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The Quote Of The Day:

crossed my path and i followed your face,
it was hard to believe it was hard to trace,
uhhh, i saw you today, seems like i see you every day,
but there’s something i figured out about you
-from Ugly
-Submitted by flyingdutchguy


July 3- IC Amphitheatre, Pittsburgh, PA (O,P)
July 4- Freedom Fest, MCI Center, Washington, DC (stacey)
July 17- LoDo Festival, Denver, CO (P,O)
July 23- The Vogue, Vancouver, British Columbia, CA (O,P)
July 25- Calgary Folk Music Fest, Calgary, Alberta, CA (O,P)
June 26- Summerfest, Marcus Amphitheatre, Milwaukee, WI
$12.50+Summerfest admission (T)
July 30- 8 p.m., Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
18+ show (T,P)
July 31- Barnstable Co. Fairground, Hyannis, MA (P,O)
August 15- 7:30 p.m., Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA (T,P)
Sept 4- Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA (O)

**Sept 5- Rose Garden Amphitheater, Portland, OR (P)**
**Sept 10- Gas Lamp Quarter, San Diego, CA (P)**

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Hornblow USA at: hbgusa
Serious inquiries only.


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Milwaukee, WI
Extatika (Beky)
Victoria.K.Grundle (Victoria)
flyingdutchguy (Scott)

Denver, CO
truman (Emily)
lmjacobs (Laurie)
mypen15 (Nick)

Saratoga, CA
sandycitarella (Sandy)
stepheno (Stephen)




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In Today’s Issue:

Clearing Up Some Comp Questions
Newark Show
A Story
Freedom Fest?
It Could Happen
My Luck Has Changed!!!!
Message Board
500 Forum?
hello everyone. im half asleep and im kind of confused. how can i get
one of those awesome Violent Femmes compilation videos? should i just
write to the people or are they just not ready to be
distributed yet? id really like to see it, and congratulations Deana,
for finishing it. so yeah, info on that would be great. 🙂


-Pat. Says: Dale at Charmrec did not compile this video; he graciously
submitted a few clips. Do not write to him unless you want
to buy some of the great CD’s he has for sale! Read on for
more details.

Clearing Up Some Comp Questions
Hi everybody!
Man have I been deluged with email since Friday’s issue came out. I’m
happy there is so much excitement about the Vid.
Those of you who emailed early got responses but I’m sorry to say that
I gave up trying to reply to each note by Saturday morning. I hope to
clear up the majority of the issues with this post.
The most important thing I want to get across to everyone is that I am
NOT selling the video!!!
Secondly – as soon as we finalize the details Pat will post all the
instructions for obtaining the vid. We are offering the video to
everyone on the list for either a blank tape & postage or the cost of
a tape & postage. So put your checkbooks away and fire up your VCR’s –
we need volunteers to help get this thing distributed. I think there
are around a thousand of us here and , ,judging by my Inbox, we have a
lot of tape copying to do! As far as I know we have had one person
volunteer for the upper East Coast area and one person volunteer for
the European (PAL) format. Someone also volunteered to try and
purchase all the tapes we need in bulk to keep the cost at a minimum.
I have sent Pat & the people who contributed, original copies & am
hoping to be able to send the volunteer distributors originals as well.
I know Pat’s busy so you can email me also to volunteer or with any
organizational suggestions. Actually – let me be blunt for a second –
please remember that I said there are around a thousand people here so
don’t email me to ask if the Live on 120 minutes intro’s were ’88 or
’89 or to suggest that we use Fuji vids instead of Maxells. I know
everyone is anxious to get your vid so please help us or stay out of my
Inbox! Thank you!


-Pat. Says: I have two west coast volunteers: Claire from CA and
Monica from AZ. For some reason, I can’t make copies, but
I am working on it. If I can fix the problem, I can do some
east coast distribution
SO At this point, I would like responses ONLY from people
who are willing to help distribute. I don’t know where the
PAL person is, but one may be enough for Europe, if he or
she is willing to work very hard. We will need an OZ/NZ
distributer…and I think we still have a South African
subscriber who will want this comp (you still here? I never
hear you on the T? list either!)
One East coast distributer is not enough, and it seems the
central US is not represented yet, not is the entire great
big country of Canada!
When we have a distribution system worked out, volunteers
will all get 1st generation editions, we will list their
names; write to the closest and work out the details with
them. Now, if you do not like potluck video choice, I
suggest you buy your own tape. No, we don’t have 1000
subscribers anymore, but we do have about 650 (typical
summer lull), and when the Fall arrives, people will be
asking about this comp all over again.
OH, let me stress this—this comp is available only to
people who are now subscribers to AM, or who had to unsub
because of summer vacation, or who subscribe from now
until the time distribution is complete (and I hope it
won’t take too long). This is not something we’re going to
be doing forever. And if I see a sudden increase in people
subscribing ONLY to get this vid, and then unsubbing, I’m
going to stop distribution to new subscribers. And we’re
only giving out one copy per person. There’s going to be
so many to make as it is.
OH, one more thing…I had better not see this compilation
showing up on Ebay! This is a not for profit effort. why?
because we like you! If I catch anyone selling this vid,
you will be yanked from this list faster than you can
say “oops”. And then I will track you down and emasculate,
efemminate, eviscerate, and harangue until your head spins.

Newark Show
the show in newark was a lot of fun. there was a good mix of young and
old people going to see the femmes. it was sort of funny to look over
and see a baby….hehe. the crowd was really good….no one was
getting rough(if they had i would of had to of beat them up….j/k ).
the femmes seemed really happy, they played a lot of stuff from the
first album and nothing from rock which surprised me. They didn’t play
dance mf dance, i guess cause all of the little kids there. ohh this
is really cool…when me and my friends were walking back to the car,
we had to walk through this parking lot thing Gordon and a really tall,
thin black women just walked right by us. we didn’t say anything to
him, which i regret. but i think he may of heard us freaking out after
we passed him.


A Story
okay…here’s the story…i showed up just in time for the second
opener, which was an incredibly odd band called double dong…i was
hoping to get there early enough to meet brian and the gang again, but
no such luck…the road crew recognized me immediately though, which
was cool…when the femmes came out, all the guys acknowledged me with
looks and nods, and i was happy with that…but, much to my delight,
that was not it…during the last number (which i cannot even recall
becuase it degenerated into some bizarre version of whatever song it
started out as) brian nearly threw his bass at me and made for his
theremin…i rocked it out this time, becuase i felt much more
comfortable…so, there i was, front row…playing bass over the crowd
barrier, while jay (my good friend from another local band up here)
held the bottom of it for me…it was great…just seeing brian up
there looking down at me…one more little sidebar…they played the
best damn version of never tell i’ve ever heard em do…i daresay it
might have been the best femmes show i’ve ever seen…14th time’s a
charm i guess…btw, feel free to write me just to talk about the
femmes or to get the dirt on my band…

Ron from Camellia

Freedom Fest?
I have a questin about the freedom fest on the 4th of July. Is it
actually in the MCI center or is it outside. Also, would it be during
the day or at night. I don’t want to miss the fireworks, but I guess
the femmes would be better than that. Beware all that go though. It
is impossible to drive around in DC on the fourth…hundreds of
thousands gather on the Mall for the festivities. anyway, anyone who
has more info on this, including what other bands might be playing
would be appreciated.


It Could Happen
You know, all I’ve heard about Femmes at Summerfest is people missing
it. I’m going to be in Madison, rob coons(coons) is
going to be at a “stupid” family reunion, and theflyingdutchman from
yesterday’s issue is missing it by a few days. I figure the Femmes
are a reasonable, flexible band–they could just play a few days
earlier for those of us who can’t make it. So if anyone sees Gordon
just let him know I would like a special preformance on say…the 24th.
Thank you.


My Luck Has Changed!!!!
well, as it turns out i was able to rig my vacation schedule around to
allow me to stay in milwaukee and see the femmes play live!!!!!! ]
This will be my first time to go to Summerfest in Milwaukee….. my
friend, who is a native, says it is great fun…. how sad it is that
this texas boy had to introduce her to the music of the femmes! I am
taking her to the concert with me….. add me to the list of people
attending the summerfest concert!!!!!

scotter -flyingdutchguy

Message Board
well scince the problem of the message board i really never did care
for it but it seems everyone else dose so ill do my best to put up
another one for all you and my VF page that ive been working on for the
last couple of years should be up soon so be patient and ill keep you

Nick Parr

500 Forum?
what ever happened to the 500 Forum??

and are the VF subscribers to the AM newsletter??
(P.S Erik If your reading this mail me on how your doing!!!!)

Nick Parr

-Pat. Says: I don’t remember using the 500 Forum; maybe another
subscriber has info about it.
As far as your next question…with so many anonymous
subscribers…I really couldn’t say. I’ll bet they don’t
even all have computers, not to mention email addresses.