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**Sun 06/24/01 – 7:00PM, Taste Of Randolph, Chicago, IL (P,O)**

**Thu 06/28/01 – 7:30PM, First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (P,T,O)**
21+ show

**Fri 06/29/01 – 10:00PM, Summerfest Miller Oasis, Milwaukee, WI (P,O)**

**Sat 6/30/01 – Summerfest 2001, Austin, TX (O)**

**Fri 07/13/01 – AT&T LoDo Music Festival, Denver, CO (P,O)**

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Duluth Show
Duluth Show & Summerfest
I Daresay He Soiled Himself …
4/30/2001 NYC Concert Report
Milwaukee Rock
Montgomery Alabama Show
Violent Femmes and Heather Frith/Nova

Duluth Show
The Femmes show in Duluth went on as planned, I had to eat $30 on an
unused ticket but had a great time anyway.

The set was pretty much a reconstruction of the “Add It Up” Album but
included “color mr once” and my favorite of all time “Hollowed Ground”
Pretty shocked that the only tune off Freak Magnet was the title track.

Harmony Reily was really good too, but sounded more like a radio rock

Total length of show: 3hrs – H.R 45min, V.F. 2hrs


Duluth Show & Summerfest
What’s up Femme fans?
Yeah so I made a trip out to see the guys in Duluth. Planned to see a
show at First Avenue in Minneapolis too but I still don’t know what
the hell hapened with that. Noticed that it has been rescheduled for
late June though. And hey some news from Milwaukee – Femmes are playing
the Miller Oasis for Summerfest! Duluth was cool. Mostly as expected
but a few tunes from Freak Magnet. Anybody download the mp3 album from
emusic yet? I gotta tell you guys that I am way confused by what’s going
on with VF. I mean what are we supposed to think about all this shit
and NO word from the band? Breaking up … not breaking up… new tour
dates… tour dates cancelled… mp3 albums for download … f**king
webpage never gets updated… And damn if anyone ever talks around here
anymore… that is *if* we get an issue at all …


I Daresay He Soiled Himself …
>The story of which she referred to, of course, is the absence of
>Violent Femmes’ singer Gordon Gano, from the Thursday Meehan
>Auditorium concert.

>Gano, confused while getting off his tour bus, ended up playing a
>marathon one-man show at the adjacent Moses Brown High School front

Well, the first sentence is actually true. I think the latter, although
hilarious, is just a creative attempt to explain the unexplainable.
Gano was a no show so Snopek took the voice set. I may never forgive
myself for missing an opportunity to hear Sig sing Add it Up so someone
please write in with a concert review.

In other news …
Foellinger auditorium respectfully enjoyed a full complement of Femmes
on Sunday night. And just a few hours north on Monday, Dekalb Illinois
kicked some major arse for a couple of hours while the guys laid down
an excellent performance! It was hot, sweaty and rauccous – and the
crowd was pretty Ok too ;o)! I’d give you all a rundown of the set but
I can’t – I got so caught up in the show that I completely lost time.
Don’t you love it when that happens? When the guys came out for the 2nd
encore (yes, 2nd!) the guy behind me said, “What do you think they’ll
play?” I said, “Kiss Off,” and he said, “they already played that.”
Like I said – completely lost in the music. If you were at Otto’s
Monday (and especially if you caught Guy’s drumhead & your name is
Michael) send me an email and we can discuss!

One more thing…
>not everyone digs ‘rock n’ roll’ or you know, the other types of
>music out there, but you have to give a certain respect to all types
>of music even if they’re not your style.

Right on Shannon. R-E-S-P-E-C-T … girl you said it! And come on
like him or not don’t we all have days where we wanna Durst around
and Break Sh**?
Have fun at Irving Plaza!

4/30/2001 NYC Concert Report
Does anyone remember the *exact* playlist from 4/30/2001, Irving Plaza?
Here’s what I recall (not in order):

Old Mother Reagan
I Held Her In My Arms
Blister in the Sun
Kiss Off
Add It Up
Prove My Love
Gone Daddy Gone
Good Feeling
American Music
Waiting for the Bus
Jesus Walking on the Water
Dance Motherfucker Dance
Freak Magnet
All I Want
Rejoice And Be Happy

I drove from N. Carolina to see the show and the drive was soooo
worth it. This was the best show I have ever seen– and I was sober!
They played all but 2 songs from “Violent Femmes” 1982 album.
One song from Freak Magnet.
A couple of Jesus songs.
and one song I didn’t recognize.

The crowd was good, some folks didn’t understand what a mosh pit was,
but the other folks around me set them straight.

I do wish they had played “Mosh Pit” from Freak Magnet.

The opening band sucked.


Milwaukee Rock
So did anybody else end up wandering around downtown Cincinnati
wondering,”Where have all the cowboys gone and what does a Silo the
Husky fan look like?” Just kidding – although I was really looking
forward to hearing a band called Silo the Husky. The Cincinnati show
was cancelled – although this time at no fault of the band. In my
experience the promoters of Femmes shows are usually a little nervous
about security due to the reputation of us willfully crazy folk but in
this case the fears may actually have been justified in light of the
racial tensions and rioting going on there in recent weeks. Why can’t
we all just get along?
Every cloud has a silver lining though and mine was sterling!! I had
already planned a trip to Chicago to see my second fave band
-Television – so Cinci was just going to be a detour on the way home
anyway. TV was unbelievably fantastic … beyond words really (but
if you want me to try, email me privately and I will). So as I am
floating out of the Metro Thurs night with Marquee Moon ringing in
my ears I bumped into a friend who is also into TV and VF and he says,
“You know if you go to Milwaukee you could see Victor play tomorrow
night.” Life is an adventure right? So I spent Friday day lolling by
the “ugly lake” reading (wrapped in a blanket because it was freezing
and all I brought with me was shorts and T’s)! Then I enjoyed my very
first Friday night fish fry with the Bluebirds (Sigmund Snopek &
Andrea Terek) at Carpenter’s Pub, and finished the evening at
Linneman’s watching Victor play. You guys in and around Milwaukee just
don’t know how good you’ve got it! I even got a little bit o’ Femmes
in – Sigmund cover Blister in his set and Brian sat in with him and
played Summertime on the Shakuhachi. Seeing Vic play again was fun
and I think we will all be hearing the Delorenzo name being tossed
around in music circles again soon. His son Malachi (don’t know
about the spelling) opened up he and really blew me away.
Oh – BTW – for anyone who’s heading to Summerfest this year – Sig and
Andrea are doing the Bluebird’s thing on the 28th and 30th. Femmes
are on the 29th so come early and/or stay late and see them too!


Montgomery Alabama Show
Yes finally the Femmes venture to the south eastern US and for everyone
who had the opportunity to see them at Jubilee City Fest in Montgomery,
Alabama it had been a long awaited visit! They played all of the
favorites to a great crowd dancing the night away… they even sneaked
in an encore after the curfew of the festival. I have never wished I
was more musically inclined as I did when Brian invited Ron up on stage
to play bass. What the ultimate fan experience! This was a great day
and I got to spend it with some incredible people… my sister and a
dear friend who traveled many miles to see the band!
It has been a long while since I had seen my favorite band and I had
almost forgotten how incredible it is to see them live! Let me
encourage you to make plans NOW to catch one of the upcoming shows…
you can never have enough Femmes in concert!


Violent Femmes and Heather Frith/Nova
Hello there,

my name is Massimo and I am the editor for the

I am currently working on a Heather Nova Tour Itinerary feature, trying
to list all possible shows she played.

In a few articles I have found out that she appeared as an opening act
for the Violent Femmes, and this should have been in the early nineties,
most likely in the UK. It might also be possible that she appeared under
the name Heather Frith (her real name), as I have found her listed with
this name as the opening act for Bob Mould in 1991.

So I am looking for more informations, and I thought I might ask you
if you’ve seen her name pop up anywhere on posters/ticket stubs/ads/
whatever for Violent Femmes shows.

Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks,

Massimo Benvegnu’

Editor –