June 21- City Fest, Birmingham AL (O,P)
June 26- Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI (O,P)
July 11- Brewery District Pavilion, Columbus, OH (O,P,T)
July 30- Newport Folk Fest, Atlanta, GA (O)
August 1- Newport Folk Fest, Philadelphia, PA (O)
August 2- Newport Folk Fest, Jones Beach, NY (O)
August 18- Newport Folk Fest, Washington, DC (O)
August 20- Newport Folk Fest, Indianapolis, IN (O)
August 21- Starts @ 3 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, New World Music Theatre,
Tinley Park, IL (O,T)
August 22- Starts @ 1 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, Pine Knob Music Theatre,
Clarkston, MI, $18-$35 (O,T)
August 23- Starts @ 2 p.m., Newport Folk Fest, CocaCola Starlite
Ampitheatre, Burgettstown, PA, $15-$40 (O,T)

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And the boy was yummy
And the girl was yummy
As they slid down the throat
To the monster’s yellow tummy
-From “A Story”
-Submitted by coons


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Summerfest Info
RE: Freak Magnet
RE: Freak Magnet
RE: Freak Magnet
RE: Freak Magnet..Clash Tribute
RE: Clash Tribute Album
RE: Clash Tribute Album
Sean Lennon and VF
Trader’s Club, Anyone?

Summerfest Info
A couple issues ago, someone requested more info on the Femmes at
Summerfest in Milwaukee, June 26. Here we go…

The Femmes will be playing the Miller Oasis. That stage’s schedule for
the day is:
11:30 am O’Bros
3 pm Bystanders
6:30 pm Deluxury
10 pm Violent Femmes

Other notable acts on the 26th is a great line-up of other Milwaukee
bands that anyone planning on being at Summerfest should check out
before the Femmes. They’re playing the Harley-Davidson stage:
The Wooldridge Brothers at 2:30 pm and Pet Engine (opened for the
Femmes in Burlington, WI last month) at 8 pm (over in plenty of time to
get to the Femmes)

If you want to see the complete schedule for Summerfest that day,
go to:

Also, you can get in FREE to Summerfest on the 26th 2 ways.
#1 Buy a Summerfest pin ($3 all over the Milwaukee area) and go from
#2 Take a one gallon lid from Cedar Crest Ice Cream to the Mid-gate
from 11:30-2:30
Otherwise, the concert is the admission price to Summerfest, which is
either $8 or $9.

hope this info helps. if you need any info about getting to Summerfest,
etc. either email me or check http://www.summerfest.com


well, i was at the drexel show! it rocked! i am planning on writing a
review of it for an online magazine In music we Trust. as soon as it
gets posted i’ll send out the link.


Well, another terrific performance, rivalling the WCSU show a couple of
weeks ago. It was another great crowd, too, although I think there was
a bit more pushing up front. There were a couple of pink flamingos in
the audience. One was inlatable; they must have gotten it from the
adult birdstore. There were unfortunately a few problems with the
equipment, but of course no one really noticed that. Guy was especially
talkative, highly unusual for him. I won’t give the entire set list,
but here’s a few highlights:
Just Like My Father- seems to be a part of the set now. They also
played it at WCSU. I hope they will opt for some equality of
the sexes and also play Mother of a Girl from time to time.
My Way- I really did not expect them to play this as they did. It was
wonderful; stamped with their own personality, and yet still
respectful of Frank Sinatra.
The digeriduet- the two Brians, the one from the VF, and the one from
the opening band. Quite an experience. What a rumble! Too bad
for those of you who were not at Drexel Saturday night,
because the likes may never be heard again!
Bad, Rejoice and Be Happy, Freak Magnet- I’ll have those lyrics
memorized before long!
Color Me Once- I always enjoy hearing this, and tho I know they play it
with some frequency, it seems they rarely play it at shows I see
Confessions- Horns of Dilemma, Conch, Shakuhachi…just a wonderful jam
here. The horns that night were Johnny from the crew, as well as
Andrew and Jeff from the opening band.

The Femmes are coming back to OH. Amber, Please contact me.


-Pat. Says: The reason Patriot13 gave for needing to speak with Amber
was deleted by me, because it was private. But Amber, I
hope you read your issues soon, because this guy really
needs to speak with you.

>>Mike had quite an idea at the Milwaukee show.

Hell yes! Go Mike Go! I wish I’d thought of it myself! In fact this
post prompted me to once again fire off a few emails to Interscope!
Have you ever had that not-so-fresh feeling?? Go ahead. Send Interscope
an email. Tell them all about it RIGHT NOW!


RE: Freak Magnet
wisconsinsane wrote:
<…doesn’t anyone think that the order could be better? See I don’t >

I do agree, but in a different way. I love the music, but I really
don’t think that this album will attract many new fans, I think you
will only really like the album if you are a die hard femmes fan. DO
NOT GET ME WRONG, I LOVE IT, but it is certainly nothing compared to the
first four (I go back and fourth on which is my fav, but those first
four are the best in my book)

I think the first few songs start it off really well, but all together
the album lacks the magic that they have. I really think putting
“I’m Nothing” back on the album was a bad choice, new version or not, we
want NEW material not slightly changed old material, between that and a
cover song what are we really getting?


I really miss the extra instruments from the early stuff. All of the
percussion/African drums, flutes, mouth harps like in “morning song”
from “Blind Leading the naked” Just things like that. I do like the
fact that Guy uses the brushes a lot more on this album, but

I just think that they are, and can, do a WHOLE lot better than this


RE: Freak Magnet..Clash Tribute
The weirdest part about the order of FM is that the two previously
released songs, I Wanna See You Again and I’m Nothing, are back to back.
And why would the Femmes, who regularly put adventurous tunes as part of
their albums, feel the need to hide a bonus track?

I know for a fact that the Clash tribute album is still on its way,
supposedly coming out this fall. What I don’t know is the label or if
the Femmes will still be involved. I know of only two of the songs
being done so far: The Urge, an incredible, energetic band from my
homeland of St. Louis, is doing This is Radio Clash. And 311 is doing
White Man in Hammersmith Palais (one of my favorite songs!) I’ll be
getting this album whenever it may appear.

And finally…to anyone on this list who doesn’t know much about The
Clash, do it now! Go get London Calling as a starter and listen. They
created the musical grounds on which the Femmes are based. Mmmm mmm


RE: Clash Tribute Album
the last i heard, it was supposed to come out August 25. the current
lineup is quite different than it was a year ago:

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (produced by X’s John Doe) – “Rudie Can’t
MXPX (w/Social Distortion’s Mike Ness) – “Janie Jones”
Ranking Roger – “Rock The Casbah”
Ice Cube, Mack 10, and Korn (remixed by Danny Saber) – “Should I Stay
Or Should I Go”
No Doubt – “Hateful”
The Urge – “This Is Radio Clash”
311 – “White Man In Hammersmith Palais”
Rancid – “Cheat”
Silverchair – “London’s Burning”
Cracker – “White Riot”
Indigo Girls – “Clampdown”
Face To Face – “Tommy Gun”
Unwritten Law – “The Guns of Brixton”
Moby and Heather Nova – “Straight To Hell”

If i find anything new, i’ll let you know.

Bobby Sayers

RE: Clash Tribute Album
I remember hearing about the Clash tribute album. I think I heard that
the Femmes were doing a cover of ‘I Fought The Law’, which would be
totally awesome! I love that song and hearing Gordon do it would be
great! I couldn’t see them doing ‘Rock the Casbah’ though…

On another note, I would love to hear the Femmes do covers of the
following songs…

‘Born to be wild’ by Steppenwolf
‘Louie Louie’ by the Kingsmen
‘Alabama Song’ by the Doors
‘Love Shack; by the B-52s (this would be crazy to hear!)
‘Brown Eyed Girl’ by Van Morrison
‘Jane Says’ by Jane’s addiction

I also think it would be cool if other bands did Femmes songs. For

‘Machine’ done by Pink Floyd (too bad the lead sing is in an asylum)
‘I hear the Rain’ by Jars of Clay
‘Blister in the Sun’ by Dave Matthews Band
‘Add it Up’ by Cowboy Mouth
‘Dance, M.F. Dance’ by Dash Rip Rock
‘American Music’ by Matthew Sweet
‘Good Feeling’ by Sarah McLauchlin

A Femmes tribute album should definately one day be made. Gordon & Co.
definately deserve it…


-Pat. Says: Wasn’t I Fought the Law originally a Bobby Fuller song?
O yes, a VF tribute would be great, but really now, no one
could match the originals, especially since they’re still
going strong!

Sean Lennon and VF
In the June 11 issue of “Rolling Stone,” there’s an interview with Sean
Lennon (son of John Lennon, of course), who during the course of the
interview praises the Violent Femmes.

INTERVIEWER: On [Yoko Ono’s] ’86 tour, I recall talking with you about
music and finding out you were a fan of the Violent Femmes, which seemed
pretty hip for a kid of eleven.

SEAN LENNON: I was a huge Violent Femmes freak [sings the opening line
of “Blister in the Sun”]. … I spent my time trying to be like
everybody else, as conservative as possible. Then I discovered Jimi
Hendrix and the Violent Femmes, and it was like, “Fuck this, man, I’m
gonna be weird!”

Sean is 22 now and has a new album called “Into the Sun” on Grand Royal
Records. Is anyone else on this list a John Lennon fan? He’s my
personal idol.

Trader’s Club, Anyone?
Pat, could you please put this in American Music. Thanks!!

Subject: Traders Club

Hey now,

Is anyone interested in setting up some sort of VF traders club? You
know, one of those things where all the members have acess to each
others collections? I am not a very experienced VF trader, but I have
been having a hellish time getting some good tapes and think this would
be a good idea. If you are interested in doing something like this,
e-mail me at mowen5 . Hope to hear from you soon!


-Pat. Says: Well, we DO have the Classifieds section, but to tell the
truth, it is getting a bit hard to handle. Since I have
yet to find an acceptable (and free!) bulk mailer, and my
unregistered program has expired, I am forced to send out
each issue 12 times to get it to you all. Which means on
Mondays, I send out 24 posts in one sitting. I know many
of you are not really interested in the classifieds, yet you
would prefer to just delete it as it comes, rather than
actually telling me you don’t want it any more. So, if you
would like to be involved in a trader’s club, write to
mowen5, and if alot of people write, please let me know,
Mowen5, and I will discontinue the Classifieds (of course
you’ll have to be sure to incorporate the Classifieds posts
in your club)