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This summer’s gonna be the best
if I don’t die from lack of rest!
-From 36-24-36
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Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Milwaukee, WI (May 22)

Biloxi, MS (May 23)

Dallas, TX (May 24)




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Extra Dallas Tix
U of MN Show
RE: About That Quote
RE: Truth To Rumor?
19th Hole..Covers..Shakuhachi
RE: Harvey Danger..Covers
RE: Covers
Kiss Off Boot

Extra Dallas Tix
Um… I don’t know if this would be better in the classifieds part or
not…And there’s probably not time before the concert to be posting
this anyway :/
AAAAARGH Well, I just wanted to say that we have SOMEHOW ended up with
at least two… maybe three… possibly even four extra 24.50 tickets
for the Dallas show. I don’t know why I’m bothering you people with
this anyway. . .If you need a ticket… dunno why you would… problems
with ticketmaster and the like perhaps 🙂 … Anyway, if you need one
and want to talk to me about these, email me MUY PRONTO.


U of MN Show
Hey all, my name is maggie, I went to the U of MN show on Sat. and I
thought I should just let you all know that it kicked a whole lot of
ass. I’m 15, and it was ID, so it kicked ass from behind a big ol’
fence, but it still kicked ass. I could see them really well, so it
didn’t really matter. They played BITs, Black Girls, add it up, Dance
MotherFucker Dance, and they opened with Waiting for the bus, and they
closed with kiss off, and a whole bunch more, but it’s kinda a happy
daze. I felt really stupid though, because I couldn’t get in so I was
sitting outside the fence with a bunch of people that didn’t want to
pay, so Gordon was like, “This song is for all the people on this side
of the fence that payed the measally $5 to so the Violent Femmes.” If
they would let me in I’d gladly pay twice that! I felt really cheap.
Oh well, I heard they were going to play the Edgefest in Summerset, WI
next weekend. I just happen to be going to this two day festival, but
it isn’t on your list of dates so I was wondering if anyone knew if
they are or not. Any info would be grand.


-Pat. Says: I checked the Fox 29 webpage ( http://www.fox 29.com ), and
found no mention of the VF playing Edgefest V. It does say
there may be more bands TBA. Keep your eyes and ears open,
and if anyone finds out something definite, please let us
all know.

RE: About That Quote
Re Waiting For the Bus Lyrics: I’ve had the “late”/”laid” argument,
too, and it was very bitter and never resolved. I agree, however, that
it is “late”–“laid,” while interesting to a horny little high schooler
like me, clearly doesn’t jive with the song. All this lyric talk has
made me think of a new potential thread for the list. What is your
favorite music lyric ever, whatever genre or artist? And what makes
good lyrics? Humor me, I have mono.


“I can’t believe I can’t forget you; you didn’t matter that much. Is it
gonna take another man to wash away your touch?”
Joan Osborne, “Fingerprints”
“To touch is to heal, to hurt is to steal, if you wanna kiss the sky,
better learn how to kneel.”
U2, “Mysterious Ways”

-Pat. Says: Was it last summer when we had the thread about getting the
lyrics wrong? I remember writing that when my son (now 9)
was 5, I was worried about his learning the lyrics to some
of the songs he hears…until I heard him start singing
“Do you have too many jugs? I have too many jugs!”. My
other son at about the same time used to sing Black 47’s
song “Free Joe Now”, except he used to say “Free JELLO Now!”
OH, and last summer, I eavesdropped on a long conversation
those two had together, about how Gordon must have broken
his bike, and to fix it, he needed just one screw REAL BAD.
I’ll bet Aaron has a ton of stories like these by now, too.
Kids. Gotta Luv’em.
Oh, My favorite line has for years been “And in the end,
the love you take, is equal to the love you make.” and I’m
not even a huge Beatles fan.

RE: Truth To Rumor?
>But yeah, what’s up with this rumor? Several of you have heard that a
>diff label will release it as scheduled, but as far as I know, there’s
>been no official substantiation of this.

i talked to some people it was coming out on uni/interscope…universal
…it’s a subdivision thing so i am told……i just did a radio show
and now i have hours of homework and a test…summer school rocks…

19th Hole..Covers..Shakuhachi
I wanted to be happy but it only made me sad….
Well the 19th has come…. and gone… and we have no Freak Magnet…
Que’ lastima…

In response to the inquiry about cover tunes – the only cover I’ve ever
heard in it’s entirety is Season’s of the Heart. They played it in
Charlotte as a tribute to no-show Jerry Lee Lewis (I think that’s why).
They did do about 40 seconds of Ring of Fire in Fredericksburg earlier
this year. I would have really enjoyed hearing all of that one!

And I have a question…
Can anyone tell me when Brian began playing the Shakuhachi? I’ve looked
back through the liner notes for all the albums and I don’t see it
listed. And I don’t remember him ever playing it onstage before Freds.
this year. Has anyone seen/heard him play it before 98? I remember that
last summer there were some performances listed on the official page.
I just can’t seem to get the hauntingly beautiful tone of it out of my
head so I’ve been doing a little research on it. I’ve found some really
interesting info on it – If anyone is interested – email me.
Especially anyone living in Boulder CO!


RE: Harvey Danger..Covers

>The featured performers are the Wallflowers, but also playing will be
>the Toadies, VF, the Urge, and Harvey Dager (can’t read my scrawl, was
>that the right name?).

Harvey Danger. They do that “Flagpole Sitta” song, the one that goes
“paranoia, paranoia, everybody’s comin’ to get me..” You know what, I
like them and I’d bet that they are really good in concert. That guy
just sounds like he’d have a cool live voice. He’s got that sort of
whine thing that Gordon has, you know? However, I just missed them, my
mom wouldn’t let me borrow the car to go see them. dammit. c’mon mom…

>Have any of you ever heard the VF play a cover song in concert

The unofficial homepage says that they’ve played a bunch of covers in
concert, among them the Doors’ “Whisky Bar” (well, actually not the
Doors, it’s from a german opera, but you know…). I really want to
hear them do that. And hell, while we’re at it, there’s this song they
used to play called “In Style, Fashionable, Unfashionable” I think, and
it’s a really cool song. My question is, what the hell is this
song???!?? Is it a cover?? Is it an original song that just never
found it’s way onto an album?!? That would be my guess because it’s
just so Femmes, you know?? And most importantly…IF YOU’RE OUT THERE,


-Pat. Says: That’s The Threepenny Opera, by Kurt Weill (spelling again;
I really spell well, but I screw up names all the time; if
that’s not it, it’s close) Mack the Knife is a song in it,
too (Lotte Lenya was Kurt’s wife aagh spelling AGAIN). A
couple of years ago they had this on public TV, done by Nick
Cave, PJ Harvey…can’t remember who the hell else…but it
was great! If you ever see this show listed..Watch it! I’m
still kicking myself because I didn’t tape it.

RE: Covers
Isn’t “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” a cover song???
I’m sure I remember they playing in on the “Why Do Birds Sing?” tour,
but it’s been about six years. So, maybe not.

Kiss Off Boot
FYI for the Femmes list:

I received the Femmes boot, “Kiss Off”, from Tunnel Records at (I think)

The up side is that the cd is very good. The down side is that it took
49 weeks to receive my order and I’m still waiting on 2 other Femmes’
boots that I ordered.