May 22- New Rock Music Fest/WLUM, Milwaukee, WI (O,P)
May 23- WCPR 97.9 Fest, Miss. Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, MS (O,P)
May 24- Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, TX (O,P,T)
May 30- Drexel University Festival, Philadelphia, PA (O)
June 21- City Fest, Birmingham AL (O,P)
June 26- Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI (O,P)
July 30- Newport Folk Fest, Atlanta, GA (O)
August 1- Newport Folk Fest, Philadelphia, PA (O)
August 2- Newport Folk Fest, Jones Beach, NY (O)
August 18- Newport Folk Fest, Washington, DC (O)
August 20- Newport Folk Fest, Indianapolis, IN (O)
August 21- Newport Folk Fest, Chicago, IL (O)
August 22- Newport Folk Fest, Detroit, MI (O)
August 23- Newport Folk Fest, Pittsburg, PA (O)

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I hope you know that this will go down
On your permanent record
-From Kiss Off
-Submitted by


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Milwaukee, WI

Biloxi, MS

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Dallas Info
The Burlington Show
The Burlington Show
The Burlington Show
The Burlington Show
Truth to Rumor??
RE: About That Quote
A Shameless Plug
Positively 4th Street
Another Shameless Plug

Dallas Info
I don’t know if everyone who wants to go to this show has the info they
need, so here ’tis. The show at the Coca-Cola Starplex starts at 4 p.m
The featured performers are the Wallflowers, but also playing will be
the Toadies, VF, the Urge, and Harvey Dager (can’t read my scrawl, was
that the right name?). Tix are $24.50 reserved and $15.50 lawn, and are
available through Ticketmaster. To see the info on TM’s page, do a
Wallflowers search.
BTW, the Newport Folk Fest is now listing bands for the Newport, RI
show, but nothing yet on the tour. I’ll keep you posted.

The Burlington Show
What can be said about the Burlington show? Well there wasn’t too much
chocolate for something that was supposed to be a Chocolate fest, but
there was plenty of security…not that they did much. Usually at a VF
show the moshing is just good clean fun, but there was some violent big
muscular pricks who thought they should try to ruin everybody’s fun…
it looked like a fight was gonna erupt a couple of times & the moshpit
cleared for the few violent pricks to get it all out.
Anyways though…they opened with I’M NOTHING and played all those
typical standards as usual (except “Girl Trouble”), plus “Bad,” and
“My Way” dedicated to the late Frank Sinatra.
Brian introduced the new Reggie white song by saying that they neither
condone nor condemn what he said, but he wanted to clarify that he was
just using his right of freedom of speech as an American. After the
song, he said “Reggie, shut up & tackle! You should’ve made more plays
in that Superbowl game!”
But to the exciting part…there was a tornado watch & a severe
thunderstorm warning going on…Brian even introduced “DMFD” by saying
something like, “We hear there’s gonna be a big storm tonight…but we
don’t care, do you we? The important thing is that when I say dance…”
you know what comes next. The weather held up thru most of the show &
there was a really nice cool breeze going. Then as soon as they started
“Add It Up,” the rain broke out in a furious rage & everyone got
soaked and muddy…and i don’t know if the canopy over the stage
collapsed a bit or they just lowered it for more protection from the
rain, but it was a cool effect…there was no stage lights hitting their
faces at all. After that song they went off the stage & the faithful all
chanted “Violent Femmes!!” demanding an encore & not ready to go home in
the middle of a furious thunderstorm. Brian came out and said that they
wanted to do one more song (I assume “Kiss Off”)…but the rain was so
bad & the crew was already taking the amps down to Brian’s dismay.
So everyone gathered under the nearby canopies as thunderstruck louder
than I’ve heard in quite awhile. And in my stoned condition, it was a
concert that even drugs won’t let me forget.
see you all at New Rock fest next Friday!


p.s.-If anyone got a tape of last night’s Burlington, WI show…5/15/98
…I’d do anything for a copy!

The Burlington Show
Hey people,

I was at the Burlington show last night, and let me tell you, it was
AWESOME! Even though everything got cut short and they didn’t play
gimme the car tonight, I think this was one of my favorite concerts
that i’ve ever been to. It at least ranks way up there. Pet Engine
opened up and they were really good even though they only played 2 songs
that i knew all the words to (i have two of their albums, but i’ve only
listened to the latest one a couple of times because i don’t think it’s
as good as the one before it. i also still think “rainbow connection”
from the muppets is the best song they do), but whatever. They were
supposed to play Anorexia Overweight, but things had to be cut short so
the femmes could go on earlier because of the weather. The femmes came
on at 9:15 and started things of with “Im nothin” it was a pretty good
set list, but they only played for an hour and ten minutes, because it
was raining so hard and lightning. THe best part of the concert though
was after the concert was ending. The concert ended with Brian Richie
trying to come out and play one last song but the guy in charge said no.
There was a tornado watch and it was getting really windy and
everything. So we all went under this big tent and for some stupid
reason i started like wigging out because i though we were gonna get hit
by lightning and die or something, don’t ask… sometimes im stupid
like that, only sometimes. Ok,so anyways, it was like terrentially
downpouring and it was sooo cool, because we decided to make a break for
it and run to the car (other side of the fair grounds) so brian (friend)
and i were booking it out of there and Rob (friend, driver) was running
fast and being like “goddammit you guys hurry up, you guys we have to
hurry” it was really funny. melody and carolyn (other friends) were
behind us… like way behind us, because carolyn’s in college and hasn’t
run in a long time. let me just tell you, never run far in sopping wet
blue jeans… not a fun thing, it’s actually really hard, because they
get soo heavy. so, we got to the car and piled in sopping wet and drove
to denny’s where there was a long waiting line and decided that was not
the place for us. then we drove down to george webbs and had breakfast
(about 12:15 a.m.) or so, it was great. It was sooo cool, this is one
concert that i know i will never forget. running through the rain
making a mad break for the car is going to be a great story at school
on monday. ok, well rob’ll probably tell you the set list, because i
don’t remember everything.. i’ll make an attempt here, actually, no i
won’t because i just tried and totally blanked. i’m sure rob’ll know it
though. oh yea, and the moshing was a lot worse in the beginning and
let up slightly towards the end. they played the reggie white song and
it was great, i love it and i wish it would be on the new album, but
well we can’t have everything. we went to four stores to find
flamingoes, and finally found two and the femmes didn’t play the song
for us… i’m sure they would’ve though had the concert not had to end.
oh, the moshing wasn’t that bad during dance motherfucker dance which
was really surprising, and now i have to go, sorry this is really
choppy, but it’s morning and my head hurts for some odd reason
(no drinking) so yea, bye!


The Burlington Show
OH, MY! I am still in awe over the incredible chocolate fest last
night. I am so happy I went….. Anyways, here is a setlist from
memory (its probably not in the right order and i probably forgot a

I’m Nothin, Out the window, Country Death song, American Music, some
Sinatra song, Dahmer’s Dead, BITS, prove my love, please do not go,
Dance MF Dance, Bad, 36-24-36, Reggie White, Rejoice and be glad, Freak
Magnet, Old Mother Reagan, Black Girls, Waitin for the bus, GOne Daddy
Gone, Add It Up.

(No encore because of the inclement weather– acutally, they were about
to do one, Brian was like “Here we are, risking electorcution, but we
are going to play one more song” after the crowd had been chanting
“violent femmes” for 5 minutes in the rain and hail. but they didn’t
play another song, the weather suddenly got much worse and they had to

Anyways, it was sooooo incredible, they played great, they seemed to
be having a really cool time (the band, that is) and the crowd was
great mostly… And the rain, even though it made them cut short
(they only played for and hour and twenty minutes) was soo cool because
it got everybody into the music so much, it was like a climax to the
whole event. I had to ride home in the back of a suburban with 7 other
people for an hour and a half on the way home, but that was way cool
too. So i loved it. It was my 3rd femmes show, ( i was also at
summerfest 96 and waukesha 97). Im missing newrock fest but Im hoping
to go to the summerfest date…

A note about moshing: as much as i love moshing, i think its better for
concerts *other* than the violent femmes. I personally had a lot better
time just dancing and bouncing up and down than i did trying to defend
myself/mosh (i did both during the show). i found i could concentrate
on the music a whole lot better without the mashing.

oh i had brought my “new times” CD booklet in case i ran into the
femmes to have them sign it, but it got kind of mangled in the rain, so
if anybody’s got an extra booklet lying around, let me know….

anyways, it was incredible, worth the hour-plus drive, anybody who
missed it missed one memorable incredible perfect show. i love the

good night,


“bad bad bad bad bad”

The Burlington Show
In no particular order…

MAY 15, 1998

I’m Nothin’
Prove My Love
Dahmer Is Dead
Old Mother Reagan
Dance, mf, Dance!
Black Girls
American Music
Blister In The Sun
Gone Daddy Gone
Add It Up
Please Do Not Go
Waitin For The Bus*
My Way
Reggie’s Right
Country Death Song
Freak Magnet

*- i think these were the only two, but they played different versions
of them.

-rob (as in )

(c/o beky who is really nice for sending this in because rob’s too busy
to write any damn email)

Truth to Rumor??
I am *SOOOO* disappointed about “Freak Magnet” (as I’m sure the guys
are)!!! Is there any substantiation to the theory that they were
releasing it under another label, as someone said in AM the other

-Pat. Says: This was part of a personal letter which I shamefully have
not yet answered, along with about 4 or 5 others. I’ll get
to you all as soon as I can. But yeah, what’s up with this
rumor? Several of you have heard that a diff label will
release it as scheduled, but as far as I know, there’s been
no official substantiation of this. If anyone knows for sure
please write in, and if there is a release, what is the name
of the label??

RE: About That Quote
damn straight! The official homepage says in the first verse of
“waiting for the bus” that “we all get mad, we all get laid” Which,
yes it does sound quite a bit like, but i’m just about sure that it’s
“we all get late”. Not all of us get laid. The femmes know that.


-Pat. Says: HA! lol. Indeed; and even those of us who HAVE gotten laid
have probably not done so while waiting for any sort of
public transportation, much less a bus. Overnight layovers
in hotel rooms don’t count…I agree. It’s most likely
“we all get LATE”.

A Shameless Plug
If anyone lives near Norfolk Virginia, my band “the Sean Michael Dargan
band” is opening up for Paula Cole at Town Point park on Friday the
22nd!!!! It’s a free show, so come see me, I’m the drummer. If you
wear a violent femmes shirt I’ll talk to you.

Positively 4th Street
We’ve all heard that this will be on Freak Magnet. I wonder if they
would ever consider playing this live? I’ve never actually heard them
play a cover song at any of their shows, at least not one they’ve
recorded; that funny screwed up folk medley they did in Newport last
year doesn’t count. I think it would be a hoot if they played this song
on the Newport Folk Fest tour. Ballsy, too, covering a Dylan song at
the Folk Fest, but I would hope the diehard folkies would appreciate a
totally redone version of this song; and if not, well, that’d be ironic
considering Dylan himself was booed in Newport in ’63 or so.
Have any of you ever heard the VF play a cover song in concert, other
than the occasional tribute type song like they did for Frank Sinatra
at the Chocolate Fest this weekend? I wonder if they played Blue Suede
Shoes when Carl Perkins died a couple of months ago.


Another Shameless Plug
Sorry about this, but a band from Ireland I exchange email with
occasionally, called Raw Novembre, will be making their first US tour
over the next couple of weeks. I had hoped to make their Quakertown
show, but a previous engagement is preventing that, and I’m really
bugged about it. So, if any of you have nothing to do on these days,
check them out, and if you talk with them, tell them Pat. Wary in PA
really wanted to see them, won’t be able to, but sends along best
wishes. OH, and if they have time to do the tourist thing in north
central PA (don’t know why they would, but whatever),they should feel
free to call me at 717-925-6183.

Tue 19 May Arlene Grocery, New York, NY
Thur 21 May Killtime, Philadelphia, PA
Fri 22 May Arts, Quakertown, PA
Sat 23 May Sun, Earth, Moon, Lancaster, PA (venue tbc)
Mon 25 May Metro, Washington, DC
Tue 26 May WE Festival, Wilmington, NC
Fri 29 May Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ
Sat 30 May The Space, Worcester, MA
Sun 31 May The Call, Providence, RI

Sorry for the off-topic post. ACK! I’ve broken my own rule!