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TOUR DATES (** means new tourdate):
O=Official homepage

Sun 06/24/01 – 7:00PM, Taste Of Randolph, Chicago, IL (P,O)
Thu 06/28/01 – 7:30PM, First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (P,T,O)
21+ show
Fri 06/29/01 – 10:00PM, Summerfest Miller Oasis, Milwaukee, WI (P,O)
Sat 6/30/01 – Summerfest 2001, Austin, TX (O)
Fri 07/13/01 – AT&T LoDo Music Festival, Denver, CO (P,O)

If any of you are going to any upcoming shows, and would like to meet
fellow subscribers who are also going, send your name and what show you
will be attending, and I will put it here.

Milwaukee, WI
iddybiddydiddy (Patty)

Austin, TX
rockinaustin (Alicia)

Denver, CO
lmjacobs (Laurie)




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Re: Taste of Randolph
RE:Austin Info???
RE: Femmes in Austin
RE: Happy Birthday Gordon
Sell Out With Me Tonight

Re: Taste of Randolph
Last year, I caught Cowboy Mouth at TOR, and I believe it was like $5
at the gate. It doesn’t sell out since it’s a huge street affair, and
is actually a pretty good place for a concert. It should be a great
show, see yall there.


RE:Austin Info???
I can’t find anything about an Austin show either but I did find the
following article from when the VF played here last year. I laughed my
ass off about some of the stuff he wrote but I didn’t take his Twisted
Sister thing kindly at all! Does anybody else think AM is a rip-off of
Twisted Sister?

Live Shots
June 23, 2000:
Violent Femmes
Austin Music Hall, June 10

My date was dead-on in summing up Saturday’s Violent Femmes show as
“totally junior high,” but Gordon Gano’s mullet may have been taking
things a tad too far. Short on top, long in back, the lead Femmes’
hair was a little like his band’s set, actually. With inclement weather
forcing a last-minute relocation from Stubb’s, a printer glitch holding
up the will-call line for at least two hours, scheduled openers the
Damnations not playing due to “not enough channels in the P.A.,” and
fill-in Jimmy Smith trying valiantly — with a Vic Chesnutt song, no
less — to stem the cafeterian tide of conversation, it’s no wonder the
Femmes emerged more flummoxed than the new kid in class. Their early
set was a hodgepodge of “na-na-na” choruses, flute solos, bassist Brian
Ritchie making like Henry Rollins on “Don’t Talk About My Music,” and a
whole lot of country twang. Maybe they wanted to make sure they were in
Texas, though it didn’t matter where they were the instant a Pink
Panther-like motif became “Waiting for the Bus” and the real show
started. “Blister in the Sun” was dispatched soon after with a minimum
of milking (that came later), and with a jubilant “Out the Window” and
holy-rolling “Jesus Walking on the Water,” the Femmes were off like a
prom dress. You could almost picture balloons dropping from the ceiling
when they trotted out slow-dancer “Good Feeling,” and if they had, the
crowd might have paid more heed to ensuing selections from the Femmes’
new Freak Magnet CD. But everybody likes “American Music,” even if it
is a slowed-down remake of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It,”
and the Springsteen-like earnestness of “I Held Her in My Arms” was
pure poetry. Well into the home stretch, the Femmes expanded their
number to seven for a lengthy “Black Girls” (what was that about not
enough P.A. channels?) as Gano introduced the band while drummers Guy
Hawkman and Austin’s Rafael Gayol did a mean Harlem shuffle. “Gone
Daddy Gone” provided a xylophone lick straight outta the band hall,
and then it was time for a little arithmetic — “Day … after
day … .” The crowd went positively pep rally as Gano’s hip-hoppy
rants about kissing, screwing, and the f-word became bluesy
instrumental breaks longer than the will-call line. It was worth every
second for the larynx-straining payoff of “Add it up! Add it up! Add
it up!” and when the totals were in, Gano bid the crowd a sincere and
well-earned adios. But he still deserves detention for that hair.


RE: Femmes in Austin
Hey Hey! Add me to the who’s going to Austin please!!!
Also here’s the info about it!
Thanks –

Where: Waterloo Park
403 E 15th St
Austin, TX
When: Saturday June 30
Price: $10 in advance at Hooter’s or Star Tickets; $15 at the gate.

With 13 bands pumping 10 hours of live music, the cost of the ticket
is a small price to pay.

The Bands
Violent Femmes
Trish Murphy
George DeVore
The Uninvited
Stroke 9

Behind the Scenes
This non-profit charity event is sponsored by Smirnoff Ice and Hooters,
and all profits will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Pat. Says: OK, now the combination of Hooters and the Make-A-Wish
Foundation brings to mind a multitude of really bad jokes.
‘Nuff said.

RE: Happy Birthday Gordon
Gordon’s birthday was on the 7th. It is also Michael J Fox’s birthday
too. Gordon’s birthday was listed as 6/6 on the official website. In
Phoenix after an awesome VF concert, I was sitting in VF’s dressing
room talking to Gordon. I told him my daughter’s birthday was 6/6 like
his. He replied that the website was wrong and that his birthday was
6/7. I then told him that my husband’s birthday was 6/7. He asked me
if my husband was short like him, Prince and Michael J Fox. I said
that my husband was about 5’11”, which I didn’t think was very tall,
but Gordon disagreed and said that was a lot taller than him or Prince
or Michael J Fox. I can’t wait for VF to come back to Phoenix, it’s
been too long since I’ve seen them in the flesh!


-Pat. Says: My fault. The letter was sent on the 7th, so Nick got it

Sell Out With Me Tonight
I have a subject of discussion in this confusing time of being a Femmes
fan. While watching tv one evening, I think ESPN, a tv commercial came
on for a Mercedes Benz convertible. The image on screen is just the
car putting up its automated top. But something instantly caught my
attention when the commercial came on – the song playing, it was oh so
familiar. Then I had my “holy shit” epiphenal moment – the song was
“It’s Gonna Rain” by the Femmes!
After I got over my amazement at hearing this gem on a frickin’
Mercedes commercial, i came to these conclusions:

1. There is some ad guy/gal at Mercedes that deserves big props for
the clever use of, let’s face it, a really obscure song. A great song,
off a great album, but really, not many people know the album or would
even recognize “It’s Gonna Rain” as a song by “that band that sings
that blister in the sun song.” I had that feeling that I was the only
person in the whole state who would see that commercial and know the
song they were using.

2. If Mercedes ever makes a car that costs less than my annual salary
but a good margin, I’d at least consider getting one.

3. The Femmes in a car ad strikes me much better than an Iggy Pop
song about heroin for a frickin’ Carnival Cruise Lines. I think they
deserve the exposure (if any) and money (however much) and I wish
everyone on this list could see the commercial. Maybe they have it at
the Benz website somewhere?

Anyway, that’s all. Go get some of those new Femmes songs at, especially the alt. version of All I Want. It sounds
really cool with strings.

Hasta luego,

Well… I’m speechless … I’m stunned… I’m sad …
I was just in my room … minding my own business … roomate watching
ESPN… I hear the voice… the bass … I run into the den… in time
to see it … a BMW commercial …

If they need money bad enough to have to sell that song to that market
…well… we have failed them as fans … that’s all I can think …