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The Quote Of The Day:

I will admit to being full of shit as soon as I am aware of it…
-From 12 Steps – Something’s Wrong
-Submitted by ddearry

Keep those quotes coming!!!

TOUR DATES (** means new tourdate):
O=Official homepage

Sun 06/24/01 – 7:00PM, Taste Of Randolph, Chicago, IL (P,O)
Thu 06/28/01 – 6:00PM, First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (P,T,O)
Fri 06/29/01 – 10:00PM, Summerfest Miller Oasis, Milwaukee, WI (P,O)
Sat 06/30/01 – Summerfest 2001, Austin, TX (O)

**Sun 07/01/01 – Dynafest, City Hall, Houston, TX (Josh Katz)**
$10 advance tickets available at Ticketmaster

Fri 07/13/01 – AT&T LoDo Music Festival, Denver, CO (P,O)

If any of you are going to any upcoming shows, and would like to meet
fellow subscribers who are also going, send your name and what show you
will be attending, and I will put it here.

Milwaukee, WI
iddybiddydiddy (Patty)

Austin, TX
rockinaustin (Alicia)
drharris76 (Dan)

Denver, CO
lmjacobs (Laurie)




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In Today’s Issue:

Curse My Luck
Poster For Sale
Re: What and Where Is It?
Something’s Wrong
A Story
RE: Rules of Success
RE: Various

Curse My Luck
Concert Announcement! The Femmes are headlining the “Dynafest” (?what?)
in Houston, Texas on July 1st, featuring a few other bands of small
renown. It takes place apparently at City Hall plaza in downtown. And,
because i have bad luck when it comes to the Femmes, I’m going to be
out of town and miss the show. Sigh. But i expect others on this list
to be at that show

-Josh the Angry Texan

PS It’s definitely a Mercedes ad. When I saw it, it was on ESPN, the
station that brings you the musical soundtrack to the MXPXgames.

-Pat. Says: After a lot of searching, this is what I found:
Dynafest:Sunday, July 1 at City Hall (corner of Smith and
Walker downtown), Houston TX
Gates open at noon.
Advanced Tickets $10 while they last available now at
Tickets also available at gate on the day of the event
For information call (713)864-1100
Featured acts
(Main stage)
Violent Femmes
Blue October
Flicker Stick (As seen on Bands on the Run)

(“Amazing 2nd stage)
The Hunger
Crash Comfort
Vatos Locos
Thanx But No Thanx
the Shah

Oh, and I saw the Mercedes Ad on VH1 last night. Getting
the kids ready for bed, I suddenly yelled “that’s IT!”
and we all stopped, turned up the TV, and watched the
commercial. Then we went to bed happy. Well, appeased

Poster For Sale
I still have the framed German language Blind Leading the Naked poster
Framed if anyone is interested.


Re: What and Where Is It?
> -Pat. Says: OK, so I haven’t seen it yet. What station(s) are you all
> seeing it on? And the second question is: is it Mercedes
> or BMW? Not that it makes a whole hell of a lot of
> difference; our next car will be a Saab.

It’s Mercedes. No other voice over. Just “It’s Gonna Rain”. I saw it a
couple weeks ago while watching the 11 PM news on NBC. Well, I wasn’t
really watching. At that point I was sleeping and for some reason I
woke up suddenly to a very familiar sound. It was so surreal, being
1/2 comatose and trying to piece together the Femmes and Mercedes?


Something’s Wrong
is their a way to get the something’s wrong album from somewhere else
than emusic? i live in new zealand and to get anything in american $
costs about one and a 1/2 times more. even a site where you can just
buy it and not have to sign up for 3 months or whatever would be


A Story
Some young punks broke into my car last week, I parked the car just
like they said (the proverbial they,) in my driveway but I left the
window down. Guess I’m learning things that I should’ve already
learned. Sometime between 7 and 9pm they took my portable (tape
integrated) cd player, my brand new bel 980 radar detector, and my cd
wallet… some 50 cd’s… I really didn’t care about most of the
stuff… (I lie but most of it can be replaced) except my pre-release
(white cover) of freak magnet.

Little Bastards, somebody should have told them what it means to be
a man! I’d like to shoot bullets at their feet and say “dance
motherfucker dance.”

I guess I was born too late. I usually get a wakeup call like this once
a year, Oh no.. I could never happen to me… Life is fun and life is
great til I make a big mistake. My CD’s literally must have gone
out the window. Even though I know better, I trust most people know
what’s wrong and what’s right; and even if they were standing on a
corner waiting for a bus they wouldn’t steal my american music. Unless
of course they really did wanna hurt me. They can all just kiss off!!!
They obviously didn’t know the music was in my soul.

I know it’s true, but I’m sorry to say my CD is gone, daddy gone. It’s
probably down downtown by now (on ebay) and even if dad gave me the car
tonight I aint no al capone.

It’s like a bad dream, that’s sad.

Sorry to lay it on ya Pat, but, If I ain’t got you I got nothing at all.


RE: Rules of Success
The Rules of Success:
Rule#1 Strength needs no excuse
Rule#2 The past is pointless
Rule#3 The things that you apologize for are the things that you want
Rule#4 Just because it happened to you doesn’t make it interesting

The werewolf song was recorded at the Pabst on Halloween night. It was
written by Michael Hurley.

>>If freakin Gwen Stefani can call the radio station ad nasium to get
>>her own song played, then all the Femmes fans can band together to
>>bring the Femmes back to the forefront as one of the leaders of
>>todays music.

HEAR! HEAR! What say you Femmes fans? Are we gonna ROCK!!!!!? Or are
we gonna roll over and die? I’m a little out of touch on this so I’ll
ask you guys. Which station is generally regarded now as the most
Still KROQ? We should all get together and target ONE station and ONE
song from the new album. Get the Femmes to be the first band with an
MP3 only song in rotation!! How many of us are there now Pat? Do we
have enough devotees to accomplish this? Rule#1 Strength needs no


-Pat. Says: There are about 500 subscribers, tho sometimes you’d never
know it. Have at. Pick a song and a station.

RE: Various
>This is in response to Eric’s (wisconsinsane) posting.

Well, I didn’t say *THEY* had sold out. What I said was that we had
failed them as fans so they had to sell a song to BMW to make $$$

>As fans we have to realize that music is the
>Violent Femmes job, their pay check, their food, shelter, and college
>education for their kids.

Yes but as fans if we don’t support them then they have no job, no
food, no shelter etc etc. If Freak Magnet sales were so bad – whose
fault is that? OURS! The question that I have been trying to get
answered is DOES ANYONE CARE ANYMORE? It was nice to see a few people
write in to say that they still do care but come on – it was not an
overwhelming response! So we should not be surprised by anything the
guys have to do to keep their jobs. The way I see it we either
A)aren’t very good fans or
B)there just aren’t enough of us anymore.

>This car commercial might actually get more people interested in
>the Violent Femmes

Highly unlikely as there is no way for people to find out who is
singing the song …

>I’ve never understood why fans don’t want to see their favorite bands
>succeed just so they can say, “Hey, I know of this great band you’ve
>never heard of.”

We’ll never “see” the Femmes succeed – we have to make them succesful.
That’s what fans do. MONEY talks but ACTIONS speak louder than words…

Shoot back whatever you want to say – on the list or off – I’m sick of
being nice. This is the way I see it and if I piss people off enough to
get off their asses and write an email or see a show then I’ve
accomplished something. Dammit.

Oh and one more thing while I’m at it – Pat, I appreciate your time but
keep the list coming out regularly or turn it over to someone who will.
You don’t own this list. It’s a FAN list! I expect this part to be left
in when you send out the next issue. I know I’m not the only one who
feels this way – just the only one to say it.


-Pat. Says: No, you’re not the only one to say it. About 5 out of the
all the subscribers wrote. But it is valid, so I’ll talk
about it.
I spent months trying to find a topic to interest people
enough to write in during those months when there was no
touring and poor record sales. The Hall of Fame attempt
was the last of a long line of attempts. About 2 or 3
people responded to that. You’re right. I don’t own the
list; it IS a fan list. And I tell you I was getting about
one post a month for months on end. Except for the few
people who wrote asking “where is American Music?”
And I wrote back to them, and told them: if you want an
issue, write something. anything.
And they never wrote back.
So who is at fault here? Does anyone care? That’s the
question I’ve been asking myself for a year. And it’s not
just here. Check out the message boards. One has 1 post
from this month. One has 5.
OK so here comes the part where it IS my fault. In October
I stupidly agreed to take on full time hours at the job
which was before a two-day, 20 hour thing. Big mistake.
I was tired all the time, and suddenly everyone in the
family was getting sick. 4 people; 4 colds or flus a
month, 8 cases of stomach virus, two cases of pneumonia,
one of which was me, and I suffered a back injury which
kept me in bed for a few weeks under the influence of
strong painkillers.
Plus, my mail server crashed several times over the
course of 3 weeks, and I don’t care what they say, I
KNOW they lost some of my mail in the process.
So this is where things stand now. I’m back to two days
a week at work. They know I’ll leave before taking on
any more, and they need me too much to let that happen.
I can promise you enough of my time to put out at least
two, and possibly three issues a week. But I can’t do it
without letters from you. If only two percent of you write
a week, that gives me enough for two issues. I don’t care
what you write, as long as you mention the Violent Femmes.