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TOUR DATES (*=New Dates)
Violent Femmes 2003 Australian Tour

5/07/03 Sydney – The Metro
5/08/03 Sydney – The Metro
5/09/03 Gosford NSW – Central Coast Leagues Club
5/10/03 Hobart TAS – Hobart City Hall
5/11/03 Launceston TAS – The Saloon Bar
*5/14/03 Richmond VIC – The Corner Hotel
*5/15/03 St Kilda West VIC – The Prince of Wales
*5/16/03 Gold Coast QLD – Trocadero
*5/17/03 Fortitude Valley AUS – The Arena
*5/18/03 Darwin NT – Discovery

*Friday 6/6/03 Chicago IL Halsted YMCA w/ Ben Kweller & The Flaming Lips
*Thursday 7/3/03 Nashville TN Dancin’ in the District


New Tour Dates Info
New Palace Shows
To Catch a Thief
Truths… half truths … anything goes!
VF in studio with ABC Radio Australia
Gordon Solo at The Evelyn
Hello from Auckland

Fri 9th: Gosford – Central Coast Leagues Club
Tickets from the venue only ph: (02) 4325 9888
ticket price: $35.00 + booking fee

Sat 10th: Hobart – City Hall
Licensed concert with all-ages alcohol free area – ID required!
Ellison Hawker Newsagency – ph: 6234 4099
UNI Contact Centre – ph: 6226 2495
ticket price: $35.00 + booking fee

Sun 11th: Launceston – The Saloon
Licensed venue – ID required
The Saloon ph: 6331 7355 / CD Centre ph: 6334 5677
Red Hot CD’s (Devonport) ph: 6424 9816
Soundwaves (Burnie) ph: 6431 7855
ticket price: $35.00 + booking fee

Wed 14th: Melbourne – Corner Hotel
Online from:
or direct from the venue: (03) 9427 9198
Also: Gaslight Records
ticket price: $38.50 + booking fee tbc

Thu 15th: Melbourne – Prince of Wales
Direct from the venue: (03) 9536 1168
Also: Gaslight Records
ticket price: $38.50 + booking fee

Fri 16th: Gold Coast – Trocadero
Online from Ticketek:
or Ticketek phone bookings: 131 931
also from: Trocadero Outrigger Bar
ticket price: $34.25 + booking fee

Sat 17th: Brisbane – The Arena
Online from Ticketek:
or Ticketek phone bookings: 131 931
Rocking Horse – phone: (07) 3229 5360
Skinnys – phone: (07) 3229 2389
ticket price: $40.00 + booking fee

Sun 18th: Darwin – Discovery
Tickets available from: Trax, Sounds of Music, CD City
Palmerston Sports Club, Curved Air & The Lost Ark
ticket price: $33.00 + booking fee or $39.00 at the door

Friday 6/6 Flaming Lips, Violent Femmes, Ben Kweller & The Starlight Mints
New City YMCA
1515 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60622
Tickets on sale 5/3 $12 / $20 Day of Show
Gates: 4:30PM

Thursday 7/3 Dancin’ in the District with the Violent Femmes
Nashville Coliseum Field
(located between the Coliseum & the Cumberland River)
Tickets are ONLY $3.00!!! Available at the show or online!

More shows at The Palace
The first Violent Femmes show at The Palace, April 17, sold out! But don?t
despair as two new shows have been announced on May 14 at the Corner
and May 15 at the Prince. Tickets from the venues and Gaslight Records.
Special guest for both shows is the lovely Darren Hanlon.

To Catch a Thief
I haven’t posted in a while, but now I need to post. Last Thursday
someone stole my license plate from my car. It read, FEMMES. It is a
Wisconsin plate. I live in La Crosse, WI and it is supposed to be on a
1990 BMW. I don’t think the guy will put it on his car, but you never
know. If anyone else on this list lives near me, would you please keep
an eye out for it, I am prosecuting the jerk that took it, if I can ever find
him. I got the plates last June and some jerk had to steal it. If he wanted
it so bad, why didn’t he get them for his car before I got them? If you do
see them drop me an email at qween_madonna
Jon Beam

Truths… half truths … anything goes!
Can anyone answer the following questions: Truth, Half
truth or pure rumor will do. Has anyone heard the VF
version of “Got my Mind Set on You” that was allegedly
recorded and not included on the George Harrison tribute
album? If so, can we post it somewhere it can be heard?
Does anyone know how the guys got along on their Austrailian
Tour? Does anyone know if they plan to record again as the
original trio? (It has almost been three years since the
completely unappreciated Freak Magnet) Did anyone see the
shows in Australia and did Victor play any of the post-Victor
songs? Does anyone know if they plan to tour the US this
summer? Has anyone heard them play “In Style” or “Her
television” on this tour. I loved those songs from the 20th
anniversary disk, and would like to see them re-recorded and
issued. Does anyone know why the website has not been
updated since the turn of the century? Inquiring minds want
to know, and remember half-truths and rumors are welcome.

VF in studio with ABC Radio Australia
Does the band share a vision? Are they card-carrying Republicans?!
What makes them dance?
Hear Brian, Godon and Victor answer these and other provocative questions
and hear live, in studio versions of Country Death Song, American Music &
Prove My Love on ABC Radio Melbourne with Derek Guille!
<> (need REAL PLAYER)

Gordon Gano Solo at The Evelyn
Gordon Gano sauntered out and explained the evening would see him play
through his Hitting the Ground soundtrack, followed by ‘other stuff.’ The
audience relished the stories behind each of the songs, recorded with the
likes of PJ Harvey, Frank Black, and John Cale. Catch ‘Em In The Act is
the only song on the album with dual songwriting credit. Gano explained
that Lou Reed returned with the song, mentioning ‘I took the liberty of
changing a few of your lyrics’. Apparently all the ‘nasty’ references are
Reed’s contributions. Gano seemed happy with the results, as did the
crowd. It was all so thrilling to be in such close proximity to the brains
behind Add It Up and Blister in the Sun. Yet such a tease that he wouldn’t
play anything truly familiar. We heard poetry, gospel song, and Spanish
rock. All very delightful and educational, but there was a blatant desire to
hear Kiss Off or something … anything! Gano put down his guitar and
walked off to our horror. He stopped, shocked and returned to the mic.
‘Oh my God’. He told us he thought he’d just said ‘Thankyou and
Goodnight’, but he’d said it in Spanish, so he apologised and played
another song. The gig was sure proof that Gordon Gano is not the teen
angst-ridden sex-craving country rocker that made him loved twenty
years ago. I can respect the fact that he’d want to keep his solo material
seperate. He has matured. Crazy but true.
Em. Perkin

Post headline today! Catchy yeah?
Squillion-selling Milwaukee busking trio still stirring up perennial
teen angst

Hello from Auckland
g-day guys just a quick note to subscribe to your news letter. saw you in
auckland last week awesome!!!!!!!!

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