*** UNOFFICIAL *** May 3rd – Midwest

High Road Touring
RE: What Do We Have To Do
RE: VF Tribute
RE: Tributes & Comps – WDWHTD and History in # Chords


Femmes fans you heard it hear first! There is a RUMOR circulating that
there is a tour date later this week and that the show will … hold on to
your hats … feature the return of VICTOR DELORENZO. THIS IS A
RUMOR ONLY but its source is trust worthy enough for me to put it here for
your consideration. Supposedly, it is a private show on May 3rd somewhere
in the Midwest. There is also buzz about more shows with this line up, in
support of Rhino’s 1st Album reissue set! Sorry I don’t have more details
on the show but I can add a bit more credibility to the rumors –
High Road Touring recently added VF to their site as “Available Artists for
Summer/Fall 2002 Headline US and Canada”

That’s all for now. Write in if you’ve heard anything and STAY TUNED!

RE:What Do WE Have To Do
hey,i just wanted to say that i got the “what do we have to do?”
tribute album a month or so ago and i really got a kick out of it.
it was very interesting and i enjoyed it. i just sort of wanted to pass
that on to everyone. also, it was my first “cdbaby.com” experience and i
was really impressed. i would recommend both to anyone.


RE: Tribute Album
Even if I didn’t know the guys who put the tribute album together I
would still say go for it. It rocks…


RE:VF Tribute Albums – What Do WE Have To Do & History in 3 Chords
Hey guys,
That What Do We Have To Do album is really a lot of fun. It’s incredibly
well produced and the tracks are really fresh and unique. Even if you
never knew you’d like to hear the classic VF tunes redone in Ska & Techno
you’ll like it :o)! There was another interesting Milwaukee compilation
effort last year “History in 3 Chords: Milwaukee Alternative Bands
1973-1982.” (Released June 2001) This 2 CD set assembles THE best demos,
official releases, outtakes, basement rehearsals, and live tracks from the
period when Milwaukee completed it’s transition from a post-war
manufacturing center to a rustbelt wasteland. The project contains a
PRE-self titled live version of To the Kill and many other VF related
items including:

Fathers of the late 1970’s Milwaukee punk scene, The Haskels, (Guy
Hoffman) with the tracks “Baby, Let’s French”, “Liberace is Coming” and an
alternate version of the oft bootlegged “Taking The City By Storm”.
The bass-sax-drum trio, The Oil Tasters, (Guy Hoffman & longtime Femmes
crew member Caleb Lentzner) with the 45 single version of “Get Out Of The
Bathroom” and LP outtake “Let Me Sleep on Your Couch”. Morphine fans need
to hear what this band was doing in the very early 1980’s.

Trash rocker, Voot Warnings, with a solo version of “Dance, Motherfucker,
Dance”, one of the tracks the Violent Femmes performed at Woodstock 1989.

The Violent Femmes, with an unreleased, pre-first LP live club version of
“To The Kill”. Femmes fans will also be interested in Brian Ritchie and
Victor Delorenzo’s pre-Femmes band, the Rhomboids, with “Just Like a
Little Girl”.

For more info check out: http://www.splungecomm.com/h3c/release.htm

Related to the History in 3 Chords project is a webpage with some VERY
early gig posters! If you’re into that type of thing check out some VF
ones by Brian and also some of Mr. Hoffman’s outstanding work for various
Milwaukee artist. You can see them all here:


I read in the LA Times that the VF are reissuing their first album and
are making it a double album with five songs that have never appeared on an
album, and 13 alternate versions of songs. No release date was given
and I wondered if anyone out there had heard anything?