The VIOLENT FEMMES – American Music Email List 5/29/2004

5/29/04 Online Issue
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Tour Dates: (new dates in red)
6/3/04 Boston, MA WFNX Lansdowne Street Block Party
6/5/04 New York, NY Irving Plaza (NOTE: show is 6/5 NOT 6/4)

6/11/04 San Francisco, CA Shoreline Amphitheater
6/12/04 Portland, OR Portland Rose Festival
6/13/04 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom

6/16/04 Anchorage, AK Chilkoot Charlie’s
6/17/04 Anchorage, AK Chilkoot Charlie’s
6/18/04 Fairbanks, AK Blue Loon
6/19/04 Juneau, AK Marlintini’s Lounge

6/25/04 Louisville, KY venue TBA
6/26/04 Denver, CO Westword Music Festival

7/05/04 Saint Paul, MN Taste of Minnesota
7/09/04 Quebec City, QUE Quebec City International Summer Festival
7/15/04 Detroit, MI venue TBA
7/17/04 Baltimore, MD venue TBA

8/21/04 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee AlaCarte at the Zoo
8/22/04 Chicago, IL The Chill on Kingsbury Street w/ Los Lobos

9/01/04 Ventura, CA Ventura Theater
9/03/04 San Diego, CA Del Mar Race Track
9/04/04 Anaheim, CA House of Blues

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Tour Info
Brian Ritchie Shakuhachi Club NYC CD
RE:The 11 Most Important Things from Dublin, Ireland
i don’t care, i don’t care, how heavy or how skinny
Westword Music Festival Info Needed
Weird Belgium Concert


Brian Ritchie Shakuhachi Club NYC CD


You’ve heard him play Shakuhachi onstage with the Femmes now check out Brian’s Ritchie’s latest solo effort –
Brian Ritchie Shakuhachi Club NYC!

Brian joined forces with some very talented friends to craft an album that features Shakuhachi combined with Tuba, Mandolin, Percussion (saying drums just doesn’t cut it) and Banjo. Fans of improvisation will enjoy this innovative album!

“Characterizing this music is hard. You should call it ‘Now Music’ like, ‘Listen to this music NOW because later is not the right time.” Billy Ficca (drummer for Television & the BR Shak Club NYC)


RE:The 11 Most Important Things from Dublin, Ireland


Hello to the Violent Femmes.

Basically I’m writing cos I am the friend mentioned in the 11 most important things from Dublin Ireland and I just wanted to reinforce what Susi said. We live in Cork and we had been planning our trip up to Dublin to see you guys for about 4 months. We were very excited and pretty poverty stricken thats why it took us so long to plan the god damn thing. I really hope that at one stage in your careers that ye have met your favourite band ever and were completely starstuck and started gibbering like mad eejits, cos if ye did then ye know exactly how we felt that night. All I can say is thanks a million. We had a beyond fantastic night. When we eventually got back to our hostel I couldn’t sleep I was way too
excited. I can safely say that the night of the 2nd of May 2004, the night I met the Violent Femmes, got your autographs, got free tshirts and a spliff off of some random roadie, is a night I am never gonna forget.
Thanks again
P.s. You’re still invited to Cork!


i don’t care, i don’t care, how heavy or how skinny


I’m proud to report a truly exemplary usage of music in a movie that just so happens to involve the femmes. The new documentary Supersize Me explores America’s obesity epidemic from the standpoint of a filmmaker who decides to
measure the effects of eating nothing but McDonald’s menu items for thirty consecutive days.

Along with being an interesting (if sometimes difficult to watch) film, the filmmakers display an excellent knack for choosing fitting songs. Early in the movie they use Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls,” then later the late great Wesley Willis’ “Rock n’ Roll McDonalds.” The third song they used was a stroke of inspired genius that has earned these folks a place in my heart: What better soundtrack to a film about a man packing on the pounds than the Femmes’ “Fat?” I’m sure everyone else on here who has seen the movie so far was equally delighted. Much respect, yo.



Westword Music Festival Info Needed


Hi, I cannot find any info on this fest. I was wondering if you could help me with this problem. I would love to see the femms but since I live in Albuquerque NM where they have not been in forever, and I doubt will be here anytime soon, I am hoping that this is really in Denver so I can make that drive and see them. If you have any info I could use please let me know. I will be greatfull.
Thank you,Pat Mickey

Moderator’s Note:


Weird Belgium Concert

Hello all,

The last concert of the European tour was weird. It was in Antwerpen (Belgium) in a theater with seats! So everybody was sitting down at the beginning of the show. Victor began by asking to be silent (and everybody was completely silent!). He then thanked us to listen to their “scientific lecture”. Some people looked like having a year ticket and having come because they paid for all the shows of the year anyway. So the 2 first songs were sung in a almsot completely silent room. Blister in the Sun woke up a fourth of the room which stood up and danced a little bit (most of them remained up but no
more stood up after this first wave). The set list was almost the same as usual (a little bit too much as usual).
Waiting for the bus was funny because a lot of people seemed not to know it. The weirdest moment was on Out of the Window. One of the few guys who were singing (one standing up in the middle of the first rows of sat people)
screamed “I got to go” while Gordon was waiting to say it and he screamed it again just before Gordon sung it. So Gordon stopped the song and began to speak with the guy (with the light being on the guy). At the beginning Gordon looked a little bit aggressive (was he pissed off). He imitated the posture of the guy then asked if he just went out of jail then the
conversation was OK (it lasted 1 minute or so). Then Gordon asked if we wanted them to continue the song, to do the next one or to go away… We cheered to ask the rest of the song. At the end of it Gordon said about the guy: “He is my brother, we do this little show every time. Thank you bro.” The rest was like the beginning: quite strange. Weirdest VF concert I’ve seen. Have you seen such strange concert from VF (everybody sat down or Gordon
speaking with a guy)?


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