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TOUR DATES (*=New Dates)

Friday 6/6/03 Chicago IL Halsted YMCA
Thursday 7/3/03 Nashville TN Dancin’ in the District
Saturday 7/5/03 Memphis TN Mud Island Amphitheater
* Saturday 8/23/03 Del Mar CA Thorougbred Club


Ticket Info for upcoming shows
RE: Australia Show Reviews
Chicago? Summerfest?
RE: Selling Out
RE: Selling Out
RE: Selling Out
Video Compilation Reopen

Ticket Info:
Friday 6/6 Flaming Lips, Violent Femmes, Ben Kweller & The Starlight Mints
New City YMCA
1515 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60622
Tickets on sale 5/3 $12 / $20 Day of Show
Gates: 4:30PM

Thursday 7/3 Dancin’ in the District with the Violent Femmes
Nashville Coliseum Field
(located between the Coliseum & the Cumberland River)
Tickets are ONLY $3.00!!! Available at the show or online!

Saturday 7/5 Mud Island Amphitheater
(no ticket info yet)

Saturday 8/23 Thoroughbred Club
91X Anniversary Show
Following the races, 91X will celebrate their 20th anniversary with a FREE concert in the
infield approx. 6:30pm. Concert is free w/paid racetrack admission of $5.

Thanks for the Reviews!
My body was in the US, but my heart was in Australia.

Thanks so much to all of the “Down Under” fans who wrote those fantastic
reviews! I really wish I could have been there and you sort of took me there.

Chicago? Summerfest?
So are the femmes not planning on being at summer fest? and do u know
how long they are playing for on the 6th in Chicago?
RE: Selling Out
In reply to the person who wrote in about selling out…
I too am a huge Ramones fan. Their music means a great
deal to me, as does the Femmes. However, I see nothing
wrong with playing Blitzkreig Bop and Please Do not Go
on television commercials. As you yourself pointed out,
it wasn’t YOUR decision. I have been around people when
these commercials came on, and they could have cared
less what the song was about, or who the band was. That
is because it is just a silly commercial. I have also
been around other friends who the moment Gordon’s voice
came out of that black square, the people on the screen
disappeared. One friend of mine fell in love with the
Femmes after hearing them on that commercial. If you
think that fans will ditch the music that they love and
as you put it, have a spiritual connection with, just
because they needed to make a few bucks, you are wrong.
The true fans are interested in the music, not where or
to whom it is played. Understandably, you have the
write to consider this a sell out. Perhaps it is, but
what harm is it doing? What exactly are they selling out
from? From good music? Can’t be, that song has been on
sale at music stores since the early 80s. From their
devoted underground following? Trust me, background
commercial music never had a large enough effect as to
bring a lesser known band onto the top of the pops. The
only harm I can see is that these 30 seconds of good
music are selling just what they intend to sell: cell
phones, or whatever else. I for one hope that the
Femmes might gain some new fans from this. Think of how
you were introduced to their music, what if that never

Sunny Franklin

RE: Selling Out
I don’t think that having a song on an ad is selling
out. it’s still the same song, it’s not like they
wrote a song for an ad, or gordon is there saying
“buy this product, its good, trust me”. in a way it’s
quite ironic and funny the femmes seem to be confident
in their credibility as to not have to worry about
crap like that.
RE: Selling Out
The Femmes didn’t write the songs for the car or cell
phone commercials. Therefore i don’t think that they’re
selling out. They’re taking advantage of the fact that
huge companies with lots of money think their songs
will help sell shit. i don’t think they’re opposed to
cars or cell phones. if they were, then that’d be a
little shitty. kind of like how I’d never let a
company use my song to advertise an SUV or alcohol or
god forbid – a fucking presidential campaign! I think
the definition of selling out is writing songs
specifically with the purpose of making money. I DON’T
think a band like Green Day ever sold out. It’s not
their fault they got famous. They never changed their
style any more than a band that naturally grew up and
progressed would have. 2 sell out bands: Sugar Ray
Smash Mouth Sugar Ray’s old stuff was hard hard shit
(they toured with the Deftones, etc). But as soon as
Fly became a hit, everything else they ever wrote was
a carbon copy of it. This is selling out. Same with
Smash Mouth. However, it IS kind of weird hearing
“Rock and Roll” all over the Cadillac commercials…
but then again – Jimmy Page became a fuckhead a long
time ago (even before the Puff Daddy Godzilla thing).
And seeing The Matrix advertising Powerade and
Heineken is very annoying….so I know where you’re
coming from. By the way, The Matrix Reloaded is so
so so so fucking good, better than the first one.
Really really deep shit. see it a couple times. but
don’t buy Powerade.

VF Compilation Reopen
Hey there i saw the compilation video that was done a souple years ago and the first
thing i must say is that it Sucked! sorry but the Video quality gave me headaches just
trying to watch it. I would like to get another compilation going but this time Digital
I have some really good Video stuff transferd to VCD as it is but I need Allot more! So
anyone out there that has decent video quality stuff from the femmes please contact me
on helping me out. anyone that contributes some type of Video good enough to use
(meaning not headache material) will get a free copy when finished though it may be
awhile. In the meantime do NOT ask me for video material I will not be letting anything
out till I get the compilation fiished. you can email me at:

Hey there I have uploaded a site for the Video Compilation that you might want
to add to your lsit!

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