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The Quote Of The Day:

“Questioning the basics of my faith I’ve never had that. Questioning
things of myself and how I fit into that or don’t fit in, or seeing
myself differently from how I thought I would and being shaken by that,
then yes. And then, I don’t have step one two and three for coming out
of that it’s just a continuing process,”

-Gordon Gano
-Submitted by purpldishwasherx

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Sun 06/24/01 – 7:00PM, Taste Of Randolph, Chicago, IL (P,O)
Thu 06/28/01 – 6:00PM, First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (P,T,O)
Fri 06/29/01 – 10:00PM, Summerfest Miller Oasis, Milwaukee, WI (P,O)
Sat 06/30/01 – Summerfest 2001, Austin, TX (O)
Sun 07/01/01 – Dynafest, City Hall, Houston, TX (Josh Katz)
$10 advance tickets available at Ticketmaster
Fri 07/13/01 – AT&T LoDo Music Festival, Denver, CO (P,O)

If any of you are going to any upcoming shows, and would like to meet
fellow subscribers who are also going, send your name and what show you
will be attending, and I will put it here.

Milwaukee, WI
iddybiddydiddy (Patty)

Austin, TX
rockinaustin (Alicia)
drharris76 (Dan)

Denver, CO
lmjacobs (Laurie)




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In Today’s Issue:

A Story, Concert Reviews
RE: Sell Out
RE: Fans and Issues
RE: Issues
NZ Revival
RE: Something’s Wrong

A Story, Concert Reviews
Hi everyone,
Really nice to see some issues of American Music coming my way. I
really thought maybe the whole list had died. I waited patiently for
my e-mail addy to show up so I could give my VF stories but it kind of
died out before you got to me. Anyway, I’ve been a VF fan for many
years. My children, as preteens were very much into the music and I
was/am very much into whatever my children were into so, I met the
Femmes. Add it Up blared out of the speakers as my daughter and her
friends jumped on the bed and sang, “Why can’t I get just one uck?” I
was a little worried about their listening to Femmes’ music because
some of it was sort of raw. But it was raw in such an honest, visceral
way that I felt OK about it. Through taking my kids to see the Femmes
shows, I eventually met the Femmes and saw a little of what they are
like as people. And I liked what I saw. Not just the Femmes, but
their entire troupe, roadies, managers, techs were and are really good
people. My kids are scattered now but the Femmes remain a really good
binding agent for us. My son, Dan has played quite a few times with
The Horns of Dilemma, my daughter meets me for local shows and on 7/13,
my oldest son is driving from Tucson, AZ and meeting me at the Femmes
Denver show. We all appreciate them for being the sound track for the
last 16 or so years of our lives together.
I did see a few shows I never wrote reviews for so I’ll just do a
tiny blurp of 2 of them. Dan played with HOD at the Irving Plaza show
in NY on 4/30. It was one of the most dynamic Femmes shows I’ve ever
seen. It had an energy to it that was heaven to watch. Brian’s solos
were so amazing. Some friends of mine, who are musicians were with me
and they had never seen the Femmes live before. They were blown away.
My bass player friend told me he learned more by watching Brian than
he could have learned in any classroom. Gordon looked and sounded
happy, healthy and relaxed. And Guy was so into every song. All of
my friends couldn’t believe how much energy they put into their
performance. They were so tuned in to their audience.
I always love when they play Confessions. It’s such a great song.
But when my third born child plays it with them, I have died and gone
to heaven. It’s so wonderful.

Deana and her sister Carrie and I went to the Montgomery Alabama
show on 5/26. I got to see them play from up really close and that
was a really great experience. It was a more straightforward show
with all of the favorites and some really good solos. Ron (The Add
It Up, Tattoo, poet man) was there and did a really fantastic bass
solo. I talked to him afterwards and he was just so happy. Sigmund
Snopek was there and I always love the touch he gives to their music.
Better Than Ezra opened (I like them) and I got to meet their drummer.
Really cool night all the way around.
So, we Femmes fans are still here and we are all hoping for
lots more years of unrivaled Femmes music.


Are there really only 600 people on this list? I thought it was twice
that for some reason.

RE: Sell Out
selling out? give me a break, it’ll be refreshing to hear a great song
like “It’s gonna rain” on TV instead of something like “barbie world”
or that”Da da Da” song for the volks-wagon. even though Gimme the Car
woulda been a better advertising song… so get off your high horses

remember “fans want to keep thier obsessions alive, not keep them them
to themselves.”


RE: Fans and Issues
In response to Eric questioning the quality or quantity of femmes fans
as well as criticism about the lack of American Music issues.

This makes me mad Pat. I know what it is like to try to squeeze work
and play into a hectic schedule. I absolutely love American Music and
think that it is extremely professional and fair. It is obvious that
you put many, many hours into it. All unpaid. I for one gain a great
deal of pleasure from receiving American Music. I feel like I can
share my love of the femmes music with other true fans and keep on top
of what is happening. Pat, don’t despair and think that we don’t care.
Some of us care more than you can know.

As for whether femmes fans are good enough? Femmes fans are among the
best fans in the world but I do think that there are not enough of us
to propel the boys into mainstream stardom. Their intentional
avoidance of commercialism and often controversial lyrics has kept
them from enjoying the spotlight. And I love them for that. The femmes
are a special band and let’s all keep supporting them the best we can.
Now if I can only figure out how to download the new album. Times are
a changing. When I got my first femmes album it was on vinyl and now
I have to learn a new way of enjoying their music. To survive 20 years
speaks for the will of the band and the strength of the fans.

And thanks Eric for giving me a reason to speak.
And Pat, thank-you too.


RE: Issues
Pat, (and listmembers)
I don’t know you personally so none of this is personal. I don’t care
to know you other than AM moderator. If other people do, great, have at
it OFF THE LIST. You asked to be the moderator. We asked to receive
email. You don’t ask me about my job,health,family and I don’t give a
rats ass about yours. I want to read about the Violent Femmes. If you
are sick, if your computer crashes for lemme see is this the 6th or 7th
time? or if you just don’t want to do it anymore you should have enough
respect for what we have here to let someone else do it. I mean come on
Pat the list has needed metamucil for more than a few months. it hasn’t
been regular in well over a year! Whether anyone wrote in or not (and
frankly I believe they did) there were tour dates. I know you know this
because you admitted you checked out other lists and one person in
particular (who BTW should be, but is not backing me up here dammitt)
seems to have made it there mission to make sure the tour dates get
posted as many places as possible. For my part I will try to write once
a week. For you part send out at least one issue a week. Also I would
really appreciate it if you would just add a regular note like the rest
of us. That “pat says” shit is not cool.

Like I said before whatever you (or anyone) wants to say about this on
or off the list. Feel free to Say it. If nobody else talks about this
anymore I’ve said my piece & I’ll shut up about it. As dennis miller
says – it’s just my opinion, i could be wrong.


NZ Revival
is their anyone else on this list from New Zealand (or even australia
or anywhere near nz)?

i dont know about other places, but there is no radio station in NZ
that would play the violent femmes. all way to mainstream. nz now has
no radio stations that play truly alturnative music

except maybe b fm, but im not really sure about them, but their
probably our best bet if were going get them played here. so any
inerested in causing a violent femmes revival in NZ (or other places)
write in.


ps. FREAK MAGNET ROCKS!! why has nobody bought it?? the violent femmes
went out on a limb into punk and nobody bought into it, come on support
them trying new things!

In regards to the femmekings response:

I do believe that KROQ is still the leader nationally as the barometer
for what is going on in music, despite their insistence on playing
crappy little Blink182 knock-off bands and screaming rap/rock BS.

Non the less, all other “alternative” stations across the country still
look to KROQ to find out what is going on in the world of music.

KROQ’s request line in 1-800-520-1067.

Let’s pick a fast, upbeat fun summer song and request the hell out of

I still think Rejoice and be Happy can be a hit from Freak Magnet, but
is there something from the MP3 album that fits the fast, upbeat, fun
summer song motif?
Lets find that song and promote the hell out of that!

If a record label won’t stand behind the femmes, we as the fans should
do it for them!


RE: Something’s Wrong
A couple of people have asked if there is any way to get Something’s
Wrong without having to sign up for a subscription to Emusic. I
thought I would mention that you can sign up for a FREE trial period
of either 30 days or 100 downloads and then cancel but you do have to
put a credit card number in. If I can find out from either somebody on
the list or someone from Emusic (I have emailed them) whether or not
the Femmes get paid EVERY time the album is downloaded or whether they
just get paid ONCE per user I will let you guys out of the country (and
anybody in the US who can make a good case for it) use my Emusic login
and password to get the album. As long as we don’t take money out of
the band’s pocket I’ll take any suggestions you guys have for helping
everybody get the album. Oh, and to the person who asked about cover
art – I don’t think there is any cover art or even track info for that
matter. I looked everywhere for instrument info (particularly wanted
to know if that was Sigmund on Herbsttag) but I couldn’t find anything.

And to Stepheno so sorry about the motivation for it but
what a cool post!!!