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June 4- 9 p.m., Toad’s Place, New Haven, CT, 21+ SHOW, $25 (T,P)
June 5- Pier 6 Concert Hall, Baltimore, MD (P,O)
June 6- Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ (P,O)
June 7- Tramp, NY, NY (O)
July 3- IC Amphitheatre, Pittsburgh, PA (O,P)
July 17- LoDo Festival, Denver, CO (P,O)
July 23- The Vogue, Vancouver, British Columbia, CA (O,P)
July 25- Calgary Folk Music Fest, Calgary, Alberta, CA (O,P)
July 30- 8 p.m., Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
18+ show, Internet onsale May 22 (T,P)
July 31- Barnstable Co. Fairground, Hyannis, MA (P,O)
August 14- Historic Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA (P)
August 15- 7:30 p.m., Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA (T,P)
Sept 5- Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA (P)
Sept 6- Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA (P)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers


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vanallen (Bobby)
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Newark, NJ
Fraggle3 (Shannon)

Denver, CO
truman (Emily)
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Violent Femmes in St. Louis!!
The Providence Story…
RE: I went to Germany
Stories, Rock, Money and some guy named Nick
KROQ – Memorial Day

if anyone knows how to get tickets to the marlboro festivals, can you
please post it? it sounds interesting…thanks 🙂


Violent Femmes in St. Louis!!
hey, I was so excited to see that the femmes were coming to st. louis.
they are never here. you said that the show was on the official
homepage, but when i visited there a few minutes ago, it was not
listed. what is going on? i hope they come here. I don’t want my
hopes to be crushed. keep me informed please.


-Pat. Says: I’m sorry to disappoint everybody, but it turns out the
Marlboro Festivals are all private corporate shows, and
not open to the public. I have therefore removed them from
the tourdates list, but I hope Nick includes them in his
past tour page, so we can refer to them in the future.

Hey…….I just realized that the Femmes are gonna be in Denver on
July 17. Then I realized that I’m driving to Denver (from L.A.) to see
Dave Matthews on July 20th. Son of a bitch! Now, I’ll just go 3 days
earlier and catch the Femmes too!! kick ass. That is so great! So
Pat, add me to the list for Denver. Thanks.


The Providence Story…
i showed up early at a violent femmes show here in providence, RI…i
was hoping to meet them before anyone was there, so i went at 4pm…i
rounded the corner to the club, and sure enough – Brian Ritchie…i
say hi and introduce myself…i explain that i am a bassist also, and
that i learned to play by listening to every femmes bassline i could
get my hands on…i suddenly remembered that there was something i’d
been trying to show the femmes for years…(this should settle any
“bigger fan” arguments)…i hiked up my shirt and showed him that i had
the Add It Up album cover tattooed on my back…he was quite impressed,
and got the road crew out to see it…they were all pretty much amazed
that i went 4 1/2 hours under the needle to show my appreciation of
their music…brian said he’d come and get me later so that i could
show Gordon and Guy…sure enough, he came and got me…i went
backstage and showed all them all the tattoo…then i hung around a bit
with all of them, talking about femmes and music and whatever i could
think to ask…they were all incredibly cool…brian then asked me a
question which made my heart stop…he asked if i would like to play a
song with them…he suggested faith…i was undeniably intimidated, and
asked if we could do something else (what i had in mind, i don’t know)
…then, of course, i agreed…we continued to hang back…i played
Never Tell on bass with Brian on guitar…then, inevitably, i went on
…the crowd was screaming and i showed the crowd the tattoo…we
played the song and Gordon broke into the Rhode Island state song…he
mentioned liking the part about being the smallest state, yet being one
of the best…there was someone from the femmes entourage snapping
pictures the whole time, which they said would be posted on the website
…it was a personal dream come true, and furthermore, (heh) my band
got some great press out of the deal…

yours truly, Ron from Camellia

-Pat. Says: Welcome to the newsletter, Ron. I’ve been waiting for a
long time to hear that story. Thanks for sending it in.

RE: I went to Germany
As I was Reading This letter, I couldn’t help but to go back to last
year when I saw the Femmes in Duluth, MN. It sounded pretty much the
same, but they sure have a way of personalizing their shows. For
instance, before Dance… Brian said something like “what do you do in
this cold? I suppose you could fish…or…maybe you could fish…or
maybe you could…When I say…” Also, since this show was in the home
town of Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan), they played “Positively (34th?)
And I would have to say the highlight for me was that same red
spotlight on Gordon during “Country Death Song” Although for us it
started as white, then pink, and slowly darkening to a hellish red as
the song got deeper, then when he sang “Hang myself in shame” the
lights went out and the song ended as it does on the album in total

Well thanks for the memories, and to the “Arguement” that’s going on
…this is why Pat has this newsletter. I am 28 years old, and still
love to hear about the teenage excitement of going to a concert,
especially if it’s their first.


Stories, Rock, Money and some guy named Nick
>After years of waiting, disappointment and canceled tours, I finally
>got to see the Femmes in Cologne on May 10. It was worth the wait.

After reading scrawbzy ‘s concert experience I just had to
write in and say that people’s concert stories are some of the best
things about American Music. Somebody recently commented that they
didn’t like those bits. I can’t imagine why. Don’t be shy about sending
them in. Some of us are living the Violent Femmes concert life through
you. We don’t all live in Milwaukee. Or the States for that matter.
Keep them coming.

>Re: $20 for Rock on Ebay. . .

All this recent talk about money and the price of the Femmes is really
funny in my eyes. If you got money burning a hole in your pocket and
you want to get more Femmes with it, then I say its a good thing. I
paid 45$ or so back in 1995 for my copy of Rock!!!!! and it was worth
it at the time. I must have been the only guy in Canada who had it –
and not many people out of Australia could have bought it so soon. It
was years before other Femmes fans started talking about the songs on
it. For me, that was worth 45$ at the time. Now, I’m not so rich, so
I wouldn’t do it again. But if you got the $ then might as well spend
it on the Femmes. How many of you out there travel around, mostly to
see the Femmes? Bet you its worth it. Money, money, money!

><< Maybe I am just a bigger femmes fan than Nick is ! >>

I’ve seen a picture of Nick. He’s not so big…

Erik”36″ Foisy

-Pat. Says: Nick sent me some personal mail between himself and
another subscriber, and the jist of them was that the
misunderstanding between them has been resolved; the seller
appears to have told them different stories, but it appears
neither of the two cheated on Ebay. I am not including the
posts themselves because they are afterall personal mail,
except for this quote from Nick: OK there ladys and
gentlemen the show is over and settled!!!!!!!!!!!
Plus, there were a question Nick had which I
think may be answered by some subscribers, and a comment
as well. So here they are:

Also, about that “I killed my lovely daughter” bootleg you won, did
that turn out to be a CDR??

P.S the Singles Nuclear war/Alphabet & Sun Ra man From outer
space/Parade/christian for one day do exsist i hav both of the MIP on
my wall just thought i would let you know about em

Nick Parr

-Pat. Says: I have not heard of this CD before it was on Ebay. Is this
an official Oz release, a boot, or what?

KROQ – Memorial Day
My local alternative radio station KROQ is doing a “Top 106.7” bands
thing for Memorial Day weekend and they want people to vote for their
favorites. So everybody VOTE for the Femmes and whoever else you might

Only one entry per e-mail address so remember when you were all
internet rookies and you thought it was really cool to get a whole
shitload of e-mail addresses (I’ll have to remember mine…)? Well,
now’s the time to use them.

Last time KROQ did this (like 2-3 years ago) the Femmes were #16.

This is the URL:
or you can just go to the homepage ( and click on the link
that says “vote here” or something.

go get em guys!!!!