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The Quote Of The Day:

I’m meeting people, nice people too…
I’m meeting people, nice people like you.
-From Look Like That
-Submitted by LilBoek


POSTPONED June 15- Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA (P) POSTPONED
POSTPONED June 16- Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA (P) POSTPONED

**June 18- 8 p.m., Filmore, San Francisco, CA, $22.50 (O,P,T)**

**June 19- 8 p.m., The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV (O,P,T)**

**June 20- 8 p.m., Viejas Summer Site, Alpine, CA, $22.50 (O,P,T)**

**June 21- Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO (O,P)**
**June 24- Spokane Opera House, Spokane, WA (O,P)**
**June 28- day show, Y-100 Festival, Sony Center, Camden, NJ (O,P)**
**June 28- 8 p.m., Irving Plaza, New York, NY (O,P,T)**
Tix:$26.50 adv, $30 door, 16+ show.

**June 29- 8 p.m., Bottle and Cork, Dewey Beach, DE, 21+ show (O,P,T)
**June 30- 8 p.m., Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, NH (O,P,T)
With: Psychedelic Furs
Tix: $23.50

**July 7- Summerfest, Miller Oasis Stage, Milwaukee, WI**
Oct 25-7 p.m., Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, NY (T)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show:
in the US, contact Frank Riley at Monterey Peninsula Artists
in EU, contact Paul Boswell at Free Trade Agency
Serious inquiries only.


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Spokane, WA
nwinn (Nicole)
LilBoek (Steve)

New York, NY
RatFink746 (Frank)




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Quote of the Day
New Message Board
Date Changes
VF date in NYC
Violent Femmes to play Summerfest on 7/7
Seattle x 2, Portland
Check Out This Funny Review
Saw Them Free!
Viva un WAMI!
Freak Magnet
RE: 120 Minutes
RE: 120 Minutes
Victor on the Vid


Sorry, folks. I think I went into suspended animation.

Quote of the Day
The Quote of the Day is from Good Feeling.


-Pat. Says: Ben’s was the first correct answer. Within a half hour, in
fact, despite the fact that I should have typed la la, not
na na. Oh well. Thanks to the many people who responded.

New Message Board
Hey guys I’ve done some more updating to my site – including a FM page
AND a link to a NEW VF message board. Oy! Hey you silent AM’ers – come
and say something! This silence is deafening!

As always I am:

Or do not pass go and go directly to the board:

Oy! I would appreciate some feedback from you guys on the page.
According to the counter 855 of you have visited since Jan 1. Or do
you want me to believe it’s just the same sad fan hitting me 855 times?


Date Changes
Here are some upcoming tour date changes:

The June 15th and 16th shows at Knitting Factory – Hollywood have been
postponed, due to the fact that the club hasn’t been finished yet!
This can be confirmed on the KF website at . Thanks to LYDON69 for
the tip.

The May 9th San Francisco show that was postponed has been rescheduled
for Sunday 6/18. Note that it’s now at the Fillmore, NOT at the
Warfield. Tickets from the original show will be honored at this show.
(This can be confirmed on the Warfield’s answering machine.)

Rock on…


There is a Violent Femmes concert on June 24 at the Spokane opera house
and I am going!! 🙂 They are playing with another band, but I cannot
think of the name. Jack? Flap? I don’t know–only going for the


I’ll be going to the Spokane show on June 24th.
And what is up with Gordon doing a solo album. I saw in on MTV
Just wanted to know what others might know.


VF date in NYC
> The Violent Femmes are scheduled to play IRVING
> PLAZA on Wed. 6/28/00. Tix are $26.50 in
> advance and $30 DOS. Doors are at 8pm.
> for info:
> 17 irving place at E. 15th street
> box office: (212) 777-6800
> tix available at the irving plaza box office and
> through ticketmaster (212) 307-7171
> hope to see you there!! thanks!

I’ve been watching and waiting patiently BUT there are only TWO stages
left that haven’t announced all the headliners – The Miller Lite Oasis
and the Circuit City Rock Stage! Could it be? Is it possible? Are the
Femmes really going to be absent from S2K?


Violent Femmes to play Summerfest on 7/7
>Some of you were starting to get downright anxious, so without further
>ado, here’s the Miller Oasis headliners for S2K…
>6.29 – Love Monkeys
>6.30 – Todd Rundgren
>7.01 – Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band
>7.02 – Edgar Winter
>7.03 – Brian Setzer Orchestra
>7.04 – TBA
>7.05 – Marcia Ball
>7.06 – Natty Nation, Wailing Souls
>7.07 – Violent Femmes
>7.08 – Michael McDonald
>7.09 – Ben Folds Five
>For additional information and the latest updates check

Seattle x 2, Portland
So, I decided to go to three Femmes shows in a row. Kind of like a
mini wisconsin tour for us west coasters. (I know it doesn’t compare).
So I find myself in Seattle on Cinco de Mayo, tickets in hand for three
days of the Violent Femmes. I’m there a little early as I want to be
up front for the show. One of the security guys walks by and says,
“the doors won’t open till 7”. “Oh,” I say. “I better go home then I
got forty minutes…” Well, the doors open and I get up front with
some other Femmes fans that were waiting in line with me. And we wait
for the show to begin.

The show started with a familiar yet much improved El Destryo. They
had a new drummer “Shig 33” and a female in the group. Both added a
nice element to the already existing band that holds the triangle of
truth. There were a few people in the audience that decided to be mean
to El Destroyo but it was much better than the previous year. The
second night of El Destroyo was just as good if not better than the
first only because the people that were returning for the second night
knew what to expect. Before the second night started I talked to Jimmy
for a little bit and he mistook me for one of his friends and proceeded
to tell me that he called my mom last night. Since I thought that
Jimmy was just busting my chops I played along and asked what she had
said. Jimmy said that he didn’t talk to her and he just left a message.
At that point we both realized that we were dealing with mistaken
In Portland Jimmy didn’t talk to the crowd much but my brother in
law made his own version of the triangle of truth which Jimmy hung on

Now what you’ve all been waiting for the Femmes parts of the shows….

The Seattle shows were really cool. Other than the fact that they
didn’t sell out the shows couldn’t have been better. There wasn’t
much moshing and very little crowd surfing. I was up for the first two
shows because the last time they played two back to back shows in
Seattle was one of the best concert experiences ever. It would be hard
to rival. Once the show started I knew it would be special because one
thing that I have always wanted to see since I got their albums was to
see all three siblings on stage together. The first night Gordon,
Glenn, and Cynthia got around a microphone and sung an original Cynthia
song. It was very cool. The second night Glenn came out with a guitar
and Gordon and Brian backed him up on “Workin with an Idiot” just like
on Glenn Gano’s album “Unfinished”. The third night in Portland they
also played “Workin’ with an Idiot”. Which I don’t mind, because how
many times are you actually going to see it like that???

Now, this is the kicker for my weekend. Before the encore of the
second night one of the guys on the Femmes crew jumped down into the
pit and asked me if I was there the night before. “yeah,” was my
response. The guy said “Gordon wants to have a drink with you after
the show” And then he handed me an aftershow pass. That was pretty
cool, because I knew I would be able to get a straight answer from
Gordon about why they don’t play many songs from 3. One of the girls
that I knew from the night before also got a backstage pass and we
were both pumped. After the show Glenn came out and we started talking
about his album and he seemed to remember me from buying his album.
We started talking and he said that he is working on a new album now,
I don’t remember if he told me when it was going to be released.
Everyone with an aftershow pass went down to the bar at the Moore
theater and waited. I remembered someone telling me that there would
be something to drink down there… I didn’t even care if it was just
water… but there was nothing.
Gordon came out and the first thing he said to us was “This is it,
don’t expect anything else.” I thought that was pretty funny because
after almost 20 years of touring I can just imagine all of the crazy
stuff people probably ask him to do. Glenn came out with him and I
actually had more fun talking to him. Although, Gordon did answer my
question about not playing any songs off of 3. Simply put, Brian calls
the set list every night and I guess he really doesn’t like that album
very much.
Well, I had a lot of fun that night, I didn’t even ask for an
autograph, maybe I should have. I have enough autographed things and
I just think that they might be sick of signing stuff. The only
awkward part of the night came when Glenn busted my chops about about
something I said once, even though it was a long time ago. I apologized
and he wasn’t too upset about it…
The third night they put me on the guest list and me and my friend
got aftershow passes again. This show was sold out and they played
till almost 12:30, as opposed to the 11:00pm curfew time in seattle.
They finally played “A Story” that third night but the Seattle people
didn’t get to see it. It was really cool to see live. Reminds me of
when they used to play Machine right after New Times came out. Well,
after the show Glenn came up to me and said that they were going to go
straight to the hotel so there really wasn’t going to be an after
show.. Oh well. It was a good weekend.


P.S. Brian, if you do read this, thanks for flashing that guitar in
my eyes every night. At least you knew I was there. HAHA.


Check Out This Funny Review
Tuesday April 25, 2000 @ 05:30 PM
By: Staff

Toronto, Ontario
The Warehouse
April 20, 2000
Reviewer: Hannah Guy

Maybe it was the rain. Four hours before the band was supposed to
perform, lead singer and guitarist Gordon Gano was still in New York.
Weather problems at Toronto’s Pearson Airport prevented his arrival.
Amid torrents of rain and wind, Violent Femmes fans braved the shitty
weather to see the 18-year-old band.
One of the few bands that survived the ’80s with a consistently
strong following, the Violent Femmes are as popular as they ever were.
Fans ranged in age from early teens to late twenties, and nary a grey
head was in sight. But the Femmes themselves are starting to show a
little wear and tear. Bassist Brian Ritchie was wearing some
wacked-out, round fifties sunglasses and a long black skirt that
didn’t disguise his cheerful little beer belly. And almost every
hairline on stage was heading south.
Damp cheers greeted the aging band as they walked on stage,
opening up with “Out The Window,” “Jesus Walkin’ On The Water,” and
“Prove My Love.” It must have been the rain, because I’ve seen more
fervor in a soup kitchen queue. The audience seemed marginally amused,
singing along half-heartedly. Even the Violent Femmes seemed muted
somehow, performing with skill, if not a lot of heart.
The arrival of keyboardist and Horns Of Dilemma star Sigmund
Snopek III perked things up a bit, displaying his extraordinary
talents on the ivories and invoking comments from the band about his
numerous fingers. The good-natured banter seemed to ease some of the
on-stage tension a bit, and fans responded. “Old Mother Reagan” and
“Dahmer is Dead” saw the crowd grudgingly respond, and cheer with
something akin to enthusiasm when the Femmes played “I Can Change”
from South Park.
Between songs, Gano announced that he had finally figured out the
riffs to the Stones’ “Satisfaction.” Ritchie responded by suggesting
that they jam and try to play it. The two got through a couple of bars
before they stopped. “We can’t do this,” said Gano. “It sucks,” agreed
Ritchie. They then launched into “Hollywood is High,” “Freak Magnet,”
and “Sleepwalkin'” off the Femmes latest release, Freak Magnet. Up to
this point, the band was performing well… but something was missing.
The something was found in the midst of “Colour Me Once,” a performance
which, in my eyes, elevated Brian Ritchie to the status of Bass God.
Ritchie, who played a number of instruments that evening (acoustic bass,
electric bass, the tuba, the xylophone and what appeared to be a duck
call), established himself as a spectacular musician, coaxing sounds
from the bass that belonged to a guitar. It was a thing of beauty and a
privilege to watch. From that point on I was sold, and so was the rest
of the crowd.
It was during “American Music” that I noticed that Gano’s eyes
looked a little glassy. Well… a little more than glassy. He stared into
the lights with a gentle smile on his face, and I realized that the man
was high as a kite. Several songs later he was introduced as the “glue
sniffing,” “ecstasy popping,” “pot smoking,” “acid dropping,” “coke
snorting” Gordon Gano. He looked hurt at the “glue sniffing remark.”
“Black Girls” was a highlight, showcasing the talents of Snopek on
the saxophone, Ritchie on the tuba (I didn’t think a tuba could make
those sounds) and Guy Hoffman’s gifted handling of the drum. The band
finished off the set with all-time favourite “Add It Up,” which featured
Gano’s rock ‘n’ roll guitar stylings.
A two-song encore with “Waitin’ For The Bus” and “Kiss Off” ended
the evening on a bright note. The concert was initially soggy, but
fortunately was able to dry up and become a spectacular performance by
a band who have proven they’re long from dead…Musically, anyway.

Saw Them Free!
Saw the femmes live couple years back for FREE!!!!

Oddly enough it was for a homecoming thing (hate those pop functions)
so I don’t know who picked the femmes to book…
Anyhow, the femmes put on an excellent show, though the crowd was quite
anemic. Gordon was wearing a Annual Cigar Fesival shirt from the
festival here annually in Ybor City here in Tampa. The thing was was
that I was at the same festival before the show and never saw da boys..
You know Brian had to be there too…
Show was grand. Brain plays a mean shell. Crowd of about 200 actually
cared about the show, the rest cared about looking good for the stupid
homecoming crap.
I just hope they come back to Tampa soon… (yes, I would pay whatever
the damn ticket cost is, silly cheap bastards…)


Viva un WAMI!
I’m kinda surprised no one else from around Milwaukee (or WI for that
matter) posted this yet, but since they didn’t here you go…

“Viva Wisconsin” won a WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) award for
album of the year last week. Yeah, I know what most of you are
thinking, big deal, Wisconsin album of the year. And normally, I might
agree, but the nominations were actually pretty good this year… Viva
Wisconsin beat out Eric Benet, who i know very little about except I
guess he’s supposed to be a phenomonal R&B singer who has become pretty
popular; Citizen King, who had heavy national airplay for their single
“Better Days”; The Gufs, who are an excellent, excellent group for
anyone who hasn’t heard them; and Willy Porter, a local favorite who is
a very good songwriter.

just thought i’d pass that along…
everyone keep their fingers crossed for the Femmes at Summerfest!


-Pat. Says: Isn’t Static-X from WI as well? They’re getting pretty
popular around here.

Freak Magnet
I finally heard the five new songs on the new release of Freak Magnet
(twice, a week apart each time to see if they needed time to “grow” on
Anyway, I absolutely love “hollywood is high”, ever since I first
listened. And “sleepwalkin'” got to me the second time around…those
are such cute songs! As for the other three, blecht! *or your own
sound of ickiness* one of them had interesting music (the one with
Night in the title, i think). I couldn’t bring myself to pay
17.99 + tax for this CD, especially for those five songs only. i still
think “a story” is possibly their worst song, right down there with
“dance mf dance”, and should not have been on there again. and I don’t
think brian should sing on the songs, neither lead nor backup. it
makes me skip skip skip to the next.
well, that’s my two cents…please no one attack me! 🙂

“Without friends, we only have our butts!”

Hello all,

Has anyone listen to “Raquel”, a song on the “All I Want” single? What
it sounds like?
Thanks in advance.

Depeche Mode – Violent Femmes – Nephilim

RE: 120 Minutes
Does 120 Minutes plan on showing the Femmes new video again? If so, can
we get a date asap!!!???!!! I HAVE TO SEE IT!


RE: 120 Minutes
Not that this is completely VF related, but with all the talk of 120
Minutes could someone please let me know what the hell happened to that
show? i always turn on the TV to watch it sunday nights and Tom Green
is on. What happened to that show??


Victor on the Vid
I was watching the Femmes compilation video (thanks to Harry in England
for going to all the trouble)and one thing struck me at once: What a
great performer Victor is. I saw the Femmes once in 91 when he was
still with them and I remember thinking that he added an extra
dimension to the band. I’d never seen someone playing standing up and
putting so much energy into it. Seeing him on the video again pressed
home what a fine entertainer–and musician–he is. Don’t get me wrong,
I think Guy is excellent too. But Victor seems a bit more off-the-wall
and eccentric and I like that.