted, with typical asperity, that the
trio had just marked its 19th anniversary. He might have added that the
songs that catalyzed the biggest applause came off the band’s
self-titled 1982 debut. The crowd, about two-thirds of the venue’s
capacity, couldn’t get enough of the caffeinated, slightly oily,
acne-pocked angst of “Blister in the Sun” and “Add It Up.”

Front man Gordon Gano looked like that nervy reject of the early days
but advanced in age and weight. His voice remained high and irritating,
yet somehow alluring to the inner outcast teen in everyone. And even
when he played electric guitar, it sounded the same as his acoustic
— wound in tin strings, fingered like scabs.

The minimalist ardor the Femmes established has worn thin over the
years, but Gano, Ritchie and relatively new Femmes drummer Guy Hoffman
went at the music with a kind of grim, undeniable vigor. The results
were goofy but catchy.

In a twist of the fate the Femmes must be used to by now, Citizen King,
one of the opening acts, is probably far better known to the general
public. A big Warner Bros. push for the quintet’s album, “Mobile
Estates,” couldn’t have hurt; neither could the band’s chop-shop
attitude toward genre.

That attitude didn’t come across live as well as it does on the record.
Arena acoustics flattened the sonic quirks and thus eliminated the
modest joys of hip-hop and rock jams such as “Under the Influence” and
“Billhilly.” Lead singer Matt Sims’ frequent tone-deafness exacerbated
the problem.

However, run-throughs of the beatbox garage-rock of “Safety Pin” and
the brisk, darkened rhythms of “The Checkout Line” revealed the band’s
potential as a mixer of the banal and the unusual. And, yes, one might
have danced to it.

The first opening band, the Promise Ring, also was the scrappiest.
Focusing mainly on selections from “Very Emergency!” — to be released
in September — the quartet shimmied with youthful exuberance, although
again the acoustics took some of the shine off the bouncing,
slashed-chord pop.

In particular, Davey vonBohlen’s hoarsely excitable voice lost
emotional finesse. Nevertheless, this three-band lineup did its hometown



South Park (sigh)
I like South Park. I’ll probably see the new movie. But how in the
%^$&! did the Femmes end up on the South Park movie soundtrack? The
first 15 tracks are songs from the show/movie sung by Cartman, Stan,
Kyle, etc. then there are a few actual music tracks. The other songs
are sung by the likes of RuPaul and Kid Rock. WHAT THE HELL? In
short, there’s on way i’m paying 15 bucks for this nugget o’ crap,
even as i love the femmes and would love to hear a brand new song by
the boys. So…does anyone know if it’ll be released as a single
(unlikely) or if it can be found in mp3 format?

Also i recently dig up a Femmes bootleg from ’83 with an odd little
song i’ve never heard before, called something like “I’m In Style
Again.” Can anyone tell me, well, anything about it?


Louise Attaque
Hey y’all… I know a while back everyone was talking about Louise
Attaque and Gordon being the producer (along with Warren Bruleigh), but
I don’t remember anyone giving a review of the CD. I just got back from
Europe (the most wonderful place on Earth!!) and I had 5 missions while
I was there: eat a Parisian croissant, go to Neuschwanstein Castle, get
Louise Attaque’s CD, have some gruyere cheese, and get French perfume.
I did it all! But anyway…
I bought this CD with no expectations. I’d never heard a single
song on it, and I didn’t even know what their sound was like. All I
knew was that Gordon produced it, and that made me insanely curious.
Well, I found the CD at a French gas station of all places for 135
francs (a huge ripoff, I know). I hopped back onto the tour bus, popped
my headphones on, and… I was so delighted I started laughing aloud!
Louise Attaque kicks major @$$! They sound so much like French Femmes,
it’s mind boggling… just with a hell of a lot more violin. My sister
listened with me, and we came up with the

“How to Concoct Louise Attaque” Recipe:
1/2 c. Gordon’s wonderful whine, in French
1/2 c. Gordon’s energetic singing voice, French again
2 c. Femmes fiddle (depressing AND uplifting versions–equal parts!)
1 c. DeLorenzo’s drumming
1-1/2 c. Hoffman’s mad percussion style
Very Liberal Helping of Gano songwriting style
4 tsp. Wry laughter
1 tbsp. Tears
3/4 c. Dave Mattthews Band (yes, they’re in there too!)
(Sadly, there’s not much Ritchie in there, and I love his style… oh
well. They can’t be PERFECT, can they?)
The best songs on the CD are these 5: Amours, Ton Invitation, La
Brune, Fatigante (my favorite!), and Toute cette Histoire. (which is so
Femmes you’d swear it’s them with Gordon singing in French. I love it.)
I don’t know how many of you have been able to pick up this CD,
but if you ever have the opportunity, DO! It’s wonderful. Femmes fans
especially will love it.

See ya…. –Jennifer–

Nightmares For Sale
I have a problem that you can help me with. Recently I bought a lot of
12 inch singles for the Violent Femmes. And I now have a duplicate 12
inch clear vinyl single for Nightmares. Before I see if I can sell it
on ebay, I thought I would offer it for sale here. I paid about $5.50
for it when it was averaged out with the others. So, for $8.00 with
shipping and hadling it goes to the first one out there whe emails me.


-Pat. Says: Doug had offered this to me, but after checking the purse,
the expenses coming up, and a few days of hemming and
hawing, I decided to pass. So here you go. First email to
Doug, followed by PROMPT payment, gets it.