May 2- Salisbury State College, Salisbury, MD (O,P)
May 3- 99X Stage@Music Midtown, Atlanta, GA (O,P)
May 9 – WestFest, Charles Ives Center, W. Connecticut U., Danbury, CT
gates open at noon (O,P,T)
May 15- 8:15 pm, Chocolate Fest, FestGrounds, Hwy 36 N. Burlington, WI
May 16- U. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (O,P)
May 17- Spring Fest, Pensacola, FL (O,P)
May 22- New Rock Music Fest/WLUM, Milwaukee, WI (O)
May 30- Drexel University Festival, Philadelphia, PA (O)**

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Atlanta Info
The Charlotte Show
The Charlotte Show
Reggie White
RE: The Moshing Thread

Atlanta Info
For the person who needed show time in Atlanta @ Music Midtown…
6:15 pm at the 99 X Stage corner of Peachtree and 10th Street.
Go here for the map:


The Charlotte Show
OHHHH PAT! I just got home. I’m in heaven and love. It was so
awesome!! Here’s the story:

After all the bull with my brother not taking me is worked out, my
friend Chrystal comes and gets me. We went and got a friend named
Laine. We got there and found stage one ASAP. We walked by a shirt
stand and I bought the shirt I’d been looking for (Sez Violent Femmes
then has a pic then says “Why can’t I get just one fuck?”. I had a
black sharpie marker stuck in my jeans pocket for the boys to sign my
shirt (my other shirt actually..but since I got a femmes shirt, I
figured I’d let em sign it instead..hehe). I started off 3 rows back.
When the boys first came out, Gordon had on a black leather jacket,
black jeans, boots, and a bluish shirt. Guy a gray shirt and jeans.
Brian a pinkish ponchoish weird thing with these odd yellow glasses.
Country Death Song started it off. That’s the first song Gordon looked
at me during. I got up to the very front by shoving this stupid drunk
idiot out of the way (go me..hehe). I was directly in front of Gordon
and up front the WHOLE show. I could see him spitting. His eyes are
so crystal blue. He played all my fav songs-American Music, Country
Death Song, Lies, BITS, Old Mother Reagan, Prove my Love, I hate the TV,
Add it up, Kiss off, etc. Also Derigidleblues (or whatever), I’m
nothing, a few songs I did not recognize, FREAK MAGNET (to which I
screamed “Interscope sucks”), Black Girls (featuring the Horns Of
Dilemma) and I’m sure a few songs I am missing…like Dance Mother
Fucker Dance, Just Like my Father, Gone Daddy Gone, Waiting for the Bus,
36-24-36. The ppl worry..what are they worrying about today song, Color
Me Once, Out the Window, Jesus Walking on the Water. The crowd surfers
were awful. Gordon looked kinda disappointed towards the end. I got
bopped in the head many many times and Gordon tried not to watch. I had
yelled for them to play Prove my Love (which they did the next song).
Then I cheered for I held her in my arms and when it finally came on, I
started jumping up and down screaming and singing. Gordon looked at me
and smiled really big. Then when he started playing Freak Magnet, I
flipped and was yelling n smiling and he got this HUGE grin on his face
when he looked at me. During I think Add it Up (or mebe it was I hate
the TV), Gordon looked at me and sang while I sang back at him..I swear
we were making the same face! After they came back out and started
Kiss off, I began crying. Both Gordon and Brian looked at me and kinda
gave me whistful smiles. I think Gordon was pleased to see how much fun
I’d been having. Everytime Gordon looked at me, I was singing to him.
Many of the lyrics I was singing str8 back to him…what an experience.
I wish SOOOO bad that I had gotten to talk to him. I think he’d of
commented. This girl next to me’s fiancess had written a note and put it
on one of the amps or sumtin and we kept trying to get Gordon to pick it
up. Finally Brian did a song right in front of us and I yelled at him
to get it. he picked it up, acted like he was reading it and was talking
about how it said that we wanted Jerry Lee Lewis and not the femmes (with
me screaming the whole time that we loved the Femmes and that’s who we
wanted). Then he read it for real and that’s when he started the Dance
Mother Fucker Dance song. The note asked for him to say something to
Connie and he did (laf). Well, after the concert, I stood there with a
huge grin screaming for the Femmes to come back and not leave. I stood at
the front of the stage, noticed that the pics had been taken off of
Gordon’s mike and I asked a Roadie for one. He kinda grinned at me like
I was crazy. Then he got me one!! I had to practically jump the
security fence to reach it. I was so happy. I thanked the roadie and he
just grinned at me real big like “yeah..whos’ the man” We walked over by
a fence where ppl were coming in and out at and where the bus was. Brian
walked by and we snagged him. 3 of us asked for autographs and I had
mine done on my shirt. He said he didn’t have a pen and I whipped out
my Sharpie. He asked me if he could borrow it for a bit to sign other
ppl’s and I was like ‘uh huh, sure..whatever you’d like” He had me come
around to the fence opening to sign my shirt!!!!! I got touched by him!
Laf. I asked about Gordon coming around and he said to just wait there
and him and Guy would be around. 4 securty ppl asked me if I was leaving
soon and I explained to them that “brian said so”. Then some stupid
fucking mean ass cop comes around and is like “got to go, got to go” I
politely explained to her that “BRIAN sed we could stay”. She goes “I
don’t even know who Brian Ritchie is…you gotta go” I was liike ‘Umm..
only the basist for Femmes” she’s like “well, you gotta go..I still don’t
know that that’s who he is” I was SOOOOOOO mad. So, I went home with one
of Gordon’s 7 pics, a used pen by Brian Ritchie and his autograph on
the shirt I’ve wanted forever. I will NEVER EVER forget this experience.
Gordon looked at ME! Laf. Oh my..the perils of being starstruck!! It
was sooo fun. I my voice is very very scratchy and I would sit and
scream for them the rest of my life if I had to. God what an experience
of a lifetime. I cried when the show started too. I cried at a few
songs during also…so happy to be there..so happy that the man who
needed to see my tears saw em!!

I forgot FAITH and Bad (i’m not sure if that’s the song title) and 4
Dahmer is Dead and I can’t remember if I said Good feeling or
not…I THINK that’s it…sigh…I am already missing it. I have a
huge bruise on my knee from them boppping into the security gate and
the undersides of BOTH of my arms are SOOOO sore from having them over
the rails….

The Charlotte Show
Charlotte NC has redeemed itself! I’m so glad I gave the city a second
chance! I met Amber and her friend Rebecca – who BTW has the coolest Mom
(except for you, of course, Pat) in the whole world (her mom introduced
her to the Femmes) – on the way up. And then we met Jesse and Addie
in Charlotte. Jerry Lee was a no show, which was disappointing, but
the guys covered one of the songs he performs (BR played the 1 string
bass!) to appease the crowd – I guess. They weren’t able to do a sound
check or set the stage at all before they went on so it was a slower
start than normal but things definitely heated up when Gordon brought
out the fiddle for Jesus Walking on the Water!!!!! Oh man! It was SO
beautiful! Brian introduced the song by saying that we were in for a
special treat and that we didn’t know how lucky we were but WE (the 5 of
us) did! It was just, absolutely, beautiful. I’ve loved the song for
years but I’ll always think of it differently now. Gordon seemed to be in
a particularly good vibe. He also did Good Feeling slower and with more
emotion than I’ve ever heard it before – very powerful performance. Other
highlights were – Just Like my Father, Lies, Bad, Rejoice, Freak Magnet,
AND More Money Tonight (yeah! John I heard it!)- the encore, Didg (BR’s
feet were just a tappin’) and Kiss Off. We also enjoyed a full
complement of Dilemma – Ray&Carl on trombones, BOTH Dom’s on trumpets
(Placco Jr. & Sr.) & two guests on sax’. My FAVORITE new part of the show
now , though, is when Johnny joins Guy at the end of Black Girls!! I LOVE
it!! Johnny sits at the kit while Guy stands and plays.It KICKS ASS!!
Guy gets SO *into* it! It’s LOUD and HEAVY and it ROCKS! I truly hope
they keep it in permanently! The other thing I’m enjoying immensely
this year is Brian playing the Shukahachi (spelling?) at the end of
Confessions/Black Girls. It has such a hauntingly beautiful tone. I’m
captivated by it! However, it never fails; toward the end of his solo
some stupid girl squeals at the top of her lungs and I’m always jolted
out of my trance! Dammit! I was really surprised by how many people
around me seemed to know Freak Magnet when they started playing it. Not
many sang along (I can’t, much, yet either) but people really did seem
to know what it was! I think that’s extremely positive!
Well that’s about all of the details I can think of now but I am sure my
fellow Freaks can add a thing or twenty!

I am certainly envious of everyone who went to Peoria!! How wonderful
to hear a brand new song. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!


Reggie White

The Green Bay Packers are the Femmes favorite team, and Gordon paid ode
to Mr. Reggie White and the comments that he made. What a controversial
thing to side with. I guess that is what makes the Femmes so great.
(Just wondering, was the song fully in support of what White said? I
still cant believe it)

Da Beef

-Pat. Says: Could someone please tell those of us who are totally
clueless what Reggie White said?

RE: The Moshing Thread
This is directed to Tori:

I agree with you completely. I misunderstood your last post.