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TOUR DATES (*=New Dates)

Friday 6/6/03 Chicago IL Halsted YMCA
Thursday 7/3/03 Nashville TN Dancin’ in the District
*Saturday 7/5/03 Memphis TN Mud Island Amphitheater

Solo Dates:
Gordon Gano
Thursday 5/22/03 New York Bowery Ballroom They Might Be Giants
(Gordon is slated as a “special guest”) see more info below!

Victor Delorenzo:
Sunday 5/25 Milwaukee – Linnemans (Ash Can School)
Friday 5/31 Milwaukee – Linnemans (Ash Can School)


Ticket Info for upcoming shows
Gordon Solo in NYC 5/22/03
Nashville Caravan???
Australian Tour Review
Auckland Review
Selling Out
Femmes in Brisbane
The Sunday Mail QLD

Ticket Info:
Friday 6/6 Flaming Lips, Violent Femmes, Ben Kweller & The Starlight Mints
New City YMCA
1515 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60622
Tickets on sale 5/3 $12 / $20 Day of Show
Gates: 4:30PM

Thursday 7/3 Dancin’ in the District with the Violent Femmes
Nashville Coliseum Field
(located between the Coliseum & the Cumberland River)
Tickets are ONLY $3.00!!! Available at the show or online!

Saturday 7/5 Mud Island Amphitheater
(no ticket info yet)

Violent Giants and They Might Be Femmes!
TMBG is pleased to announce that Frank Black, Kimya
Dawson, Gordon Gano, Syd Straw and M. Doughty will be among
the special guests joining They Might Be Giants on stage May 22nd
at the Bowery Ballroom.

Nashville Caravan???
I am very excited about the VF show in Nashville—It’s 3 days before my
21st birthday and it’s going to be a great present! Me and a bunch of people
are going to rent a van and drive up from columbia, SC for the show—I’m just
pissed i can’t make it to the Chicago show—I’m a huge Flamming Lip fan
also—did anyone see the Beck with Flamming Lips on Austin city limits? It
rocked! I think the ideal show which i would gladly fly anywere in the world to
see is beck with the flamming lips and of corse—THE VIOLENT FEMMES!
Well if anyone in the Columbia area wants to go to the Nashville show let me
know—I’d love to meet some more VF fans in the area—

Australian Tour Review
well, since i went to 6 of their shows this tour, i
thought it would be only fair to write a bit about it.
firstly, i am a huge fan (been so for around 7 years)
and have only had the pleasure to see them once before,
so i was ecstatic when i found out that they were coming
to oz, and hence bought heaps of tickets to different
shows. ill start off by trying to answer a couple of
questions people had, and then if you want you can skip
the rest of the message about the gigs. when i talked
to brian ritchie one time, i did ask whether they plan
to record any new material now that victor was back.
he told me no because “gordon doesn’t write songs anymore”.
quite blunt. so i guess there’s the answer to that one.
i also asked him whether they would play ‘in style’, and
he told me that they hadn’t practiced it but he wouldn’t
rub it out. i never heard it at the shows i went to, but
maybe they did at some others. and as someone else has
already answered, no post-victor material was played. i
was pleased to say that all the reviews of their shows
on this mailing list were correct – victor certainly
brought some spark back to the trio. it was amazing.
i wont bore everyone with minute details about each gig,
so i’ll just say that they were all awesome (as you
would probably have guessed anyway). one thing that was
great was that for all the shows i went to, not one joke
or small-talk-comment was the same. every show was
different. but it was obvious as to what material they
wanted to play. even though they didn’t play off a set
list, the majority of songs played were from the first
few albums. they were (in no particular order): look
like that, blister in the sun, color me once, kiss off,
american music, add it up, confessions, promise, prove
my love, country death song, good feeling, black girls,
jesus walking on the water, gone daddy gone, gimme the
car, i hear the rain, out the window, breakin up and i
held her in my arms. in saying this, there were songs
that were played at only a few shows. they were: out
the window, never tell, hallowed ground, waiting for
the bus, nightmares, fat, mother of a girl, please do
not go, to the kill (after much requesting from a few
friends and myself) and girl trouble (which was done
with gordon handing over his guitar to the back-up
band’s guitarist while he walked around to the audience
singing the song). on the good friday and easter sunday
gig, before playing jesus… , gordon would introduce it
by playing some gospel material, which really set the
mood for it. one other thing i wanted to comment on was
the niceness of the lads. i had heard that if you ran
into them, they weren’t up themselves or rude or anything
like that. definately true. after the first night, they
recognised us and we managed to talk to them pretty much
after every show. trying not to brag, but got heaps of
photos with them and stuff signed. just saying this so
whenever you get to see them, remember to bring a cd
cover and marker and they will gladly sign it for you.
well, that’s about it for my ramble. thanks for reading
if you did, and if you didn’t, i don’t blame you.

Auckland Review
I finally going around to writing about the Femmes
Auckland show on the 4th of may: this was the last
show in NZ (they’d played in two other cities before
Auckland) and my first time seing them. I was pretty
hyped but worried that they wouldnt live up to my
expectations, but they were better than i expected!
They played (in no particalar order) Look like that
kiss off blister in the sun add it up gimmie the car
I hear the rain jesus walking on the water black girls
good feeling colour me once prove my love please do not
go promise gone daddy gone country death song american
music i held her in my arms oncore: waiting for the
bus kiss off (i think) black girls was weird. instead of
victor’s usual drum solo, he broke into song! he was still
drummig quietly away, but singing! the others walked off
stage for a while. i didnt recognise the song, but it was
very surreal. on gone daddy gone they bought in a guy from
midnight oil ( dont remember who, but he apparently is a
NZer) on bass (he didnt compare to brian). They also had a
New Zealander and a guy from Tasmainia in the HOD It
seemed to me that they were really playing up their
country influences (they played country music before they
came on, and of couse country death song) and the Christain
stuff as well (They made it very obvious in jesus walking
on the water and the various other references in other
songs. right after jesus wotw, they played gimmie the car
just to confuse people even more) i dont think some of the
nostelic people in the audience knew what hit ’em! brain
brought out his conch shell and harmonica at verious times
as well as his japanese flute. gordon played electic
thoughout and brian changed to electric bass about half way
though. victor played on just a snare, a cymbol, and his
tranceaphone (which he removed the bucket off near the end
and played on the floor tom) he jumped around like a maniac,
which contrasted to the other two’s more sedate behaviour,
but they all looked like they were having fun. the only bad
things about the show was that they didnt play any newer
stuff (but nobody would have known it anyway, the femmes
are sadly neglected down here) and thet they didnt talk
much (but i think thats normal) anybody else who was there
or at other nz shows) send in details that ive missed, im
sure to have missed some noteworthy happenings.
Selling Out
Someone better tell Gordon et al….that the backlash for
selling out is stronger now than at any other point. This
is the generation/age when we have Fugazi and dischord and
independent bands galore….even with huge music monopolies
everywhere we turn. I saw a commercial with the Ramones
“Blitzkreig Bop” selling cell phones…..just a around a
year after Joey’s death. Other they “Heh Ho…Let’s Go!”
what is that song about? Isn’t it about the death of young
people in war and the madness that surrounds going to war?
The fact that there could be someone (another band member?
child or relation of Joey’s?) that would sell that song out
casts a dark black cloud over all that the Ramones have EVER
done. I am saying this as a dedicated Ramones fan…..I have
had spiritual experiences at Ramones’ shows and listening to
their records…….now I am in doubt.

Hear this! Those of us who love the Femmes, who have had
spiritual experiences with their recorded music, have traveled
far and wide to see them play, and held them in high esteem
will care a whole lot less than even Deanna is seeing now,
if commercialism runs rampant in the VF camp. Go ahead then
and sell something to some multi-national….use a
meaningful song too….meaningful to someone like me……I
am at the end of my sell-out rope.


Femmes in Brisbane
I saw the Femmes in Brisbane last weekend (17 May) and they totally
rocked. They played all their old stuff, but not Gimme the Car as I read
they played in Canberra. It was great to see a wide range of ages there,
and even a few who would have seen them on their first Aussie tour in
1984 like me! But I was wonderfing if people knew why Gordon was
using a walking stick. I was unaware he needed one. Thanks.


The Sunday Mail QLD
VIOLENT Femmes, the thinking person’s punk band, have been
embraced with a rare passion on their current tour here. Their six recent
sold-out shows at Sydney’s Metro club have set a new record for a touring
international act. All up, the Femmes performed a total of 32 shows in
Australia and New Zealand, which included an unforgettable performance
before 12,000 very vocal fans at the East Coast Blues and Roots Music
Festival in Byron Bay at Easter. Although they were most recently in Oz
for a Victorian festival in 1999, this is their first national swing in more
than a decade. Don’t stay away so long next time will you lads.
Ritchie Yorke

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