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TOUR DATES (*=New Dates)
5/18/03 Darwin NT – Discovery

Friday 6/6/03 Chicago IL Halsted YMCA w/ Ben Kweller & The Flaming Lips
Thursday 7/3/03 Nashville TN Dancin’ in the District

Solo Dates- Victor Delorenzo:
*Sunday 5/25 Milwaukee – Linnemans (Ash Can School)
*Friday 5/31 Milwaukee – Linnemans (Ash Can School)


Ticket Info
Victor’s Solo Dates
RE:Truths… half truths … anything goes!
RE:Anything Goes
Old Hippies?
New Site
Ben Kweller

Ticket Info:
Friday 6/6 Flaming Lips, Violent Femmes, Ben Kweller & The Starlight Mints
New City YMCA
1515 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60622
Tickets on sale 5/3 $12 / $20 Day of Show
Gates: 4:30PM

Thursday 7/3 Dancin’ in the District with the Violent Femmes
Nashville Coliseum Field
(located between the Coliseum & the Cumberland River)
Tickets are ONLY $3.00!!! Available at the show or online!

Victor Delorenzo Solo
For those of you who don’t know, Victor Delorenzo has had a long-standing solo
gig with a Kenosha, WI band called Ash Can School. They have a couple of shows
coming up at Linneman’s on Milwaukee’s East Side. Next Sunday night they are one
of many artists on the bill (including HOD Sigmund Snopek) for Peace Through
Music – The Music of John Lennon – The 2nd Annual Benefit to Curb Handgun
Violence. They are also headlining another gig at Linneman’s on 5/31.

RE:Truths… half truths … anything goes!
Saw the Femmes for the first time. Awesome. It was
at the UC bar in Canberra. They only played songs
from the first 5 albums: Violent Femmes, Hallowed
Ground, Blind Leading The Naked, 3 & Why Do Birds
Sing?, no stuff from the 20th anniversary re-release
though. I’d never seen the Femmes in concert even on
film, and I was deleriously happy. I never thought
they’d come to Australia. Songs they played, not in
order: Blister in the Sun Kiss Off Add It Up
Confessions Prove My Love Promise To the Kill Gone
Daddy Gone Good Feeling Gimme the Car Country Death
Song Never Tell Jesus Walking on the Water Hallowed
Ground Black Girls I Held Her in My Arms Outside the
Palace American Music Out the Window Look Like That I
think thats all, maybe Special as well. I remember
they opened with Out The Window and finished with Add
It Up, then encored with Gimme The Car. So, Brian
played xylophone on Gone Daddy Gone, and he also took
up a conch and flute (not a nose flute) at different
times. Gordon did his thing, with the standard slow
Blister In The Sun, followed by a crazy fast version,
but they didn’t do the normal version. Victor looked
like he was having fun, especially at the start to
Black Girls. He dropped one stick once but picked it
up without missing a beat. Used his elbows too. They
also had a part-Australian Horns of Dilemma too, who
were pretty good. Anyway, I had the best time and
they ROCK!!!!!ed!!!!
RE:anything goes!
>Truth, Half truth or pure rumor will do.
ahhh… and that’s what you shall get …

>version of “Got my Mind Set on You”
It was absolutely recorded – Brian & Vic did it !!! They recorded it without Gordon &
asked Rufus Wainwright to stand in! Orginally they had taped Sean Lennon but
when Yoko found out, she flipped. You know she and Brian don’t speak anymore
… after that video started circulating online. Pam and Tommy Lee ??? Pullease!

And ya know someone else mentioned this a while back and I didn’t respond but
issuing a Ramones tribute without including a Femmes cover is definitely in the
“What the Hell?” category too!!

>Does anyone know if they plan to record again as the
>original trio?
Rumors abound. I think a lot of alcohol, prozac and restraints would need to be
procured before hand. Even if they did would anyone buy it??? I think that’s the real
question. Femmes fans are apathetic. I would go so far as to say pathetic but I have
a lot of friends on this list.

>It has almost been three years since the
>completely unappreciated Freak Magnet
Don’t forget Something’s Wrong available on EMusic… I work on commission you know …

>Did anyone see the shows in Australia and did Victor play any of the
>post-Victor songs?
Didn’t see the shows but I am reasonably certain the answer to your
question is “No!” On the one hand I think we should give him huge mounds of shit
about that. Most of the songs that were “recorded” sans Vic still originated during
his tenure. But on the other hand, they did Breakin’ Up a couple of times last fall
and all that did was make me miss Guy!!! But then I had the exact opposite reaction
when they did Sweet Misery Blues & Nightmares. The whole Victor/Guy thing is just
so much whacking material.

>Does anyone know if they plan to tour the US this
Yep. You’ve already seen Chicago and TN. There may be one more in TN. Summerfest?
Probably. Then afterwards they are going out to the West Coast with the
Impotent Sea Snakes. You guys saw ISS’s piece on HOB Real Sex right??
It’s going to be called the MORE Tour: More booze! More sex! More heroes! More
thieves! More gods! And definitely more Rock and Roll!

>Has anyone heard them play “In Style” or “Her
>television” on this tour.
In Style – one of my top 10. It’s on lots of the 80’s boot tapes but strangely it never
made it onto an album. You know what else never made it onto one of their
albums? Farts. You know they have them. Why not share them? I hear music …
sweet … sweet music …

>Does anyone know why the website has not been
>updated since the turn of the century?
Say that reminds me … did you know that Victor has a day job? Yeah there’s a big
billboard of him in downtown Milwaukee. He sells houses for Century 21. I asked
him about that the other day wondering if being a Violent Femme helps him sell
more houses – he said “Nahh, I just do it ’cause they let me wear that snazzy jacket.”
I thought yeah, that figures, Vic has always been a snappy dresser! Picture
Frankenstein … see Frankenstein? Frankenstein say , “Fire…bad.” Ok?
Picture Gordon… shorter, but still in the dark ages. Gordon say, “Internet … bad.”
“Internet … No.” No $$/ No Support/No Dice Can you hear me now? If VF didn’t have
such a good friend in Dave Vartanian there would be no site at all. My hat’s off to DV.
Nobody really gives a shit anymore anyway so why bitch about it?

The first word
Led to its twin,
Enamored of its echo
I went within.
The wind drove
Through the canopy,
A wild power ensued-
Why am I here?
So a there is true.

Ravi Singh


Are you an “Old Hippie”?
Violent Femmes frontman Gordon Gano couldn’t care less
if people think he has sold out for licensing his song ‘Blister
In The Sun’ to Mitsubishi for their TV commercial. According
to Gano those who complain “are probably old hippies”.
However he hasn’t always felt comfortable with his music
being used for ads. “I’ve changed a bit over the years” he
tells Undercover News. “I would say twenty years ago, and
even less than that, say ten years ago I was very reluctant
to have any of my music used for commercial uses but over
there years I have been changing with that and feeling”.
According to Gano, placing music in a TV commercial is a
positive thing now. “Nobody cares for the most part and
mostly it’s seen as a very positive thing, so the perception
of it really creates a positive as opposed to the 60’s or
70’s where that would be, quote, selling out” he says.
“There are probably a few people around who still have
that view, but they’re probably old hippies. There are
very few people around who still have that view and it’s
starting to feel to me like it’s just silly for me.”
Placing a song in an ad does come with some restrictions
though. “If somebody wants to use the music for whatever
reason, like a DJ using it to play at a dance club then that’s
great” he says. “They want to use the song and that’s the
same with commercials, although I guess there may be some
examples where I guess I would say no, depending on the
product, but I ride in cars, I drive cars, that’s something
that I’m fine with”.
Paul Cashmere
New Site
I have moved the Femmes Discography to:

It Has nearly 100 More Titles added check under Side Projects / Solo
and Compilations, as well had gotten an entire make over with new
features! Check it Out!!

Ben Kweller
VF at the YMCA … heh heh …
I excited that the Femmes doing a gig with Ben Kweller. I caught him with one of
my other favorite bands – Spoon – last fall at an episode of Austin City Limits and
have really gotten into him. His stuff is cool – kinda quirky – but
refreshing. Punk/rock/indie/emo/power pop – it’s a melting pot.
He plays piano (not an instrument I ever consider to be a punk
vehicle before) and geetar. Imagine my surprise when I read an
interview recently and found he is a HUGE VF fan!
Question: Do you consider yourself a clever guy?
BK: Not really. Um, you know, when you’re writing a song, you want to
catch the listener’s attention, because there’s nothing worse than a song
that doesn’t go anywhere. I’m attracted to bands like the Violent Femmes,
where everything is like [singing] “Why can’t I get just one screw, why can’t
I get just one screw” and they were so clever, but it’s not fucking
pretentious at all. And so I hope I don’t come across as pretentious. I
mean, because I am only 21, people are sort of taken aback. They’re
like, “Who does he think he is?”


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