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The Quote Of The Day:

Nothing to eat and nothing to drink,
Nothing for a man to do but sit around and think,
Nothing for a man to do but sit around and think.
-From Country Death Song
-Submitted by thehappycyclops


May 8- Oporto Festival, Oporto, Portugal (P,O)
May 10- E-Werk, Cologne, Germany (P,O)
May 11- Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway (O,P)
May 12- Akadamiske, Bergen, Norway (O,P)
May 13- Stutentersamfundest, Trondheim, Norway (O,P)
June 5- Pier 6 Concert Hall, Baltimore, MD (vanallen)
June 6- Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ (P)
July 17- LoDo Festival, Denver, CO (P)
July 31- Barnstable Co. Fairground, Hyannis, MA (P)
August 14- Historic Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA (P)
August 15- 7:30 p.m., Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA (T)
Sept 5- Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA (P)
Sept 6- Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA (P)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers


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Baltimore, MD
vanallen (Bobby)
stacey (Stacey)
kerrinross (Kerri)
Gluegirl (Danica)

Denver, CO
truman (Emily)
lmjacobs (Laurie)



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In Today’s Issue:

RE: Used to Be Single on Ebay
Wild and Crazy Stuff
Ritchie CD’s

Hey there, fellow American Musicers… I found the following
information (i think someone asked for some…) about the Newark (June
6th) show in my newspaper.. so here it is:

Three stages, 2 days, Sat June 5, Sun June 6th
Bands: first day: La Bamba and the Hubcaps, Booker T. and the MG’s,
Dr. John, Southside Johnny, The Temptations, Beau Joque & The Zydeco
Hi-Rollers, Kate Campbell, Geno Delafose, Keith Marks and Company and
Freedy Johnston.
Second night: Richie Havens, Cry Cry Cry, Violent Femmes, Los Lobos,
Neville Brothers, Joe Grushecky, John Sebastian, Koko Taylor and her
Blues Machine, John Hammond and Great Big Sea.
it’s “OUTDOORS: at NJPAC, Military Park Off Route 21, Newark” tickets
up until May 30 are $16 a day, $25 for both days and beginning May
31st, tickets are $21 a day, $35 for both days. Children 12 and under
admitted free. Fates open at 11:00 A.M. and performances are noon
until dusk. For information and to order tickets, call 1-888-GO-NJPAC,
or call ticketmaster at 201-507-8900 or

I’m sorry for the long post, but I hope this helps someone.. have a
great day!


RE: Used to Be Single on Ebay
Look this auction was the first set up that was ever done, the guy who
goes by the Nick of V-Femmes has lead me to beleive that he was going
off on auctions and not paying after words, Beleive me ive seen times
where he is high bidder of every fucking item being auctioned, now much
money do we all really have?? I have seen this person win so many
auctions and yet he remains at only 2 positive feedback??? hello that
means something is going on!!!!!!!, i needed this single quite badly
for my collection and i wasnt sure if he was harrassing me or not, so i
brought it to the attention of the Seller who then told me to not worry
and let the guy outbid me and that he had another copy of it and either
way i was going to get it. i had quickly panicked before this and
raised my highest bi on it for $150.00, and over the next couple of
days, it raised to $143.50 from V-Femmes, who obviously wanted it and i
told the seller in the end to offer him the other copy for a good price
too, Also the seller did not expect me to pay that much and take a note
of it that he also offered the other guy a copy to!!! so there for the
two people who really wanted it both got there chance at it in the end,
so as far as your concerns the auction had a happy ending for
everyone!!!!!!!!! this is the only time ive ever did this i usually
dont bid that high, except when i won No Lets Start Over for $86.00 i
paid it all in FULL!!! and along with all the other 30 sum auctions ive
did, so get over it no one was hurrt and im sure im out there watching
E-bay and the other bidders closer than anyone else, i know what im
doing and im not here to rip anyone off but not to be ripped offf, so
lay off the subject, sounds like alot of you really need to get a life
if this is all you can do is sit around and bitch about somebodys false
auction all day, DAMN sounds worse then the Colorado shooting here,
shit maybe i should be put in prison for life with no parole or maye
one of you wnt to pursue a lawsuit on me ill give you my phone#, Just
get over it and find a new topic to disscuss.

Nick Parr

Wild and Crazy Stuff
<< Our country was founded
on the belief that life, liberty, and property are all of equal
importance. So, Nick Parr when you rig the auction you are messing
with something as important as life and liberty. Please do not do it
again. I must admit I was tempted to use your post and turn you in
to, but did not and won’t — just don’t do it again.>>

whoa there horsey! calm, calm. i think you’re a little confused here.
our country is based on the belief that life, liberty, and The Pursuit
of Happiness are all equal in importance… not life, liberty, and
property; know your civil rights before you broadcast that your have
been infringed upon.

now, i can see how your pursuit of happiness could be infringed upon
in this case; however, in order for that to be the case, you would have
to be bidding on this same item. Were you? From the sounds of it, I
think. If you are not in fact bidding on this item, i have to ask, Why
do you care? You should be happy that somebody who really wants what
they got got it, instead of some lamo rich kid who uses daddy’s credit
card to have whatever he wants even if it’s just so he can have it.

now, onto more important things. SUMMERFEST in MILWAUKEE. I demand
that the Femmes be there, as in, they have NO CHOICE, they will be
there, it has been written in the book of Beky, and so it shall be. I
feel that the Femmes owe it to Milwaukee to play here at least twice a
year EVERY year, because, after all, this is where they got their break.
Bands need to honor their home-ties, otherwise, what’s left? Chaos,
that’s what. It’ll all just go nutty nuts, everyone will be upset, and
the band will lose it’s most dedicated fans (I’m sorry, but you can’t
get more dedicated than the original people who helped the band launch
their career).

As everyone well knows, I have not written lately to this list. There
is a reason for this. Nothing very interesting is being written about,
everyone’s look “yipee! i went to a femmes concert and it was awesome,
but the kids were rude. here’s the set list” or “boo hoo I didn’t get
to go to a concert, and I’m mad,but they’ll be back in town next week
and I’m going to that concert, I’m just mad I didn’t get to go to both
like I had planned.” NEWSFLASH!!!! They aren’t even coming near some
people’s houses, if you get to go to one concert and not two, shit, do
a little dance and celebrate that you werelucky enough to go to one.
and if you went to a concert, I’m glad it was excellent, but do you
know what? I don’t need to know every single detail.
All I need is, “Hey what’s up? Went to Femmes Concert with Billy Bob
Johnson, Femmes were excellent, played my favorite song which is (insert
favortie song here), can’t wait till next time they’re in town. Talk
to you later, (Insert your name here)” That’s all, unless you have a
really cool story like there was a big storm and brian stopped the
concert because they were worried about all the electric stuff getting
wet, and then you had to run through the rain to your car which you
couldn’t find, but you did meet some really cool people and all of you
went to denny’s where you threw your own concert or something equally

don’t ever try to come up with a snazzy name for Femmes fans, call
them femmes fans. don’t ever try to come up with a snazzy new nick
name for the femmes, the femmes is a nickname, you don’t give nicknames
to nicknames, it’s just cooky talk, it’ll be anarchy before you know
it, plus any other nick names tend to be excessively LAME and do NOT
entertain me.


a’ight coo, talk to you later,

(P.S. don’t send me crappy email about me being mean or whatever, if
you’re angry about what I said, DO A LITTLE DANCE!)

-Pat. Says: I’m dancing, so I can say this: if the newsletter is boring
to you, then you are very welcome to think of something
interesting to say yourself. Don’t sit around waiting to
be entertained. Entertain us, and we’ll reciprocate. That’s
how a newsletter works.

Ritchie CD’s
Hey Pat & and the AM Gang,

I just bought “I see a Noise” by Brian Ritchie and it is SO good. I got
it for like $2.99 at a Pawn Shop, anyways I was wondering if he has put
out any other solo CD’s. Or if any of the other Femmes have put out
solo material.


-Pat. Says: Technically, Brian and Victor are the only ones to put out
solo material. Brian has released several. Guy and Gordon
have been in other bands. I don’t want to seem like the
big know it all, so I’ll leave it to other subscribers to
discuss. It would be nice to hear other people’s
impressions. It’s been a year or so since we’ve talked
about it.