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The Quote Of The Day:

We are the salt of the earth
If we are not salty what are we worth
-From Rejoice and be Happy
-Submitted by pwnordic


Apr 27- 8 p.m., Investors Gym, Winnipeg, MB, CAN, $26.50 (P,O,T-Ca)
Apr 28- 8 p.m., Centennial Auditorium, Saskatoon, SK, CAN, $25 (P,O,T-Ca)
Apr 29- MacEwan Hall, Calgary, AB, CAN (P,O)
Apr 30- Wild Bill’s, Banff, AB, CAN (P,O)
May 2- 8 p.m., Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, AB, CAN, $29.50 (P,O,T-Ca)
May 4- 8 p.m., Vancouver, BC, CAN $29.50 (O,T-Ca)
May 5- 8 p.m., Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, $19.50 (P,O,T)
May 6- 8 p.m., Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, $19.50 (P,O,T)
May 7- Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR (P,O)
May 9- 8 p.m., Warfield, San Francisco, CA, $22.50 (O, T)
May 10- 8 p.m., Wilshire Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, $30 (T,O)
May 14- Student Festival, Braga, POR (O)
May 16- Zeleste, Barcelona, SP (O)
May 17- University Festival, Faro, POR (O)
May 18- Student Festival, Beja, POR (O)
Oct 25-7 p.m., Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, NY (T)

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‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
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To book a show:
in the US, contact Frank Riley at Monterey Peninsula Artists
in EU, contact Paul Boswell at Free Trade Agency
Serious inquiries only.


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RE: Ticket Prices
How Do You Afford Your RNR Lifestyle?
RE: Freak Magnet
Freak Magnet for Everyone



What’s happened to Bobby V?

RE: Ticket Prices

>Just wanted to give my two cents about something that bothers me about
>one of my favorite bands.
> THAT DOESN’T ROCK !!!!!! at all

I completely agree. oh, and you should feel lucky. i just had to pay
$35.75. No, that’s not true. I did not HAVE to pay. I chose to.
But still, that’s a lot of money. i might have to sell my ticket to
fix my brakes…anyway…

>-Pat. Says: I think the fault lies more heavily on the shoulders of
> the venues, and on TM for taking their cut. Sure, you
> might get to see a band like Fugazi for like $6.00
> (Really? tell me where, and I’m there).

the Palace. in L.A. last time they were here, tickets were $5.
parking cost more than the ticket. The Palace is the same place that
the Femmes played here in ’97.

> but that’s how I always thought the business was run:
> The VF charge a venue a set price, and the venue decides
> how much to charge the audience.

i think that’s how it works… but that means that in effect, the
Femmes do set the ticket prices by what they charge the venue…


-Pat. Says: Let me rephrase. What I meant was, the venue decides how
much percentage profit it wants to make off of the show.
Let’s assume, as a wild guess, that the VF charges a set
price of $25,000 a show, any show, wherever it may be. If
a venue can allow 2500 people, tickets with no profit for
the venue would be $10. If they decide to make 20% gross
from each ticket, they would charge $12.50. If they decide
to make 50% gross from each ticket, they would charge
$15.00. You can buy tickets for college shows at these
prices. Now, what do you think a venue, many of which make
a 100% gross profit from each and every bottle of beer it
sells, would charge for a ticket? Now, if the venue wants
to make 100% profit net, rather than gross, they would also
factor in additional expenses such as insurance,
electricity, advertising, employee income, Ticketmaster’s
cut, fur coat for the mistress, etc, etc. and you can see
how some ticket prices are inflated to $25 and beyond. A
venue will also charge according to how popular they
PERCEIVE a band to be. Although some of you are lucky
enough to live in an area which is very eclectic
musically, where I live you have three musical choices:
Brittney Spears and the like, Aerosmith etc, or Garth
Brooks et al. So while a venue owner, or some other
Mainstream Average Joe may have only heard
he may look at you blankly and say, “Fuga-WHO???” and
charge his customers more to see the Violent Femmes than
Fugazi. Ok, so now I know that Fugazi does things a bit
differently, so just fill in the blank with any other
talented but possibly not as universally-known band.
Why, you may ask, do the VF charge what they do per show,
(and don’t quote me on that $25,000 number. It’s just a
nice round number of which I am peculiarly fond)
We all know Brian and Guy have families to support. All
three presumably have homes to maintain. Now figure
income for the tour manager and, let’s say, 3 crew, cost
of travel and accomodations for everyone on tour, rental
and/or upkeep of tour bus, cars, van for gear, maintainance
and/or replacement of instruments.
Now figure in the payments to promotional staff, agents,
web designer, tax consultant/accountant, plus anyone and
everything else I couldn’t possibly have thought of because
I’m not in the buisiness.
I’m willing to bet the farm that neither of the three live
in posh Central Park digs, or own a fleet of Porches and
BMW’s. Sure, they’re probably quite comfortable, but not
obscenely so.
Well, for what it’s worth, that’s my take on it, and I’m
sticking with it.

How Do You Afford Your RNR Lifestyle?
I am posting this note for 3 reasons 1) I am enjoying the irony that we
are discussing a DC band – Fugazi – in the midst of the Femmes 2 date
gig at the 9:30. 2) I booked and promoted a Fugazi show last Dec
(12/19) and 3)As Femmes fans and music lovers – I think it is not only
appropriate for us to discuss music industry integrity but absolutely
imperative that we do so. Ticketmaster monopolizes the performing arts
only because we allow it to do so. WE ARE the ticket buying community!

Anyone who knows who Fugazi is knows that you can currently see them
for $5-$6 no matter where they play. That’s their “calling card” if
you will – they keep it real … real cheap and real simple. I’m not
taking anything away from Fugazi here either – musically it’s not
really my preference – but I do admire their intensity. I also admire
their integrity. Talk about the road less traveled. When we booked
them we spoke directly to Ian – no manager, no booking agent. No
money up front – no guarantee either – just a percentage of ticket
sales. Basically they could have played the show and left with $10
bucks if no one showed. Thankfully, 1200 people showed. In fact we
noticed groups of cars with DC, Chicago and even California tags in
the parking lot as early as 10am on the day of the show (so much for
people knowing VF more than Fugazi). Here’s the important thing
though -1200 tickets at $6 =7200. You know those MasterCard
Sound & lighting $2400,
Security Staff $950,
Hospitality $350,
Sales Tax $72 and for everything else there’s …

about $200 left over.

You certainly get an entirely different view of things from the other
side of the ticket window. Fugazi is not living the rock ‘n roll
lifestyle. They arrived – gear and all – in 2 cargo vans. I got the
distinct impression they had also slept in the vans the night before.
They did everything they could to talk to all the fans who hung
around afterwards but Ian couldn’t have been available for many
autographs since he was in the office with us “settling up.” So
Fugazi has integrity for charging $6 and the Femmes are staunch
capitalists because a venue (where Fugazi had 2 dates in Dec 99) is
charging $25?
Nope. That’s one dog that just won’t hunt. The Femmes have fought
the good fight too. Or has everyone forgotten that they produced New
Times themselves?

As for this comment:
> Now the younger crowd with less cash (who, by the way, are where
>the real heart and soul fans form) are being alienated. I’m not in
>that younger crowd any more, but I’m still not going to spend that
>kind of cash. Or at least not spend that cash and keep my level of
>respect for the spirit of VF music constant. I fear that this money
>grab may affect more hard-core fans like me here-to-forward if it
>continues, though.

I agree that the heart and soul of the Femmes music is in the younger
crowd but as far as them being alienated you could NOT be more wrong!
After I secured my beloved front row spot Monday night I looked around
and realized I was pretty much surrounded by people half my age. The guy
on my right side – Eric – asked me what significant thing had happened
in VF history in 1984. I said, “Hallowed Ground.” He said, “Cool!
That’s the year I was born!” I bet I answered 20 questions about what
albums different songs were on during the show – especially when they
played songs from FREAK MAGNET. Marylee and Bec (who were up in the
balcony) had many of the same questions asked of them too! I have
never been as proud or excited to be a Femmes fan as I am right now!

BTW the guy on my right side Monday night – who I nicknamed can’t
come on Tuesday night because I have a quiz and I have to study Travis
– has to be referred to as HOD Travis after Tues night’s show! If
you’re reading this and you know Travis please tell him we all thought
he did a fantastic job!

1/3 of the hardest, corest VF fans anywhere – can I get an amen from
the cleavage girls?


RE: Freak Magnet
As for FM I would first of start by saying that it does seem more like
ROCK than any of the other albums. I guess that means that the Femmes
have been changing their style, and if you like ROCK you will probably
like FM.
Anyways, its different from their earlier stuff but I still like it all
the same. As for the album itself, I must agree with the majority that
it does grow on you. I will also agree that the Mosh Pit song does seem
like a teenager trying to write a song, and although i recognize it for
sarcasm, i dont think it is that funny. I do find Happiness Is and A
Story both very funny. Happiness Is is really hilarious. I think my
favorite song (so far) must be Rejoice and Be Happy although In the
Dark is good too. Sleepwalkin is very catchy. Now I have a question.
What do you guys think the Forbidden song is about? I have this idea
that it is about mermaids, but then i also have this idea that i am
totally wrong about the first idea.
Anyways……give the album a chance, and then next week give it three
more chances, and I would think your view of it will shift a little.

Bobby Ticknor

Freak Magnet for Everyone
I’ve been reading all these reviews concerning Freak Magnet, some
good, some not so good. Personally I love the album. I myself am a
teenage Femmes fan, 17 years young, and I’ve been listening to the
Femmes since 1994. However, I didn’t buy New Times when it was
released. The first taste of the Violent Femmes I had was Hallowed
Ground. Songs like Country Death Song, and I Hear the Rain, etc. blew
me off my feet. It made me appreciate music on a whole new level, a
level which bands like Nirvana and Green Day (who were popular at the
time) could never possibly reach. I have been a devout fan ever since.
Last night I attended my first Femmes concert in Toronto, at the
Warehouse. I expected to be sourounded by 30-40 year olds who are the
original fans from the eighties, but insted the majority of the people
there were my age. I thought, “Oh great, all these people are here
just because of Blister in the Sun.” But then as the concert
progressed I noticed that everyone in that venu knew every single word
to every single song. It was a religous experience.
It may be true that Freak Magnet is trying to appeal to the teenage
audience, but at the same time it is opening up a whole world of Femmes
for them to discover. Pot is considered to be a gateway drug that
opens up users to new and dangerous drugs. Well than maybe Freak
Magnet serves the same purpose by being a gateway to new and dangerous
music. I.e. other Femmes albums.
But I can assure you that todays youth is not lost. It is true
that the majority it buying into this WWF and Korn crap, but there is
still a teenage fan base that loves the Femmes for more than Freak
Magnet, and personaly I think we deserve a bit more respect. So what
if a kid buys Freak Magnet just for the hard, sometimes poppier rock.
He’s still buying the Femmes, and as far as I know, there’s no crime in
buying an album cause you dig the music.

-Andrew Hood