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We are the salt of the earth. If we’re not salty, what are we worth?

Words to live by…
-From Rejoice and be Happy (2000)
-Submitted by SCPGAMEDIA

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First Avenue Time Change
Lust For Life
RE: emusic and BMW
RE: Sell Out
RE: Sell Out With Me Tonight
The Violent Femmes Movement

First Avenue Time Change
The 6/28 show at First Avenue has been changed to 6pm.


Lust For Life
Josh wrote:

Ha! I thought I was the only person who thought that was SO weird…
I don’t know what I think about the BMW commercial. At first I hated
the idea and then I read something someone else wrote on another
Femmes list about how perfectly ironic the use of that song was. I
guess maybe it’s not so bad and it is exposure. If you haven’t seen
the commercial keep an eye on
It’s not there yet but there are 4 other BMW commercials so we might
get lucky!

Agree completely about the alternate version of All I Want too.
Very nice. I’m also groovin’ on the Werewolf track. I think that
one was recorded at the Pabst theatre Halloween ’98 (Wisconsin Tour).
John and Kathryn what do you guys think? The 12 Steps and Rules of
Success tunes are something else altogether. I still haven’t figured
out exactly what the 4 rules are though. Has anybody else?


RE: emusic and BMW
First off…go to emusic and get theViolent Femmes new cd. It is
Awesome!!! Trust me. I am now 31 yrs old, have followed the Femmes
since day 1 and this cd is GREAT! Also, does anyone know how I can get
the art work for the cd??? I’m new to emusic.
Second. Be happy the Femmes are making some money on a commercial for
Mercedes! They deserve it! Heck, I wish they had a more. This band has
been around for along time and radio and all the other mainstream
media outlets have ignored them for the most part. These guys are the
best band that ever recorded and have given so much to their fans, I
hope they get more offers from more companies. Maybe Hollywood Video
can use “Hollywood is High”, Viagra (Pfizer) can use the “Yes oh Yes”
tag, Firestone can use “Something’s Wrong”(bad joke – you’re supposed
to laugh). Okay, who knows. The point is…”rejoice and be happy” they
are still around and making a living. If you aren’t happy for them
then, go “out the window” or “kiss off”…you pick. I love the Violent
Femmes and I just want to thank them for all of their incredible music.
Be positive………………

rmw17 (Rob)

P.S. It was neat to notice that my 87 year old grandmother has the
same b-day as Gordon! She’s a Christian(as am I) so I played her the
Christian songs by the Femmes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Sell Out
Selling out? I hate that term!

This is in response to Eric’s (wisconsinsane) posting. The term
“selling out” has got to be the most ridiculous thing any real fan of
groups music can say. As fans we have to realize that music is the
Violent Femmes job, their pay check, their food, shelter, and college
education for their kids. To anyone out their who doesn’t want to see
the Femmes or any other band out there “sell out”, here’s a question
for you…At your job, if someone offers you a promotion or bonus
because they like your work, would you turn it down in order to remain
obscure and “closer to your roots”? No, I woudn’t, and no really sane
person would either.
This car commercial might actually get more people interested in
the Violent Femmes, which would lead to higher album sales, which would
then lead to more concert dates. Not to mention, it probably helped
Brian take a trip with his wife, Gordon buy a new guitar, or Guy buy
some exotic soup. (We all know he loves soup, right?)
Think about the term “selling out.” I’ve never understood why
fans don’t want to see their favorite bands succeed just so they can
say, “Hey, I know of this great band you’ve never heard of.” More
power to the femmes, and I wish them continued success and media
attention, hopefully more outlets to reach out to potential fans will
open up for them…It’s really long overdue. I would love to see the
day when every music store in the country is having record release
parties for the femmes new album, and I’m sure they’d like that too.


-Pat. Says: OK. I’ll put my tuppence in. As far as I’m concerned, the
term “selling out” applies to a band which consciously
changes its style of music or the message it wants to
convey (if any) in order to appeal to a broader audience.
That doesn’t apply here. Aside from “Do You Really Want
to Hurt Me”, which I know from past interviews is a song
they were pressured to do in an attempt to sell records,
and possibly a few others I can’t think of at 4 a.m., the
band has pretty much done what they wanted, and in their
own way. That’s one of the biggest reasons why they have
had so many problems with record labels. They didn’t write
some mindless little ditty for BMW or whatever car ad this
is; somebody took a good solid song and asked to use it.
It’s clean money, and the band should be glad to have it.

While I have your attention, if you haven’t already done
so, check out the June/July news on the official homepage.

RE: Sell Out With Me Tonight
As far as record sales go for the femmes, I feel as long they have been
around they shouldn’t feel compelled by the amount of records sold. The
Femmes have been around for over 20 years and they had their prime back
in ’83 when their debut album was released & since then have released
numerous albums, yet more than 1/2 of the population has never heard of
them for one reason or another but most likely knows who they are after
you sing blister in the sun for them. The femmes only actual catch up
was their Platinum album Add it up but I beleive this was due to the
fact it was highly promoted by BMG, columbia House, Ect. Since then
they have been dropped from the largest Record label (Interscope) like
many other’s (most notably Nine Inch Nails). Fred Durst(lead singer of
Limp Dickshit)doesn’t like their music so he won’t promote it. We’re
seeing many bands like Disturbed, Stained, Linkin Park, Prrfect Circle
and so on, get so well promoted and popular. That’s his type of music.
By the way,if you didnt know, Fred Durst is at the top of Interscope!
So The Violent Femmes go with a very small record company who hardly
promoted that album worth Crap! If people don’t see that a new album
has come out they’re not going to look for it. And the Femmes require
a little time to like since they really dont have many “catchy Songs”
& you only hear maybe 3 or 4 songs of theirs on the radio. The Femmes
are also “college music” & thrive in college towns. If you come to the
city I live in in Oregon nobody knows who the Femmes are even though
they play at least once a year. So it all adds up: catchy songs, good
promotion, well known – sell records. The Femmes don’t have much of
that. But there are fans like me who own over 60 of their actual
records and who are always looking for something new. I think in the
20 years if the femmes felt compelled to give it up after no album
sales they would have given up on the album “3”. But hopefully they
will stick through this and release another album & hope for change.
Unfortunately, with as good as they are, they haven’t became a legend
that will always be rememberd by everyone (such as Pink FLoyd, Rolling
Stones, The Beatles So-on).

P.S. If the Femmes felt bad about the last album no matter how many
people buy the album it won’t make a difference. They have made up
their mind and have seen the charts. Hopefully change will happen &
another platinum album will be released.
Until then…

[email protected]

The Violent Femmes Movement
Is the album being downloaded on emusic just the band emptying their
garage full of music or is it that they had enough songs for another
album that no one wants to put out?

Does the band have a label right now or after the poor sales of Freak
Magnet are they “In Search of” again.

Freak Magnet was such a good Femmes album and it was frustrating to
get no support from radio. I go back now and listen to it and see how
“Rejoice and be Happy”, “Sleepwalkin” and “Freak Magnet” can fit with
the other alt-punk bands that get air-play.

It’s crazy. There seems to be so many Violent Femmes fans out their,
but not enough with the initiative to pick up the phone and request a
new song from their local radio station. Are Femmes fans not passionate
enough about their music?

I’d like to see the entire Femmes community get behind one of the songs
on this downloadable album and request the hell out of it. Force the
radio station to download it and play it on the air.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what that song should be? We
should start with a trend setting station like KROQ here in Los Angeles
and get them on board and see if that could jump start the Femmes
wildfire across the country.

If freakin Gwen Stefani can call the radio station ad nasium to get
her own song played, then all the Femmes fans can band together to
bring the Femmes back to the forefront as one of the leaders of todays

What are your thoughts?

[email protected]