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May 16- U. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (O,P,T)
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May 22- New Rock Music Fest/WLUM, Milwaukee, WI (O,P)
May 23- WCPR 97.9 Fest, Miss. Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, MS (O,P)
May 24- Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, TX (O,P)
May 30- Drexel University Festival, Philadelphia, PA (O)

**June 21- City Fest, Birmingham AL (O)**

June 26- Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI (O)

**July 30- Newport Folk Fest, Atlanta, GA (O)**
**August 1- Newport Folk Fest, Philadelphia, PA (O)**
**August 2- Newport Folk Fest, Jones Beach, NY (O)**
**August 18- Newport Folk Fest, Washington, DC (O)**
**August 20- Newport Folk Fest, Indianapolis, IN (O)**
**August 21- Newport Folk Fest, Chicago, IL (O)**
**August 22- Newport Folk Fest, Detroit, MI (O)**
**August 23- Newport Folk Fest, Pittsburg, PA (O)**

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Third verse, same as the first
-From Prove My Love
-Submitted by

I have about 4 more quote submissions. I’ll put them all up in the order
they were received.


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In Today’s Issue:

O-R 3X
Atlanta Review
The Danbury Show
Student Only Woes
RE: Release Date?
Poster Wanted
Thoughts on 3
Absolutely, Positively, Without a Doubt, the VERY LAST WORD

O-R 3X
For some strange reason, it seems that everyone with email addys
starting with o, p, q, and r got three issues on Friday, including me.
I have no idea whatsoever how that happened. Some sort of server glitch.
I am very sorry this happened; it must have been very annoying to you.
Hope it never happens again.

Atlanta Review
Well Hello everyone once again… sorry for the delay, but it seems I’ve
been elected to comment on the Atlanta Music Midtown Show… although it
was nearly a week ago… well down to business
the set list:
N-O-T-H-I-N, BITS, Prove My Love, Country Death Song, Dahmer, 36-24-36,
American Music, Waitin’4 Bus, Dance MF, Bad, Old Mother Reagan, Ugly,
Rejoice, Black Girls, Gone Daddy Gone, Kiss Off, Add it Up
I was thrilled that the Femmes were finally playing close enough to me
that I wouldn’t neccessarily have to skip classes to go see them…
though I would if need be! Since the last time I saw them, August of
last year, my sister seems to be kicking my ass… she readily informed
me that she has a seven to one record on me… but oh well I’ll catch up
eventually. But since I have been hearing first hand accounts of all
these shows that she has seen and I haven’t I was really excited to get
back on track and see them live for myself. As always they played great
… need I really say more than that? No, but I will for all you detail
hungry people out there.
The crowd was rather violent, quite a few crowd surfers went flying over
our heads or into them as the case may be… but we three…Amber, Deana,
and I held our ground and listened to the best music in the world. I have
heard through post on the list that the drum solo at the end of Black
Girls has been really great lately, but for some reason at this show,
although decent, didn’t seem to blow me away the way others have
mentioned. And also we couldn’t figure out were the hell the Horns of
Dilema were…no show… I really missed that… which is often a really
high point in the show! But as always it is great to see and hear a band
that is as talented as the Violent Femmes.


The Danbury Show
OH, mercy mercy me. Those of you who live within an easy 3 hour drive
from Danbury CT missed the show of your lives this past Saturday! (Well,
it’s usually easy, but it seems all the dumb people on the east coast
decided to get in their cars for a cruise. I think my husband acquired
at least a dozen new grey hairs on this trip) As you all know by now,
I’ve been to several VF shows over the years, and I have to say that
hands down this was THE very best show I’ve ever attended.
The show was supposed to be at the Charles Ives Center, but at the last
minute, the venue was changed to Tuxedo Junction because it was pouring
like hell, and the powers that be decided to move to an indoor venue
(Nick, make note of this in your list of past tour dates).
This must have been a nightmare for Willie; having to get all the
equipment and people to the proper place and set up in time. I must
say that as always he did a wonderful job, though it must have been
very stressful for him.
Although one of the WCSU students (not a subscriber) with whom I have
been corresponding did fill me in on the change as soon as he found out
about it, we had already left for the show, and so could not profit by
the info.
When we got to the Charles Ives, there was a student parked in front
with a sign announcing the change of venue, and he gave us fairly good
directions to the place. I say fairly good, because we got to the
general area OK, but the place was on a side street, and we drove around
in circles for about 15 minutes before finally finding it and the
parking garage nearby.
We got in JUST as they were starting their first song, which was I’m
Nothing. I won’t give you the entire set list; anyone who wants one can
write and I’ll be happy to send it to you. But I will give you the
highlights. First off, they had a guest percussionist; his name was I
believe Hani Nasser (if that is wrong, please someone correct me). He
was fantastic, playing the bongos with such passion. The band merged
with him very well, and all were at their very best. They played the
Candlelight Song! I have never heard this live, and often wished they
would play it. WOW! They all went nuts playing this song, and Brian’s
sound effects were hilarious. Indescribable. Right after that they
played Just Like My Father. Now, I may have heard them play this several
years ago, but if so, I can’t remember. Faith was played in a wonderful
bluesy, slowed down version, almost unrecognizable at first, but it was
a real pleasure to hear it played that way. Near the end of the show,
they played Confessions and Black Girls, and they jammed for a good 15
minutes during each of these. It was just great. OH, and the new guy
on the Horns of Dilemma was very very good too. Somebody send in his
name, because I hope he’ll be with the band for a very long time.
They played no songs from ROCK, not even Dahmer is Dead, and off of
Freak Magnet they only played Bad (so many lyrics to that song, I only
have about the first 4 verses memorized so far).
Gordon was very chatty during the show, very friendly. I unfortunately
missed most of what Brian said before Dance MF Dance, because a reporter
from the school newspaper was asking me the names of the songs they had
played so far, how they got their name, where they’re from, etc. etc.
and plus I knew that song was coming up and I was trying to figure out
how to distract my kids from the lyrics. They’ve never heard it, because
I always skip over it when they’re around. I suppose I should have taken
them outside during that song, but it was pouring so much outside. I
had to let them stay warm and dry, but with severe warnings of what
would happen to them if I EVER heard they’d repeated that song to any
of their friends at home, school, or anywhere else on the planet or off.
Yes, the little bugaboos, my aislings, were with me, and they had such
a great time. The college girls were completely taken by the sight of
the two of them standing there in the front row, singing along with
every song.
About the crowd: they were just great! They were obviously having the
time of their lives, dancing away, singing along. There was NO MOSHING,
no crowd surfing, pushing, crowding, fighting. They were the most well
behaved crowd aside from that at the Newport Folk Festival last August,
despite the fact that there was alcohol available to the over 21’s.
My boys had no trouble whatsoever being in the front row. And let me
tell you I’m convinced this terrific crowd had a lot to do with the
unbelievable show the band gave them. What a refreshing change from the
violent shows I’ve attended recently. See? I always say that CT people
are the best!


Student Only Woes
Ok… I pretty fed up. What’s with the student only sh*t? Jeeze they
make me jump over hoops and waste my time to get things done. BTW I
ALWAYS get things done.. I don’t mind the extra money it’s the total
waste of time I must spend to get tix. So.. with Drexel coming up and
before I spam every drexel addy known to dejanews, anyone here care to
give me a hand with tix? Are there any “starving” students that wanna
make a few extra bucks and save me some time? I don’t like this trend
in VF shows.. waste of my time.

-Pat. Says: Just to make sure everybody knows this: The VF have nothing
to do with the student only decision. Blame the venues for
those decisions.

RE: Release Date?
i also checked with a local Streetside Records about the FM release
date, and they had it in their computer for a may 19 release date still.
i asked them to check the record company, and it was not interscope, i
think it was 3 letters i don’t remember it though. The guy working
there said that he had also heard that interscope had dropped them, but
that this other company picked them up and is trying to keep to the
original schedule. it would be great if it did come out the 19,

keeping my fingers crossed,

Poster Wanted
hi! about a month ago or so someone listed a number or web site for
ordering femmes stuff like posters and other goods. i transposed the
numbers wrong! oops! 🙁 if theres anybody out there that still has that
info id be very grateful to have it passed on…thanks 🙂

[email protected]

-Pat. Says: go to http://www.totalrecall.de/artists/2020.htm
That’s one of the sites. There’s another place; just can’t
remember where it is offhand.

Thoughts on 3
here’s my quote of the day and it is fitting because i have three weeks
of high school left in my life. “This summers gonna be the best if I
don’t die from lack of rest!”
On a side note I bought the “3” album (at the Virgin Store in the Disney
Village while on a Senior Trip….whoo hoo!!) and I must say that I am
largely unimpressed. I must say that without ever hearing “Hallowed
Ground” and “Rock!!!!!” that “3” ranks down there only slightly above
“New Times.” Its not that bad, just not as good as WDBS, TBLTN, or the
original. “Nightrmares” is good and there are a couple other good songs
too. I think the album is just to depressing, with no faster songs.
“Out the Window” isnt really a happy song but the rhytmn is light and
fast, making it easy to listen to. “3” just doesnt really have a BITS
or a “Prove My Love” or even a “Children of the Revolution” (my personal
favorite off TBLTN) I havent listend to this CD too much and i dont
dislike it either, i just dont like it as much as the others. As i cant
locate “Rock!!!!!” anywhere I plan on getting HG next and see what it
has to offer.


P.S. I bought 3 instead of HG bc it was $12 vs. $18.

-Pat. Says: You can always get ROCK via the vendor listed in the
Merchandise Section of the Official Homepage.

Absolutely, Positively, Without a Doubt, the VERY LAST WORD
Pat. Says: The following post should have been put in Friday’s issue,
but Ryan got it to me about 5 minutes after I sent that out,
and so here is the LAST last word:

<>–Violent Femmes (thank you guys!)

I just have one final thing to say concerning our buddy.
To whomever this may concern,
It is very nice to see everyone jumping on the Reggie White
bandwagon because he is on his way to the football hall of fame and can
say such remarks because of his “strong religious values”, but being
gay myself (yes I’m gay, proud and in love), I found his remarks about
homosexuals very offensive and wrong. I receive enough hatred in my
everyday life from people on the streets, and it’s not too reassuring
to hear someone who obviously has a lot of influence on people, say some
of the shit he did.
Also, ince I do not personally know Reggie White, nor would I care
to unless I was able to teach him something about sexuality, I cannot
rightfully say that I hate him. So I hate everything that Reggie
White said and I found his comments quite ignorant. 🙂 It was very
refreshing to see that the Femmes don’t agree with him on this issue!

Thank you for your time,

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