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Sunday, July 7, 2002 – SUMMERFEST Milwaukee, Wisconsin
*Updated* Saturday, July 27, 2002 VAIL SUMMER SPORTS FESTIVAL Vail,CO
Thursday Aug 15, 2002 HOUSE OF BLUES, Anaheim, CA
Friday, August 16,2002 VENTURA THEATRE Ventura, CA
Saturday, August 17, 2002 DEL MAR FAIRGROUNDS Del Mar, CA
Sunday, August 18, 2002 GOOSE ISLAND FESTIVAL Chicago, IL

Who’s Going Where:
Jesse – jesse – Summerfest/Milwaukee

Info on the 7/27 concert:
There is no cost to visit the Vail Summer Sports Fest however the Saturday evening concert with the Violent Femmes and G Love & Special Sauce is a $10 minimum donation at the door to the concert’s beneficiaries, the Steadman Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation and the Vail Valley Medical Center Foundation – supporting a collaborative campaign to build a new Orthopedic and Sports Medicine complex at the Vail Valley Medical Center. No tickets will be available beforehand. Standing room will be available only. Saturday, the gates will open at 5:30PM for the 7:00PM show; No dogs or glass containers allowed. Low back camp chairs only. To get to Vail, take exit 176 off I-70. The Vail Village Parking Structure is just East of the roundabout on S. Frontage Rd.; the Lionshead Structure is just West of the roundabout on S. Frontage Rd.


Rise up Again
VF Virtual Greeting Card
Violent Femmes in the Lunchroom?!?
East Coast Blues
Palace Theatre Review
KROQ Weenie Roast
RE: Article
Hitting the Stores Running
Video for Sale


Man this reissue is fantastically fun to listen to. I am blown away by
the live stuff. Is there anything else out there like this? I have a
show from 1984 that sounds really bad. The songs are great however.
There is a song on it I haven’t heard anywhere else. I think it’s
called I ain’t gonna wait. Anyway, I saw the Femmes in the early days
at the Beneath it all Cafe. This brought that day flooding back to me.
You know the way everyone is laughing at the lyrics to Country Death
Song? I had forgotten how funny that song was at the time. It just
seems so depressing when you hear them do it now. I went to school
with Gordon. I’m a year behind him. He was in my art class. We would sit
and talk about music. He would tell me how great Bowie’s Scary
Monsters album was and I would tell him how great AC/DC was. I never understood the music Gordon liked, but I liked his music and he would call me and invite me to his gigs. I said I couldn’t make it many times. (The
shows went late and I had a curfew) Finally my parents let me go. The
Beneath it All cafe wasn’t a club or a bar. They didn’t have a liquor
licence. All they served was fruit and vegetable drinks. Real exotic
stuff. I remember Voot Warnings singing Dance Motherfucker Dance.
That dude was wild. I can’t remember what songs the Femmes played. It
didn’t matter. I just wanted to hear Gimme the Car. I kept asking
Gordon to play it so I could get home. He teased me until the end.
Great song. Next week I may tell you about the time I got onstage with
the Femmes in New Orleans. Whoever emailed me wanting to be in the CDR tree, will you email me again? I lost your message.


Patience, patience says the man … they will rise up again
I am not going to get into the Freak Magnet debate again, between that and the Vic vs. Guy debate, I am worn out (this was years ago for people who are new).

All I can say to the guy asking if I am a true fan and have listened to everything is yes. I have listened to everything of theirs. I know there are people here who have been ‘around’ the femmes longer, but I first saw them in ’88 and have seen them just over a dozen times now. I have met them on a few occasions, and believe me I have MANY recordings (including records that Brian, Victor, and/or Gordon played on that were not Femmes albums).

To me there is just no comparison between the writting on all of the early albums (even up to Rock) as there is on Freak Magnet, I basically watched them decline on that album, and that took a long time and a LOT of listening for me to be able to say that… I was a hardcore/obsessed fan to some extent. I have always hoped, and known, that they would rise up again though…. bands who have been around that long are allowed one bad album 😉

Anyway, I still love the guys, and happy that Vic has been playing again 😉

Michael –

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Modern rock’s unplugged heroes perform at Rhino’s offices
Check out the photos!

Violent Femmes Prove Their Love

We get a little bit of everything around here. Last month Chicago
paid us a visit, loading in enough gear to take on any Enormodome
in the free world. This time around, we got something small in
scale, but large in stature. It was something rare in an age
of anything-goes recordings, something that, in the best possible
sense, is what it is. Immediacy came to us intimately, and it
called itself Violent Femmes.

What?s it like to live inside a record? Well, since the Femmes
darkened our door, many of us at Rhino have a better idea. Ordinarily,
when you see a band live, you get something approaching what
you?d hear in your living room — give or take drum solos, funky
acoustics, and those slick sounds that only happen behind the
mystical curtain of the studio. No such wild cards here. Seeing
Violent Femmes in Rhino?s humble lunch hall was like stepping
into a 3-D Technicolor reincarnation of their monumental 1983
debut, Violent Femmes. Every string buzz, every brush of the
snare, every plea for carnal pleasures wrapped itself around
this room like a mother?s arms.

The reason for their visit is that very album, just re-released
in a two-disc deluxe edition. It was yet another Rhino labor
of love. Product Manager Marc Salata — a man who started shaving
and digging the Femmes at roughly the same time — got extra
involved in the project, executive producing and contributing
his self-deprecating wit to the liner notes. He also introduced
them on this fine day, thanking them for making the record 20
years ago and for ?letting us get our grubby mitts on it.? Personally,
I?m a compulsive hand-washer, but I appreciated the poetry.

On with the show — and the opener to end all openers, ?Blister
In The Sun.? There it was, that weird little ditty that twanged
itself into ubiquity like some kind of college-rock ?Stairway
To Heaven.? And just how I?d always imagined it, although the
faces before me didn?t quite fit the ones I?d envisioned over
the years — you know, more bookish versions of the woodsy dudes
in those Appalachian photo essays. It just goes to show the power
of music to put all kinds of wacky things in your head, for these
are actually three well-groomed individuals who wouldn?t look
out of place playing croquet on a Connecticut lawn. Anyway, after
?Blister In The Sun? morphed briefly into ?B-I-N-G-O? when we
didn?t quite get it together for the sing-along part, singer-guitarist
Gordon Gano plugged in for ?Kiss Off,? with its signature freak-out
and ?one, one, one ?cause you left me? bit. This time, drummer-vocalist
Victor DeLorenzo left his lone snare drum to help out, pointing
to lyrics printed artfully on a nearby promotional poster.

The Femmes continued to mine their debut album with ?Prove My
Love? and ?Good Feeling,? which showcased Brian Ritchie?s furious
fingers as he muscled a solo from his mariachi-size acoustic
bass. Ending with everybody?s favorite chain-gang spiritual gone
wrong, ?Add It Up,? the Femmes thanked the Rhino staff for a
great reissue, signed some posters, and then headed to Hollywood
for their evening gig at The Palace.

Later that night, a few of us marveled at how our so-called workday
must have appeared to our friends… Show up, have some coffee,
sell a few records, watch Violent Femmes. With work like this,
who needs vacations?

John Srebalus
Rhino Records

East Coast Blues
ok why are they ALWAYS on the west coast… maybe we can go to IL


Palace Theater Show
Ok, yes, I made it to the Palace Theater gig last week, and I’ll have to say, that Victor was the star of the show. He came on stage first and just
poked around a little before the other members appeared, garnering a long-awaited welcome from the crowd. I was a little thrown off by the band
set-up, as he was placed front and center with Gordon to the left and slightly behind. And they were very much off center to the right of the
entire stage, making it extremely difficult for me to see Brian and the guest guitarist from my box seat. But enough about me.

Victor had an energy that beamed with his theatrical gestures and his freshly awesome beats. I have always preferred the sound of the band with
his presence, and was entranced in the unpredictable layering and playful skill of his craft. Now, that’s not to say that he was perfect. I overheard Gordon saying afterwards that they hadn’t played some the songs together since he left the band. Over that time, Gordon and Brian have changed up some of the tunes, which left Victor to feel it out, successfully IMHO. Perhaps that added to the freshness of some truly magical moments. He seemed to take on the improvisational moments, with the other members following his
lead, which resulted once in a great duet of the drums and bongos. At the beginning of one song, he missed his cue and just crouched behind his drums
in comic shame, leaving it forever unfinished. He came up apologetically and then nailed it on the 2nd attempt.

I don’t remember the set list, but most of it was from the first 2 releases. And now a moment to emphasize the importance and responsibility of
being a good fan….rewind to Blister in the Sun. They came to the part where Gordon customarily stops singing and let’s the crowd take over. Well,
the first line was pretty good, the second line gets a little more faint, the third line a garbled mess, and then just the murmur of a crowd. And
then Gordon backs up silently, not wanting to continue. Brian steps in and says, ” You must sing, You must sing like this…” and in a Gordon
impression starts to sing the words. I have NEVER seen this happen, and I’ve been to a lot of shows. I felt their pain, as it took the wind out of them
for the next few songs, and I felt pain and embarrassment for us as fans. Fans who could not validate their most popular song.

That unfortunate incident aside, all in all, a great show, and SO great to hear Victor as part of the trio again. He was having such a great time up
there. It truly showed and was evident even after the show, as he was still beaming long after they left the stage.


KROQ Weenie Roast

The Femmes played a secret unannounced set at KROQ’s Weenie Roast last
Saturday, June 15. From what I’ve read it was a nice breath of fresh
air to hear a “flashback” band among bands like P.O.D. and New Found Glory,
etc. but apparently their sound wasn’t too good.

I had to miss their show at the Palace the night before because my band
had a gig. On the bright side, our gig went really well…

maybe I can make it out to the Ventura show……


Words almost fail me. I must say first of all that I’m a relatively
new fan of the Femmes…what was I thinking in high school? Top 40? I’m so
ashamed of my musical taste 10 years ago, I think I’m trying to make up for it now. In the past six months, I’ve managed to aquire an almost full
collection of the Femmes, with the Deluxe re-issue being the latest purchase. I’m listening to it now, as a matter of fact. The demo tracks are fun to listen to. They give a real sense of what the guys sounded like before the slick mixing went onto the tracks for the final cut of the album. I have to say, however, that Disc Two is my favorite of the two. The live tracks are great! They were all recorded at various places between 1981 and 1983. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the comments made by the guys to each other and the audience. The pure fun they have on stage comes
through really well, at least in my opinion. All in all, the Deluxe Edition is a must have, if only for the new songs like “Her Television”, “How do you
say goodbye”, and “In Style”.

” I don’t know what one means by happy. I’m happy spasmodically.”

RE: Article
>”the Violent Femmes were famously “discovered” by the
>Pretenders. The British band”

Chrissie Hynde, the lead singer of the Pretenders, is an American
girl form Akron, Ohio!!!

The way it’s supposed to be, I think,” she says. “In some ways
Jimmy and Pete’s deaths made it possible to keep going. If we were together
20 years we wouldn’t have lasted. I didn’t talk to Martin for a few years
because of the trauma of losing Pete and Jimmy. I wanted to get out on my own and find out what I was all about. Four people in a band can’t last forever. There are exceptions to that rule but to be vital and not be a parody of yourself over such a long period of time is really hard.


Hitting the Stores Running
Great news from!!!!!!

Gano Hits the Ground Running
Femmes frontman enlists PJ, Lou for solo debut

Violent Femmes frontman Gordon Gano will release his solo debut,
Hitting the Ground, in late August or early September on Instinct Records.
The album’s eleven new tracks feature nine guest vocalists, including
PJ Harvey, Lou Reed, They Might Be Giants, Frank Black, John Cale, Mary
Lou Lord and Linda Perry. The collection will be Gano’s first new set of
songs since the Femmes’ Freak Magnet in 2000.

As for the Femmes, the band is celebrating its twentieth anniversary
this year. Their now-classic self-titled debut album will be reissued later
this month, packed with a number of rare demos and a live bonus disc. “There
were a couple songs I hadn’t thought about in a long, long time because we
never recorded them,” Gano said of the live material earlier this year. “I
laughed out loud. I was a little bit surprised at how much energy and
spontaneity there is to the tracks.”

A Femmes box set is also in the works for release later this year.
Hitting the Ground track listing:
“Hitting the Ground,” with PJ Harvey
“Oh Wonder,” with Mary Lou Lord
“Make It Happen”
“Don’t Pretend,” with John Cale
“Catch ’em in the Act,” with Lou Reed
“So It Goes,” with Linda Perry
“Run,” with Frank Black
“Darlin’ Allison,” with They Might Be Giants
“Merry Christmas Brother,” with Cynthia Gayneau
“It’s Money,” with Martha Wainwright
“Hitting the Ground”


Video for Sale
My buddy Eric (wisconsinsane13) got the email below about the same time I did. I don’t know if everybody else got it too but I thought I would post it in case we didn’t all get it. This guy’s got some possible Vid treasure.

Greetings from peaceful Vermont and thanks for your time. I saw you on the
world wide web and wanted to get in touch to introduce myself. I have been
an avid collector for over 20 years and have put together one of the largest
music archives anywhere including video, audio, cds and collectibles. I have
many customers all over the world including many private collectors, as well
as several colleges and universities that utilize my vast collection for
various music related projects and class curriculum. I am also a free lance
writer, concentrating mostly on music and The Arts. If you are connected to
the music industry through a band, music label, radio station ect., I would
love to hear from you. I am always looking for new feature article ideas to
write about and help promote.

The JEM Productions archive has many genres to choose from including rock,
punk, metal, alternative, progressive, blues acoustic, folk and jazz – and I
literally have 100’s of individual lists to choose from. If interested,
simply email me a list of the bands and artists you would like to see and I
can put together a “customized list” to send along. Attached below is a list
of a few Violent Femmes video titles I have available. The three live shows
are all great quality, and my “Femmes Compile” is classic – featuring live
cuts, TV appearances, videos and interviews.

The charges you see next to each title on my lists are as if that one title
is ordered separately, and covers all charges including priority postage (in
the U.S.). However, if interested in multiple titles I can put together a
good “package deal discount” that I’m sure will please you. If you have any
questions at all, need to see a list of any other bands, or would like to
put something together just let me know. Thanks again for your time and I
look forward to hearing from you. If you do not wish to receive further
updates simply reply to this message with “remove” in the subject line and I
will remove you from our mailing list.

Sincerely Yours In Music,

Joe Milliken

Freelance Writer / Public Relations / Music Archivist



GERMAN TV “KONZERT” 1984 20M (PS) A $10.

CANADA TV “SPOTLIGHT” 1994 30M (PS) A- $15.



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