American Music – May 19, 2002

Sunday, July 7, 2002 – SUMMERFEST Milwaukee, Wisconsin
10pm Miller Oasis Stage


RE:St Paul
re:CDR Tree
Carmaig De Forest/Brian Ritchie
Femmes Videos Online

Summerfest 2002
Get your tickets for the BIG GIG! The Femmes will be closing out
Summerfest on Sunday, July 7th at the Miller Oasis stage! Don’t miss the
original three as they return to the place where it all started!! If you
plan to go, let me know and we will bring back the Who’s Going Where
section of the list!

RE: St Paul

so can anyone give a more detailed report about this st paul concert?
since it’s a pretty big deal that victor was back. also, does anyone
know when the 2-cd “violent femmes” reissue is going to
be released in europe?



RE: cd-r tree
I’m willing to participate in a tree as well. What would be the
item/items most people are interested in? Who else is interested in

Kirt Knutsen

Carmaig de Forest /Brian Ritchie show
Last night I went to the Carmaig de Forest/ Brian Ritchie Blackouts
show at the Knitting Factory. The show was a perfect blend of performance
art and clever music. Carmaig’s music defies description. It’s minimalistic
at times but really intricate at others. It’s quirky without ever being
silly because he sings it all so convincingly. My favorite of his albums
is El Camino Real. It’s such a gem. Brian wore an assortment of interesting
hats including a cowboy hat, a baseball hat (worn backwards and forwards),
a safari hat (while Carmaig recited and ate a box full of Circus Animal
Crackers), and this amazingly crazy leather aviator cap with ear flaps.
He played a wide variety of instruments including a strange horn-looking
thing with what looked like a drum pad at one end. He played both ends.
He also played what I thought was a huge harmonica except that got some
very non-harmonica sounds out of it. Of course he played the bass, he’s
such a bass master. And I was glad to see him play a beautiful, rustic
looking shakuhachi. It was such a heavenly sound. My favorite songs of
the night included Hey Angel, such a great song! and Bad Things Happen
(my favorite of all Carmaig’s songs. ) It’s a sad, sensitive song and
Brian’s shakuhacchi solo was the perfect punctuation. They played 2 sets
and ended the second set by playing IN the audience, not ON the stage.
It was really a fantastic show. I’m going to make it down to their Saturday
show in Philly at Fergies Pub (12th and Sansom). I really love seeing all
of their solo projects, especially when we can hear them as the Violent
Femmes too. I wish I could have gone to the Femmes St Paul show. It would
have been so great to see the original Femmes, but I must say I wish they
could have 2 drummers. Guy and Victor both rule!!

My best to everyone,


Femmes Videos Online
A friend recently showed me a GREAT way to waste time at work (I guess
this can apply at home or school, too). There is a website, that I suppose is a Yahoo
partnership with the online music co. Launch. But this site won me
over because it has tons of streaming videos by more than just the
mainstream bands. And i was thrilled and ecstatic when I saw that they
feature, for free and unlimited viewing, the streaming video for SEVEN
Violent Femmes videos! Now, I wasn’t lucky enough to get on the tape tree
and in fact have never even seen a single VF video! They have Machine,
Breakin’ Up, I Held Her In My Arms (i guess it was a single off Add It Up),
American Music, Gone Daddy Gone, Children of the Revolution, and Nightmares.
A few of those older videos are pretty damned hilarious, albeit
unintentionally. Anyway, check that site out.
Femmes videos for the tapeless masses!


RE:St Paul Femmes
Victor’s back? That’s the second best thing I’ve heard this week. The
best is that the Femmes are playing again. Not to take anything away from
Guy as he has done an awesome job drumming the last few years, but Victor
was instrumental in making the Femmes the band we all love. A few months
ago I thought I may never again see the band that I love but now there is
hope that they may actually tour again and with Victor back! Does anyone
know what their summer plans are? I live in Vancouver Canada and the Femmes
shows have always been extremely popular here. I would love to see them again
in my favorite concert hall, the Commodore Ballroom. They recorded the
song Vancouver on Add It Up here. I am also going to Ohio in early July for
a week. Does anyone know the dates of Summerfest and if the Femmes are
playing there. Are any other dates anywhere confirmed yet?


RE: Victor
Well guys, I made it up to St Paul for the Femmes gig too. What can I
say? An unannounced, private, small college gig in a minor league baseball
stadium ends up being the reunion show. So unexpected, so unusual,and yet
so Violent Femmes! No hype or intro at all – they just waltzed out and
started playing like it was just another show. The set was mostly 1st and
2nd album and included some old faves that I haven’t heard in a while.
The highlights were I Hear the Rain, Jesus Walking on the Water, Dance MF,
I Held Her in My Arms and – to my delight – American Music with that
lovely falsetto refrain we’ve been oh so missin’ “I hear music, sweet,
sweet music!” Victor and Brian both went totally nuts on Dance MF. I don’t
know which of them made more weird sounds – or faces! Gordon was happy and
chatty, and cracked jokes all night. As the others said, there truly was a
refreshing amount of energy – and smiling – onstage. You might expect that
after more than a decade apart there might be a little tension or
apprehension but there was very little of either! There were a couple of
bumpy endings – and Gordon looked slightly panicked trying to keep up with
the old DeLorenzo tempo for Black Girls – but overall the music was
excellent. Sigmund was on hand as 1/2 of the Horns of Dilemma and the other
half was an excellent Sax player named Mona. Well that’s about it. I can’t
wait to see what develops next!